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  1. Lots and lots of democratic conspiracy theorists. Do you remember the Bush years? Yikes.
  2. https://www.engadget.com/2017/03/27/mass-produced-artificial-blood-breakthrough/
  3. Considering the "conspiracy theorists" here are both republican, libertarian and democratic not sure what you point is.
  4. You will hear people say that they are on path to get there by the time 2024 rolls around. That is cheap talk and their actions suggest otherwise. This article show how unlikely it is unless parties like the CDU lose a bulk of their power. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/german-military-spending-stays-below-nato-target-2017-03-13
  5. Massive money to be made by mining the moon for He-3 to use in next generation nuclear reactors. Massive money to be made by mining asteroids. Dominating low earth orbit with a weapons system that can launch out to grab rocks to use for kinetic bombardment or even fire tungsten rods would be worth more than every aircraft carrier ever made or that will be made.
  6. Thanks guys, out of ICU and into general Trauma. Bleeding stopped a few days ago, only a minimal amount of pancreatic acid escaped. White cell count down from 2300 to 1100. Only thing left to do is see if the blood congeals behind the pancreas so we can remove it with ease. Been running 100-102 degree fevers as my body is in hyper drive kicking this things ass. Recovery is way ahead of schedule. Not completely out of the woods yet, my lactic acid levels jumped a bit suggesting an infection somewhere so I a on iv antibiotics. With a little luck I will be home in 48-72 hours and I am
  7. Update. Things are going well. Just got done with my technetium scan. Will be doing surgery here tonight. Looks like no other organs were damaged. Blood work all trending in the right way. Baring a disaster I should be out in 5-6 days!
  8. Fridge fell off a loading truck onto my side. Ill see If I can take a screen shot tomorrow
  9. Thanks for all love guys. I thought I was passing a kidney stone at fist so just walked down the bus station and rode to ER. They said that was dumb, in hindsight I agree. About to do nuclear test in the trauma surgeon is working in cooperation with some of the best in Seattle to confirm their suspicions that they can handle this in Boise. With any luck I will be home in a week. You guys are all awesome
  10. The farmers market Saturdays once it starts back up. Not sure where his exact booth will be. It is really good, everybody who has it says it is the best they have had. Made with Idaho grown horseradish as well.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/mar/23/moores-law-carbon-would-defeat-global-warming Climate alarmists sometimes fail to give science its due.
  12. A few! BTW, this is the stuff. If any Boise fans are interested it will be sold at the farmers market.
  13. My step dad is starting up a new business selling Bloody Marry mix his brother makes. Took a hard fall trying to move a fridge.
  14. I guess I am just worried this will screw us all over. There is a time to show balls. Ideally that would not be now. As was said, the Trump administration and our lady handed president are still pretty unknown, for lack of a better word. His nomination of Gorsuch was a good move. I am concerned Trump, being Trump, will take this as an insult and do something really vindictive. We can't change the fact Trump is POTUS, congress has a responsibility to the American people to limit damage done. That responsibility should come before the party. I have some serious issues with Republican
  15. What the republicans did with Garland pissed me off. It pissed off a lot of conservatives here. Why should the dems play nice? For the good of the American citizenship. At some point somebody needs to take the high road and set a new precedent.
  16. Good read. People are more concerned about having their opinions validated than anything else. You even see it in sports. If poster X says player or coach X sucks, they care more about being right then their team succeeding and will actively root against said player or coach, even if they do not admit it.
  17. I would like to see some new young talent start to shine in the Democratic party. I would also like to see this new talent get back to the principals that made me vote D out of high school, instead of silly nonsense. Protecting the poor, not bombing the shit out of everybody, scientific research with no agenda. I swooned after Obama said we would put a man on an asteroid during his presidency (climate research is cool and all don't get me wrong) and would quadruple our efforts in producing more nuclear power to feed the grid.
  18. Can I be mad at both? Gorsuch is a very good nominee. So was Garland.
  19. I have broken bones before but I think ribs are the most annoying. I would like to apologize in advance for any pain killer induced nonsense I post. Not that I do not post nonsense sober.
  20. If we want to play that game there is a shit load of circumstancial evidence the Obama admin directly killed american citizens. Anybody with a shred critical will admit that people who opposed or threatened Obamas dear legacy had some weird shit happen to them.
  21. Russia has a healthy population of Big Feet. Go Russia.
  22. I was just making a joke. Good links though, fun reads. Does that make me a bad person?
  23. Lawlor and myself would be ROFL'ing if Breitbart and infowars got busted for something. We rag on them constantly. Hell I start at least one thread a month laughing at Alex Jones. There is just nothing worth talking about here. Nothing will come from the FBI's Russia probe. At least nothing regarding collusion with Russia. Who knows what else it might find, politicians are dirty, so I welcome the investigation. So because the topic is nonsense, why not make fun democrats and hijack it? It is interneting.
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