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  1. Bad loss by the Falcons w/ a very good win by CSU 78-65, a young and quick team.
  2. Will be interesting to see CSU's three young guys (2xFr and 1xSo) react on defense to the backcourt cuts of AF still running with the Princeton Principles on offense.
  3. Good observation but I think Air Force would be their #1 choice if looking west to bring in the viewership along with Navy already in the league.
  4. Who will? Who won’t? Who shows up? Time for Air Force vs Colorado State 2020 Part 1 More at https://bit.ly/30Ms9xP Big questions surround this game and big rewards to the team that can answer those questions. Both teams enter this game tied for 5th in the MWC and only 1 game out of 3rd place. The Falcons (9-9/3-3) coming off a hard fought win at Clune Arena over Boise State while the Rams (12-7/3-3) arrive to the Academy after a blasting of New Mexico at home in Ft Collins. In a game of a seasoned AF roster versus youth in CSU it will be an interesting matchup. (Note: Coach's vs Cancer game for the Falcons today and Coach Dave Pilipovich and his wife Kelly are giving $1 for each ticket sold to the game. Read more here https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-basketball-coach-dave-pilipovich-aims-to-combat-colorado/article_15b155a0-3982-11ea-91aa-677ade092edf.html ) CSU is led by by 4 in double figures with Stevens 6’0” Fr guard averaging 13.1ppg/4.6apg, Sr center Carvacho 12.5ppg/10.7rpg, Roddy 6’5”/250# Fr G 11.3ppg/5.7rpg and Thistlewood 6’7” So F 10ppg. Whew, a tough lineup to contend with combining height with size with quickness. Overall an average 3 pt shooting team their 35.3% long ball average was boosted by an exceptional 19-28/67.9% shooting effort in the win over New Mexico. The Falcons will have to find a way to bring back their consistency from the arc while attacking inside to win this game on offense while defending the arc on defense. While they are averaging 40% 3pt shooting on the season, they have dropped to 32%, 28% and 31% in their last three games. Good news is they are close to 50% FG overall in the last three games (2-1) going aggressively inside. We need to continue to do this and not be intimidated by the CSU bigs. Defensively everyone knows historically that the 3pt arc has been friendly to visiting teams, and CSU showed in the win over NM they have the potential to explode from the arc. Defense needs to continue to be the mainstay of this game for the Falcons. So 'Who Will' play defense and defend the arc vs 'Who Will' hit from the long ball? 'Who won't' give up points in the paint and won't give open looks to the offense? 'Who will' show up from the Cadet Wing to support Air Force vs CSU? Time will tell. GO FALCONS BEAT CSU CONGRATS TO AIR FORCE HOCKEY in win over Niagara https://gazette.com/sports/late-goal-review-goes-air-force-hockey-s-way-in/article_dbb3528a-399b-11ea-b0c2-27cfb8ec9d05.html
  5. Gotta credit lockdown defense by AF's Sid Tomes who held Jessup 1-7 similar to Sid defending and keeping USU's Merrill to 10pts (and zero in 2nd half) in AF's win at home over USU. GO FALCONS
  6. Air Force Basketball vs Boise State and Hockey takes on Niagara The one that got away.....Air Force loses to New Mexico after being down by only 3 on the road with 48 seconds to play, Wyoming loses to Nevada by 1, Wyoming loses to UNLV in OT, Nevada loses to SJSU by 2, SJSU loses to #7 SDSU by 2, wow....does this mean parity has hit the MWC? This tells you that every game is important as we get closer to the halfway point of the 2019-2020 MWC season. 6 teams (to include AF at 2-3) are between 4-1 and 2-4 in the MWC standings. The Falcons have 2 games at home this week against two of these teams and it begins with Boise State tonight and then CSU in the Coaches vs Cancer game on Saturday.....BSU comes into this game on a roller coaster season at 3-3 losing to #7 SDSU by.....to win this game the Falcons....More at https://bit.ly/30Ms9xP GO FALCONS ...Rick '77
  7. Actually it is totally possible. A transfer simply comes in getting a nomination and accepted to the Academy and then starting as a freshman going through basic training and staying for 4 years. Okay I'll raise the wager to $20,000
  8. I'll wager $10,000 that none come to Air Force
  9. Doesn't matter DWI is still on the record...... and couldn't he have done this before the Air Force game?
  10. No one talking about this. 3pts at half by NM, AF took the lead by two but then trailed and couldn’t even up. AF lost this game as much as NM won it. AF Step out of bounds on made 3 to tie at 3 mins. Down by three inside a min and two empty handed trips down court with essentially one unforced TO. Good effort on the road but a loss. Final 84-78.
  11. Air Force had lead now down 6 with two and a half to go
  12. Nah....on a layover in Tulsa 4pm MT. My Dad might make it to the Pit depending on WX and plane tickets. Wish I could be there....will be a good one. Let me know if you are going to make it up this way for bball or fball. Rick GO FALCONS
  13. I land at 4pm Just in time to turn it on....Facebook Watch no less. Matchup stats at Cover.com https://www.covers.com/sport/basketball/ncaab/matchup/192997