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  1. RogueStout

    Reb High Fans

    UNLV Football has been terrible for a long time, so how have they "lost millions"? Who else was in the Coaching candidate pool that would have brought in millions? Not defending Sanchez but I don't agree with you on that particular point.
  2. RogueStout

    Nevada vs Boise State

    One thing that is missing here is that Boise State was forced to serve the role of the Junior and Vocational College for the population center of the state of Idaho for years. Hence all the "trucker school" jokes. With the establishment of the College of Western Idaho we have now removed ourselves from that service and our grad rates are beginning to come into line with where they should be as a 4 year University. Our enrollment has also caught up to and surpassed UoI. Both are good schools, each provides a different and unique college experience for students. We have some catching up to do for sure, particularly in regards to Grad Programs, which aren't even comparable to Idaho. I think we will get there but it takes time.
  3. RogueStout

    Better Hire

    I'm obviously not as in-touch with the situation as Rebel fns, but I have gotten the impression that the Sanchez hire was directly influential to the donations. Maybe a UNLV fan can weigh in on it.
  4. RogueStout

    Better Hire

    Sanchez has brought some money into the program if not a lot of wins. Brennan is so far over his head in virtually every regard of being an FBS Head Coach it is pathetic.
  5. RogueStout


    Shit hole.
  6. Because every time the QB threw over 10 yards the ball bounced off a SDSU player’s hands. I wouldn’t have trusted Rypien either.
  7. RogueStout

    Serious Question

    Ask these guys.
  8. RogueStout

    Nevada vs Boise State

  9. RogueStout

    Shame On Me!

    Thread worthy.
  10. RogueStout

    Article on the secret meeting at DIA that formed the MWC

    What does this have to do with this topic? Or are you showcasing the need to bring back the idiot button?
  11. RogueStout

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    Good call-out, that's lazy posting on my part. Should read "The LDS Church has all the money it could possibly take to make that program succeed". They just don't use it, yet. I think they would start plugging $$ into the Athletic Program before scuttling Football.
  12. RogueStout

    Deondre Pierce transferring to Arizona State

    I think he must be posting on the wrong board. This is very Boise State specific and belongs on the BroncoFans site.
  13. RogueStout

    RebelRobert Busy Today

    So what we have learned here is that you are so bored that you follow RebelRobert on Twitter. If a tree falls in the forest and all that.
  14. RogueStout

    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    I would be incredibly shocked if that ever happened. BYU has what it takes to succeed as far as facilities, national fanbase, and money to succeed. They just need a better Coach (imho) and staff across the board, and a different scheduling approach. Bronco Mendenhall is an odd duck, but he was a very successful coach there. BYU should join a Conference and keep looking at available Coaches.