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  1. Happened early in the regular season and he still put up the numbers he did. Pretty crazy.
  2. Anybody who does not like Kristen Stewert is clearly a Nazi.
  3. White supremacists always tilt it at 45 degrees. More likely a dumb kid or democrat painted that one. Take it up with the ADL. They do not list a non titled swastika as a hate symbol. Only a tilted one. You know, the one used by the Nazi's and by white supremacists. I am just pointing out the irony in her defending her tweet by posting a picture of a non angled swastika.
  4. But leftists and anti trump protesters are well documented in spray painting swastikas. The hate symbol is tilted at a 45 degree angle. The manji she used was not.
  5. Or it could be a hipster millennial who thinks the stark contrast in meaning between the two similar looking symbols is cool so painted it. Actually yes, white supremacists are really good about painting accurate swastikas, you know, it is kind of their thing. It is like, the one thing they do.
  6. I don't think she needs to back up claims. Looking at her twitter feed I think she just needs to get off the internet for a while. She is not mentally stable.
  7. Nazis, Nazis as far as the eye can see I tell you!
  8. Before you lecture people about not knowing history, you might want to know what a swastika looks like. That one on the right in her response is a manji, not a swastika.
  9. Meh, very tame in comparison. Lets be real, the left ran an entire primary election on trying to convince all non white ciss males that they are victims and need to vote in their best interest. Lol.
  10. Yea well if you did, you would realize it was not a joke. Took me 20 seconds scrolling her twitter feed to see she has the Hollywood disease. In the time it took you to defend this brain dead ditzy democrat you could have figured it out it.
  11. Oh god, she is getting destroyed. She reminds me of some posters here who think that 70-80% of the country are Nazi's if they do not speak with the same zeal against republicans as they do.
  12. What do you think about research showing there is a correlation with disgusting looking humans and voting democrat? Everybody wants to feel like a societal victim so the left draws ugly, fat, pockmarked androgynous messes like moths to a flame.
  13. Yep that is one ugly woman (oops did assume her gender @Jwherb).
  14. No argument there. White supremacy is built into the fabric of our nation and it will take generations to fix. And that is only if cooperation can be achieved. As I believe you once said, slavery is Americas original sin. It pisses me off other non white ciss gendered male groups try and draw parallels with their own "causes". If that makes any sense. One of those things is not like the other.
  15. Well, Asian Americans are the least incarcerated, highest earners, most educated and PRIVILEGED people in the country statistically. Soooo many my age, who I know and like and went to school with, seem to think that not being white has marginalized them contrary to ALL evidence. More victim culture run rampant. Being a young strait white male, I will never have to experience certain things, I know that. However I guarantee a rich black kid had a much much much much easier life and childhood than I did and I am no damn victim. The concept is very insulting. Why certain people crave to be
  16. And shove your anachronism, as you would define it, up a monkey's red ass. You want to define every societal construct of race relations as it applies to the consequences of colonialism. Nonsense.
  17. Trolling yes, but it is true. The very first settlers lacked power and were the victims of prejudice largely based on skin color and social customs. Damn racist Native Americans.
  18. Lol. Women are NOT a systemically oppressed or marginalized group. Yes there are victims, real victims, women in general are NOT victims. Race, yes. Sex, no. The problem with the left is everybody wants to be a victim. If I see one more Asian American on social media talk about white privilege I will slap a mother f'er.
  19. You know what. The immigrants from the west were not the group with power and the victims of extreme prejudice and racial based hatred. The racist Native Americans likely brutally murdered the poor, distressed white starving minority immigrants who just wanted a place to live free.
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