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  1. I don’t think Army really recognizes that Rivaly. I am pretty sure Navy has that honor. As much as it sucks, the BSU/Idaho thing died a while back. Im sure the Beavers dream about having Hawai’i as Conference mates Pretty accurate otherwise though.
  2. I don't feel like we have any Tier 1 rivals. It definitely used to be Idaho, but that has been gone for quite some time, even before the Conference realignment stuff, and the Vandals having to return to the Big Sky. We certainly have a lot of history with Nevada, and they are definitely a game that peaks interest when we play them, but even with that 2010 loss I don't get any intense hatred for them. And outside of message boards I never hear anyone talk about playing them as if it is any big deal. Fresno doesn't feel like a Rivalry to me either, and we have way less history with the Bulldogs than we do with the Pack. The BYU game is what it is, it's a nice OOC match up for us, and there is enough overlap in the fanbase, and they are close to us geographically that it gets quite a bit of buzz considering they aren't even in our Conference and the games don't really mean anything in the big picture. I would honestly like to see a Rivalry develop with Utah State. I think they closer to us than Nevada is, it's an easy drive, the program has really solidified since they joined the MWC, and the fans are passionate. Seems like they will get to be a bit more on our radar if they stay consistent.
  3. This seems like it gets pretty intense in the stands during the games in Vegas.
  4. I think it is a donkey doll someone made that they stitched "BJC" on. I logged in one time and my old school K.C. Adams icon was gone so I just search for BJC and grabbed the first thing I saw.
  5. Congrats to Idaho, hope he turns out to be a good leader for you guys. I hope Boise State’s search is failed again. The lineup is pathetic. We are actually taking advantage of only having an Interim President and getting a lot of systemic changes implemented that would undoubtedly been scrapped or best-case “re-evaluated” had we hired last time.
  6. UNLV Football is the entertainment capital of the world? UNLV Football is getting ready to debut a world class stadium? Or you are renting an NFL stadium and will never come even remotely close to filling it?
  7. Well deserved. He may be the most decorated head coach in school history.
  8. Someone posted that he had passed away a couple months back. EDIT - Here it is:
  9. Yes. They have a very nice program and don’t appear likely to tail off any time soon. They should actually be even better next year.
  10. Dude if you ain't Tallgrass's ghost then you hung out with the guy waaaaaaaaay too +++++ing long.