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  1. Democrats also have so much fear of the capitalistic boogeyman that they think GMO's are a bad thing. +++++ing idiots
  2. https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/438579-hillary-clinton-says-game-of-thrones-best-describes-life-in Boom.
  3. We stagnated under Obama, after he made huge promises about putting a man on an asteroid and all that. But hey, he launched a bunch of satellites to monitor earth/climate science, which is kind of cool as well. Trump gets it though.
  4. There is only one "top" program in the MWC. Fresno is to Boise as Northwestern is to Ohio State.
  5. I lied, one more LMFAO. This, this was a good conspiracy. Like the Clinton body count, just with far less credible evidence.
  6. Golf is boring.; However I enjoy it if I am with good company. Never something I would look forward to doing alone, unlike fishing, hiking, riding or taking a solid shit. Similar to darts or bowling in that regard.
  7. Golf is great. It gives aging, nonathletic, lazy and often drunk men something outside to do while keeping them in the city and out of the mountains. I love golf.
  8. Paging every SJSU fan on the board. +++++ing communists, all of em.
  9. USU Boise Fresno SDSU UNM UNLV CSU Nevada AFA SJSU Wyoming
  10. Boise football is far and away still the most valuable commodity not in the P5. Not even a close second, including UCF.