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  1. Stop being so happy about it. You can hardly contain your glee.
  2. Grave dancing, it's gross. Not sure what makes @UNLV2001 giddier, when a bunch of kids get shot, or when anti vaxer's with kids die. Lots of board democrats get boners when either happens. They love dead kids and dead dads.
  3. Ryan Murphey accuses the Russian gold medalist of doping after finishing silver in the 200 back. Yikes!
  4. You took SDSU back because Boise insisted on it in the Term Sheet deal. It was one of our demands. SDSU must receive an invitation before any other school. Why did Boise insist on it? Because it looked like SDSU would not have the votes otherwise.
  5. It has gotten to the point to where why in the hell would I waste my time with those idiots, when I can joust with the MWCboard brass? The IQ difference has to be about 20 points. I can slam dunk on college professors, lawyers, once professional journalists and can have the favor returned here. On BC is it is just destroying posters who are too stupid to know they got destroyed.
  6. Agreed. Girls are not gerbils. Which would explain why @PackNation ran away scared and confused.
  7. Halfmanhalfasshole is the most honest and IMO funniest version of myself, but after two posters I enjoy said they would prefer I and others just left the board, I decided to be overly kind and just present info, with sides of humor. You can still catch HMHAH here from time to time. Just decided my time and energy is not worth spending over there trying to combat the horde of morons. Ces is still doing work, Jim on occasion. They lost the privilege of my most honest, educated, meanest, funniest self. They don't get HMHB trying to lead them into educated opinions, even if those opinions are
  8. I've really been working on it, honestly. Not sure if you can tell on BC.
  9. Nevada convert, a gerbil, a glass tube and pyroflatulence. Use these topics to create a short story.
  10. Close. That idiot wanted to withhold disaster relief because the meanies in California did not vote for him. He caved to political pressure and eventually approved it, but not before making California fires just another thing in the +++++ing culture wars. +++++ him. And +++++ Newsome for lying his ass off about what the funding Cal Fire could expect and the measures the state would take to make fire conditions more manageable.
  11. Or gone through with the promised fire breaks that never materialized. Not cut Cal Fires fire prevention funding by 150 million. Newsome promised 90k acres in fire breaks, delivered 11k. And cut funding for other fire prevention measures.
  12. "Put her on a pedestal"? Give me a +++++ing break. Her performances lead to appropriate acknowledgement of her accomplishments. What you are suggesting is asinine, stupid and would not be fair to her. What you are saying is that a female athlete doing things never thought possible should not be acknowledge for her accomplishments. She was not given unfair or undue accolades by anybody, you absolute donkey.
  13. That board is full of morons. What's worse than their consistent idiocy is their thin skin. Trolling is an automatic ban-able offense lmao.
  14. @thelawlorfaithful there is a new rock star in women's gymnastics, Suni Lee. We can stop talking Biles until/if she competes again.
  15. I don't think anybody in California cheers your fires, Republican or not. It's the out of state Republicans that had that bad take. Pretty inexcusable how Newsome did not "get it" after the last two fire seasons and actively cut funding to reduce forest fires.
  16. Could help next fire season. He promised there would be 90,000 acres of fire breaks. Only delivered 11k. He cut Cal Fires fire prevention program by 150 million. He should be tossed for that IMO.
  17. I'm glad I forgot to start the thread yesterday congratulating congress because I was furiously debating Bilesgate.
  18. It's not going down to 9. Thamel speculates 15 mil would be the lowest. And yeah, they would jump.
  19. Fuggen outrageous. They got the GOP up to 1.2 trillion. That is up 300 million from the one Biden goofed. This should be a huge win for the democrats and the Biden admin. This is why we can not have nice things.
  20. The fact I got bounced in round 1 of the troll derby is criminal.
  21. Can the bipartisan bill be tanked at this point? Seems to have too much momentum after the 67-32 vote debate.
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