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  1. The, "the science says!!!" rhetoric by those who could not pass a high school physics class today from both sides is absurd.
  2. MO can not legally ban them today. Implementation clause.
  3. Pretty meh on this one. Needs a whole lot of time in the weight room., not buying he is 260 with how skinny his arms and legs look. Good frame, though.
  4. @mugtang, @4UNLV, top25 and I have all agreed that for the first, time, we will not be splitting tickets.
  5. Miami @Slapdad is up, @Coog kev is on deck and @bsu_alum9 is in the hole
  6. Ugly day on social media. I am convinced that those celebrating are not doing so for babies or process or the constitution, but rather reveling in their "enemies" being upset.
  7. 100%. Every study done shows bear spray is more effective than a side arm. That said, you are far more likely to encounter violent humans in the woods than a grizz, so that is why I carry a side arm.
  8. Looks like Andy is putting a big emphasis on speed this recruiting cycle.
  9. Russia is to blame for the war being drawn out in Ukraine. Period. Nobody else. I am glad we are giving them the massive 40 billion package and that NATO is chipping in another 15 billion in military aid. The world can not afford a years long war of attrition. Something has to give, and maybe we have to consider telling Ukraine they will not get additional military aid packages after this one if they don;t use their current leverage to negotiate the most favorable peace they can before the end of the year.
  10. Yeah, seeing that all over facebook from the bernie bros. Republicans protecting evil Big Oil and their nasty profits, which, of course, is the primary reason for high gas prices. PROFITS!!!!
  11. Seriously. There is a ton a competent AD can do to help student athletes monetize on their NIL. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Journal/Issues/2022/06/20/Portfolio/Name-Image-Likeness.aspx
  12. Another not rated guy out of Texas. Half a dozen G5 offers or so. https://247sports.com/player/franklyn-johnson-46133759/
  13. Yeah, tons of players with double digit offers without a ranking. If I had to guess, they cut staffing during the pandemic and have not ramped back up yet.
  14. This is BS but it did not sound like he was blaming gas station owners. Still, just dumb. And you know clerks making less than livable wages are going to have to deal with more BS.
  15. An even series with the Cardinal and you even get the first game at home. Fantastic for SJSU.
  16. Not a fan of any of the ideas floating out. The tax holiday is meh. The rebate cards would just make inflation worse. This is the worst idea floated out yet though, primarily for that reason.
  17. Is Biden going to go "America first!!!"? Seems this would piss off most of the g-20 outside of the Saudis and Russia while giving little relief at the pump here at home. Don't do it Biden.
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