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  1. Bob Devaney 1962-1972 .829 winning % Tom Osborne 1973-1997 .836 winning % Frank Solich 1998-2003 .753 winning % Bo Pelinin 2003-2014, .713 winning % Two legends, and the next two got fired for not winning enough; pretty damn high standards in Lincoln. I'm sure the heat is building on Frost's rear end.
  2. Looks like we’ve got a P/K coming in:
  3. Used to sit in those bleacher seats under the scoreboard as a youngster. 1977 versus #13 Florida State. One of my greatest memories of Aztec Football, damn, thought we were on our way 😁
  4. Played for Granite Hills. Beat Vista in the quarters, Patrick Henry in the semifinals and got beat by Morse in the finals, 28-7. Coached at Brawley. Beat Saints in quarters, Dons (Uni then, Cathedral Catholic now) in semifinals. Lost to Valley Center in 04, 38-36 On a more positive note, made 1 appearance in 2017 in CIF D3 baseball finals, and won 2-0 versus Serra.
  5. Played on it once HS FB Championship game, 1979, was shocked how crappy the field was. Coached on it once, 2004. 0-2 🙄
  6. It was designed as a multi-purpose stadium, which was all the rage back in those days.
  7. Such a tragedy, such a bright future, always terrible when we lose those w so much of their life ahead of them.
  8. Wait, you could invite us, the Aztecs, and the first team to cross the 50, or complete a pass of 20 yards wins! 😂
  9. Tip of the cap to SJSU FB team and its fans! You’ve proved on the field that you are the class of the MW in 2020! Much respect! 👍 Of course if we had a friggin QB 😉😂
  10. ......been down this road way too often
  11. Would you leave Navy for Arizona? Just something special about being the HC at one of the Academies imo.
  12. Jimmer doesn't have anymore eligibility does he?
  13. I'm a long time Aztec fan, who has witnessed too many losses to BYU in FB and BB to feel anything but trepidation anytime we face them
  14. So they should have no trouble running that split field zone/man concept
  15. Has anyone mentioned Aztec Bill, and his thread where he called his shot on Kawhi Leonard? I think it started out, In a few days.....and he went on to basically say that KL was going to be a monster etc etc, and he was crucified for predicting greatness for a kid, who hadn't even stepped on the court as an Aztec yet, in the big bad MW. Little did we all know, that even Aztec Bill might not have expected KL to be as good as he turned out to be Wasn't that thread also the basis for the later thread on Kapri Bibbs?
  16. Saw Hoke's PC, sounds like former SDSU coach Zach Arnett assisted in connecting us with Mayden. Hopefully, it works out for both parties.
  17. Really like the size of the DBs, you can’t teach height.
  18. Could you explain to me what the "key grip" does?
  19. Just having a little fun w Hugh's stint at Ole Miss and Auburn's apparent willingness to uhh, forgive him of his indiscretions. I'm sure they fixed his moral compass at Liberty
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