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  1. Sad to hear. Peace to he and his family.
  2. To the cougar fans here, you guys played a helluva game and popped us in the mouth. You guys are on to something. Good luck the rest of the way.
  3. Utes were going to be weaker this year. I wish I could say they overlooked you guys, but so far this team is hot garbage with horrible shooting and no defense. Feels like Boylen is back in the house. Aside from that, congrats to Hawaii for making that more clear.
  4. So they’re the glitter in the steaming pile of dung? Got it. At least they have a ‘nice’ stadium and all.
  5. Tough spot w Davie. He stabilized a dumpster fire (no offense). He has them competing in most games which to me demonstrates the players are all in with him. If UNM just cut two programs (one with a national title and the other with HUGE community support and regular success) solely due to finances, he’s not going anywhere IMO.
  6. Definitely game....this old codger is going to bed. Night.
  7. I didn’t know BSU had a non-trad spirit squad. Good for those old gals.
  8. Out of bounds receiver make up (no) call
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