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  1. Sacha Baron Cohen is kind of a piece of shit.
  2. https://www.showbiz411.com/2020/10/26/exclusive-borat-star-jeanise-jones-unemployed-grandmother-was-paid-just-3600-to-be-in-documentary-she-thought-would-never-be-seen-in-u-s?fbclid=IwAR1Ot5KNnFLmp4TWBzlOGLU86RHthvIYDv_deh9H45EYDq-KsebilzJ5fLI
  3. CSU had not even had a scrimmage until last week. They are really, really bad.
  4. Fresno laying the wood. Rivers making a case for MWC MVP for the week early.
  5. Nah it's a great get. Glad it is being talked about in the recruiting sub forum.
  6. Boise fans did not start main board threads when we got an Arizona 5 star transfer and another 4 star top 75 transfer or a WCC all conference freshmen PG that scored 15 PPG.
  7. BB recruiting sub forum is already talking about it.
  8. I just know CSU had not had a scrimmage heading into last week and were going to use the UNM cancelation to get the first one in. Fresno was the last team in the nation to have players on campus but had a good month afterwards to scrimmage and practice. CSU had their players on campus earlier than Fresno but got a lot less in.
  9. They have had major troubles practicing and scrimmaging due to the fires and COVID, it shows.
  10. Gawd I could only imagine Boise's offense if we had beat you out for Cropper. He is damn good. Looks injured though, playing a lot slower than last year.
  11. Fresno has some nice weapons on offense. Their O-line needs to play meaner or harder or whatever. They look pudgy and soft.
  12. These look like two really poor, slow teams.
  13. Thanks, he lost his nice apartment and is currently living with me.
  14. This is not accurate. The service industry, which provides a lot of jobs has been wrecked. It's the industry my father is in. He went from 40-48 hours a week to 20 hours and nobody is hiring for cooks or bar tenders (he is/has been both). We have mom and pop places closing left and right. Even my friends at Royal Meats went out of business.
  15. So I was talking to GJ on facebook last night, and this is what I said (talking about you). The OT board got a little smarter and more reasonable, he reminds me of you a lot but less Libertarian.
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