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  1. Sounds like great fun.
  2. Getting Boise a better bowl destination meant Wyoming was left out.
  3. Member when Craig Thompson bent over for the flagship, Boise, and that kept the school that brings the least value to the conference out of a bowl game?
  4. halfmanhalfbronco

    Space Force

    It would involve completely changing NASA's mission statement. Space is big enough and critical enough that there should really be several different agencies. I would like to see NASA completely stop climate/earth studies and start up a brand spanking new government agency for that as well, but hey we both know Democrats and Republicans only ever give lip service to funding scientific advancement. The main objectives of NASA and Space Force will be too different, and the two agencies will likely be at odds on more than one occasion in the future.
  5. halfmanhalfbronco

    Space Force

    Really? NASA's primary mission is space exploration and research. Space Force is getting a jump on things such as insuring Freedom of Navigation in space, much like the Navy does with our oceans. China has already shown multiple times they do not abide by internationally accepted standards of conduct in low earth orbit. There is BIG money in space. The first trillionaire will come from mining asteroids, mining the moon for He-3 will insure a nation remains a super power moving towards 2100. There is too much value in space to think idealistic values that low earth orbit should not be militarized will hold true in the decades to come. Space Force is a no brainer, YUGE, win. Smartest thing Trump has done. It makes so much sense it is no wonder democrats hate it.
  6. halfmanhalfbronco

    Space Force

    Space Force is a win.
  7. halfmanhalfbronco

    Fresno State 2020 recruiting

    I was just joking, he looks very impressive.
  8. halfmanhalfbronco

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    You sure are smart! First you let me know the pictures I posted when typing in "desolate shit hole" in google were not actually pictures of Laramie now this gem! You are truly a great mind!
  9. halfmanhalfbronco

    Fresno State 2020 recruiting

    Impressive recruit. Looks like a poor man's Hank Bachmeier.
  10. halfmanhalfbronco

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    No. WATER IS NOT WET in liquid form. Wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid. In fact, the only time water can be wet is when it is in solid form, such as snow or ice.
  11. Deadliest thing in America. Parents of fat kids IMO should be charged with child abuse and have their kids taken away. How many posters here have fat kids?
  12. halfmanhalfbronco

    San Jose State 2019 Commits

    BTW, those 3 losing seasons came after Fresno was "on top" winning MWC title with another coaches recruits. Hmmmmm