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  1. MS-13 and the 18th street gang are only a small part of the issues in the triangle. Their issues go beyond our hand in various "civil" wars. The government and gangs do not get along. The gangs absolutely do not run the government, aside from maybe some intimidation at small local levels. Look up the heavy hand policies, the governments and the gangs were/are literally in shooting wars. The government does not like them, and the gangs do not like the government. The governments are ruthless to the people as well. Any family of even modest means is subject to "safety and utility" br
  2. Who or why? Simple facts are simple. There is no, zip, zilch, nada causation with gun ownership and none domestic homicide. The article you linked was really, really dumb as it only included self defense with a gun that was fired, in a home. So, meaningless. The 1995 study is far better, as it includes "the fact I had a gun prevented me from being a victim". Not "I shot a dude in defense inside my home and reported it". Gun control activists are pro rape. Period. End of story.
  3. Willing to trade some, smart, feel good measure so the cooks don't make it more expensive or criminalize constitutional rights. Sadly, I'm spitting at the wind.
  4. Today's witnesses continued to shoot more holes into the defenses position that it could have been an OD or heart attack. Just pilling on from yesterday.
  5. Yep. Dude was dealt a shit hand, made something of himself, but the demons plagued him. The way he acknowledged them and fought them and did not shy away from the public in detailing them was laudable.
  6. See @toonkee, after the fascist, authoritarian, racist, fetishist shtick, common ground was found.
  7. Actually, there is a shortage of firearms in inner cities. Legal gun ownership lags, significantly. Too many of the guns owned, are owned by people who should not own guns.
  8. Nothing yet, it's the rhetoric of making it so gun manufacturers can be sued if the guns are used to commit a crime that is dangerous. That is a cost that would be passed onto the consumer, making gun ownership really just a rich mans game. That's not right. I agree, I doubt he would ever get it to pass, but him saying that is the one goal he wants to accomplish above anything else, is what is driving the discussion on it. It's a dumb goal.
  9. That's what I have said multiple times, in countless threads. I even go further. First time gun buyers must go through a free but mandatory mental health screening. First time gun buyers must go through a free but mandatory safety class. First time buyers of "assault" weapons must do it all again. Streamlined national expansive background checks.
  10. Homicide and suicide rates in Australia are back up to where they were before their fascist gun laws. Who could have seen that coming??!?!?!
  11. Ask the trans and black communities that are buying guns like hotcakes.
  12. Gun manufacturers are not protected against lawsuits. They get sued when the gun malfunctions etc... Subaru is protected from lawsuits when somebody uses the car in an inappropriate way. Smirnoff can't be sued because somebody died from alcohol poisoning.
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