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  1. Nevada @ San Jose State

    SJSU is playing well enough. 12 - 9 at the moment. Go Sparta!
  2. Vandals getting new BBall Arena

    I guess we aren't talking about the arena any longer?
  3. All would be forgiven if USU and SJSU come back to reinvent an FBS conference.
  4. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    Haha! This was a great win for NMSU. I love it.
  5. New Mexico State Deserves an Invite

    I couldn't be happier for the Raggies.
  6. Arizona Bowl - NMSU vs Utah State

    Congrats, Raggies!
  7. San Diego State vs Army

    Army controlled the ball for 46 minutes. Impressive.
  8. BSU vs IDAHO

    I come here to see the disparaging of athletic departments and budgets, disgusting colors of a blew field, cracks at a airplane hanger, academic comparisons to Buhl HS and coaches turning a blind eye to criminal athletes. And, you assholes are talking pizza? God, we need our rivalry back. Go Vandals
  9. Just Schedule Idaho Already.

    http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/chadd-cripe/article190954559.html Hillarious the rag in Boise even calls out the AD and kustra. Must be the loss funds while keeping up with the Jones.
  10. If literally everyone hates the Boise Bowl

    It appears there are a couple of other teams that attended this bowl more so than the Vandals. Rank Team Appearances Record T1 Boise State 4 3–1 Utah State 4 1–3 T3 Idaho 3 3–0 Fresno State 3 2–1 T5 Georgia Tech 2 1–1 Nevada 2 0–2
  11. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/dec/06/brayon-blakes-26-points-lead-idaho-past-washington/#/0 The loss to UNR doesn't seem as bad as before. Idaho just took WSU to the woodshed.
  12. UNLV at Air Force

    Keep it up, Rebs!
  13. NIU @ SDSU official game thread

    Here ya go. 1st down.
  14. NIU @ SDSU official game thread

    I guess they are hoping the lights go out for a bit.
  15. Stanford at San Diego State

    What happened?