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  1. It doesn't ruin the end of BB at all in any way.
  2. That picture is not too far off from what the stadium looked like this weekend. Why was is so sparsely attended?
  3. ABSOLUTELY, and if BYU wins, @mugtang will change his user name to CougarBlue until we win again. Andre
  4. Not you in particular, but all summer several Dog fans went ON AND ON about how Boise State was in decline and Fresno State was the new king. lol @ the aww shucks we knew it was gonna be a down year comments.
  5. This is verbatim one of the posts that CUSATallgrass used to post here. Someone came here some time back and said that he had passed away but I am seriously doubting that now.
  6. God these people are THE WORST. I’ve known a few Vol fans and they wear that ugly ass Orange all the freaking time.
  7. I’m surprised the Dogs look this terrible
  8. That all sounds well and good for someone who sits on their couch watching the games, but some of us actually get out of our houses and go to Albertsons stadium. Late kickoffs blow.
  9. Chukar hunting is one of the most challenging and flat out awesome things I’ve ever done.
  10. Is Antonio Bryant’s name on there?
  11. Yeah let’s start a GoFunMe for our Lobo bros.
  12. What were those chairs Skinny Pete and Badger had in their house? I want one! Also, did they somehow end up with a bunch of cash? I must have missed it. Did Walt give them a few hundred k for when they helped out with Elliot and Bitchface? They were living large.