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  1. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-28/sdsu-stadium-deal-heads-to-city-council-friday-following-marathon-talks-to-end-stalemate It appears that through an 11 hour meeting on Wednesday that the issues brought up by the City Attorney have been worked out. Perhaps the planets are aligning for SDSU 🤔😱🤞
  2. Like our xfer QB from GTech 🙄
  3. Yeah big rona, 3,800 deaths out of 39 million people....f’n joke. The mortality rate in my county, which I here is the highest in the State, is eight thousandths of 1%. 🙄
  4. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-21/sdsu-mission-valley-deal-headed-to-city-council-at-the-end-of-this-month If City Council approves the document, the sale of the site could close by 7/22/20. Of course this is SD where if it’s possible to screw something up our pols will find a way to accomplish it.
  5. Did the same thing w Dish, so far so good!
  6. They’d have taken Joe Burrow and LSU to the woodshed! 😉
  7. Started out on a wood board w clay wheels. Remember when I got my first set of Cadillac polyurethane wheels. Like going from the dark ages to an F1 race car. Started doing our own fiberglass boards as time rolled on. Used to scout for empty pools, and then watch the house to see when owners were gone. Picked up some old snow skis at a swap meet, mounted my wheels on the snow ski and made some serious speed runs. Funny the looks you get when you pass a car 😂
  8. It’s like FA at the professional level. If you bring in the right pieces, it just might push you to the top, but if you miss on who you bring in... 🙄
  9. Aztecs add 6’10 grad xfer from Maryland https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2020-05-07/san-diego-state-sdsu-aztecs-basketball-joshua-tomaic-maryland-grad-transfer-yanni-wetzell
  10. Agree w you, the devastation from the injury was frightening. Tbh, the fact that he has a leg of any sort is amazing, and to be able to be physically active on it, even more so.