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  1. I like this Nevada team. Gritty and tough come to mind. Love good defense.
  2. People who refer to their penis as a hog spend more than an hour a day on porn hub. Fact.
  3. Not convinced Bryce leaves. Too many holes at the moment in his game to warrant a sure fire pick, let alone first round. Even if he does that lineup looks like 20+ wins to me. By year 4 you could be looking at conference title contention and an NCAA appearance. That could bring in even better classes, top 10 maybe in Vegas. Otz wants to build a program. You won't get any candidate rhat is going to bring UNLV into the top 25 in one year if you run him out after 2. I am not sold on TJ but I know being known as a coaching graveyard will not help the brand. Coaches need a cha
  4. Locations and people famed for potatoes tend to be fuggen awesome.
  5. Jesus can not believe I am sticking up for UNLV. Otz is bringing in really good looking players next year. He can get talent to Vegas if you give him more than half a minute. What he can do when he does remains the question. Collins and Kamula are fantastic prospects. Only tUNLVf would say two top 40 guys are not cutting it in a recruiting class.
  6. Did not know that. I just remember they were 20 plus wins in a decent WCC. Still. 100% confident Alford knows how to build a top MWC team.
  7. Linder will get it going. Will take another year or two after the disaster he inherited.
  8. Pacific was pretty good last year. If they are similarly good this year, this will be a quality win. Way to rep Pack.
  9. It is early but far and away the best defense I can remember Boise playing under Rice, Graham or Jenson. Held Houston to 40% shooting.
  10. We played last night in Houston against SHSU in Houston. Not the best measuring stick but won by 31 in a game that was not that close. Using transitive property early in the season not the best, but Texas Tech and Boise have had the same two common opponents and Boise looked a little better in each game, while playing without two of our best players.
  11. Boise has looked really good the last 50 minutes. The first 30 were rough. Give us Akot who is supposed to be a stronger Alston and Doutrive and we are going to be a load.
  12. I think you have to give him 4 years at least for the rebuild. Hell of a recruiting class you have coming in. We will see. I think if you can get to .500 this year with the brutal non con you call it a win. JMHO.
  13. Well, i had fun rooting for UNLV in the first half. Hope that fast start can be something to build on.
  14. The surprising thing is just how poorly coached they look to start TJ's second year. I think right now it can be chalked up to maturity but it should be just a little concerning.
  15. Gawd this is ugly. That block was just brutal.
  16. Agreed. Start to pull manufacturing out of China and bring those jobs to Central America and Africa.
  17. Nah. ESPN just did not need the content as much. They also try and play the "exposure dollars" angle and selling all the non monetary benefits of a partnership with them.
  18. For sure. Just got worse every year, too.
  19. I mean a relationship with them has value due to their influence in everything from perception to procuring bowl games and OOC opportunities but their production gets worse every year and they pay shit (to the lowly conferences).
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