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  1. Thank you sir, but I’m still licking my wounds from FB season 😉
  2. We’ve been pretty good at 2 of 3; 3 of 3 not so much
  3. Make sure you have a tall glass of Vit D milk to chase it with!
  4. I'm getting JD on the Batphone right now; we're putting your shenanigans under the full light of day.....you, you harlot!
  5. Looks like it’s more time in the woodshed for the Red & Black
  6. Holy shiitake mushrooms Batman, our staff got rocked! 😑
  7. Guess we didn’t have 15 in us today 🙄
  8. Relegation is an interesting model, but getting the P5 to agree to that.......hmmm, maybe when hell freezes over
  9. If we stay w them, we know we'll always get the scraps, if any. I am skeptical of legal proceedings being successful, so I say complete breakaway. Could we create an AFL vs NFL type of situation? The problem is the Elites have the most $$$ and are able to get most of the best athletes. I think we need to find a couple of Lamar Hunt and Al Davis types to lead us out of the darkness!
  10. I'm thinking they are a little pissed off at Arizona taking so long to cut ties w their BBall coach. Someone had to pay the price, so UTEP you're taking one for the Big Boys! And we don't even care that it's different sports, we're getting our pound of flesh from someone, and since we couldn't find a good directional school, you're it! Thought we had WyoTech lined up for the beat down, but come to find out they aren't one of ours!
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