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  1. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Amazing… Llobos close out the game on at 13 to 3 run. But that Aztec team is scary good! They got some great athletes on the team. And Pope as usual is scary to Lobo fans every time he touches the ball. Good game SDSU.
  2. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    It was Snake that ran unto the court. Chest bumped Furstinger, lol!
  3. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

  4. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Lobos just can’t get over the hump! Aztecs are long and tall for sure.
  5. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    At the game... good atmosphere!
  6. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Good call... your team is going inside.
  7. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    @Walkonaztec dejavue... sounds like you’re describing coach Neal after Alford left here!
  8. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Obvious you don’t follow Lobo basketball so I’ll politely say this... UNM does not attack the rim. The offense is inside out. They’ll probe around the middle, hoping the defense will collapse in, them kick it outside for a 3. We have ZERO inside game. You guys should win the rebounding battle. This year’s Lobo team will live or die by the 3.
  9. SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    Ill be in the Pit this afternoon to see this game. Something about the aztecs that brings out the venom in Lobo fans (them and UNLV as well)! Game time is 5PM MST. Always a big draw when playing these guys! Here's the write up from the #GoLobos site... Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 - 5 p.m. Dreamstyle Arena - The Pit (Capacity: 15,411) TV: CBS Sports Network Radio: 770 KKOB-AM / 94.5 FM Lobo Radio Network http://golobos.com/news/2018/1/19/mens-basketball-lobos-take-on-sdsu-saturday-at-5-pm-in-the-pit.aspx " The Lobos enter Saturday's game coming off of a big win at UNLV with just nine players. UNM (9-11, 4-3 MW) are also ranked in the top 20 nationally in six categories. San Diego State (11-6, 3-3 MW) is coming off of a pair of key losses to Fresno State and Boise State, but have come away with some outstanding wins this season including a victory over currently ranked No. 13/14 Gonzaga earlier this season."
  10. What we learned from this week of MW basketball...

    Will we be able to see that BSU/Nevada matchup? I’d be very interested in seeing that game.
  11. Lobos complete coaching staff

    Thanks for the info Lobo Amor!
  12. Larry Eustachy Says It’s About the Players

    ph is right though I’m regards to CSU. At 10-10, the kids are doing well INSPITE of coaching!
  13. Ok.......I will say it .........

    Yup... definitely new money... Urban Dictionary: new money https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=new money people who have recently acquired money and feel the need to show it off by purchasing flashy houses, cars, clothing and jewelry, and "general cockiness for recent college basketball success"... Generally tacky.
  14. Ok.......I will say it .........

    No worries, UNM will be back to assume it’s rightful basketball throne! But seriously, it’ll be a good thing when this conference can finally get back to multiple bids and a consistent big 3 plus. That would guarantee a MWC tournament a jam packed T&M (and maybe a name brand tourney sponsor again), and regular big dance invitations. I have no doubt UNM, UNLV, SDSU, will get back to form, and the new money Schools currrntly on top will remain strong as well! The future is bright for MW basketball! Ok... one more hit off the bong, but then that’s it!
  15. New Mexico at UNLV

    Inexplicably, Coach Weir says he team is going to “run with the rebels”, but wants to use the full court press as well for a team that plays lousy defense!? O/U on this game is like 180 or something like that... if he can’t get his team to play defense, but still wants to run with a team like UNLV, this will NOT end well for Los Lobos! Rebels by at least 16 tonight.