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  1. Nope, police with military background are more likely to shoot and be "problem" cops. https://academicworks.cuny.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=5017&context=gc_etds https://www.themarshallproject.org/2018/10/15/police-with-military-experience-more-likely-to-shoot
  2. Pro longed school closures was not following the science. Mask mandates for kids in school was not following the science. Closing the beaches, parks and camp grounds was not following the science. Shutting down small businesses but keeping open Walmart was not following the science Allowing and encouraging 20 million people to mass protest was not following the science
  3. 19 percent https://www.themarshallproject.org/2018/10/15/police-with-military-experience-more-likely-to-shoot#:~:text=Though 6 percent of the,data performed by Gregory B.
  4. No it's not. A far bigger attribute was people not touching each other and spacing... Listen to the doctor in this thread. Masks did shit.
  5. Yes? He did not understand the post when claiming the Doc said that masks were 100% effective lol. He pointed out cloth masks are almost useless in practice because when you are put getting groceries or whatever the second the person pulls his mask off, or wears it wrong, your cloth mask does nothing to protect you from the viral load leaving his body. That's the science
  6. Exactly. That's the science. Masks work if EVERYBODY wears them. They don't protect you from infection they only lessen the viral load you spread while wearing one. So if one guy pulls it down and you are next to him...your mask does nothing. Same for everyone wearing it around him. In theory masks work. In practice they don't because people gunna people....I blame boomers.
  7. Your reading comprehension sucks lol. The point is that your team was NOT FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE while claiming you were lmao. Not only that, but claiming to speak on behalf of EVERY SCIENTIST EVER or some dumb shit claiming consensus where there was none. Yer an easy mark cus yer dumb and get mad lol. I am your better in every way. I'm pretty. Yer ugly. I'm strong. Yer weak. I have a high IQ, you don't know what an IQ even measures. I am a free thinker who is well read and capable of forming an educated opinion after reading available infor. Yer a "yes and'er".
  8. Exactly. If his issue was the COVID response was not always scientifically sound, don't blame the scientists lol.
  9. LMAO. Learn 2 read you mouth breathing low IQ slob of a human As far as grasping how science works. My grasp is FAR superior to yours.
  10. The protection offered with cloth masks is minimal. The impact on spread is minimal. If EVERYBODY wore one properly everytime they were outside of their home, that would be a different story. Following the science means acknowledging human behavior. The cloth masks did not cut it. There were a shit ton of people in the scientific community who said from the outset that cloth masks would offer minimal protection and do little to slow the spread. Cloth masks were especially ineffective during the more contagious Delta and Omicron waves.
  11. No, I'm saying he should be blaming scientifically illiterate politicians who falsely claimed to be speaking on behalf of the entire scientific community when they implemented policies that in no way shape or form "followed the science". Because they did not claim to be speaking on behalf of the ENTIRE scientific community---falsely. As far as what actions are worse, the anti vaxxing door knob licking right wingers by orders of magnitude. I was just speaking towards where his ire in the article would be better directed. My original point was, don't blame the scientific community for being falsely misrepresented in the media and by pols. Not there fault.
  12. He should blame democrats and the media for misrepresenting the scientific community. The scientific community was never ever ever in agreement about the origin of COVID, the effectiveness of cloth masks, if social distancing would work, etc... Everybody who shouted "follow the science" while not being able to balance a simple chemical equation simply because their now dead gods told them so (looking at you @GoDogs22) should have lemon juice squirted in their eyes
  13. You had me until the last two words. What I learned from COVID is that we are soooooo fuuuuuuucked if a worse were to break out.
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