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  1. I mean, it was in all the papers. The Vandals are never going to be in an FBS Conference again. And in all honesty, as much as I enjoyed having them on the schedule every year, they never should have left the Big Sky. This is why I roll my eyes when people talk about Montana/MSU moving up, and neither school even wants to from everything I have read and heard. Some school should be FCS.
  2. The one thing NNU has going for it is that they are not located in Caldwell (aka the anus of Idaho). Although Nampa is not great.
  3. Maybe there is an up and coming outside small forward coach at Oregon State they could nab?
  4. Nice for Idaho to have good news for a change. This place looks pretty sweet.
  5. Actually trying to spend LESS time online these days not more
  6. You guys should have one of the top outside wide receivers units in the country.
  7. UCF fans can suck a dick. There is a place for G5’s to accept 2-1’s. Fukk those guys, they seem a bit like BSU fans 12 years ago.
  8. Maybe I have been missing it but I don't see the same thing carry over onto the Sports Board.
  9. Politics permeates way too many threads on this board that should have no connection with it, and usually it is a grudge between posters that carries over to every interaction.
  10. I don't know why there isn't a separate "Politics" board where you guys can all go bash each other. I would frequent this board a hell of a lot more if it wasn't chock full of people's political views that I don't give a shit about nor care to argue. OT boards that include politics are never going to be anything I would care about.
  11. So where do you buy this brand? Edit - Never mind looks like they sell it at Walmart
  12. I am a tweener, I just use a Weber kettle with charcoal and various wood chips I buy at Home Depot. It works great for me because I limit my BBQing to tri-tips, chicken breasts, burgers, etc that cook pretty quickly. I wouldn't know how to do a long cook like a pork butt or brisket on that thing even if I had a desire to. I had a Traeger I got cheap, second hand from a buddy, but yeah the electronics were a joke and finally got rid of it.