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  1. Context. The entire crux of this ruling was that it violated the 8th. You are wrong, at the higher courts, the constitution almost always plays a part or it does not go to superior courts.
  2. This is dumb. What Tark and UNLV are remembered for by everybody I have ever talked to are two things. Dominance and getting screwed by the NCAA.
  3. Jesus you are dense. I will type this in really small words for you. More people have contracted COVID-19 than have tested positive for it. Get it yet?
  4. Well, it looks like it is going to the SCOUTS so we will find out. I am guessing it is not a 5-4 decision. Are you asking if I think her 8th amendment rights were violated? No. I do not. The 5th circuit would agree with me and I bet the SCOTUS does as well.
  5. "Conservative" judicial appointments tend to be originalists more far more often. Legislating from the bench tends to happen more when you view the constitution as a living, breathing document.
  6. Bach is the starter. But, with the way Bach plays you can bet Sears will get a lot of meaningful snaps. There will also be a lot of designed plays for him as well. We needed QB depth in a bad way and we got it. If/when Bach goes down, the season will not be over.
  7. Cocaine Mitch has been amazing. Packing the courts with conservative judges is the only chance we have to protect our constitutional rights. I just wish they realized drugs should be decriminalized and weed legalized. Same with prostitution. Same with gambling.
  8. Just one more reason to say +++++ California and every democratic voter in it. They created this shit.
  9. The thing is, shit can have changed since Pete but there was enough of a gap that Harsin is still head and shoulders above any coach in any other MWC program's entire history. The gap between Pete's Boise and Fresno was larger than the gap between Bama and MSU. We had room to to give and still be so far better than the other programs in this conference. Are we a perennial top 10 team like we used to be? No. Is Harsin still putting out teams year after year that would be considered a dream season for shit ass programs like Fresno? Yep. Again, in just the last three years Harsin has as many top 25 teams as Fresno has since they have been playing football. And he has a NY6 WIN.
  10. Huge difference. Harsin is winning conference titles and finishing in the top 25. Something that simply is rare as hell in Fresno. Harsin with his current result, would be considered the best coach in the history of any other MWC program. Fact.
  11. It was completely unreasonable. Talking to Russians is not illegal and if talking to Russians is the standard we are going to use to manufacture investigations there would not have been a president in the last 50 years not going through the same thing. This was insane bullshit. Anybody who believed in this for a second bought into 3 years of conspiracy nonsense. The entire Idea that Trump was a Russian asset was laughable. And this is coming from the biggest conspiracy theorist on the board.
  12. There was not enough to investigate. That is the problem. And when it became clear there was nothing there, they continued to "investigate" for the sole purpose of harming the elected President. This is the entire issue. There was nothing nothing. Nothing. People who believe in Russian collusion, or that it most likely happened Trump and his circle were just too slick to convict, are bigger conspiracy idiots than I am. That says something.
  13. No. Express any sort of concern of the roll the Obama administration played in this farce and you will be labeled a "Q" supporter.