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  1. Sure it happened....but nobody cares.
  2. Easy drive and you have to at least walk the dunes once. Surreal.
  3. Chile_Ute

    Johnny Football

    Got it from his dad.
  4. Chile_Ute

    What is there to do in Boise???

    They still serving finger steaks? Dem were tasty....but preferred Crow’s better. Shame they shut down.
  5. Chile_Ute

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Does the Torch still exist?!! I thought it closed.
  6. Chile_Ute

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Careful man, in most states that’s considered solicitation.
  7. Chile_Ute

    Kawhi to Toronto?!

    I don’t think Toronto getting Danny Green is particularly poor for them either.
  8. Chile_Ute

    Kawhi to Toronto?!

    Surprised me a bit...thought he wanted to stay out west. Benefit is there is less in the way in the eastern conference. Celtics then Toronto and an up and coming Sixers. Spurs would get a former Ute in Poeltl...he would do well under Pop IMO.
  9. Chile_Ute

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Bitter, bitter. You can do better.
  10. Chile_Ute

    What is there to do in Boise???

    Cactus...nuff said. Seriously though, ton of fun, awesome places in the Boise area.
  11. Chile_Ute

    2018 World Cup

    Poland returns to making kielbasa
  12. Chile_Ute

    Congrats to RogueStout and halfmanhalfbronco

    There goes the farking neighborhood
  13. Chile_Ute

    Menzies on the hot seat?

  14. Too old to know how to figure that out....but enough replies throughout. Plus, you’d think he would have instantly posted a retraction. Either way, humorous.