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  1. Not here much lately but here we go. Name: Chile Hometown: Plymouth, IN/Price, UT  University and Degree: UU BS Exercise Physiology, Marshall U MS Exercise Physiology, Physician Assistant Studies Hahnemann University Philadelphia (now Drexel U) Occupation: Physician Assistant, Electrophysiology  Teams: Most MWC teams not playing Utah. Utes. Chicago Bears and Blackhawks. Phillies, White Sox Interests: Golf, camping, fly fishing, guitar, cooking, etc Dislikes: Too many. Important one: if you believe in something strong enough, share it but don’t force dogma on everyone Favorite Activities: see interests  On my playlist: Mozart to Frightened Rabbit to Foo to Hozier.....always changing  Married/Kids/Pets: Wife, son, dog.....son and dog sometime change in ranking in the family. Wife is number one....totally married up (ask them on a wine tour when they are “relaxed”)  Miscellaneous: Miss you bitches. Wish we played more.
  2. Sorry peeps, have boards this summer. Will check in closer to FB season.
  3. They still put chrome on bumpers?!
  4. True...it’s so we don’t eat them and start over.
  5. Farking parasites....but love the one we have and truly can’t remember life without him (yes, yes...some of that was hemically self-imposed).
  6. I need to do that too...been saying that awhile.
  7. We’ll have to work that out and see if Sage can get away from his tackle shop
  8. You just haven’t had the right red. Seriously you’re right, it’s a more robust flavor profile. Green is more universal but I make a barbacoa with red in the broth that is F ing delish. Like anthing, it’s how you use it.
  9. There needs to be clarification. Xmas is not mixed chile...it’s your dish smothered half red and half green. Kind of inbred jackarses are ya?!
  10. Solid. -Santa Fe: Maria’s has an awesome tequila selection and good red chile. Sazon is a high end Mexican place worth every penny (authentic representation from several states...it is not the US version of Mexican food). Cowgirl is good. El Farol has great paella and taps with live music. Geronimo is great...especially if elk loin is on the menu. -Turquoise trail: SFe brewery and get tacos next door at El Parasol...they are awesome. Head south on 14 and Beer Creek is a new brewery. Beer is good, sandwich and pizzas are good (stew is crap). Madrid: The Hollar has awesome food with a southern flare (chef is Cordon Bleu trained and from New Orleans). Mine Shaft us across the street with solid bar food (I eat at Hollar and drink atthe Shaft). Keep heading south and you’ll hit Sandia Park/Cedar Crest/Tijeras. You can drive up to Sandia Crest from this side(better than the Tram and cheaper) with great hikes all the way up (let me know if you want specific trail recommendations). You’ll see: Lazy Lizzard is ok food wise, service is slow but fun people. Ale Republic, young brewers from UNM but nachos and cubano are solid. Ribs is a decent BBQ place. Greenside is good food, beer and wine. Molly’s in Tijeras is a dive but fun based on when you go. -ABQ: lot of options but my favs are Cocina Azul (awesome carne adovada and posole), Quarter Celtic (great Irish-esque brewery) fish and chips are my favorite in the West. More if you want. -Parks: Go to Petrified NP from the I40 entrance drive in 5-10 miles and see a couple things and then turn around. Bandolier is a hidden gem...must see IMO. Pueblo Cultural center in ABQ is a good place to get good exposure/info and have a decent restaurant. More if you want specifics but this shyte is going on too long. PM me if you need anything...you’ll be driving by my place if you take turquoise trail.
  11. Solid recommendations. Shark is in point I don’t have much to add.
  12. Agree. It was the first time I remember seeing Weir use man....just an observation.
  13. He seemed to mix zone and man against Wyoming...was at the game. Much better defense (and I get it was against Wyoming) but they played better as a whole the entire game.