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  1. OT: Disneyland Gear Report

    I told my kids Disneyland burned down when they were little. Saved myself a lot of $$.
  2. I would be surprised if LVE gets a first round puck up.
  3. Right? Let's blame the doctor who discovered cancer also.
  4. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    I don't care much about BBall, but yeah this Conference needs UNLV/SDSU/Lobos back at top form AND Nevada/Boise State to ALSO be looking to win the Conference to be where we should be. Plus CSU/WYO/USU/Fresno even AFA have had really good teams before and will again.
  5. $J$U

    In all honesty, I couldn't give a shit less what Spartan Stadium looks like. It could be the god damned Taj Mahal and I would still advocate for contraction by removing SJSU. Forget the stadium. Pay to get GOOD staff, pay to keep them, and start winning fuking games, then demonstrate SOME level of sustained success. Doing this whole thing ass backwards.
  6. Peterbilt Arena ... It Could Happen!

    More of a Mack man myself. Best logo ever.
  7. $J$U

    No please bore us. This needs to be brought up anytime anyone tries to sell us on SJSU's "complex".
  8. $J$U

    Oh so this is another empty promise that will never even break ground. Great. Hey that’s my line!
  9. $J$U

    Rotting wood bleachers will hold that thing up? Yikes.
  10. Fukc that noise. I have no problem with BYU and would be pleased if they came back, but no way in hell would those schools blow up the MWC to do this shit. They wanted WCC/Indy. They got it for better and worse.
  11. Something we ALL can get behind

    Whenever the B1G CCG is.
  12. Something we ALL can get behind

    It would be a good start though. Hard to believe we even have to deal with this kind of shit.
  13. Never too early for WAY too early projections

    It is known.