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  1. I think Ezra's stock may have fallen a bit this year with missing games and inconsistent play. I wonder if he is still a lock to leave early.
  2. Boise now with 4 MWC titles, tying Utah and TCU for most all time in the MWC. Hopefully Fresno and the others hiring coaches nail their selections.
  3. Boise would beat any AAC team by 10, with our third string QB right now.
  4. I wouldn't say it does nothing. A win and we would finish solidly in the top 15. It is a team we regularly recruit against. Winning would set us up as the front runner for the Access bowl next year. Viewership numbers would be well over 3, maybe closer to 4 million, which would be the highest ranked game since our last Las Vegas Bowl. Is it a great reward for a team that went 12-1? No. Is there some positive that can come from it? Absolutely.
  5. Champs. Undefeated champs. Whatever happens after this is just gravy.
  6. Damn. Oh well. Took a lot of time off the clock.
  7. Barring the unfathomable, I'm ready to eat mine. I was concerned until 2 minutes before halftime.
  8. Damn. Hawaii scored fairly quick. Time to run Holani and chew some clock.
  9. Demitri Washington sure has played incredibly well on the back end of this season. Going to be a good replacement for Weaver.
  10. What a run by Henderson!!!!!!! WOW!