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  1. Better than watching Boise fans autofilate? Boise could make a pitch to Aresco to bring a combination of SDSU, AFA, CSU and UNLV and I think all those schools would heavily consider it.
  2. I think the MWC needs to be careful in how they handle it. The last time a conference thought they were going to outmaneuver Boise, Boise took Fresno, Nevada, Hawaii and sent Idaho to the FCS. Boise could sue and would win, probably picking their compensation (20 mil?), and could try and entice other schools to leave with them as they have done twice before. That is a big risk that must be considered and only a fool would assume there is no way it could happen.
  3. No, you just completely lied in your synopsis of the article.
  4. Nevermind @JuwanHWolv, I decided you don't get to pick.
  5. Pick a thread for me to merge this in or I will pick. We don't need another.
  6. With the injuries we have had at the position, the scholarship numbers were giving me little comfort. I never want to be in a position next year where two walk on LB'er are forced to play and become an instant targeted weakness on an otherwise outstanding defense.
  7. You are good buddy. No reason to apologize. Here's to making this the best conference we can.
  8. Could end up as the highest rated recruit in the MWC this year. Currently the top rated recruit.
  9. Yeah, I really did not get the mocking of the hire. I think he has a better staff now than he did at BC. I don't know if CSU goes bowling next year but I see this being a consistent program like USU and Wyoming under him and hit the 10 win mark in at some point when his own guys have some experience. Just my .02
  10. You have kinda come in with a "+++++ you" attitude to the posters, particularly other Boise fans for some reason. Not saying it is a bad thing, I enjoy reading the banter. You seem like a knowledgeable but "prickly" guy. Welcome to the board. Likewise @Ibanez I am glad you showed up and have become a part of the community here. I enjoy reading your posts.
  11. I am not as down on Adazio as many were. I think he has put together a solid staff Lynch has really become a good offensive coordinator after a rocky start at Ball State. His offenses really improved the last few years. Heater had some really good defenses at Marshal as well. CSU has more resources than either of those schools and some really nice selling points to recruits. Not sure I would call Adazio a home run, but I bet CSU is bowling every year under him and will have years the compete for the division.
  12. Yep. He is going to need a few years in the program to add some weight to that massive frame but when he does he is going to be a stud, huge upside and he seems like a great kid. Remarkably mature. I bet he becomes a fan favorite ala Tad Miller.
  13. That grad transfer pickup is critical. If not a starter he will certainly provide immediate depth.
  14. Boise fans on this board are more supportive of the MWC than SDSU fans.