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  1. Have a former player that played SS A ball for Diamondbacks in 19, was scheduled to go to Illinois in 20, but was released when Milb was shut down. Played winter ball in Mexicali, and now is in the process of playing in Yucatán this season. Kid’s working his arse off to get another shot here state side.
  2. Unfortunately, our pitching is, uhh.....not good! 😑
  3. Casa de Dshawfan, only a couple hours east of SD. Place turns out some serious proteins 😉
  4. With the re-structuring of MiLB, does that end up raising the level of ball being played at the collegiate level going forward? With fewer slots available for minor league ball players here stateside, do we see more guys sticking around for their senior year? Or will guys look to find paying jobs in Mexico or Asia?
  5. Let's hope not, but early returns indicate otherwise
  6. Just a bit more challenging than the MWC
  7. T8, 12-10, scoring GB and a PB. Aztecs pitchers walk 3 and hit 2 in the B7, the teams have combined to score 80 runs in the series. 😳🙄
  8. B7, 12-8 Aztecs, USD w the bases loaded, 1 down......pitching not real impressive for either team thus far in this series
  9. I'm a fan of both Rocky and Brady, but they definitely have their own styles. Should be interesting to see what Hoke can do with the Aztecs. My gut tells me his style will be more appealing to most recruits.
  10. Wonder how this came to be?
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