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  1. Yes, a two trillion dollar plan for green energy towards a goal of a carbon free grid by 2035 is not only leftist, it is scientifically not possible. That is indeed a far left position. Fixing and cheapening American health care is common sense. That does not mean that Bidens take on doing so is not "left". Educate yourself. There is a reason Biden ran a campaign applauded by so many as being the the furthest left of any primary candidate. The Vox article does an especially good job of laying it out and comparing his positions to his predecessors. It will take you 5 minutes.
  2. @madmartigan @Jack Bauer. Check your DMs
  3. As an example. On Tuesday nights I put on my batman uniform and self felate while choking my self with the window blinds until I pass out. Live free or die!
  4. I mean, murdering Epstein was just a little bigger deal than some nonprofit shenanigans.
  5. Yes, we also have dicks big enough to self felate. Burn? Don't lie...you've tried it.
  6. See I have been telling @4UNLV and @ph90702 for a while now lay up form will be key for UNLV's mens and womens teams this year.
  7. Ahh that would be Stanley Hot Springs off hwy 12. About an 8 mile hike. Great spot.
  8. It was a mess. Although I got to really explore the Clearwater/Bitterroot ecosystem including thr ancient Lolo trail system. Not many folk up that way lol.
  9. They were indeed. It makes us look like a bunch of angry hicks. Again, almost all the poor behavior I saw or heard about this year was done by Idahoans. Mostly people who rarely if ever leave Boise going camping for the first time making the areas within 2 hours of Boise just a hellscape. Poaching was a huge problem this year too. That is not Californians. It is embarrassing.
  10. Yeah, the sentiment has been getting ugly this year. Campgrounds and hotsprings closing due to overuse has got people on edge and leads to shit like this. Problem is, a lot of the people doing the trashing, the majority even are multi generational Idahoans. That stretch of highway also saw record crashes this year. There was anti California graffiti on the capital building and on private property this summer as well.
  11. The MWC needs the "big 3" of SDSU, Nevada and Boise to be good every year. Our lower level programs like SJSU, UNLV, UNM and Wyo just need to to focus on staying top 200.
  12. What would Boise do? Ammirite?
  13. So this was a thing. Man goes on a rant about Californians here in Idaho before firing at campers for being in his spot. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/10/new-details-released-about-fatal-shooting-at-campground-that-involved-off-duty-police-chief/
  14. Now to point out my own hypocrisy, I get annoyed when I see out of state plates at MY fishing holes!
  15. Exactly. So near the conflux of the Secesh River and the S. Fork if the Salmon residents of a small town of 17 people, 23 miles away got the forest service to build a trail up to Xena Ridge as it was a popular area for trapping and hunting. They did it in one spring. One! Public lands are maintained and kept open by the people. We are all public land owners. And that shiny piece of metal brought a smile to tens of millions who will never have the same access to public lands, yet support them with their taxes. Assholes
  16. Shoot, somebody who just does not care could make a case they are the most "centrist" of all.
  17. I mean this board does have a way of moderating people, if they engage with posters who think differently in good faith. We have all seen it over the years.
  18. I mean I get his point. But it sounds like a problem easily fixed with a little funding to create an outhouse at the trail head and a trail. We do that all the time here in Idaho to create acess to new areas. In the meantime they took it upon themselves to remove something that brought a little joy and curiosity to the world in a year where we really needed it. Assholes.
  19. Or the defecit. Or suddenly caring deeply for the Kurds. And on and on.
  20. As I said it really is ok to not be a "moderate centrist". It is. I stand behind my unpopular ideas. I believe in them.
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