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  1. ...and not the first time they have flexed this issue. Pattern of behavior.
  2. I find it funny that the AAC is the answer. Fact is, the only reason BSU was not in a money bowl was because of parity. They lost a game they should have won. So maybe your University is too pussy-ish to try to develop past that. I’m sure that’s not it...MWCis too weak to help uour progress despite you could t get past the inferior MWC level.
  3. If they ‘signed’ on for MWC sports, then yes.
  4. Decades?!! Well, I now see your perspective.
  5. That’s where I see the bigger issue. The conference as a whole has a weak liaison for the conference...not just BSU
  6. That would imply your bigger beef is with Hair (TBH I don’t know how much he does or doesn’t reflects the wants if the Presidents.
  7. Not to mention it’s a huge slap in the face of non-FB sports.
  8. It is not a parallel situation. BSU was not denied access to MWC those years because there was not an available spot. Utah was fortunate for an invite and took it, then same for TCU. BYU did what they did, but their situation is a bit different given the church angle. Not the same. BSU is trying to leverage a situation that isn’t there....aside from BYU, UU and TCU moves because it was offered. I also think you discount the ability of the conference to work together for a long term goal. But BSU’s path has been one of promotion, problem is you’re not ready for a plateau or even decline. Your leadership and base are going to lose their f-ing minds.
  9. They all do it, but from a 3rd party observation it really alienates the whole conference when this happens.
  10. But they sure can stir the pot with leadership and boosters. Just an observation. Personally, I think he is just positioning himself for security at BSU or another gig higher up.
  11. Fucsakes, that’s my point. It should have been come back home and help develop a dominant G5 (hate the term but..) or find you f ucking way.
  12. He does, but see my response to Jimbo Poke. I’m not sure his role is all that altruistic.
  13. It would totally be a different thing if BSU were being invited to the table. But there is bad blood when one is touted superior to the rest (performance of that granted) and receives special treatments. Where there was a breakdown in this situation was the concessions when they “came back.” If its BSU’s leadership driving this bus, then it’s on them. If its BSU’s leadership doing this in interest of the boosters and ghost of Kustra (he died right?!) then shame on BSU’s leadership. But most of all, shame on Hair. He now has a pattern of talking out of both sides of his mouth....I can’t help but think he doesn’t play the conference to keep his cush job.
  14. Then BSU should sue the Hair....just sayin’.