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  1. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Electroconvulsive therapy? @Boise fan really let me have it one time for forgetting to use a comma.
  2. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    Really? That is awesome. Give me some reading suggestions please.
  3. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    Black Mirror is the only good thing sci-fi has going for it right now. Excellent show.
  4. Spring Football Reports

    Brad Lau and Dan Paul were two of my favorite players during those years.
  5. I am voting for a Democrat in the Idaho Gubernatorial election.

    I have just declined to vote in the past as I could not STAND Otter and there was never a strong candidate running against him.
  6. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Yer mom. /thread.
  7. It's Happening.

    I don't think you understand how this works.
  8. I really hope we learn what the motivation was, glad he was taken alive.
  9. Finland ends its basic income trial

    We will see. AI is advancing at an ever accelerating pace. Interesting times.
  10. Finland ends its basic income trial

    IBM's Watson has already proven that to not be the case. You do not need a computer comparable to a human brain for the computer to do tasks better than humans.
  11. Finland ends its basic income trial

    I think you are sleeping too much on AI. I see a majority of lawyers being replaced by artificial intelligence within 20 years, for example.
  12. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    I hate science fiction soooo much after reading this thread.
  13. I am voting for a Democrat in the Idaho Gubernatorial election.

    "In lieu of answering the Statesman’s questions, A.J. Balukoff’s campaign sent a statement saying the candidate “fully supports the Second Amendment and respects the fundamental rights of Idahoans to own and use firearms responsibly. He also knows there are things that can and should be done to make the system better and keep more people safe.”Those things include universal background checks and forbidding people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms. " http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/politics-government/election/article208270019.html Seems pretty reasonable. The man would be a republican in many states.
  14. Fresno State Professor

    Anything. I think it is better on burgers to be honest.