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  1. I used to do this as a kid, and want to start getting back into it. With as much time as I spend hiking along river beds, could be fun. Started following a lot of geology and rock/mineral identification groups. Bought a UV light, a little rock hammer. Any rock hounds here who can offer some advice? Was thinking of hitting up the glass Buttes in Oregon this spring after run off/erosion.
  2. Over/under on 1 week before he earns his perma ban?
  3. Funny (not really) true story. One of my childhood friends is Mexican and adopted by his white father, who is super MAGA, election stolen, no shot for me, commies won't win dude but otherwise a good enough person. As many kids do, he has adopted his parents political beliefs and will go on tirades about how Mexico would have been better off if the South won and Mexico joined to Confederated States of America....
  4. He would be smart to stay as OC and coach in waiting. Strong career move.
  5. This is absolutely true. It's also true in Mexico, as well. @youngredbullfan has some great insights on how how lighter skin Mexican nationals face better outcomes than darker ones and upper society tries to increase their proximity to lighter skin or whiter if you will.
  6. Both can be true. He can be fleeing the scene of a crime and decide "+++++ it, life is over, already hit the first person might as well plow over the rest" Or "+++++ it life is over, may as well kill a shit ton of people with me a long the way". See, all mass shootings are intentional homicide as well, but not all mass shootings are politically or racially motivated, in fact, the majority are not.
  7. If he takes Grubb you will probably just lose one of Marks and Moore. One of them is going to want the keys, the other will go to UW. If he does not take Grubb to be OC and the new coach opts to retain him, you might lose both.
  8. Not at all you clown monkey. Intentional homicide is not the same as political or racially driven homicide, of which there is zero proof. None. Zip. Zilch. Not a shred. He was not a member of BLM, had not appeared to participate in any BLM activities. I hate cops and and say BLM, too.
  9. You were not destroyed by doxxing and gifs, you were clowned in any debate you participated in, and constantly corrected or proven wrong. You got clown +++++ed.
  10. Well it is relevant when that was the statement in the post you quoted and took hubris with....That's, like, where YOU steered the conversation.
  11. You are insane if you think there are only 5,000 gronala moms in the US that were skeptical of vaccines. Shoot, that 50k number was likely eclipsed in California alone.
  12. There are more members in Africa as of today.
  13. And some people think think pie is better than cobbler. Yes, Trump retarded the party. I made that point many pages ago as part of the exact dialogue from which you quoted me earlier today. Has nothing to do with the price of tea. Prior to COVID, there were more people who identified with the left that were skeptical of vaccinations. Clearly not the case anymore.
  14. Yep, from Bernie bros to Libertarians. Never seen a poster just get skull drug like that.
  15. You are greatly overestimating their membership if you think that.
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