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  1. Just ditched direct and did orange+blue sling and sports package. $65/month. Almost half of my direct tv bill with a better sports package. So far pretty happy with the change. Working on binding lines to increase my internet speed.
  2. This rhetoric is soooo much better. mountains to pacific coast is truly a unique part of the country. Conferences should be reflected and empowered by the peers in their region. But I’m old fashioned.
  3. This is like watching the Trump-Pelosi show....
  4. Anyone wanting Wyoming out of the conference should be kicked in the balls...or labia...either way.
  5. Like I said...4UNLV isn’t THAT old. #agediscrimination
  6. How old...and did the victim have any alcohol prior to said incident?!
  7. Well that’s pretty insulting....4UNLV isn’t THAT old
  8. The OP...100%. Jackass. probably drives a Hyundai and uses Pahk-assist in the city
  9. Well, here’s to due process and if found true, swift justice and hope she has avenues for help. That is horrible all around.