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  1. Agreed 100% Looks like some of this money will be going to the national forests as well, much of the conservation money.
  2. I don't like their approach. If Ghosts are real, he is pretty disrespectful. I much preferred the Ghost Hunters series.
  3. I thought Biden did ij in the primary debates.
  4. So Cocaine Mitch got one right? I'll edit the title. I am thrilled with this as well.
  5. Ah yes, I am sure the huge disparity in ticket Revenue is because of reporting and not Boise having far more high priced seats. Good night, Forrest.
  6. Yeah you got clowned in that argument too. I broke down the math (very easy math mind you) Showing Boise had FAR more ticket revenue. You know that means they PAID MORE (a lot more) for tickets, right? You ignored the amount in each seating section. Having one tiny sliver on the 50 with higher ticket prices does not mean anything. The math is really, really easy. Boise has more in attendance EVERY year, and pay FAR more to be there, on average. You could not even get 30 during during your two best seasons, ever. Pathetic. And yes, your argument is completely retarded. It's the Forrest Gump of arguments.
  7. Haha I literally pointed out how you were retarded. Your average price is far less expensive. You just added up the different levels of pricing ticket range and divided by number of levels, completely ignoring how many are in each level of pricing. I showed how full of shit you were when Boise brought in SIGNIFICANTLY more ticket revenue. So, we have more fans in attendance and they pay far more on average to be there Lololololol
  8. We have more fans in attendance, every year and they pay significantly more to be there, on average. Doubt Fresno would average 22k with Boise prices. But already beat that horse to death in another thread. This thread is about your ugly new uniforms.
  9. So are you saying there were not 10 sources from inside the program?
  10. Looks like Jr is on it https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/510534-trump-jr-expresses-opposition-to-pebble-mine-project-advanced-by The Trump kids, guardians of our nations wild spaces? Who would have thunk.
  11. Sounds like this was Ivanka's influence.
  12. The opponents are all Republican and this is a sharp turn of course for Trump. Does he legalize pot next in an attempt to win the election?
  13. https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/nation-world/trump-signs-the-great-american-outdoors-act/507-80cf3efb-3cf0-474d-a25f-0ce8fd50e33a?fbclid=IwAR27uR_pV_sZLpqj-LIhczGEc50HwIWhEJZTKDLbfY74q6kcgtmFJ5Aljpg