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  1. Agreed, and agreed about WAR in Wyoming, a beautiful setting for sure!
  2. That moneywise article is garbage. Written by some prima dona dude that thinks, sitting on aluminum benches is barbaric... any stadium with bench seats would be a loser to him. Nothing wrong with UNM’s stadium other than it needs a remodel of the press box. Newer field, new video scoreboard, updates sound system, free WiFi, upgraded food concessions, beautiful view of the Sandia to east, DT ABQ to the NW. My only gripe is that the field is too far away because of the old track that use to be around the field, and that seats need to be added to the grass areas in the NE/SE corners to complete a bowl appearance to the stadium.
  3. I’m really torn guys... on the one hand, I’m a Lobo fan through and through, and really want the team to do well always. But on the other hand, I think it’s time for a change in leadership for UNM football. I like Davie, but I think we need new, young blood at the helm of this program. There’s got to be a good up and coming head coach out there that would do the job at Davie’s wages. Is it wrong of me to want change, which just about HAS to equal another disastrous season, or do I just hunker down and hope for the best??? #tornaboutwhattohopefor.
  4. If you’ve seen the offense for Liberty football, that’s what we’ll be running this year... "I reached out to Joe Dailey because of the impression that Liberty's offense and quarterback made on me," said Davie. "That was the starting point. Joe has an unbelievable background having played the position, and he has coached under some great coaches." Bob Davie https://golobos.com/news/2019/1/18/football-joe-dailey-named-offensive-coordinator.aspx
  5. Frown if you want to Ram1554, but it’s true. The days of bodybag games is coming to an end in the not to distant future. Poor teams like NM Will feel it the most.
  6. Report I’m reading right now says there are/were, structure fires in city of Ridgecrest?
  7. I’ve been saying for quite some time now. The P5 schools will eventually only be playing among themselves. The G5 conferences (yes, that’s you too aac), need to band together, create their own national championship structure in both football and basketball, and start scheduling that way. LJR has it right when they say the P5 will basically become a pro-football-esque league, masquerading as college teams, and the G5 conferences will play traditional COLLEGE football/basketball.
  8. Wealthy... traditional... Who said anything about being wealthy or traditional? What I said is true... Lobo basketball fans are passionate about Lobo basketball. They will have no problem with Weir getting fired, if he doesn’t give them a winning team more regularly than not. New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the nation. But we love Lobo basketball. You rich schools just don’t understand the words “making end meet” anymore. Have your rich school do what we do have to do at UNM to make ends meet, and many other G5 schools also, with not even a 3rd of the money you guys get... you have no idea.
  9. Naw, the fan base is cutthroat. I think Weir gets this year, maybe one more... but if things don’t get any better than this past season, fans will be calling for his head and he’ll be gone.
  10. This past season is the first time in years, that UNM attendance did NOT rank in the top 25 nationwide.
  11. Why he got to be so mean? 🤪
  12. What was the purpose of this??
  13. US ladies with a 2-1 win, over the other most favored team... nice!