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  1. Chile_Ute

    Menzies on the hot seat?

  2. Too old to know how to figure that out....but enough replies throughout. Plus, you’d think he would have instantly posted a retraction. Either way, humorous.
  3. Fake account or not I got a good chuckle out of it.
  4. Fussakes....great start.😏
  5. I just got a boner thinking about drinking an ipa in a Subaru
  6. Versus the rampant exploitations on campuses nationwide?! At least the prostitutes get paid.
  7. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby 2018 - Concepts Bracket

    Anus prepared?....check.
  8. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    +++++ed-up funny right there.
  9. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    So you’re a necrophiliac?!
  10. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Another 8 seconds?
  11. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Atta boy!! I definitely should win the lurker award. Will try to throw some 0.02 more often.
  12. Chile_Ute

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Fuck you all you damn neophytes! (Did I do it right?)
  13. Chile_Ute

    New Mexico peeps

    Gabrielle’s is also solid, just north of SFe. Carne adovada is solid (but Cocina Azul is better imo)
  14. Chile_Ute

    New Mexico peeps

    Maria’s is solid in SFe as well. More local feel than touristy. Tequila menu is impressive