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  1. I like him somewhat. He is +++++ED with a capital +++++ though because his own party has gone so far to the extreme that I don't think he stands a chance to win a re-election. I'll vote for him though. He's a pretty normal dude from Emmett, rancher type guy. He needs to champion legal weed though. And yes he's a DAMN site better than little b1tch Otter.
  2. They did it so they could victim shame her by doxxing her and taking pictures of her and then sending them out to people calling the whole thing a "liberal stunt" or something along those lines. The Idaho legislature is quickly turning into the US version of the Taliban.
  3. My wife and I have a few expensive bikes, but I get good deals on them and usually sell them every couple years for about what I'm in them for. We both have older vehicles, so no car payments. Our vacations are more centered around hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking so they aren't a big expense like tropical vacations. Our three teenagers are probably our biggest expense, next to bar tabs.
  4. The Idaho Legislature certainly doesn't. They offered up To Kill a Mockingbird as exhibit A of CRT indoctrination. +++++ing morons.
  5. Haven't been there. I think it moved more towards Meridian which I don't get out to all that often. I LOVED Weinhard's, especially the Red. Must have drank about half an ocean of that stuff in the 90's. Manley's was open up until 97. TP is the oldest Freshman in the history of Boise State. If we're talking old school "stuff yer gut" spots in Boise, the Brick Oven Beanery downtown on the Grove was a good one as well. You could get your sandwich (and they were BIG) smothered in country gravy. That was a good spot to prep for a heavy night of drinking dow
  6. The Goose was great before they remodeled and tried to become a normal restaurant. They guy finally sold it, we’ll see what it turns into. Sounds like they’re trying to turn it into a hipster gastropub. Gil’s is a great spot and they have the best chicken fried steak I’ve ever had.
  7. Just wrapped up this bad boy last night.
  8. He might even have brought along his bestie Eddie Vedder.
  9. I will never understand the mormon church's obsession with sex.
  10. Do you remember your first blow job?
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