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  1. Can you imagine if Oklahoma, Texas, or USC could figure out how to play D like the Aztecs do? Wonder what RL could’ve done w elite talent? Wonder if they would buy into him?
  2. Agree completely, we have to be balanced on O if we ever want to be in the discussion for best of the G5 programs. Right now, if you can shut our run game down, we are crippled offensively.
  3. Okay, what about Paul Johnson and the flexbone then? 😉
  4. Well, at least we finished w a clock grinding drive....
  5. At some point we have to develop a passing game, if we are ever to take this offense to the next level, but to miss that throw that badly is maddening. If we can't throw it any better than this, do we commit to the GT transfer and sell out 1000% to running the ball this year?
  6. 30 passing yards.....ugh
  7. Would've been nice to take a shot at the FG there at the end of the 1st half, but we didn't execute....
  8. Just don't think we have great talent on the field at QB, X or Z, or at least not to the same level as the RBs.
  9. Same as last year.....
  10. Hardest hitting FB game I ever played in was against El Camino; tough SOBs
  11. Tip of the cap to the Spartans, more often than not, win the turnover battle, win the game.
  12. Concur. If I was facing SDSU, they are beating me through the air, not just going to run it down my throat. Until they can prove to me they can hurt me with their passing game, my focus is on stopping the ground game. Now if I'm the Aztecs, you want to load up the box, I'm going to spread you out with formation. If they don't honor the formation, then we have to be able to throw the ball well enough to make them line up to us. Once we are spread out and force them to honor the formation, now we can decide run/pass at the LOS. That gets fun when you can control how the D lines up and you g
  13. Had the opportunity to interact with both of them back in my HS coaching days. Enjoyed both of them, but RL is definitely cut from a different cloth. Hoke is very outgoing and talkative, "sit down coach, pull up a chair". RL is just a bit more reserved and stoic. "Uhh, Coach Long, is it okay if I sit here?" He'd look at you, "sure."
  14. Is that just a function of having a bit more experience this year? The game really slows down and becomes much easier to play as one gets more game reps. I would think last year's reps for this O-line are very valuable for them as they work together this year.
  15. It's nice to be able to run the ball well, but eventually we will face somebody that can slow our run game down; hopefully by then, we will have developed our passing game to the point where they have to pick their poison so to speak. Liked two things I saw from the passing game in the 2nd half. The first occurred on our first drive on the 3rd and 10 where we isolated our TE away from trips and let him use his big body on a smaller corner. The 2nd was the wheel route to Bell out of the backfield. Loved how we looked deep and then came off to Bell. Liked the fact that both plays ca
  16. I saw one play, happened to be their QB throwing that beautiful ball deep down the middle for a TD; got my attention.
  17. Reaction to lateral movement is impressive; they are like a pack of hungry dogs. Wonder how things will go if someone decides to run right at them?
  18. Always how you play the day you play. Hopefully keep things rolling this week against SJSU.
  19. See SJSU is currently ranked #65 in rush defense. Giving up just under 4 yds per carry. https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/24/p2
  20. Our offense is still too pedestrian, and not sure our D has faced a stout attack yet. Call me skeptical atm.
  21. Addition by subtraction? 🤔
  22. A real bitch for the backer who has to honor the run first the way we are gashing them on the ground.
  23. Very nice, from the pocket look deep, come off to the wheel out of the backfield.
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