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  1. This dude's got street cred 4 life
  2. A necropsy revealed the mountain lion was about 4 to 5 months old and weighed between 35 and 40 pounds when alive, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. There were multiple causes of death, including blunt trauma and strangulation. The cat tested negative for rabies.
  3. Deets are out: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/14/us/mountain-lion-attack-colorado-runner/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=fbCNN&utm_term=link&utm_content=2019-02-15T06%3A01%3A03&fbclid=IwAR3gYai490XCMxPV06KOE7wh_fzy2EhfaT0UBS3jL4YlATlIBQFWKuNM2CE&fbclid=IwAR3D6hDxPaK1bjOPP-nCdD2eNl3n3IoDhriaahi9DkxZE9deCAYoT47dtc0 Last Monday, Travis Kauffman went for a run near Fort Collins, Colorado. Little did he know his workout would include suffocating a mountain lion. "I feel like I should go buy a bunch of lottery tickets," he said. Authorities on Thursday identified Kauffman as the runner who won a fight-to-the-death struggle last week after the cat ambushed him along the trail. Kauffman -- a 31-year-old who moved to Fort Collins about five years ago to live a more active, outdoor lifestyle -- described the nightmarish experience in a February 11 interview with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. A video of that interview was shown to reporters on Thursday, and Kauffman repeated his account at a press conference afterward. "It was just pure adrenaline," he told reporters. "There was a certain point where I just kind of imagined being stuck on this hillside and eventually just having a cat gnaw at me, which is a creepy way to go. But, for the most part, the adrenaline just kept kicking in at those moments." Runner: My heart sank into my stomach Kauffman was running in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space on February 4 when he heard the rustling of pine needles somewhere behind him. He typically wouldn't have turned his head to look, assuming the noise belonged to a smaller "woodland creature." "But in the back of my mind there's always that thought that it could be something else," Kauffman said. "And that something else this time happened to be a mountain lion." "I just kind of had my heart sink into my stomach a little bit," Kauffman said. The cat was about 10 feet away, said Kauffman, and he threw up his arms and began yelling in an attempt to scare the animal off. It didn't work. When a mountain lion attacked him, a Colorado runner choked it to death The cat pounced, latching its jaws around Kauffman's wrist as he tried to protect his face from the claws scratching at his face and legs. He tried to throw the cat off of him, but both man and lion tumbled down a slope, and a "wrestling match" ensued, Kauffman said. He eventually managed to pin down the cat's back legs as he reached for sticks and rocks to strike the mountain lion and force it off of him. All the while his arm was still trapped in the cat's mouth. "It really clicked after I hit it in the head with a rock and it still didn't release my wrist, that at that point, more drastic measures were necessary," he said. Kauffman managed to get his foot pressed down on the mountain lion's neck, and held it down until the animal suffocated and let go of his wrist. He ran three more miles after the attack Kauffman had to run three miles down the trail, bloodied, injured and warily eyeing his surroundings for more mountain lions. He eventually ran into another runner who ran down the trail with him, before they ran into another couple near the parking lot. One of them ended up giving him a ride to the hospital while the others went to get his truck. At the hospital, doctors were able to clean him up and get a first look at the extent of his injuries, including a bloody gash across his left cheek and numerous puncture wounds from the mountain lion's teeth and claws. Kauffman was given 19 stitches in his cheek, six along the bridge of nose and another three in his wrist, where the animal had latched onto him. He was given antibiotics to prevent infection. A necropsy revealed the mountain lion was about 4 to 5 months old and weighed between 35 and 40 pounds when alive, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. There were multiple causes of death, including blunt trauma and strangulation. The cat tested negative for rabies. Despite his ordeal, Kauffman said he didn't regret moving to Colorado to pursue a life lived in the outdoors. "It's definitely a very unique state that you can actually see wildlife," he said. But, he added, "it's usually better at a distance."
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    2019 Mountain West Conference Softball

    Sorry, you will have to be more specific.
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    Gear Report/Lunch Review

  6. RogueStout

    OT - New Mexican chile "Christmas"?

    I am getting hungry AF reading this thread.
  7. RogueStout

    BYU- Success Since Going Independent

    It doesn't work that way on this board and you have been around long enough that you should know that. If you make a claim that "both Arizona schools are ready to go" then the burden of proof is on you, not the person saying the claim is false. I have heard nothing that would back that claim up. Asking for valid (not a tweet or bs blog) sources is the reasonable response.
  8. I just don't see how it impacted Boise State in any way, let alone how it could be framed as a "concession" or a "generous act". Again, I may be missing something.
  9. RogueStout

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    EDIT - Oops I looked at the post of mine he liked and was confused. Give me the idiot button for myself plz.
  10. My understanding of this is that is didn't impact Boise State's bottom line at all, this was just to spread the rest equally around instead of giving the money just to the teams we play in those games.
  11. RogueStout

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    EDIT - on me
  12. I am not aware that we gave anything up, and my understanding is that our deal is in perpetuity, What did I miss?
  13. RogueStout

    Rumor: Brady Hoke back to SDSU as D-Line Coach

    This would be great for the Conference. A strong SDSU and Fresno helps the Conference profile. I am hopeful Hawai'i can regain some lost glory as well. These are three of the best "brands" we have. We need to get to the place where we have 3-4 viable threats for the Access Bowl every year.
  14. Even Boise State can't sell out with weeknight start times. But at least we get compen$ated for it.