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  1. So you’re saying he’s smart enough to go on two? 😉😂
  2. Well said ECA, when either side says “it’s my way, or the highway,” communication ends, and we all are worse off for it.
  3. Don’t see anyone forking that kind of $$$ to the 5.5 conference.
  4. Definitely competing w some storied programs there. Tough to win battles against all the perks they have available to them, but hey at least we’re in there swinging.
  5. Possibly, or perhaps he does not fit the type of athlete they are looking for. I know a few years ago we lost a SD kid to Arizona, but when a new staff came in, they decided he didn’t fit what they were looking for, so we eventually got him back.
  6. As a former HS football and baseball coach, I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to hear stories of coaches using that word when dealing with their players. Imo, successful coaching involves building positive relationships w your players, and some relationships are going to be better than others, but once you use that word w your player or players, you’ve lost all credibility. Once that’s gone, your chances of being a positive influence in their lives is gone. Sure the W/L record is what the outside world will judge you on, but it’s the life long relationships you have w your play
  7. Have this conversation w my students and players every year. Be very, very careful about what you put on social media; you never know what it might cost you. Had a former player that signed as a minor leagueFA out of college w the Diamondbacks organization. The first thing they asked him for was all his social media.
  8. You bring up some valid concerns, but having worked for a large GC for several years; they can get a lot done in 2 years. My biggest concern is getting that first shovel in the dirt.
  9. Are you still in this camp, or has the tenative agreement changed your thoughts on date of opening?
  10. Your thoughts on the new coordinators?
  11. Time will tell. Wonder if Hoke brings an enthusiasm to the recruiting process that RL did not? Rocky's a different bird. Loved his no nonsense, take it as I am mode of operation, but I wonder how that comes across to a 17-18 year old when others are blowing smoke up their arse? Really liked Hoke 1.0, we were a dumpster fire when he took over, and he quickly extinguished the mess. If things ever return to normal, looking forward to what Hoke 2.0 does w the current program.
  12. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-28/sdsu-stadium-deal-heads-to-city-council-friday-following-marathon-talks-to-end-stalemate It appears that through an 11 hour meeting on Wednesday that the issues brought up by the City Attorney have been worked out. Perhaps the planets are aligning for SDSU 🤔😱🤞
  13. Like our xfer QB from GTech 🙄
  14. Yeah big rona, 3,800 deaths out of 39 million people....f’n joke. The mortality rate in my county, which I here is the highest in the State, is eight thousandths of 1%. 🙄
  15. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-21/sdsu-mission-valley-deal-headed-to-city-council-at-the-end-of-this-month If City Council approves the document, the sale of the site could close by 7/22/20. Of course this is SD where if it’s possible to screw something up our pols will find a way to accomplish it.
  16. Okay, thought I was imagining things. Will be interesting to see how things unfold w Hoke back at the helm.
  17. How many offers have we made this year? Seems much different than under Long, or perhaps, I’m just paying more attention to Twitter these days. 🤔
  18. When they were in the same league competing for conference titles and the same athletes this was a great rivalry, but once Utah got invited to the big boy table that all ended. It makes no sense for Utah to play this game. If they win, big deal you beat a G5 team. If they lose, holy crap, you lost to a G5 team. Nothing to be gained for Utah. If I were them, I’d let BYU twist in their independent wind.
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