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  1. So no link, there was no high speed chase, you heard wrong. Also not sure how you drop a friend with a warrant off while in a high speed chase. Also not sure what having a suspended license has to do the the behavior of the officers.
  2. Uhmmm that article says nothing about a high speed chase, calling BS. In fact it seems to corroborate the family's story. It states they followed the vehicle into an apartment complex. Not chased it, followed. Not attrmpted to pull over, followed. The family says there were no sirens or lights, the article backs that up.
  3. Link? Because that is radically different then the account the family gives.
  4. It would, but society would benefit greatly and the quality of your hiring poole would sky rocket. Police reform needs to happen. Prison reform needs to happen. It never will though because any democrat or republican that advocates for it will gey labled as being soft on crime.
  5. Im not saying he would vote for the like dem nominee over Trump, just that he would not vote for Trump. Abstain or third party.
  6. Wrong, I consider him a friend. He hates authoritarianism. He hates typical Republican voter blocks like ranchers and farmers. He would vote for whoever wants less government and less welfare, including welfare for those mentioned above. No chance in hell he would vote for Trump. No chance he would vote for most Dems either. He would certainly choose a few Dems before trump though. @bluerules009 let me know if I am off.
  7. Not a chance Blues would vote for Trump if third party was taken away.
  8. That is the problem. The number of cops needs to be reduced by 70% most everywhere in the country and the wages for the rest need to triple. They should be required to take 2 years of training, 40 hours a week before being issued a badge and then another 2 years riding with an armed officer before given a gun. In that two years of training they should study psychology with an emphasis on mental health and addiction. De Escealtion instead of control should be the focus. The police force should be forced to rotate counties in their state every 3 years, randomly, to loosen the influence of the blue line.
  9. Again you are showing you do not understand this board. 11 voted third party, i know for a fact if that option was removed several as in 3 to 4 would choose the democratic nominee, 2 or 3 would choose Trump and the rest would choose not to vote. I am sure you do not believe me because you do not know us. Take away third party and Trump/Drmocrat becomes a 50/50 split. People like myself, Top25, Retro, Blues will NEVER vote for Trump but I garuntee we all chose third party. Retro and I would choose the D candidate, the others would abstain. This is a balanced board, you thinking otherwise says a lot about you.
  10. Ugh, going to show SGF some mercy here. In English it is simply "grandmother" or "grandmother on my mothers/fathers side" in general conversation if further clarification gives meaningful context. If you are looking for a technical term, it would be "maternal/paternal grandmother". Semantics aside, that is cool SGF.
  11. Ahhh I think I see where the disconnect is. You are right in that most of the full time trolls on both ends are millennials. However the vast majority of millennials simply do not talk politics on social media whereas a much of the older generations feel more comfortable espousing their politics and arguing in comment sections with strangers.
  12. You can choose not to look. I think most people here know and respect you enough to not feel violated if you know some basic info about them. Just dont look though.
  13. And +++++ you if you think there does not need to be police reform because "most are good". +++++ that, if a cop participates in the blue line culture of LEO, which most do, they are worse than 90% of the criminals they will ever encounter. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix-breaking/2019/06/13/family-claims-phoenix-police-used-excessive-force-files-lawsuit/1445405001/
  14. Also, you as the creator of the poll can see who votes.