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  1. Well I’m a conservative MF’r, so you know how I’m going to vote. 😑
  2. Although I do not own a business, much of what this gentleman says expresses my thoughts as well. You may think this State is just fine, and that's fine, we can agree to disagree. I wish you and yours well, but as for me and mine, we will leave as soon as we can. Have lived here all my life, but my wife and I have had enough. All 3 of my kids are out of State, one has put down roots in Lincoln, NE. The other 2 are in college in Utah. My advice to the two younger will be to look elsewhere for a State to call home.
  3. Already have my health care in Mex, might just have to consider this.
  4. I live an hour from the AZ border, and I'm 7 years from retirement, but my wife and I are strongly considering the increased commute, just to get the hell out of this dumpster fire asap!
  5. I don't know about the phone call, but I may have the Offensive Call Sheet from the Navy game!
  6. Surprise, surprise, the B1G reverses course, and suddenly, cough, cough, the MW will reconsider their position. Looks like leadership works the same way, lick your finger, put it in the air, which way is the wind blowing? 🙄
  7. The NFL lost my attention a couple years ago.
  8. Too many sheep over here Jack 🙄
  9. She’ll be singing the Fight Song tonight!
  10. Rough breaking in a new QB in an option based attack.
  11. Seeing my daughter on the sidelines, I feel like I have a son on the team 😂
  12. Stunner, you trying to get me kicked out of The Aztec Nation? 😉😂
  13. Left Dish for YouTubeTV, have no regrets and a few more $ in my pocket.
  14. She’s never been assigned to basketball. Gymnastics, Softball and finishing her last semester with Football.
  15. Yeah, I know it’s BYU, and expect for Stunner, we all detest the hated Cougars, but just trying to give you a bit of the game day/weekend experience....
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