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  1. Boise State: *Signs highest rated MWC offensive player in the history of any current MWC team* Boise Fans: *get really excited Bob 4 years later:
  2. We have had a crazy number of asteroids come close the past few months that we had no idea existed until a few days prior. NEO planetary defense is very important and not talked about enough.
  3. Will be interesting to see the trajectory change.
  4. Possibly. Most likely. He is bigger and faster and more agile than anybody you have on defense so maybe he makes you pay a time or two.
  5. Dainty things compared to @slappy monster of a wife.
  6. I think Bear ends up at Stanford along with Tiger.
  7. My favorite was "ACKCHYUALLLY our O-Line is very talented as every MWC team and a ton of P5's wanted them" When, reality is they were all low 3 star or 2 star recruits with few if any other FBS offers and only one, the transfer, had a good offer list, even by MWC standards.
  8. If they never show up or leave after a year is that really good recruiting lol?
  9. To be honest I was more hyped about the overall recruiting class. The 24/7 guys called it the best G5 recruiting class of all time. 5, 4* recruits. A ton of high 3 star recruits. Little did I know 11 of the top 15 players or whatever would never play a down for Boise State...Thanks Harsin!
  10. I was very excited. I never came close to what you described lol. Again, highest rated QB to ever commit to a MWC team, I believe the highest rated offensive player as well and second highest overall, beyond Dylan Sumner Gardner.
  11. I never promised Fiesta Bowls every year lmao.
  12. I'm not expecting any miracles here. Our already very bad OL is now so beat up Freshmen are playing. Our WR's still will struggle to get open and our top 2 TE's are down. It's going to be a long season. That said, athletes like Green come around once in a generation for teams like Boise. Let the rebuild begin, by the time Green is an upperclassmen we could be really good again, especially if Koetter sticks around.
  13. Highest rated QB to ever commit to a program in this conference out of high school.
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