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  1. No you extrapolated @kingpotato's comments to ridiculous proportions in the other game thread but can not handle the same "logic" being tossed back at you. It's all in fun.
  2. Also, hilarious seeing you get your panties in wad for rhetoric that mirrors yours in other threads.
  3. Dude you have me convinced. It's SDSU and USU. Boise can not hang with either. No way we could have even been close to that CSU team tonight. I mean you have no length, size or speed outside of one player but that does not matter. You just have IT. IT baby!!!
  4. Every olympic event with the stars and stripes gets me on my feet. I love it. Every single event and every single moment. I scream at my T.V. as loud for rowing events as I do for a Boise football game against Oregon.
  5. Oh no you have me totally convinced the only two teams to be afraid about in the tournament are USU and SDSU. CSU prolly beats Boise by 25 tonight.
  6. Dumb game. CSU executing a great game plan though and they deserve credit. Just glad Boise is not playing either team. Doubt we would have scored 40, the smartest poster on the board, @cosinama me convinced me of this.
  7. I thought I was missing something. Read the entire thread and nowhere was that connection made or brought up.
  8. I'm not done clown +++++ing em. Just making sure they know said clown +++++ing is coming from a good place and maybe I could use more tact.
  9. Your new title is tits and even more accurate than the last, which was far more accurate than the one preceding it. Nicely done.
  10. coppied from other board I want the olympics to happen so badly. Once in 4 years I can get so excited about rowing I am standing on my feet screaming at the t.v. and slamming high 5's with my father.
  11. See my notes on how meaningless that word is. It was a joke slightly making fun of @happycamper
  12. In defense of @Bob. I rip on him all the time but he and I DM about the things we both love. He never lets me making fun of him on this board take away from what we both enjoy. He has shared with me some fishing tips for his neck of the woods, which is a great trust, and I have done the same. We have talked a lot about fishing, family and the stuff that makes life worth living outside of politics. And he never lets the fact I make fun of his political beliefs interfere with that bond. Really hoping to go fishing with him sometime soon.
  13. Also @sactowndog, @Maji and others. This may be the second marijuana cookie kicking in but I fully realize I can be a condescending little shit head, and that can make me argue in bad faith from time to time. I'm working on it, but I hope the conversations are at least stimulating when I am not being an ass.
  14. This is not an appropriate response. When speaking to those with special needs you need to be more thoughtful. Do better.
  15. Meh, I am well read and educated and converse with my boomer friends and my zenial friends. It's not my fault I can research, cite peer reviewed papers off the top of my head pertaining to common issues, and laugh at old people with narrow minds.
  16. Suuuure. Sorry your argument that "a populist was elected so lets do all we can to promote populism and then once a populist is elected, they have more influence" fails.
  17. Some people see the danger in populism and a populist president pressuring a slim majority to pass legislation they support, or else. Others support populism and think that is an ok trade. It is clear which group you fall in @Maji. Populism is your friend, you love it. You promote changes that facilitate and give more power to it. You are the ultimate populist.
  18. Dude you specifically said you thought democrats would make the end of the filibuster a lynch point in promoting their agenda at a rapid pace and the GOP would not. With those words in mind it is clear as day why you support it. You think it would help your team.
  19. No they are not. I am very outspoken against populism and things that lead to it. You are not. That simple. Which policy did I endorse that lead to the storming of the capital? You endorse and love policies that enable populism. Popular vote, removing the filibuster. You are on record for supporting shit just because you believe it would help your team. You don't care about populism. That is a facade cleary as evidenced in this thread and others. You wet your panties over the idea of populism and advocate strongly to make it the norm. It is pretty clear where you stand.
  20. Oh no the popular vote simply came down to california. That was it. Outside that state Trump dominated the popular vote. There was no money spent in California for the GOP. If that became a target he could have easily made up a few million votes and could have made up a few more elsewhere. You can not say what would have happened if the rules were different as those rules were not played by. You love populism. You love and endorse policies that facilitate it and by your own admission have stated it is because you think the left would be able to better capitalize. So spare me yo
  21. Logical fallacy. If a popular vote campaign was ran, Trump very well might have won as well. The legislative branch and the executive branch being on the same page is NOT, capital NOT a goal we should strive for. Sometimes they will be, sometimes they will not be. This idea of yours is dangerous and...populist. This is more populist rhetoric from you. Fact is you decry populism but support changes that facilitate it. Makes you seem really teams and shit.
  22. Dude, that is a really good idea. Cheers. But seriously, how TF have I not thought about that. Clearly I am not the problem solving smarty pants I sometimes think I am.
  23. No, biden won comfortably in the swing states. They only appeared close at first but were far wider margins than in 2016. The problem is you are not concerned with populism at all. You seem to care about what would give the left the most power the fastest. You even said as much with your "the left would use the end of the filibuster to their advantage the right would not" speil. You love populism. You adore it. You promote positions that would make it the guaranteed future.
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