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  1. Honestly x97 is worse. Not joking. Just not as infamous because he was prior.
  2. Hey big sexy, word of advice, x97 used to be xx97 and is one of the few posters to ever get banned on this site for being an overt racist. Pick your battles.
  3. @CV147. He is a pimp. But again, so far from the what the dude was describing politically... Guy made a dumb post.
  4. Could have let it go IMO but by the definition of the rule I guess it is PI. Seemed kinda weak. May be biased too after the Boise PI against OSU
  5. Yeh, I was hoping you would chime in. The "We need MOAR MOAR MOAR people" argument is simply not one any conservative Boise fan has made on here, that I have ever seen. You were just the closest. Love ya.
  6. Imagine only watching games if they play on Stadium and complaining about the viewing experience of ANY Boise.
  7. My commute from where I live to HP every day for a few years, hated it.
  8. This is word salad. The only Boise fan to make that argument is @Maji and he is a basically Bernie Sanders.
  9. Yeah, I know how to use quotes, thanks. His clearly stated position is he does not want people moving to Boise who would qualify for affordable housing, so is going to fight against affordable housing. The guy is an idiot of the highest order.
  10. Hell yeah there are. My aunt and uncle live in the neighborhood adjacent to mine, which is all 60's and 70's homes and their house is tits cool. Full, wood bar in the basement, .75 acre lot. Intercom system through the home. Super neat home.
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