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  1. Does anyone else notice that incessant whistling when the Dodgers are at bat? It makes me wonder if they are stealing signs ala Houston.
  2. Might even be some balls getting licked down there for all we know.
  3. Pretty sure Vanilla Ice was a good jet ski racer.
  4. What's that fat ass UCF fan's name again?
  5. Looks like a firearm to me. NSFW (dead body)
  6. It's going to be interesting to see how well this take ages. I am reading elsewhere that 2 firearms were recovered at the scene and that one belonged to Lee Keltner. HERE is the reporter's footage. I am guessing a lot more footage will be coming out shortly from surveillance, other attendees etc. This could be a wild ride.
  7. My understanding is that the DA is choosing not to press any charges in the majority of the arrests.
  8. The guy +++++ed around and found out.
  9. I remember hearing all this stuff a couple weeks before the election in 2016.
  10. USU has put together a solid Athletic Department and have good facilities. I was vocally opposed to their addition at the time, but I'm very glad you guys got the life-line. You've more than earned your keep.
  11. ^^ agreed. No need for a FS for what is being described. There's not much in the Boise Foothills that a non FS can't handle. I ride with several guys who are on fully rigid single speeds. Dropper posts are GREAT but overkill for the Greenbelt and the main trails here in Boise. that said I couldn't live w/o one. ^^ agreed Bob's on Fairview is my go-to recommendation, but IMT is great, I've always gotten good service at George's but don't buy bikes from them. I'm a 27.5 guy but I still like the DH side of things. I also have a great XC race bike that's 29, clim
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