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  1. That mutation happened 2 weeks after patient 0. WHO ignored doctors to tout Chinas party line.
  2. Yeah I am sure some masked dude walking into a store demanding a written statement to win an internet argument is exactly what our retail workers need right now. Listen, you made up a storey on the internet. You are not the first guy.
  3. You should be social distancing, not going out in public to win an internet argument. #flattenthecurve
  4. My ass. I have never met a religious antivaxer. I have met too many of the other type.
  5. Nah. 70% vote democrat, at least. Same crowd that screams about GMOs. Anti science democrats.
  6. Why would we leave when we have you guya bent over and taking our dick, for all time? You are abkut to triple our bonus money, btw.
  7. At bigotry and cow pie tossing? Yeah.