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  1. Air Force VS CSU

    Fresno travels to Clune and 7000'..interesting. Air Force is a different team that played them three weeks ago
  2. Air Force VS CSU

    First win after 12 straight losses. I said whoever shot better from the arc would win. CSU totally denied the inside for 3/4th of the game so we shot and shot some more tying an AF record taking 39. Wow, big win.
  3. Air Force VS CSU

    That is true and I hope it is sooner than later beginning tonight. We are a much more physical team than we have been so it will be interesting. If we can make some shots from outside then I think it will definitely be a ballgame. As poor as we have shot the three this year we are actually .03% better than CSU. An interesting statistic even though CSU has played two more games than Air Force both teams have shot 395 from The Arc with Air Force making 129 and CSU making 128 for a AF 32.7% to CSU 32.4% difference. Obviously our goal will be to hold Jenkins and Nixon below their average from the arc
  4. Air Force VS CSU

    Actually a big game for both teams. Air Force is playing better each week and CSU has not won at home in Mountain West Conference. Will be interesting to see how the matchup goes. I'm still in California after the passing of my father-in-law but will try to get the game on the web. My dad will be there behind the bench cheering on the team. Go Falcons AF looks at possible lineup change vs CSU and more http://gazette.com/air-force-notes-lineup-change-coming-for-mens-basketball-team-at-colorado-state/article/1619080 A look at AF via Star Wars ( interesting and fairly accurate assessment) https://spark.adobe.com/page/qjuZrN9FzkttM/
  5. Immediate Transfers

    I think just the same but different. Once they graduate they should be done.
  6. Immediate Transfers

    In the class of 2016 795 graduated (plus 17 more international cadets) and 345 went to pilot training from the Academy = 43.4%. As I remember a typical flight ( usually 6 flights per Squadron with classes staggered so different student classes/flights would be in different phases of flight from basic flying to instrument flying to navigation flying and finally formation flying) in the Squadron during pilot training had approximately 23 to 25 student Pilots. Of that generally everyone made it but three or four at the most. Sometimes there were less sometimes more but it's a very competitive and a very good program. Initially upon the start of pilot training you'll have at least one individual that may have problems getting sick during the acrobatic basic phase. Generally they have ways working with medical to get them acclimated to flying under those conditions and generally we do not lose students anymore because of that but sometimes you do.
  7. Immediate Transfers

    A Different look at the transfer issue that only Air Force and the other two SA's have to face....players (cadets) can leave up to the first day of their junior year with no commitment to the military. Once you begin your junior year you either graduate and serve as a commissioned officer for five years (up to 10 if going to pilot training) and, if you decide to leave the Academy before graduation in the last wo years you have a X-number of years commitment as an enlisted member (airman, private, seaman. A very good good read on two current players at AF coming into their own and losses the Falcons have faced over the years. Great article and forward thinking look at AF's Swann, Scottie and the sophomores. The future is bright but will they stay. This is kind of a Field of Dreams setting. http://gazette.com/air-force-basketball-tandem-of-lavelle-scottie-and-ryan-swan-could-lead-programs-revival-assuming-they-stay/article/1619075
  8. Immediate Transfers

    I am excited for this. Imagine how many guys and gals will transfer to the basketball teams at the Air Force Academy it's going to be great
  9. Air Force vs SJSU with a win; Next up CSU

    Let me guess when the last time Air Force had a 3-star or higher basketball recruit, a foreign player, and/or a transfer.. Never.
  10. What’s the elevation of Boise?

    Elevation has nothing to do with it only 2700 feet. These guys don't even notice that kind of altitude. Now 67,000 between Air Force Colorado State and Wyoming does make a little bit of a difference
  11. Air Force vs SJSU with a win; Next up CSU

    Air Force Men's Basketball break 24-game losing streak next up CSU; Bitter loss for the Ladys More http://ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com/ The Air Force men jumped out to an 18pt lead over San Jose State University on the road, lost the lead early in the second half but come back to break a 24 game road MWC losing streak winning 78-71 behind Ryan Swann's 19pts and Pervis Louder off the bench scoring 14pts. Swann was 1 rebound away from a double-double with 19pts and 9 rebounds. Click for full stats and storyline http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/undefined The Falcons jump right back into it in game 2 of three of four games on the road as they head up I-25 Wednesday to Ft Collins to face CSU (10-9/3-3) who won on the road at Wyoming 78-73 today. It will be an interesting game with a CSU team that shoots the ball overall with a better percentage than the Falcons but shoots the three near the same from the arc both at 32%. CSU will have a slight size advantage but nothing like the last three teams AF has faced (Fresno/UNLV/SJSU). For AF to win they must: -Keep going inside out and keep the pass going with minimal dribbling -Don't let Nixon or Jenkins get hot from the arc -Value the ball -Drive and Cut, Drive and Cut, Drive and Cut some more and force CSU to defend or foul on the cut. -Whoever wins this game may well do so at the FT line. Go Falcons Beat CSU Air Force Snaps 24-game streak http://gazette.com/article/1618991 Purvis Louder is spark in second half for win over SJSU http://gazette.com/pervis-louder-serves-again-as-second-half-spark-plug-for-air-force-basketball/article/1618993 AF Women fall in close contest by 1 point...so close http://onlyfans.cstv.com/schools/afa/sports/w-baskbl/recaps/011318aaa.html
  12. Because it was on the MWC NETWORK! Available for free for the masses to watch (I DID!). AF is going to surprise in the next 13 games....seriously...really....I mean it! You heard it first here! GO FALCONS
  13. Air Force vs SJSU with a win; Next up CSU

    Thanks. Air Force breaks road losing streak in MWC play 78-71over SJSU!!!!! That was a 24 game MWC losing streak. Next game at CSU
  14. Tough AF loss vs UNLV but on to SJSU today More at www.ricksfalconreview.blogspot.com A very tough loss by the Falcons in a game they should'a, could'a, would'a won home at Clune Arena vs UNLV but did not in the final 30 seconds losing 81-76. Our cadet student athletes are playing better each week and get another chance this afternoon vs San Jose State University on the road, another team 'aching' for a win. On to San Jose State: Bottom line a must win for the Falcons. They have two good 3 pts shooters with Welge and Baumann and want to pound inside. But they, like the Falcons, are winless at 0-5 in the MWC and have not put a whole game together. Expect little to no fans in their arena and a game the Falcons must mental come out prepared to win. Key for me is for the bigs to keep doing what they are doing, the GUARDS must find the bottom of the net both outside and inside, take care of the ball and, very important, we must continue to shoot well from the FT where we have a distinct advantage over SJSU. http://gazette.com/were-going-to-break-this-streak-at-san-jose-air-force-basketball-eyes-to-end-road-futility-in-mountain-west/article/1618910 GO FALCONS BEAT SJSU
  15. UNLV at Air Force

    Just tough that the same physical calls don't go both ways and that happens across the MWC but often more so vs AF (kind of remind me of the moving 'White men can't jump' with Wesley Snips and Woody Harrelson)It is kind of like the refs are thinking "Those 0,1 or 2 star players at AF can't really block a shot without fouling" or "must have fouled to get a rebound vs big, bad 3-4 star player on _____ (insert school name)". Perfect example was a great blockout underneath by AF's Toohey with two guys up over his back from UNLV and no call on UNLV BUT a foul on Toohey. 2 great blocks by AF in the game (as shown on video replay and DDR at home) that were 'all ball' (see 5:20 remaining 2nd half) but called a PF on us but "no fouls" when it was UNLV. This is not UNLVs fault, it is the poor officiating and last night was blatant no matter who you were rooting for. And 'yes' some calls on UNLV were bad too but not the same number/magnitude. And 'yes' I feel good for our young man So. Ryan Swan who played well against McCoy when he was in the game. A very humbling video interview by him in the local paper (scroll down the game summary to watch it, it is short.... http://gazette.com/nba-prospect-neutralized-but-unlv-makes-late-plays-to-slide-by-air-force-basketball/article/1618809