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  1. RogueStout

    USU, UNLV make Phil Steele's most improved Teams list

    Nevada should be a lot better this year as well imho. Very surprised they aren't on there in place of UNLV.
  2. RogueStout

    Coastie Award - Final

    I could not agree more. It is actually a bit embarrassing to even be in this position.
  3. RogueStout

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    I thought so too but have to confess my wardrobe is a lot more mtn bike brand centric and Adidas/Nike/UA don’t move the needle is that arena. FWIW I think UA is a lot bigger with the hunting/fishing set these days (maybe?).
  4. RogueStout

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    Also they cover all our sports. I think Club Level as well but not positive about that.
  5. Share what revenue? The Bowl games are independent of the Conference, and even the schools that "host" them. The Bowl just rents out the facilities from the school, but even that (at least in speaking of our low-tier Bowl tie-ins) is a "break even" situation for all intents and purposes. Nobody is making a bunch of money off of these things (again, speaking of G5 level Bowl Games).
  6. Sacto would be the perfect location for a MWC Bowl game, buuuut, like people have pointed out there is no place to have one there unfortunately. Ad to OP’s question, Fresno is not a good place. Too hard to get to. San Jose is a non-starter. Spartan Stadium is a dump and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Levi Stadium would be a poor choice imo. Too big.
  7. RogueStout

    Coastie Award - Final 4

    I voted for you and you should have won. I sooooo wanted Bluerules to take this thing. He would have been grumbling about it for a year at least.
  8. RogueStout

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Boise State to the PAC 14 confirmed!
  9. RogueStout

    Could the "Summer of Steele" make a comeback?

    He is talking about me. He said something not exactly "that was the best era". It was more like "that was the high-water mark for Boise" and I pointed out that Harsin has already won a Fiesta Bowl, and the other one was not a KM team. So from that perspective I feel Boise State has MAINTAINED the same type of success, even through players, baby Jesus and coaches coming and going. No big deal, he's a great NMSU poster in my book. That's a rare breed from what I have seen.
  10. RogueStout

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    The shitty Bowl Games are not about buts in the seats they are about filling timeslots on ESPN, and they are very low input/decent return. As to the second point, the Bowl games are totally independent of the stadium. They just rent them. Look at the Sun Bowl. Hell no to that. No one would travel to that game, everyone is saving pennies for Bowl Games. The current MWCCG set up is good as is.
  11. RogueStout

    What will be the MWC's New Signature Bowl?

    UTEP has never "delivered" the Sun Bowl and it is highly unlikely they ever will.
  12. RogueStout

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Yeah no way does the Vegas Bowl change their time frame. There is a reason it is played when it is. Not much else going on in Vegas.
  13. RogueStout

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    Oh good so you guys admit you are G5.
  14. RogueStout

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    We need a "Retard" button for you, but the "Idiot" button will have to do for now.
  15. RogueStout

    Coastie Award - South Region

    YES. I found their Pale on tap here in Boise a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic. Will definitely be hitting them up.