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  1. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

  2. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    You have to resort to something when getting smacked silly because you chose an insane hill to defend.
  3. Has the Eunuch in Chief met his match?

    Nah. Whenever he has a premise shot down he goes down wackier and wackier lines of absurdity clinging to being "right". A complete wast of time. He is a Fresno liberalish version of @WyomingCoog
  4. So, what do you think of the death penalty?

    That is part of the problem. You will never know.
  5. We actually have the technology to insert a chip into each individual that measures their BAC. Once you hit that legally drunk number it will send out a signal with your GPS location so the cops can pick you up if you are in public. If the GPS detects you are in your place of residence it will just send signals to your brain to make you fail asleep. It will also make it so you can not get a boner, thus decreasing rape.
  6. Yes but we are talking about squashing and trampling on the rights of the plebs. No guns and grog for everybody!
  7. I do not want to ruin this great thread with the terrible news I shared with you and Mug. But alas good things must end. Yes...all good things are ending.
  8. The rum was not even actual rum. The founders took common sense alcohol control measures and turned it into Grog. A drink weaker than wine, due to large parts of the work force at sea and on the docks saving up their entire pay checks to get drunk for a few nights.
  9. So, what do you think of the death penalty?

    “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”-Gandalf
  10. How BLM won me over.

    Awww shucks guys.
  11. How BLM won me over.

    I acknowledged systemic racism and my white privilege long before liking BLM.
  12. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    Beat me to it. Although he may want to look up collusion as well.
  13. Stay current on the

    Tell me more about how guns are used to impose authoritarian will on ducks and deer. You should know when to bow out of a thread. Unfortunately you never do. You are not looking to have a decent conversation, you are looking to throw bombs and piss people off. Does not work when the other individual is more articulate, witty and smarter than you though. Yes, I am arrogant and condescending when I talk down to somebody and yes you are worth talking down to the past month. You toned it down for a bit, I was proud of you.
  14. Stay current on the

    Not sure he is capable of changing a stance. I believe he has bred through the centuries using mitosis.