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  1. I thought he said “golden blonde” at first.
  2. She is trying to buffalo you into doing something stupid that you will later regret. Tell her straight out that you are in the process of retaining an attorney and are just going to run all this type of stuff through them before making any decisions or taking any actions. I would bet she will act offended that you are planning to have an expert to help you our through this, which will tell you al you need to know about her intentions.
  3. ^^^^ sage advice. Don't be afraid to walk away from an escalating situation and take a breather before reengaging. I will tell you from my own experience that, at least in the state of Idaho, if she was not on the title and there are no other formal documents stating that she is indeed the owner of that house she is going to get a part of what she contributed to the mortgage. Not half. Not even closer to half. Not even close to close to half. You attorney will do this very simple calculation. I would imagine this is not an uncommon occurrence. I would also suggest that you
  4. Right, should have clarified, not fired for being inside. At least that is the type of blurb I've seen and am wondering about. No question that ANYONE who went inside (other than press) are traitors and should be hammered in every way.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/byebyejob/ has been a gold mine the last few days. MOST of the people getting impacted more than deserve it, but there are definitely some folks being posted where it says "for attending Trump rally" not "beat a police officer over the head with a fire extinguisher" type stuff.
  6. So, LOTS of people losing employment, and in some cases being arrested, in the aftermath of the failed insurrection. I am surprised to see quite a few people that seem to be getting canned simply for ATTENDING Trump's rally (not storming the capital/murdering LEO's). That's really bizarre to me.
  7. UNLV gets into the PAC 12 the day you give up on your dream of being a homoerotic fanfic author.
  8. I was thinking Big West and they (finally) drop Football but who knows?
  9. Glad to see you acknowledge the WAC as UNLV’s Conference of the future.
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