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  1. AF Falcons sweep Nevada 2-1 and 7-5 GO FALCONS
  2. Note.... AIR FORCE BEAT .....#13 ARIZONA.... last night. GO FALCONS
  3. No one saying much about the ladies but note in last 2 series Air Force after fighting COVID off and on all seasons beat number 2 New Mexico and number 1 Colorado State in the last week GO FALCONS
  4. Air Force wins straight up.... (One can always dream) GO FALCONS
  5. Someone has to win. A depleted NM faces a (????) surging Air Force team that has lost last four by 10, 10, 5 and 3. Good news is AF is rested after not playing for 9 days. Bad news is AF has not played for 9 days. NM played at Clune Arena the last two games which is a plus but they were dragging at the end of both games at 7000’. Last two games att home for AF seniors. GO FALCONS BEAT NM
  6. Ooops...after we upset #7 LSU AF gets hammered by LATech 1-18
  7. In game two of weekend round robin losing to LaTech 4-0 early in the game after a 2 run HR. Let down early, come on GO FALCONS
  8. Great win with a 6-5 AF victory with both teams getting walks and runs in last two innings. Air Force strikes out the first batter, gives up a HR then a fly out and a strike out to end the game. First win EVER for Air Force over #7 LSU. Congrats and GO FALCONS
  9. No one has mentioned it but AF’s AJ Walker had a monster night in game 1 vs FSU with 33 points on 8-16FG, 6-12 3pt, 11-11 FT, 5 steals, 3 assists in 40 mins. AF is getting better every game in this season with first year HC Joe Scott and young team. Poor first 10 mins and getting down 16 really hurt them in game one and expended a lot of energy to get back to a 1 point game with 1:55 remaining but could not close out losing 69-63. GO FALCONS BEAT FRESNO STATE
  10. I think competition from just this one avid fan's perspective its Boise with USU (surprising right?) 4th.
  11. For Air Force it is CSU and Wyoming but NM? Not even close as a rivalry.
  12. AF comes back from 12 down to beat SDSU 58-55 . . . . . . . . . (AF women with the road win !!!)
  13. Just like first game (in the final stats looking back), if AF can keep the TO's down we can win. GO FALCONS BEAT WYOMING
  14. Good win after being down double digits AF beating Wyoming 72-69. Joyce w 21, Akaya (POG) and Walker both with 15 and Van Soelen with 13. Women lose close game in Wyoming. Next games vs Wyoming on Monday.
  15. Not even close.....totally one side for what WASN’T called. But the bottom line is if AF took better care of the ball it would have been closer, but not the win tonight with the refs
  16. BS reffing. AF getting held on cuts and not getting charge calls. Meanwhile foul count AF 9 BSU 1. Sucks
  17. Troy Aikman on Kellen Moore...interesting...offered job but pulled out after concerns. Any truth?
  18. Yep, have a card to fly but no ID to vote. Just saying.......
  19. Here’s to a good game with no injuries. No fans will be allowed and cadets are gone for Christmas. Always a small fan base in recent years but passionate. I still remember years gone by when it was filled to capacity (4 years in a row equaled two NCAA invites and 2 NIT invites 2004-2007 playing in NIT semis 2007) Young team with new coach but don’t let that fool you. New (old) coach as Joe Scott back who took us to first NCAA in 2004 after winning MWC. Brings back true Princeton. Con is it’s new but pro is we have been running a hybrid Princeton offense with the principles instilled in th
  20. Thanks First time EVER AF (3-3) beats Nevada and their first true road win this year and for new coach Joe Scott. Game high scorer AJ Walker with career high 27pts. GO FALCONS
  21. Whatcha doing for game 2 AF @ Nevada and WTF happened to CSU vs St Mary's? GO FALCONS BEAT NEVADA
  22. 9-0 run by BYU and 4 of 18 FG for SDSU at 8:24 markOUCH
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