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  1. Just got to roll our sleeves up and sell the future of the program and the school, and who’s going to be the one to step up and take SDSU to the next level.
  2. Agree, have not seen anything special from that group; nothing that I think puts the fear of getting beat deep in the mind of a competent D1 corner.
  3. Tip of the cap to Nevada. Thought you guys were going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory there for a second. Alas, we could not execute a short pass to an open receiver. Good luck to you going forward!
  4. The Canes in our area is a bit of a nightmare, but it’s worth the wait! 😋
  5. But you have to admit the drive thru process there is a thing of beauty in its efficiency 😁
  6. Somewhere “The Don” just threw up his breakfast after witnessing these clips 😉
  7. If we put on a good game, how soon until the SEC calls both of us up to the Big Boy League? 😉
  8. Whatever became of Julian Green? Is Bobby Wood still in the picture?
  9. We may set the offensive game of football back 50 years in either case, and on the Big Boy network 😂
  10. Yes, his ability to read the option man, and keep him honest, should keep backside pursuit to a minimum. If you would've told me when I was a little kid watching Coryell's Aztecs lighting up the skies with their aerial circus that one day we would struggle to throw the ball, I would have bet all my Aztec pennants and ball caps on that in a heartbeat! Funny, back then, I used to wonder if we would ever be able to run the ball
  11. Okay, next question. Didn't Klinsmann get himself into hot water for suggesting our players should be playing in Europe? And aren't our most talented players doing that? So was Klinsmann right? Typical American gray hair here, grew up playing football, baseball and basketball. Just a fairly new fan to futbol, (I'll take in a Premier League game on the weekends, and I'll watch a Champions League match if I recognize the teams playing,) trying to figure things out as I go.
  12. How much of that is a function of playing Wales versus playing Panama? I’m assuming that Wales is a much tougher opponent. I caught the Panama match. I was impressed w how fast and athletic we looked. Is this a true changing of the guard for the USMNT? Or will we see the same faces again as the next WC approaches?
  13. That’s nearly 5 yds per carry. You’ll win a lot of FB games with numbers like that. Now if we could match that w a couple hundred yards though the air, and we’d be a very good looking FB team.
  14. Hands down we all know he’s the better runner. Does the fact that Baker has been starting, tell us more than we want to know about Johnson’s ability as a passer? 🤔
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