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  1. USU/Wyo and USU/CSU will both be pretty good games imo.
  2. RogueStout

    Those darn millennials are at it again...

    I was hoping Applebees was going belly-up.
  3. RogueStout

    What happens...

    The same thing that happened when we faced the "real crisis'" when Komrade Obama was running the show and every Conservative predicted the world was going to implode. SOP
  4. RogueStout

    Gear Update: MSP

    Shame on you! That's a good looking pup! Now the owner I won't vouch for...
  5. RogueStout

    Boating with the Broncos

    Coulda bought another ring.
  6. RogueStout

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    Yeah good luck w/ that. New here or?
  7. RogueStout

    Nevada Football

    JR was a very big donor for the school, not nearly as much for the Athletic Department.
  8. This site says the high was 106 on Saturday Sept 2nd 2017 in San Jose. https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/usa/san-jose/historic?month=9&year=2017 That's pretty damn hot for SJ.
  9. NMSU and Idaho did that a couple years also right after the WAC fell apart.
  10. That sounds like quite a Rivalry!
  11. Ducks to the MWC confirmed.
  12. I also wish Montana had made the jump up to FBS Football back in the day. Missoula is a great college town and the Grizzlies have an outstanding fan base with more than decent facilities. As to the topic; yeah Montana and Wyoming the states are right next to each other, but Missoula to Laramie couldn't be much further apart. That's gotta be like a 12 hour drive.
  13. RogueStout

    What’s he talking about?

    Big Sky invite.