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  1. Hawai’i fans - Do you like these Haoles like McDonald that come over and try to act like they are islanders? Lolz headed over to R Bar to do shots.
  2. And some people on this board want the MWC CCG moved to the new Raiders stadium when it opens.
  3. Utes getting blanked into the 3rd. +++++ing wake up Utah, need them to win this game!
  4. https://1053thefan.radio.com/articles/news/jerry-jones-jerry-go-fix-it-even-if-its-wrong-go-fix-it
  5. My wife is begging for one of these for Xmas.
  6. New episode is out and pretty damn awesome.
  7. Bolded and underlined is the key to the whole operation.
  8. Sanchez Tedford Bobo Davie Another great contribution to the board.
  9. I have it on pretty good authority that you guys are gonna get at least 3 guys booted by the end of the 1st Qtr this time. MWC taking no chances on this one.
  10. Don't let this idiot get you excited. He has no clue what he is talking about, and makes that very clear every time he posts anything.