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  1. Great food for thought with the accompanying good article about matchip of top rushing offense vs defense. GO FALCONS https://gazette.com/sports/national-best-rushing-offense-defense-to-face-off-as-air-force-football-hosts-no-22/article_7795e0ca-3141-11ec-963e-1f12001a2966.html ( Sent from The Gazette )
  2. Air Force fan here hoping for a good game with no injuries. Interesting first matchup stats GO FALCONS
  3. Yes we did 100% and one targeting no call targeting by one repeat BSU targeting defender. Overall well played and hard fought game by both teams. GO FALCONS
  4. Good question. Glad for me and probably in the 60-40 minority. Still love the competition and until we consistently contend for the CCG why move? Many felt the recruiting advantages would be better and if Navy was in our division we'd have a 3rd option to play a P5...right now we always play Navy and Army OOC so only 2 more teams. GO FALCONS
  5. Hahaha NO. I am sure straight and level using a piddle-pack ( you can figure the use of that?) in the middle of a 4 hour CAP (combat air patrol). Now. If I had been a Navy fighter pilot THEN "I was inverted completing two barrel rolls and two aileron rolls after jinking behind the bandit causing him (sexist) to overshoot then a high yo-yo and back to shooting parameter with a lock while inverted....". Take care and GO FALCONS
  6. Yeah Hey guys sorry this is such a Hot Topic ref AF for many. To give perspective of the misnomer of AF use/called for the illegal block with a 15 yard penalty. This season with 5 new starters on OL (with a combined NCAA lowest returning starts from 2020 (3 different guys had 1 start due to injuries in 2020) with next NCAA lowest 14)) Air Force has had 0 (zero) 15 yard illegal blocking penalties and 1 10 blocking penalty. Just for the discussion. GO FALCONS
  7. Class comment. Your welcome, was thinking of classy MWC fans and the un-classy (which are the small minority like you) when I was flying my F-15 over Iraq . Hope you have a great week. GO FALCONS
  8. Bullshit. But if you believe all that and it makes you sleep better at night I am happy for you. Guess I'll correlate that BSU teaches targeting and leading with the helmet. Skinner ejected targeting vs BYU. Whimsy ejected targeting vs Utep Kanhiho ejected targeting vs UCF GO FALCONS
  9. That guy you're laughing about broke his ankle GO FALCONS
  10. Exceptional look at the FALCONS at the mid point of the season GO FALCONS https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-football-at-the-seasons-midway-point-handing-out-team-awards/article_f7dcc4f2-2b1e-11ec-9df9-d7c1d2a2f862.html ( Sent from The Gazette )
  11. Thanks....Was hoping to hear the broken record again. But wait, AF is 5-1 and have had zero illegal blocking penalties called in those gsmes, I assume BSU can say the same. GO FALCONS
  12. Note- late 2nd half vsUSU AF had a pass picked and a fumble on drives which were sustained and going for TD. Could’a, would’a, should’a 14 points. Will be an interesting game. GO FALCONS
  13. Starting early for a good and interesting week of discussion GO FALCONS
  14. Yes sir. Game 2 today 5pm MST at MSU. AF won't be a surprise today. GO FALCONS
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