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  1. Air Force over Navy and SDSU today More at https://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com On the road so quick hits to shout GO FALCONS as we get ready for AF vs SDSU tonight after an excellent win over Navy. Kickoff tonight is 7pm MDT on CBSSports and am740. The win over Navy in the first round of the Commander in Chief’s race is significant but needs to be taken with a dose of reality. While an excellent job stopping Navy’s running offense was executed by the Falcons, this is not the high powered Navy team of past years and not the big kid in the block rushing this year, that would be Army. Great article below on the Navy staff on what adjustments AF made. Shoutout to the Falcon defense and to sophomore quarterback Donald Hammond III who was efficient in running the offense on the ground and in the air. Don’t forget the effort by the receivers and numerous running backs and fullbacks behind an offensive line that did their job. Next up is SDSU atop the MWC after their win over Boise State last week in Boise “on the blue”. Under Coach Rocky Long, the Aztecs are playing well and have beaten AF on the ground and in the air. However, if not for the rain delay last year, the Falcons had the opportunity for the win but lost. Keys for this matchup: - The team that stops the run will win. Both teams are running teams primarily and if one team can control the line of scrimmage on the defensive front they will have the advantage. - The team that can establish a successful moderate passing attack early WILL accomplish the number one key above. - Air Force’s rush defense has been a pleasant surprise but tonight the key is stopping SDSU’s ability to pass in key downs and long gains/scores. We stop the pass we win the game. - Special teams and/or turnovers may be the game winning key to the final outcome of the game. Trip to SDSU time for AF to fix woes. https://gazette.com/sports/trip-to-san-diego-state-provides-opportunity-for-air-force/article_645446d6-cdb3-11e8-b83b-6b09fd9fab5a.html Subplots and numbers AF vs SDSU. https://gazette.com/sports/sublots-and-more-as-air-force-football-visits-san-diego/article_39a34ef8-cdb5-11e8-b66b-c70b488c1fef.html Hammond looks to bring confidence https://gazette.com/sports/new-quarterback-donald-hammond-iii-looks-to-bring-balance-to/article_822694ce-cb61-11e8-a2b0-5f723bb247f0.html Scouting report AF at SDSU. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/sd-sp-sdsu-football-scouting-report-air-force-at-aztecs-10-09-story.html Air Force D turned the tables on Navy. http://www.capitalgazette.com/sports/navy_sports/ac-cs-airforce-navy-sidebar-20181006-story.html AF over Navy highlights. https://goairforcefalcons.com/index.aspx?path=football Go AIR FORCE Beat SAN DIEGO STATE
  2. ltcpilot

    2018 attendance update

    Great crowd at Air Force over Navy
  3. AF men’s soccer off to a good start ranked 8th nationally and 2-0 for first in WAC for now. SJSU is 5th UNLV 9th Rankings http://unitedsoccercoaches.org/web/Rankings/College_Rankings/NCAA_DI_MEN/web/Rankings/NCAA/DI_MEN.aspx Story last game. https://goairforcefalcons.com/news/2018/9/22/mens-soccer-flies-by-umkc-in-conference-opener.aspx?path=msoc
  4. ltcpilot

    Volleyball 2018

    AF 8-3 as of today. https://goairforcefalcons.com/schedule.aspx?path=wvball
  5. ltcpilot

    Rank um week 1

    Enlighten us Air Force fans and others here what serious pieces are missing? You know crap about this team this year. We will surprise
  6. ltcpilot

    AFA “Air Power Legacy Series” alternative uniforms

    Possible unveiling of the best alternate uniform for 2018 with Air Force. Check out the photos and especially the left side of the helmet. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/photos-did-air-force-just-unveil-the-best-alternate-uniforms-in-college-football/
  7. ltcpilot

    What the hell, Spartans?

    Interesting game will be AF coming off 5-7 opening playing FCS Stoney Brook 10-3 last year followed by heading to play FAU and Lane Kiffen in week 2.
  8. I just got you in on the Air Force board. Stop by our tailgate THUDGATE which is right next to the stadium by the south scoreboard. Check on Facebook for a good map. Definitely want to be there in time to enjoy the festivities to include the march on and fly by before the game. I would try to be in your seat no later than 45 minutes prior to kick-off. If the weather is good besides the march on and fly by the parachute team will jump in before the game and quite often the mascot The Falcon, is one of the jumpers, I kid you not. Local area if you want to spend a day to check out Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, Old Colorado City and Manitou. The Olympic Training Center has a really good tour downtown. If you are a Beer Drinker there are over 30 breweries and microbreweries in the town. The Colorado Mountain Brewery right across the interstate from the stadium is an excellent place to go drink a beer and look at Pikes Peak. Numerous places to hike throughout the area and if you're so willing you can climb the incline. You can look it up and see what I'm talking about. Looking forward to seeing you Go Falcons...... I will be the bartender at Thudgate. https://www.facebook.com/Thudgate-202853199847972/
  9. ltcpilot

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    Interesting to see how it plays out this year and next for Air Force. Air Force will start all Juniors and maybe one sophomore. There is a possibility starting one senior (only senior on the team) or he will come off the bench. Note this includes the top 2 scorers (as sophomores) last year during Mountain West Conference play. All these guys will be back next year (19-20) as well except for the one lone senior has juniors are now committed and cannot leave the Academy without a commitment. Will be interesting to see what Air Force does during the next two years and may indeed surprise. Same for the Air Force women which include last year's Mountain West Conference freshman of the year.
  10. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    I expected Nevada schedule to be much stronger
  11. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    Wyoming.....those politically incorrect Cowboys https://gowyo.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=1098
  12. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    UNLV's schedule.....hmmmmmm http://www.unlvrebels.com/sports/m-baskbl/sched/unlv-m-baskbl-sched.html
  13. ltcpilot

    2018-19 Basketball Schedules are coming out

    CSU schedule out.....not too strong this season...rebuild? (Wait, the old staff coordinated a lot of this, right?) https://csurams.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=354
  14. ltcpilot

    Air Force to open without a DC?

    Nice......we got no clue
  15. ltcpilot

    Air Force to open without a DC?

    Misreading the information. A defensive coordinator has not been announced however by the time the season starts there will be one. Many speculate it is a due to a major revamp of how we will set up our defense and the thought process behind it. What you can't see or know about cannot be prepared for, right?