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  1. Just one unlikely factor in so many more far less likely to make this conversation possible.
  2. I read a paper many years ago which postulates agnosticism being the natural state of man. Sociological/psychological perspective, no math or science. Good read, will try and find it. I have personally found some irony. As we learn more, we learn just how much we do not know. While we figured out more secrets to the universe, we have only increased the mystery a thousand fold.
  3. If you want to look at the math, you have to look first at the theory. Either we live in a greater plane with infinite universes, or in a universe that is infinite, meaning all patterns repeat over time (meaning one universe with infinite you and me). Only about 20% of cosmologists believe in either infinite universes OR an infinite universe. Meaning most of the scientific community chooses to deal with some hard questions, limited parallel universes being one. Point being, denying the idea of intelligent design is, well, a leap of faith not supported in any meaningful mathematical way.
  4. Ding ding ding my friend. To not know is the most beautiful part of this strange bird, this human condition. Everybody, atheist, Mormon, Catholic. We rely on faith. All of us. The more important thing IMHO is we realize the import of our existence. Math says, there is no +++++ing way in hell we should be here even talking about it. No way at all.
  5. All information available right now says otherwise. If he losses that it is because people like me and our other posters "kept him in the news"
  6. And given the mathematical probabilities, none of them should exist. The math says our universe is near impossible. It should not have happened, and we have no idea why it did. We have no idea why the dispersion of dark matter was so perfect (which the article on the study did not mention) the mathematical odds of intelligent life from the begging to now are almost not able to be calculated. Again, you would be more likely to win the lottery every week for a year for years on end.
  7. Looking at from a point of math and science, the only justification for being an atheist is if you believe in the infinite parallel universe theory. That for every universe that could support life, there are 100 Quintilian that do not. That idea alone should be almost spiritual and give great gravity to our everyday actions. In my humble opinion, we were most likely intelligently designed. If you believe in infinite universes it is far more likely than not a perfect universe existed before and created ours, with some sort of hyper intelligence we can not begin to fathom (god?) than this was a random accident. The math says we should not be here. Yet here we all are. If a super intelligence created us....well....you can be certain our life does not end at our death.
  8. Sure but what we know right now, is that Trump has a complete strangle hold on your party. This is backed up BY DATA. Your feeling is that this will change. Well, if it does change, you can thank democrats and independents that give a shit for keeping this piece of garbage front and center demanding accountability not just for him but from the VAST MAJORITY of your party that still carries his water.
  9. I've mentioned a lot of these principals in many other threads. We live in a "perfect" universe for us. The chances of it are beyond astronomically large, the odds would be the equivalent of winning the lottery every week for year, for years on end. No matter if you have faith, or are not sure, or are an atheist. Our existence, our ability to talk silly football and basketball smack, to ponder the nature of our being...is an absolute miracle and should never be taken for granted. Every breath we take, every hug we make with our parents, kids, friends, never forget it is a miracle if anything could ever be considered one. That's just math.
  10. https://mindmatters.ai/2022/08/has-a-superintellect-monkeyed-with-our-universes-physics/
  11. And there we have it. Your feeling. Not based on any information available we have.
  12. Based on what? Certainly not any polling, the primaries, social media trends or any data set you look at. Yer just hopes and prayers.
  13. Yes, Cruz cucked himself. Trump won't. If we have learned anything about him it is if somebody "beats him" he will rage forever. Thinking he will support somebody fairly beating him for the good of the party is insane. He gives 0, ZEEEEROOOOO shits about the party. He will make sure that person is hated by his cult that makes up 30% of the party.
  14. You are lying to yourself. Trump's minimum vote in any race will be 20%. That will keep him relevant alllll the way through. The primaries have proven he is still king maker in your party. You need to fix that. Clearly he is not irrelevant. If he becomes so, it is thanks to the DOJ and Jan 6 hearings.
  15. Just as bad as justifying the attempt to halt the peaceful transfer of power? As spreading lies that have shaken the bedrock of our most trusted institutions and processes? Just as bad as justifying the stealing of TS/SCI documents? No, they have not been just as bad. That is ignoring the crazy "policy".
  16. The GOP can not win if Trump announces he is running. He will split the party. Does not matter who gets the nomination, they can not possibly win if Trump is a primary candidate. If somebody else beats Trump in the primary, Trump will have assuredly slandered them, lied about them, came up with an insulting nickname and accused them of who knows what wild shit. GOP is +++++ed if Trump declares.
  17. Read again, I said the only reason Trump might not get the nomination is because we "kept him in the news" with Jan 6, and his stealing of TS/SCI secrets. There are enough chinks in the armor somebody else with a punchers chance may decide to run against him. You are welcome to all of us keeping him in the news. Without that, he would be a shoe in.
  18. I was not "screaming the sky is falling" until his handling of COVID. The primaries show that Trump still has your party by the balls.
  19. Thanks to people like "us" making sure his scandals do not fade from memory. You are welcome. Without the Jan 6 hearings and the outrage of his handling of TS/SCI material he would be a lock. Yer welcome for "keeping him in the news".
  20. Nah, nobody would have the balls to run against him. It would be a sure bet.
  21. Maybe, thanks to the Jan 6 hearings and his recently found out treason. Otherwise it would be a lock. In other words, thanks to use "keeping him in the news"
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