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  1. How about we stop using sexual orientation an insult? We have openly gay posters on the board. Equating "gay" with bad, weak, lame is something I thought most people moved past years ago. You seem like a child.
  2. A few things. First a request for clarification, you have seen center right posters like myself and mug pounce on it so I assume you mean the general public and not members of this board, correct? Secondly and not saying this is logical or right, Trump gets credit on the right because he has Jewish family and has been so pro Israel that they are more willing to chalk it up as a gaff.
  3. Create a black market for an item that can be easily manufactured by a device you can purchase for hundreds of dollars and see how many start to sell. Yeah that is going to work great. Also I know 3 people with 3D printers, so there? I know logical nuanced debate is not your thing but don't get so worked up that others like to engage in it. Well mass shootings that kill 4 or more not counting the shooter would show less correlation as most of those are done by hand guns. If you want non felony mass shootings simply look one post down from mines. Your claim that mass shootings (again you never specified how you are defining them) is a tiny fraction between 1994-2004 as the next 10 years is false. "Tiny Fraction" lol. Here about this one, kid. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/10/04/mass-shootings-more-deadly-frequent-research-215678
  4. I think the number of guns currently in circulation is the number 1 issue. To compound matters you have advances in 3D printing. You can already print yourself an AR 15 chambered for common pistol ammo (meaning you can't just target the NATO round or .223 ammo to get around the problem with 3D printing) You can do one a few things that will make a statistically significant difference in gun homicide. 1.) Mandatory buy back and a complete replace/repeal of the second amendment. 2.) Repair our inner city communities. This means building wealth (reparations?) and ending the war on drugs. 3.) de-stigmatize mental health. Maybe a campaign lead by pop culture icons similar to #metoo? As well as investing in it at a federal level. Now if we want to combat these non felony mass shootings I am open to other "common sense" such as mental health checks, waiting periods and would even consider national registration. I think the damage from mass shootings is the same as any other type of terrorism. While you and your family are statistically safe, stats don't matter that much. It is the damage it does to entire communities where the take place and psychological damage inflicted on the nation as well.
  5. By adopting this train of logic that @Orange has, that the assault rifle ban was the reason for less mass shootings between 1994 and 2004 he is also not factoring in felony related shootings with 4 or more victims. I am sure he will never use the same "x amount of mass shootings this year" that include those incidents, right, since few if any are done with an assault riffle.
  6. Nothing like a privileged white male explaining to a person of color why he is racist.
  7. Seems a little racist you associate black people with gang bangers.
  8. I think that had more to do with Hillary being Hillary than her policy positions. I think Kamala would do the best in the general, followed by Biden. But hell at this same point in 2015 I thought we were looking a Rubio or Bush so clearly I am not very good at this.
  9. Variety not quantity was how it reads based on the context of the first sentence.
  10. Those elections showed moderate dems play well. Hope for Biden.
  11. Take a look at the candidates that picked up seats and their positions. They were mostly moderate. The point remains correct.