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  1. Well in my personal experience fwiw, they, some of my favorite people (and in Idaho that includes many tribes like the Nez) are scared liberal policy on the West is a canary in the coal mine. They see the focus of democrats on Urban life. As AOC says "just walk to the deli". The insecurity of Rural America is justified. IMHO
  2. I mean, man is a grifter but the idea that rural America is a class of dumb lazy people, an idea pushed by the left, is going to turn people off. We have people like Nevadafan and Spaz calling them lazy and dumb when that is far from accurate. Too stupid to know what is good for them. Democrats wonder why they lost the rural working class. I read this board and it is obvious.
  3. I mean the one, single facility in all China that was researching Novel animal to human transmisable viruses just happened to be in Wuhan.... Your speculation has a lot of logic.
  4. When @mugtang triggers both sides I get all warm Nd fuzzy.
  5. The tax cut was popular with them. As to your last paragraph. Jeeesus, and I get called arrogant on here for clown +++++ing @NevadaFan
  6. Maybe? No Euro team is going to look at him as anything other than a gamble for depth and a project.
  7. Probably the group people like you mock. And your mocking is a big reason why. 75 million people you clearly find to not be capable and if they are going through hard times, it is because they are stupid. And you wonder why the working poor and lower middle class voted overwhelmingly for Trump.
  8. Peace is always a good thing but the logistical importance of the area has waned.
  9. To be frank, the ME and near Asia has never been less important to the West, not since the bronze age collapse. There is no control of trade, between East and West, Russia and the US produce more than enough energy. We are not in a cold war chess game. There is just no advantage in ME hegemonic strength relient on force projection right now.
  10. And I agree in some respect. The economic might of American capitalism allowed us to meet and out compete Russia at every turn. We could turn and burn, arm and intervene. I know that is simplistic but my computer is in the shop and typing on a phone sucks.
  11. Posts like this really highlight why Trump and the GOP have become the party of the working poor. You are part of the Trump problem.
  12. I am perfectly fine ceding the sandbox to Russia and China. Let them waste blood and treasure for little return for the next few decades.
  13. Close. That season the MWC finished 5th in RPI. The following season we earned 5 bids by finishing 3rd. The highest ever for thr MWC.
  14. Only 3 conference wins that year with Marks, Drimic and co. being true freshman.
  15. Indeed. Last Persion empire prior to Islam. Like I said, starting at the beginning.
  16. I have recently found my self fascinated with the complexities of Islamic culture, the intricacies of the divides that exist in the Middle East, Near Asia and swaths of Africa. Decided to start at the begining in hopes of maybe having something of an educated opinion. It is just a fun way to pass time.
  17. Same. Thirst for knowledge and just digging learning will do that. Reading about the Sassanid empire right now, really fascinating.
  18. Jesus. Link? None of the trump worshipping sect on my feeds have posted any of these so not sure you can call ot the base, even a majority of his base is dumb enough to think there was wide spread faud that could change the results.
  19. I am embarassed this is new to me. Or at least to my memory. I vaguely remember about reading about them at Boise State.
  20. Thanks for posting. No clue about till now.
  21. Twas simply a statement. I, too, have been known to refer to it as such in a year where hooking up is not socially responsible.
  22. It is early but IMHO I think the top two are pretty much locks with SDSU one and Boise two. Mostly because of depth ability score. One or two COVID cases will not ruin their chances at a win in any MWC game. I have Nevada at 3 right now. But I am no BB expert, just a big fan and could be way off.
  23. There are only 15 or so teams in the country able to match up with North Carolina. They are not just tall they are freaking built like brick shit houses and can run. That is an imposing team. Otz will bring in talent. At that point we can really judge him. I know you gave me the idiot button a lot for saying UNLV does not have a lot of talent this year but it is true. Otz is showing he can get blue chippers to come in though and I expect that narrative to change greatly over the course of 2-3 years. I would kill for either of those recruits at Boise.
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