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  1. You should post about things not convert related from time to time. The fact you seem to exist to beat him up is pretty weird. Just saying...
  2. It true. Take your Boise welfare and move on.
  3. Boise is why we are with Fox. We were great partners and decided not to exercise our contractual veto rights. You are welcome btw.
  4. If you do not realize there is a secret war between Christians and Dino's....that is on you pal.
  5. No other two teams would sell subscriptions to streaming like BYU and Boise. Best football brands on the board. Let's do it.
  6. You forget that Boise's say in the media negotiations is worth the other 11 combined. Boise has cut throat Tromp as President and a great new AD. Boise won't let Hair +++++ this up, yet everybody here will still be pissed at Boise for "robbing" them 180k a year.
  7. 15'ish is what Thamel guestimated. He is the best in the biz. I think you are both right. Now in 2025 invite Boise and BYU, ok?
  8. This is an interesting read regarding those movies, might not get shown at all, I would not bet on it. Seems Disney may have miscalculated with China while chasing US streaming bucks (which makes me happy, honestly and good for Disney). Seems Marvel may be on the black list for the moment. Also talks about patriotic film month. "Black Widow might be affected by Marvel's controversial films Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Eternals. Some fans said the films insulted China and are not conducive to cultural exchanges," Shi Wenxue, a film critic based in Beijing, told the Glob
  9. Not scheduled for upcoming release at this time, schedule goes out to March 2022. https://www.imdb.com/calendar/?region=cn
  10. I picked UNM in round 11. I'll give you another go before I pick.
  11. Masturbating over constitutional rights> Masturbating over dead kids and dads.
  12. Remove see and replace with masturbate at the thought of and spot on.
  13. Same thing whenever there is a shooting. You jizz your pants. You love dead people.
  14. If we did not put him on a pedestal he would have gotten gold.
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