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  1. I may have to find a radio stream. I am a weak, old man and very fragile so the headaches that field causes me makes it not worth watching this exciting matchup. @MWC Tex do you know any radio streams?
  2. Agreed. Seems like a no brainer. If we have learned anything it is that accusations of corruption are just not as sexy to the electorate as they used to be. We have become numb to it. But money and weed? That's a winning game plan. People need weed and could really use the money. Ok, maybe the other way around but still.
  3. If you can not win an election on giving people money and weed there is something wrong.
  4. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/21322478/joe-biden-overton-window-bidenism&ved=2ahUKEwialv2XhbLtAhXWu54KHfo6C5IQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2p3ynDJVKqGHZBB_SG_g0B&ampcf=1
  5. Based on knowing wtf I am talking about and comparing past campaigns. You should try it. Obama agrees with my take, too. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/10/27/bidens-temperament-is-moderate-his-agenda-is-transformative/%3FoutputType%3Damp&ved=2ahUKEwialv2XhbLtAhXWu54KHfo6C5IQFjADegQICxAL&usg=AOvVaw1dEJu8wIU16skwEkX2k9q_&ampcf=1
  6. Idiotic. This is not the Biden on the 70s 80s and 90s
  7. My opinion is lower than on that day. At the time he had looked to have put together a cabnit with some solid picks. Tillerson and Mad Dog especially. He was starting to say some good things. The economy had seen an uptick, there was a SCOTUS seat to fill and he had committed to using federalist society picks and Gorsuch was already the rumored target. Promises to get out of Syria and the ME. I was hopeful. And even until this year I was of the opinion "could have been worse". Then 2020 happened. COVID, the racial tension, the campaign, the reaction after the loss. Hard to imagine any
  8. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! UNLV is a bunch of COWARDS! Am I doing this right SJSU fans?
  9. It is a feed and maintance cost to productive caloric output thing. Rabbit just does not provide the same productive calories as does chicken, beef, lamb, pig or farmed fish yet is just as or more epensive to raise. Wild hare and rabbit has good taste but can never be a staple. Similar to why game hen and ostrich, while popular, and able to be raised will never replace the chicken. Honestly horse and donkey would be better alternate staple foods. Horse tastes great by all accounts and is less lean than wild game.
  10. Oof brutal. The weaseled family will make short work of any fat. A 20 pound wolverine can destroy a lot of meat and will always go for fat first. Weasels just eat and eat and eat.
  11. Easy to do when tired and nobody to check your work. Thanks.
  12. How do you figure? Trump made nationalsim more mainstream. For sure. Outside of that he was a hodge podge of ideas left and right, subjective to change. I guess it depends on how one views the weight of nationalsim compared to other policy. Trumpism is unique blend.
  13. Was he storing the meat in a tree and left enough lower branches to climb? Wolverines need branches to climb more than 7 or 8 feet. At 10 more feet it should have been safe unless he did not take off the branches and strup the bark it could climb up.
  14. I watched the first few seasons but have since cut the cord and not seen the last few. IIRC nobody in those seasons had much luck with snares outside of some squirrel. The thing is, if you starving, kill anything you can. If you are not, be mindful. Killing big game alone when it is warm is a hastle. So easy to rot, attracts unwelcome animals. In the winter it is a lot easier. Storage is key. Smoke everything you can not eat. Find somewhere high like a leopard does to keep it. Rabbit is a good food. Ungulates are good food. Fish is great food. Smart use of resources is key.
  15. When I was studying primitive and cold weather survival one of the things imprinted on me was not having relience on certain foods. Rabbit was the primary example for protein sources. Easy to get so it becomes tempting to build a strategy around it. However hares and rabbits have so little fat you can eat them all day and wither. Man needs fat. Chicken and beef are high in fat and as such have become dietary staples. Maybe we could create a fat and tastey rabbit? Until that point it simply will not be a dietary staple for most. Damn good when cooked in bacon fat though.
  16. Low fat. Rabbit starvation is a thing. Their metabolism is off the charts. Maybe we could GMO that out of them. The ones we made pets can cary ok amounts of fat but (allegedly) taste like shit.
  17. Rabit is tastey AF when cooked with bacon fat.
  18. Homeless yeah. As somebody who has spent a lot of time recreating at invitation on reaervations while some do not have their own physical address they live, that percentage almost all have a mailing address. If they do not there would be no shortage of people on the reservations that would let them use their place of residence as a mailing adress and even claim a utility or two for the purpose.
  19. Skipped to the last page. Yes, the Russian collusion narrative undermined the integrity of a campaign and POTUS unfairly. That is completely different than undermining the faith in the voting process by convincing tens of millions there are shadowy figures coordinating with the deep state to pull off a complicated nonsensical scheme and if they dare get away with, there will never be a fair election again. One was stupid and lead to stupid and hurt the country. The later makes me weep for my (future) children. Gradation indeed.
  20. Well Biden ran further to the left in the general than any politician before him. Biden is not "far left" because so many are running campaigns and winning elections nationwide that are further left. His campaign was not moderate, it was not centrist. It was a very solid left of center campaign in the primary that saw a slight correction in the general, as is usual but even with that moderation, his general campaign was further left then any before him.
  21. I think intent is important when arguing, well, intent. They think they are protecting the integrity of ours. They are wrong. That does not mean they are not supportive of the values, they are certainly passionately supportive od the values. They have just been lied too by a man who is clea
  22. Sall good. Not the first time we have argued while being in greater agreement and it won't be the last. Love ya, and our occasional debates.
  23. Maji can be an outstanding poster when he wants to be.
  24. It is not just the EC some in the left take issue with. If you hear somebody complain about an ancient piece if paper, they vote democrat. Liberal democracy, like populism, is not a catch all. Liberal democracies vary greatly, it does not mean one is "more of a liberal democracy". Most liberal democracies are restrained by and built upon constitutions. The rights acceptance of this beats the lefts, if we are painting with broad brushes. Another key tennant is the value and acceptance of pluralism. The left certainly beats the right here. To say one party clearly holds the tenet
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