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  1. Really, really bad take after all the video footage that has come out.
  2. They lost the judiciary? Or are you pulling a Tuberville?
  3. Maybe I misread it? I read it as saying that cancel culture is itself a form of free speech.
  4. Think I gotta side with @toonkee here. The social media companies are doing what they think is best for their brand in the long run and trying to get on the good graces of the majority party to stop the repeal of 230. It was a business decision. I don't like it, but I get it. Merkel's thoughts were scary af. She blasted twitter and facebook but not because she is pro free speech. She blasted them because only the government should have that kind of power.
  5. If SDSU is in talks with the AAC is it ONLY because they want Boise and Boise wants to bring you along. They have zero, ZERO interest in SDSU without Boise. We are the catch, not you.
  6. Incentivizing thoughtless choices is not a win. UBI provides community building. More subsidies that encourage bad choices, is a bad thing. It's not that it is either or. We need a social net. We just need to revamp ours. The argument presented on here that "no financial planners would recommend having a kid to make money" is ignorant and coming from a place of extreme privilege. I mean it is better than doing nothing but it is far inferior to a UBI. End all social programs, give everybody 1k a month. No more food stamps, no welfare, no child tax credits if under a certain
  7. Biden's proposal does nothing to address the underlying societal issues. Nothing at all. That is the point. Giving more incentive to the poorest of the poor to make babies, which this absolutely would do, only those who have never lived in poverty would say otherwise, is not a winning plan. UBI. That's it. That is the way forward.
  8. @sactowndog Bruh, I have been in and out of the lowest 10%. I was raised by a single mom making $7 an hour. I became part of a community where the average income was 300 bucks a month, made illegally. The poorest of the poor absolutely use making babies as a way to raise themselves from starvation to being able to barely make it. To suggest otherwise is ignorant of the plight of severe poverty. Your privilege is showing. I've seen it first hand. I have seen single mothers addicted to drugs get pregnant for the extra money, and pawn their kids off on their relatives while illeg
  9. The lower class (of which I have spent most my life) don't need financial advisors to know it is in their financial interest to have kids due to these subsidies.
  10. They don't. They don't need a financial advisor to know that 1 kid helps, 2 kids helps more and 3 kids means you don't have to work and can live in poverty while feeding addiction. No middle class woman will look at kids as a means to make more money. Lots and lots of poverty class will and do.
  11. When I was younger and running with a bad crowd, I saw women who viewed children as income. They usually kept the income and peddled the kids off. Not sure that is pertinent here, but in lower socioeconomic groups kids are certainly viewed as income, and this will just make it worse. UBI is the answer. Same amount for everybody. Period.
  12. I mean it kind of does, did you read it? Further, widening the LP tent will moderate it. I agree with maybe 60-70% of the LP platform, very die hard against the other 30-40%. However I am seeing the party moderate as it gains members. This should be expected. They major key tenants remain.
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