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  1. ltcpilot

    NCAA Men' soccer. AF advances

    I'm sure you would say the same thing if Boise had a team that made it to the NCAAs in soccer. Get a life
  2. With a win on the road over #15 Denver in the NCAA round 2 (after winning their opening round match at the Academy) the Air Force Falcons will travel to play #2 nationally ranked Indiana next week in the third round of the NCAA tournament. Go Falcons https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-men-s-soccer-advances-in-ncaa-tournament-helped/article_2f545aea-eba2-11e8-abdb-bf0143b22192.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Big difference here is they broke into an individual’s house (heated garage) to start the incident. And reference above it has been all over the news. https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-falcon-mascot-suffers-life-threatening-injuries-as-result/article_3e982b60-dfab-11e8-a066-9b1d737f0c1a.html
  4. ltcpilot

    Air Force vs Boise State

    Glad to see blue(tool)rules is alive and well. Last year AF vs BSU there was one penalty for illegal block and it was by BSU. Funny how that is ignored. With that said.... AF vs BSU http://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com/ Big game with a traditionally tough Boise State team as kickoff is at 5pm MDT at Falcon Stadium (am740 and CBSSports). The Falcons have won the last two times at home and are 3-1 in the last 4 years losing badly last year on the blue turf of BSU. BSU strength is their passing offense matched up with AF's weakness in the secondary which has been exploited this season. Most pundits recognize the improvement in the Falcon rush attack that has the ability to make BSU one dimensional but that still pits a strength against a weakness. Some very good reads below to breakdown the game. My thoughts are simple: -Time of possession for AF is key to a win. BSU WILL score but we need to keep their defenders on the field for 80% of the game and 'then' when we get that one stop on defense we score again. -Do not get far behind BSU or the chance of an upset is slim. -Take the early lead using the pass early to set up the run. Rick '77 Nuff said....…….GO FALCONS BEAT BOISE STATE AF Rushing: 8th; BSU Rushing Defense: 26th AF Red Zone Off: 18th; BSU Red Zone Def: 74th AF Scoring Off: 52nd; BSU Scoring Def: 39th AF Sacks Allowed: 6th (duh); BSU Sacks Allowed: 94th (19 sacks) BSU Passing Efficiency: 16th; AF Passing Efficiency Def: 107th BSU Rushing: 80th; AF Rushing Defense: 13th BSU Scoring Off: 18th; AF Scoring Def: 50th BSU Red Zone Off: 81st; AF Red Zone Def: 23rd Fewest Penalties: AF 31st, BSU 59th Time of Poss: AF 5th, BSU 11th Turnover Margin: AF 66th, BSU 21st 10 reasons to believe 10-point underdog Air Force could knock off Boise State https://gazette.com/premium/reasons-to-believe--point-underdog-air-force-could-knock/article_b0b13f7e-d8ae-11e8-a3a3-db0563e01165.html AFA football preview: Sublots, numbers and a quote ahead of Saturday's home football game vs. Boise State https://gazette.com/sports/afa-football-preview-sublots-numbers-and-a-quote-ahead-of/article_a602c5a0-d973-11e8-848a-578cab2b98e9.html Air Force carries all-important offensive rhythm into showdown with Boise State https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-carries-all-important-offensive-rhythm-into-showdown-with/article_23b586e8-d958-11e8-81fc-132f7f017c86.html Players to watch and who has the edge https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article220426480.html#navlink=SecList AF Defense ok with not being known https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/football/stout-air-force-defense-okay-with-anonymity/article_b65d5024-a5cc-5d1d-ba31-cd1810e163a6.html PODCAST The Spooky Option https://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/boise-state-football/article220690285.html#navlink=SecList BDU missing players. https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/Board/103542/Contents/Air-Force-Without-Moa-and-Lui-is-Scary-123548814/ If you school yard pick players. https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/Board/103542/Contents/Upcoming-game-against-Air-Force-123629289/ Some BSU fans pessimistic. https://247sports.com/college/boise-state/Board/103542/Contents/Air-Force-game-score-prediction-thread-123765406/
  5. ltcpilot

    Air Force vs Boise State

    https://gazette.com/sports/reasons-to-believe--point-underdog-air-force-could-knock/article_b0b13f7e-d8ae-11e8-a3a3-db0563e01165.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true Try this link...... I'm a subscriber and did not know the link I posted was a pay link. Try this one and see if it works and let me know. Go Falcons
  6. ltcpilot

    Air Force vs Boise State

    Here's to a good game with mo injuries. With that said, here is an excellent read on 10 reasons AF could win vs BSU even though 10 point underdogs. Go Falcons See updated link here. https://gazette.com/sports/reasons-to-believe--point-underdog-air-force-could-knock/article_b0b13f7e-d8ae-11e8-a3a3-db0563e01165.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
  7. ltcpilot

    Air Force vs UNLV game thread

    Air Force over UNLV More at http://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com/Congrats to the Falcons winning on the gridiron over UNLV Good, the Bad, the Ugly in no special order in Air Force's 41-35 win over UNLV-Pass defense very bad overall again with moments of brilliance-Some of the penalties against us I question to include the 'delay of game' on the defense and at least the last interference call, even the announcers said 'what'? -Fumble Fumble makes us look humble. One was a bad pitch one was on Remsberg. Take care of those two fumbles and we win by 2 or 3 TD's because we would have scored again and the would not have scored.-O-Line looked much better and some serious hits!-Love Cody Kessler after the delay call on him to break through the line and smash the runner.-Overall, hard for me to say, GREAT PLAY CALLING by the O - Cordinator-One of the best passing and reception games by an AF QB poised in the pocket. Imagine next year a full up healthy Sanders and Hammond!Go FalconsVideo highlights AF over UNLV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muqi5qc9cH8Huge night from Sanders get the win https://gazette.com/sports/huge-night-from-quarterback-isaiah-sanders-leads-air-force-to/article_c9f0f5dc-d413-11e8-8e97-5b49ac776c65.htmlhttps://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/19/unlv-comeback-falls-short-air-force-wins-41-35/AF barely gets by with a win https://gazette.com/sports/david-ramsey-air-force-football-barely-escapes-vegas-with-victory/article_4758612e-d426-11e8-8c20-7bfc063bf483.htmlhttps://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/19/unlv-comeback-falls-short-air-force-wins-41-35/UNLV comeback falls short https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/19/unlv-comeback-falls-short-air-force-wins-41-35/https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/19/unlv-comeback-falls-short-air-force-wins-41-35/From the Las Vegas story linked above: Yes, option-heavy Air Force dominated UNLV in the passing game. The Falcons only threw the ball 11 times on the night, but quarterback Isaiah Sanders completed nine of those passes for an astonishing 217 yards. That works out to 24.1 yards per completion.According to Sanchez, the Rebels were counting on their defensive backs to win individual matchups against the Air Force receivers.Those matchups almost all ended poorly for UNLV.Sanchez said the game plan was sound, and that Air Force’s receivers overwhelmed UNLV’s defensive backs.“The Jimmy’s and Joe’s,” Sanchez said. “Those guys were better than our guys in space. You saw that. You saw one-on-one coverage and our guys just getting beat.”
  8. ltcpilot

    Air Force at UNLV

    Here's to a good game with no injuries.... Quick Hits: Ai rForce vs UNLV (More at http://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com/ Wanted to get some newslinks out to the masses. Big game for the Falcons as it doesn't get any easier the next two week with Boise State here at Falcon Stadium next Saturday then at Army. This game is a must win against a equally struggling UNLV team. The Falcons 'should' have the advantage on the run and could pass against an average UNLV secondary. The Rebel's strength is their run game which will be matched against a run defense that has done well for the Falcons. As always, it remains to be seen if the Rebels will go to the pass and if the AF secondary can stand the test. Biggest questions for the Falcons are: -Special team at punter -Penalties (or lack-there-of) -QB-Does Sanders get the start which I think he will and how will Worthman do if he gets on the field. GO FALCONS BEAT UNLV Matchup. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/breaking-down-unlvs-game-against-air-force-3/ AF looks at now or never. https://gazette.com/premium/now-or-never-air-force-goes-to-unlv-as-heavy/article_e458b094-d301-11e8-bce1-67f741578d6e.html Subplots. https://gazette.com/sports/air-force-at-unlv-subplots-numbers-and-a-quote-as/article_50e3b3fc-d303-11e8-8be6-73186bfa3502.html UNLV looks to save season. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-football/unlv-looks-to-save-season-with-win-over-air-force/ Looks like the injury bug is mounting https://twitter.com/BrentBriggeman/status/1051882836574138368Broken arm Kauppla? https://twitter.com/BrentBriggeman/status/1051927213904343040?s=19 UNLV remembers blowing lead and stunning loss to AF last season (= no bowl game). https://gazette.com/sports/unlv-hasn-t-forgotten-stunning-loss-at-air-force-last/article_981e00ec-d1af-11e8-86a0-6b7274694991.html Rebels focusing on must win game vs AF. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/16/rebels-focusing-on-details-heading-into-must-win-m/ UNLV QB hoping to learn in loss https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/oct/12/unlv-quarterback-max-gilliam-hoping-to-learn-from/
  9. Air Force over Navy and SDSU today More at https://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com On the road so quick hits to shout GO FALCONS as we get ready for AF vs SDSU tonight after an excellent win over Navy. Kickoff tonight is 7pm MDT on CBSSports and am740. The win over Navy in the first round of the Commander in Chief’s race is significant but needs to be taken with a dose of reality. While an excellent job stopping Navy’s running offense was executed by the Falcons, this is not the high powered Navy team of past years and not the big kid in the block rushing this year, that would be Army. Great article below on the Navy staff on what adjustments AF made. Shoutout to the Falcon defense and to sophomore quarterback Donald Hammond III who was efficient in running the offense on the ground and in the air. Don’t forget the effort by the receivers and numerous running backs and fullbacks behind an offensive line that did their job. Next up is SDSU atop the MWC after their win over Boise State last week in Boise “on the blue”. Under Coach Rocky Long, the Aztecs are playing well and have beaten AF on the ground and in the air. However, if not for the rain delay last year, the Falcons had the opportunity for the win but lost. Keys for this matchup: - The team that stops the run will win. Both teams are running teams primarily and if one team can control the line of scrimmage on the defensive front they will have the advantage. - The team that can establish a successful moderate passing attack early WILL accomplish the number one key above. - Air Force’s rush defense has been a pleasant surprise but tonight the key is stopping SDSU’s ability to pass in key downs and long gains/scores. We stop the pass we win the game. - Special teams and/or turnovers may be the game winning key to the final outcome of the game. Trip to SDSU time for AF to fix woes. https://gazette.com/sports/trip-to-san-diego-state-provides-opportunity-for-air-force/article_645446d6-cdb3-11e8-b83b-6b09fd9fab5a.html Subplots and numbers AF vs SDSU. https://gazette.com/sports/sublots-and-more-as-air-force-football-visits-san-diego/article_39a34ef8-cdb5-11e8-b66b-c70b488c1fef.html Hammond looks to bring confidence https://gazette.com/sports/new-quarterback-donald-hammond-iii-looks-to-bring-balance-to/article_822694ce-cb61-11e8-a2b0-5f723bb247f0.html Scouting report AF at SDSU. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/sd-sp-sdsu-football-scouting-report-air-force-at-aztecs-10-09-story.html Air Force D turned the tables on Navy. http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/navy_sports/ac-cs-airforce-navy-sidebar-20181006-story.html AF over Navy highlights. https://goairforcefalcons.com/index.aspx?path=football Go AIR FORCE Beat SAN DIEGO STATE
  10. ltcpilot

    2018 attendance update

    Great crowd at Air Force over Navy
  11. AF men’s soccer off to a good start ranked 8th nationally and 2-0 for first in WAC for now. SJSU is 5th UNLV 9th Rankings http://unitedsoccercoaches.org/web/Rankings/College_Rankings/NCAA_DI_MEN/web/Rankings/NCAA/DI_MEN.aspx Story last game. https://goairforcefalcons.com/news/2018/9/22/mens-soccer-flies-by-umkc-in-conference-opener.aspx?path=msoc
  12. ltcpilot

    Volleyball 2018

    AF 8-3 as of today. https://goairforcefalcons.com/schedule.aspx?path=wvball
  13. ltcpilot

    Rank um week 1

    Enlighten us Air Force fans and others here what serious pieces are missing? You know crap about this team this year. We will surprise
  14. ltcpilot

    AFA “Air Power Legacy Series” alternative uniforms

    Possible unveiling of the best alternate uniform for 2018 with Air Force. Check out the photos and especially the left side of the helmet. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/photos-did-air-force-just-unveil-the-best-alternate-uniforms-in-college-football/
  15. ltcpilot

    What the hell, Spartans?

    Interesting game will be AF coming off 5-7 opening playing FCS Stoney Brook 10-3 last year followed by heading to play FAU and Lane Kiffen in week 2.