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  1. Been contemplating cutting the cord for awhile now. Any advice for a newbie in regard to alternate TV packages?
  2. So back in the days of Camelot, when Kellen Moore was your QB, would you have been one of the 8? What I don't want to see is a team like that get left just on the outside. You guys were a handful back in those days and it would've been fun to see that bunch in the CFP.
  3. He is a breath of fresh air. No fluff, no bs, this is how I see it, take it or leave it.
  4. They are here and several of them have been or are currently active on the board. I offer TCU Robert as my first piece of evidence.
  5. Would you be driving say a Mustang GT350 w the Shelby Package? ;-)
  6. Does anyone know if Mug is in concussion protocol? Or did someone slip him the special brownies? I would love for a healthy Aztec squad to play Utah just to see how we match up with what I consider to be a very solid P5 team. Love the product that Whit puts out on the field.
  7. Dang it Jack! I love when you talk dirty like this; nothing like cold hard facts to get my blood pumping
  8. That's what the officials at the command center say. In the Pac's explanation, they say he called in to express his opinion only, but they thought since he was their boss that they had to follow his opinion. I guess it could've gone down like that, but call me skeptical....
  9. That is what Eisen is talking about, the fact that an administrator called in to give his opinion, which the control room interpreted as this guy is our boss, so what he says goes
  10. Afraid our offensive attack, at present, is too limited to include us in this conversation.
  11. Rich Eisen weighs in on P12 targeting issues:
  12. Just don't think we bring the firepower on the offensive side of the ball to be in this discussion.
  13. Once we went to the 2 hour block, everything else just fell into place; same sex marriage, women holding the priesthood, jello without carrots....
  14. Remember playing Pop Warner football in the early 70s and riding in the back of trucks as we traveled the freeways of SD. Man how times have changed 😂
  15. What if we allowed them to use the De La Salle FB team to represent the University?
  16. Come on now, we exploded for over 200 yds thru the air last night, and had our QB finish with a rating of 29.4! Air Coryell here we come
  17. He definitely won't blow smoke up your skirt. He'll calls it as he sees it; that's rare in these days.
  18. Hmm, always had you pegged as a Jamaica guy
  19. Keep fighting the good fight!
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