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  1. I'm hoping everyone in the MWC understands that assisting NMSU with scheduling could be in our long term benefit.
  2. Yeah I quit downhilling a few years back after a really bad wreck. Honestly I ride road 80% of the time these days. Although I still dress like a mountain biker.
  3. I'm unaware of any animus towards UTEP (or NMSU for that matter) by MWC schools. They just don't offer enough in terms of bringing in additional TV $$ and they are a bit of an outlier geographically to a good chunk of the Conference. I could see the MWC adding them and NMSU if something like the proposed move by 4 schools to the AAC had actually happened. Thankfully we are all standing pat for now. No need to add anyone. No where for any of us to go.
  4. My condolences. Hang in there.
  5. That's the same shit that made me stop posting there and guard my irl identity.
  6. I've never heard of that. I always had problems with my digits going numb in cold temps. I did get bad frostbite when I was a kid and was always told that's why I get that way, but I am going to have the doc take a look and let me know. thanks!
  7. I actually started using it to put on calves/quads to get the blood flowing and help "wake them up" but they helps with the toes too. They are good kids.
  8. That's my biggest problem. I went out Saturday and even around 50 degrees I couldn't feel my toes for a good hour afterwards. Not so bad on a road bike but MTB I really can't do anything technical if I can't feel my feet. I have embrocation cream that helps, but I have to put it on my feet a solid hour (or more) before I ride for it to really help, and you can't put it on your hands really.
  9. Never tried one but I did spin down at Pivot (downtown Boise) that has the Stages bikes and they had some really good instructors. It ain't cycling but was fun and definitely helped keep the beer/holiday cheer weight off during the winter. I am a total pu$$y about the cold and don't ride after November until it warms up a bit, so it's a nice stop-gap. I'll probably go with Zwift this winter though.
  10. I will never not hate this game.
  11. I'm sure you can link a quote or two from me EVER playing the victim card about anything on this board.
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