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  1. For me, I'm taking that in a heartbeat! Just a bit better than I did at the HS level, but I'm guessing he's got a nice comfortable nest egg set aside, so I'm thinking he passes.
  2. I know when I stepped away from coaching after 20 years at the HS level, the sense of relief and new found freedom was amazing. No meetings to attend, no worries over game plans, no films to breakdown, no more helicopter parents, it felt great! I could actually do things w my wife. I mean, simple things, let's go out to dinner, let's sit on the patio, how about a movie....It's amazing how much of my children's lives I missed because I was immersed in coaching, so I can just imagine what it's like at the D1 level. I think I very much have an idea of what he's feeling. I've had a couple off
  3. Does Araiza get a hitter's club sticker on his helmet for laying the wood to Covey?
  4. My wife, of 33 years now, set our wedding on rivalry weekend. I still remember my buddies and I sneaking off from the reception to find a TV to watch USC vs UCLA, and my brand new mother-in-law finding us, turning off the game and shooing us all back into the reception 😂
  5. I thought Nevada vs KSU was going to be a one score game.
  6. Loved that Riley said he contemplated asking for a review on the play, so that they’d have better field position 😂
  7. Unfortunately, you left the MW, so although you’re 3-0, you’re not included on the MW board 😉 Congrats on the victory last night and the B12, enjoy!
  8. From the 80’s on, the evil empire has done more w their programs than we have with ours. Until Fisher and Hoke arrived both BB and FB were a mess. In the last decade or so, we have started to finally produce programs worthy of our potential. Hopefully, this process continues. I understand the butthurt; I’m a member of the evil empire, but I grew up loving the Red & Black from the days of Don Coryell and Dennis Shaw.
  9. Agree. If the FB and Bball programs continue to achieve. I have to think at some point someone would like greater access to the SoCal area.
  10. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2021/09/16/nick-ford-weighs-utahs/ Apparently you are correct
  11. As you should be based on your body of work thus far, congrats!
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