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  1. wyorev

    Opening Lines for Upcoming Weekend

    Nothing. Just poking fun at all of the truncated speech in GoState's post.
  2. wyorev

    Opening Lines for Upcoming Weekend

    Am I missing something? Is the internet running out of usable letters? Boise will cover.
  3. The old any publicity is good publicity strategy. "It's a bold move, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off."
  4. If you have to take the time to explain your marketing campaign, then it's already failed.
  5. And that is all well and good - that is a demographic the university should also be targeting. Here is my question though - do we target agricultural students to an agricultural university, or do we target prospective students more broadly? UW has made substantial investments in STEM education, and if our first thought after seeing the slogan is that it's targeted towards students with an agricultural background or agricultural ambitions, then something is amiss. Let's remember that most people in Wyoming don't work in the agricultural industry. They work in the service and energy industries. As pokebball noted above, I need to see the rest of the marketing campaign materials before I pass final judgement. Still, doesn't this feel a little...well, lazy? "The world needs more [insert mascot here]"
  6. While I find it silly that folks think the slogan is anything but inclusive, I do think it's a bit half-assed. This caricature of the "cowboy" means nothing to the demographic that this slogan/marketing campaign is aimed at. Steamboat and the "cowboy spirit" may mean something to we natives, but it's most definitely lost on younger generations - especially those without any connections to the State of Wyoming. Honestly, the University needs to distance itself somewhat from the "old west", and focus on marketing its true strengths - a well funded, small, public institution that provides affordable, quality education and great access to outdoor recreation opportunities. Get these prospective students through the door, and you bet they will learn about Wyoming culture and the "cowboy spirit" that goes along with it.