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  1. I want Notre Dame. We have a Georgia scalp. It's too bad we are sure to lose 3 games. Praise Jobu.
  2. Remember when Reno fans were comparing Strong's first game to Moore's Oregon game? I 'member.
  3. Also, just last game against Hawaii, Boise had 3 black players take snaps at QB.
  4. Yes, Weaver was blatantly held all game. All angles clearly showed the crown of the helmet made the impact. Hawaii was gifted two scoring drives after stops on dubious calls and a Boise drive ended on downs after a horrendous ball spot. Be glad you scored the garbage points, this was not a competitive game. You were dominated.
  5. Trolling is not against board rules here, unlike the gaping vaginas over at the AAC board we have the ability to self moderate
  6. Inb4 angry mutter wanting the idiot button back.
  7. It was the way they lost more than the fact they did. The second half was non competitive.
  8. Great rant. However, Air Force is the default team that populates when you create an account due to being first alphabetically. From his posting history, this poster is clearly not an AFA fan. He just never selected a team. Still, great rant.
  9. The student section has turned into the place to be on game nights.
  10. Fresno. Of the options giving votrd UNM
  11. Yeah, "Hey you added SJSU so why not" is not exactly a winning argument around here.
  12. This. Our lack of depth, O-line and a head coach on the hot seat insures we lose a minimum of 4 games this year. #fireharsin
  13. Boise State AFA USU SDSU Hawaii Wyoming SJSU Fresno UNLV Nevada CSU UNM