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  1. Brutal. AFA might just be the best team in the G5. @Bob what you celebrating with tonight?
  2. Gotta root for Fresno here. MWC needs that access bowl baby.
  3. Oh +++++ you dude. This whole thing is your fault for not drinking enough before and during the game. Get serious or get lost!!!
  4. @TheTedfordTrain is welcome to post anything he wants in a BSU game thread, he has been posting in them for two decades. The fruit stand stuff is in poor taste, too. Anyways. I am very much looking forward to the MWC schedule. This team is getting better.
  5. Worse case scenario is you are up 3 and have them pinned in a very bad spot. Best and most likely scenario is we get the first down, then punch in a TD.
  6. They use the SDSU old counting method..."everybody is on the other side, the stadium is really big so it looks empty but really is 60% full, I swear" lol
  7. In that it will be funny when we beat Fresno? Yeah, prolly. Which is sad. We should always be expected to beat Fresno. Fire Andy.
  8. Worst coaching decision I have ever seen. You have one of the best RBs in football, a strong Oline, a 6'6 230 running QB and you don't go for it on 4th and two feet on the three? That was the game. Our players flat out outplayed Memphis on most every snap, except for the few that really, really mattered.
  9. Look at Penix JR. He has a lower ceiling than Green, and was getting the same criticisms. Green has had 3 different OC since he has been starter. That is one seasons worth of games. His WR's can't catch contested balls, and dropped soooo many uncontested balls in the first two games. That I think rattled his faith in his WR's outside EM. He was good today. Obvious improvement. 3 OCs in what is about one seasons worth of games. Those deep balls were beautiful. When he put a quick zip on the slant to the TE, it was accurate and on point. Green's biggest issue is his refusal to use his arm strength IMO, and I think that is a result of not trusting his receivers to catch it and trying to make it "more catchable"
  10. Andy's game time decision are +++++ing the worst I have ever seen watching BSU football.
  11. I respect yours as well, and there is an honest debate to be had. I thought Green played well today. Again, we were about to take a 10 point lead into the 4th and everybody was praising Green. Mad Dog did look better, but that does not mean Green looked bad. And again, playing against a prevent, when he looked poor in the first quarter, and against a D that was very worn down. Green needs to +++++ing put zip on his balls. He has the strongest arm in Boise history, he needs to get over his"touch" shit.
  12. I'm down going 2 QB. It really does not matter. To win we need the ground game to get going. More time defenses have to spend planning for two different QBs, the less time they get to dedicate to stopping Jeanty.
  13. His big play to Bowens was almost an INT. And a play that Bowens drops most of the time. His TD to Cobbs was also a tough catch, but Cobbs made it. Not any tougher than the three he dropped today that his hands when TG threw it to him. It was a tough catch but one we should expect and he made it. He has yet to make similar such tough catches with Green. No idea why.
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