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  1. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    The Russian in question is a banker who has for years and years been a member of a Russian guns right group he created. He was a huge guns guy waaaay before the Donald. Of course he was going to donate money to the NRA. That is literally his biggest thing he campaigns for and does so globally, gun rights. Saying one of Russias most prominent guns rights activists donated some money to the NRA as part of Trump conspiracy seems like nonsense.
  2. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    I think we are actually agreeing more than we are disagreeing. I firmly believe Russia spent money on social media, the NRA etc...to help get their preferred candidate elected. The thing though, is that it is perfectly legal to do so. Russia and the USA are getting along pretty well right now, both economies are doing better than expected this time last year, we are working OK (not beautifully) in wasting resources we do not have in the Middle East together. Show me a crime and I will care. Russia and the USA should be as close as possible. There is simply no way to fix the meddling. None. Zero. Zip. We play as dirty as they do. What do you wan't? Internet restrictions that infringe on our liberties?
  3. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    Yes. You do realize investigations at all levels often end up not finding anything, right? A single Russian being a member of or donating to the NRA is not scandalous let alone criminal. The Red Scare was a joke 30 years ago and it is a joke now.
  4. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    That is not completely true and I will wait for something to come of it that is actually illegal. Russia can funnel money to the NRA all they want, nothing illegal about that. The honest to God truth is that our administration and Russia being cozy would be a geopolitical miracle in stabilizing the world. If no crime took place and we have better relations with them than +++++ yea. I have said this for years now and the old GOP'ers on this site have balked at me for it.
  5. Government Shutdown 2018

    Ahhhh the big boy board where bullet points from "talking points memo" do not cut it. Sorry @nocoolnamejim.
  6. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    Considering his most quotable moments that got sourced were so, like totally you know I can only imagine how cringe worthy the rest must have been.
  7. Instead of suing his accusers as promised, Trump

    Bro if you can not realize the Daily Beast is garbage there is honestly no hope for you.
  8. Instead of suing his accusers as promised, Trump

    What is with linking to the Daily Beast in several threads lately? They are the lefts breitbart and possibly worse. They are further left on mediabiasfactcheck than the crazies websites score on the right spectrum. Honestly you look just as dumb linking them as any poster would linking breitbart. More so because of your hypocrisy when ridiculing others for their sources.
  9. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    Just seems like a real stretch guys. I mean I am sure Russia dumped money into a bunch of conservative groups and a lot into democratic groups as well. Does not help the source speaks like a 14 year old, like, you know. Sorry this looks like a grasp at straws.
  10. http://abcnews.go.com/US/13-captive-siblings-forced-shower-year-strangled-subject/story?id=52431816 I think I am going to be sick.
  11. New Mexico at UNLV

    Basketball success is kinda new to us still. We know what we have in our football program by now. Personally I reserved my trash talking for SDSU fans because of how unbearable they were the last two years. Our football fan base has been humbled pretty well and most are just happy things are looking good and we actually performed in conference.
  12. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    Yeah this is hardly a "city" thing. I never heard of the place prior to this. I still do not know how they could be there for so long and not one neighbor thought to CPS just to check in. Seems weird to me.
  13. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    What was that time frame if you don't mind. On my phone trying to socialize and MWCboard at the same time.
  14. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    I greatly enjoy the banter between you two most the time on most threads. Just...time and place ya know?
  15. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    I have been accused of being a Russian plant by @CPslograd for defending Obama's stance on the Russian annexation of the Crimea. True story.
  16. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    I guess this goes back to you wanting to pick up a fight that hijacks a thread with Blues every chance you get and I would kindly ask you to leave your thoughts about politics out of this particular subject. Your second paragraph makes a fair enough point to stand on it's own just fine.
  17. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    I was living in an apartment complex in the north end of Boise two years ago. The family under me was very reclusive but friendly enough when you talked to them. The kids went out and played during the day, things seemed normal. However after a few months I realized that people were coming over to their house at really weird hours, during the weekday early in the morning and stuff. Something did not feel right. I called CPS. Dozens of people showing up at their door and leaving after 40 minutes or so every week at 2 AM just did not feel right, I figured they were probably just selling pot as I smelled it on them on occasion. Still my gut did not sit right so I made the phone call. Turns out the inside was covered in animal feces and they were selling meth.
  18. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    Not sure what Trump has to do with this... He has a point. It blows my mind that this could happen to so many kids for so long and the neighbors never had a clue. I live in a city, Boise and know all my neighbors.
  19. This is horrific. The child torture case in California.

    On that same note, people from all over the world are calling in and wanting to adopt these kids and even take care of the adults. For every monster there are 50 who genuinely love their fellow man.
  20. This. I am center right with some libertarian mixed in and anybody who would read Breitbart or The Federalist Papers while dismissing the Times is not worth the oxygen you would need to inhale to talk to them.
  21. Thanks for your insights on this topic. You are absolutely correct saying "political bias is a bigger problem with readers."
  22. Only 7% of journalists identify as republican. I would say it is pretty fair to say that the media is generally biased on their views on Trump. I really don't think writing center left is a bad thing though. Still preferable to conservative media alternatives.
  23. Underrated funny post.
  24. Government Shutdown 2018