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  1. ltcpilot

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Interesting to see how it plays out this year and next for Air Force. Air Force will start all Juniors and maybe one sophomore. There is a possibility starting one senior (only senior on the team) or he will come off the bench. Note this includes the top 2 scorers (as sophomores) last year during Mountain West Conference play. All these guys will be back next year (19-20) as well except for the one lone senior has juniors are now committed and cannot leave the Academy without a commitment. Will be interesting to see what Air Force does during the next two years and may indeed surprise. Same for the Air Force women which include last year's Mountain West Conference freshman of the year.
  2. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    I expected Nevada schedule to be much stronger
  3. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    Wyoming.....those politically incorrect Cowboys https://gowyo.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=1098
  4. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    UNLV's schedule.....hmmmmmm http://www.unlvrebels.com/sports/m-baskbl/sched/unlv-m-baskbl-sched.html
  5. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    CSU schedule out.....not too strong this season...rebuild? (Wait, the old staff coordinated a lot of this, right?) https://csurams.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=354
  6. ltcpilot

    Air Force to open without a DC?

    Nice......we got no clue
  7. ltcpilot

    Air Force to open without a DC?

    Misreading the information. A defensive coordinator has not been announced however by the time the season starts there will be one. Many speculate it is a due to a major revamp of how we will set up our defense and the thought process behind it. What you can't see or know about cannot be prepared for, right?
  8. AF Men's basketball schedule 2018-2019 Potential is there on a better schedule. https://gazette.com/sports/analysis-air-force-basketball-crafts-far-more-difficult-schedule-highlighted/article_ae37ca7a-83b2-11e8-a34d-93d2a6cd48ff.html
  9. ltcpilot

    AF Nic Ready wins Home Run Derby

    Awesome video interview. He set the record.
  10. AF's Nic Ready wins the College Home Run Derby .Check out @AF_Falcons’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/AF_Falcons/status/1013626161333768192?s=09 Check out @CollegeHRDerby’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/CollegeHRDerby/status/1013594914762846208?s=09
  11. ltcpilot

    Everybody Is Coming Back!!!

    Drama queens? As the saying goes "it is time to s*** or get off the pot". If these young men who are both good basketball players have not made a decision by now then their decision is to stay. Just let the rest of us know, okay? That will make it sweeter when Air Force beats them next year....... you heard it first here!
  12. Announced AF will play at Michigan plus games vs Colorado and Army. http://gazette.com/tournament-in-bahamas-added-to-air-forces-upcoming-basketball-schedule/article/1626444
  13. The Falcons will head to the Bahamas this fall. The 4 team field is not a 'blockbuster' but includes: AF 12-19 UMBC (Maryland-Baltimore County) 25-11 first NCAA 16 seed to beat #1 (Virginia) then lost to KState 43-50 South Dakota 26-9 High Pointe 14-16
  14. ltcpilot

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Indeed the Falcons are struggling. Rough week as they just finished up finals last week which is tough anytime during the year at the Academy much less for a D1 athlete. Hopefully they can get their focus as they go into this three-game series. Tough playing on the road
  15. ltcpilot

    Mountain West MBB 2018-19

    2003-2004 AF won the MWC with a 12-2 (27-12) record and went to NCAA. 2nd in 2006 1 behind BYU (12-4/24-7 and went to NCAA) and 3rd 2007 3 behind BYU after being tied for first but losing last three games (12-6/27-9 and went to NIT semi-finals losing to Clemson 68-67 in a horrible officiated game). Note those last three loses were due to travel (got in at 3am on game day due to wx for one game, illness (leading scorer went to hospital for flu) and mismanagement/fatigue by Bzdelik. And this was a team that won 10 games by 30 or more points to include over @Stanford, @ Colorado, Georgia, @Wyoming, Utah, 2xTCU. It was a grand year and, except for those last three loses probably another NCAA as ranked at #14 before the first of those 3 loses. Before losing the 2nd of those 3 loses at home to BYU, AF had the longest home winning streak in NCAAM at 30 games! http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/team/schedule/_/id/2005/year/2007 Sidenote funny story. Before playing Georgia in the NIT during warmups the Georgia players were joking/joshing about how they were going to 'kill' AF and showering windmill dunks, etc in warmups. AF assistant coach was overheard saying "These guys have no idea what is about to hit them"....AF won that game start to finish 83-52, 56% FG, 44% 3pt 94% FT and standing room only in Clune. Thanks for letting an old man relive some good memories!!