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  1. #Snowflakes! 6.5's are common up here in Alaska! jk, lol. I've felt several up here over the years, so you kinda just go with it. But when they happen in places where they are somewhat rare... they can be scary AF!
  2. Well... hate to break it to you buddy... as of yesterday, we’ve got 1 in quarantine up here. Ill PM you the details.
  3. It does. About half what NM does, if i can believe the covid tracker App on my phone, about 50 in Ak, and now about 100 in NM... with 1 covid related death in each state. I’ve got a big decision to make before i leave Alaska in mid April... stay, or go home.
  4. New Mexico getting serious about it now... Now i have to self quarantine for two weeks going home to NM, and coming back to work in AK!
  5. Ogden eh? Beautiful campus USU has there!
  6. CSU... but use this one!
  7. Damn it Boise State! Why you always gotta bite the hand that feeds you...... oh wait..... never mind.
  8. They didn't even give MM a chance. Just nut kicked him and went about their business... thats Some CBC shet right there! CBC = cold blooded christians.
  9. I would think you'd want to trounce him in the 1st round! That way, you can brag that he wasn't even sweet 16 or elite eight, worthy... let alone final four, like you... I'm pulling for ya buddy!
  10. @Spaztecs... definitely, @Spaztecs... your 15 minutes of fame are commin’round the corner!
  11. So, with the MWC Baseball season cancelled, and UNM having the best over all record in the conference; do we win the MWC regular season baseball title, and, since no conference games were played... are we all MWC co-champions? Also, congrats to Boise State, for finishing second in the MW, in their inaugural season!
  12. 60 Minutes-Australia showed this story last week about “wet markets” on their program. Extremely eye opening stuff.
  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing him coaching at the Pit. We’d be the Louisville of the west... is that a good or bad thing?
  14. Pry that roll of toilet paper from your cold dead fingers... atta boi!