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  1. Yes it is, he was a very pedestrian 27-22 as HC.
  2. Bob Devaney 1962-1972 .829 winning % Tom Osborne 1973-1997 .836 winning % Frank Solich 1998-2003 .753 winning % Bo Pelinin 2003-2014, .713 winning % Two legends, and the next two got fired for not winning enough; pretty damn high standards in Lincoln. I'm sure the heat is building on Frost's rear end.
  3. Looks like we’ve got a P/K coming in:
  4. Used to sit in those bleacher seats under the scoreboard as a youngster. 1977 versus #13 Florida State. One of my greatest memories of Aztec Football, damn, thought we were on our way 😁
  5. Played for Granite Hills. Beat Vista in the quarters, Patrick Henry in the semifinals and got beat by Morse in the finals, 28-7. Coached at Brawley. Beat Saints in quarters, Dons (Uni then, Cathedral Catholic now) in semifinals. Lost to Valley Center in 04, 38-36 On a more positive note, made 1 appearance in 2017 in CIF D3 baseball finals, and won 2-0 versus Serra.
  6. Played on it once HS FB Championship game, 1979, was shocked how crappy the field was. Coached on it once, 2004. 0-2 🙄
  7. It was designed as a multi-purpose stadium, which was all the rage back in those days.
  8. Such a tragedy, such a bright future, always terrible when we lose those w so much of their life ahead of them.
  9. Wait, you could invite us, the Aztecs, and the first team to cross the 50, or complete a pass of 20 yards wins! 😂
  10. Tip of the cap to SJSU FB team and its fans! You’ve proved on the field that you are the class of the MW in 2020! Much respect! 👍 Of course if we had a friggin QB 😉😂
  11. ......been down this road way too often
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