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  1. The ghost of Jefferson said yes to me right now.
  2. I literally linked him to the reports that get sent to the state. You can lead a horse to water but an AAC fan will still want to eat it.
  3. Lulz at the idea the US military is not far and away the most lethal force in the world still because of things and stuff like "woke" commercials.
  4. Shit ton of wildlife uses that corridor on the Greenbelt and beyond. Mustelids, beavers, deer, even elk sometime. The (very) rare mountain lion. Heron, sand hill cranes, bald eagles in winter, hobos of various breeds :).
  5. I guess I read empowerment more as body positivity or something. They have no idealistic goals in mind. Just money.
  6. Yep. "California prices with Salt Lake City traffic, what is even the point of Boise anymore?" Is a theme around here from the locals lately, and a lot of the transplants even who are 5-10 years settled in.
  7. I have a lot of friends who are only fans girls and not one does it for self empowerment :). It's money, honey! One girl I know has a few hundred subscribers. Set your own schedule, work a few hours a week, make a livable wage. Who TF wouldn't?
  8. Yes, the BLM movement and validation of trans people is evidence we are just a short ways from a wide spread embrace of bestiality.
  9. Were still friends and allies on BC, no worries. Only a few of us there that can walk and chew gum at the same time, and we need to be somewhat united
  10. That was overly harsh of me and I felt bad the moment I hit reply. Mea Culpa. We have shared a lot of common ground on a lot of things latley. We are just not going to agree on guns and a few other issues. I'm not arguing anything. Biden's words are his own and are easy to interpret. It's not twisting them. The logic clearly follows if you need nukes and jets to take on the government it is because that would be more equal firepower. If you wan't to say it was a horrible gaff, go for it. Don't defend it for anything other than what it was though. A POTUS saying that if push
  11. @thelawlorfaithful message to you from top25
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