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  1. Chile_Ute

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Agree. It was the first time I remember seeing Weir use man....just an observation.
  2. Chile_Ute

    New Mexico at UNLV

    He seemed to mix zone and man against Wyoming...was at the game. Much better defense (and I get it was against Wyoming) but they played better as a whole the entire game.
  3. Chile_Ute

    Utah State at San Jose State

    Guess if you use it correctly....
  4. Chile_Ute

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

  5. Chile_Ute

    Two MWC cities make the list

    1.5 blocks then
  6. Chile_Ute

    Two MWC cities make the list

    Shoot, that’s like 3 blocks in Wyoming
  7. Chile_Ute

    Lobos @ Aztecs

    If both are no-shows is it a draw?
  8. Chile_Ute

    Nevada gets 5* QB Malik Henry

    Your mom told me there was an impressive one on his ball sack.
  9. Chile_Ute

    Nevada gets 5* QB Malik Henry

    How?! If it doesn’t work out it’s because Henry wasted another opportunity toright the ship. UNR loses nothing...if anything they gain by showing they believe in second chances, but you better walk the line. If not you’re out. If Henry is truly honest in redeveloping his brand, it is a boon for UNR. If not, no scholarship burned, spots are open.
  10. Chile_Ute

    Nevada gets 5* QB Malik Henry

    Exactly. Walk the line or walk. Win-win for Reno IMO.
  11. Chile_Ute

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Yeah, how to make money
  12. Chile_Ute

    Kliff Kingsbury

    And eat better burritos
  13. Chile_Ute

    Nevada Drops To......

    I imagine you’ll be UNM fans until they get to Reno as well. We’ll find out if this last game was an oops or Weir has the ship righted for his players.
  14. Chile_Ute

    Will Pack Go Undefeated?

    Bunch of damn clairvoyants on this board.
  15. Chile_Ute

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Good to see Weir able to shift around and change approach. Sign of a coach that will continue to grow.