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  1. Yeah, one day a real pandemic will happen. This ain't it. This is like an exceptionally bad strain of flu as far as lethality. God bless the USA, the country spending money so the medical field can continue to innovate We owe it all to capitalism. Would be nice if Europe helped cover the costs that lead to innovation. and shit hole countries stopped eating weird shit. The real fear is going to be if policies like Bernies and Warrens ever take root. Then we will never be able to fight these diseases and viruses and something like this will be far more dangerous. Should make the November
  2. Lol, just like the other scares over the years. I am sure a few will die. Doubt it will be a fraction of those killed by the flu this year.
  3. Bernie's momentum is certainly playing a factor, as is Corona Virus which is playing a larger factor.
  4. The stock market will fall over fears of Bernie, that is true.
  5. Yeah but half the world died with the Net Nuetrality decision.
  6. We really need to crack a beer sometime.
  7. The Kris is a fantastic weapon. I want to add one to my collection one day. I am really stoked on this purchase. Really stoked. It is light, fast, strong, razor sharp. Both a great hacker and thruster.
  8. @TheSanDiegan my new toy. Viking long sword from Cold Steel. 1055 high carbon steel. The handle is a little cheap but the quality of the blade and steel is world class. Was able to snag the last one in stock for under $600 with shipping and taxes. My buddy is going to redo the handle for me. He has some Mammoth Ivory he would be willing to do it with for only $300. The end product would be a unique weapon and family heirloom. I could probably sell it for well over 2 grand.
  9. Cold Steel just came out with my favorite "for use" Bowie in a new A2 steel. I have this knife already in O-1 and San Mai. Arrived today and I can not wait to test the A2's world famous edge retention. This knife will see a lot of use this summer. Chopping wood, cleaning fish, clearing brush.
  10. RIP. Jack was a great fan and good dude. He will be missed. I love all of you, thank you all for the time you take out of your days to MWCboard with us.
  11. Who? But seriously, profile link, position, height, weight, offers etc...?
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