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  1. Tip of the cap to our run game, very impressive edge and perimeter blocking on that TD.
  2. I liked the 3rd down ball to the TE from the pocket. Too much sprint out for my tastes. Cutting the field in half essentially.
  3. Ugh 😑 complete brain fart by the corner, worrying about a WR screen only to have a guy run right past him...
  4. We are a work in progress offensively; no real explosive players outside imo, and not sure if we were if we could deliver the ball.
  5. Yes, is D as solid as it looked last week, or was UNLV really that anemic? Can we create a solid passing game, or will we continue to be a predominantly run first team?
  6. I remember that game; thought we were going to take our usual beating. Think we ran the ball like a buzillion times that game
  7. https://goaztecs.com/honors/hall-of-fame/dennis-shaw/64
  8. They are the Clemson of their State!
  9. Yes, very early, I was more impressed w his BYU game than last night’s. Based on what I’ve seen so far, it seems like we have someone who can manage a game, not necessarily win you a game w his arm. Time will tell, but for now, he’s our current “Chapman” imo.
  10. Still have my concerns about our passing game. Hoping to see major improvements there, but not sure if the talent is there. Then again, I’m an old guy who grew up on Coryell’s Aztecs, so maybe I’m spoiled as to what a passing game should look like.
  11. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on what side of the fence you fall on, that is the world we live in these days.
  12. Wait, isn’t it the SEC MWC MOUNTAIN? 😉
  13. Agree completely. Hoke got things started for us a decade ago. Rocky took it to the next level, and now Hoke comes back to a decently talented team. The D is running the same scheme that has been a nightmare for most offenses for years now, let alone a team playing their first game, under a new HC, with very few reps under their belts.
  14. Lot of returners on both sides of the ball for the Red & Black. Unlv in a tough situation, given all that 2020 has brought.
  15. Definitely excited to see the new O. Will we stretch the defense sideline to sideline? Will we have a deep ball threat? Will we have a passing game? Can we force a D to play us honestly? Can we still run block? Lots of questions to be answered. Defensively, will the new DC still bring the heat as Rocky did?
  16. Will be interesting to see if the BYU performance was just a mirage, or will he again put up a solid game?
  17. Dang, where does LaVell fall on your list?
  18. Ask @#1Stunner, I heard BYU used his prodigious tithing payments to grease some palms 😉
  19. Cool, then it won’t be too crowded if we decide to put down roots there. Thanks for the heads up!
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