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  1. @Swoll Cracker, hey buddy, just heard breaking news, that the battle for first place/ RST, between UNM and CSU in women’s basketball, got moved to Albuquerque. Who you got in that match up? per @GeoffGrammer Breaking: Two Lobo women's basketball games WILL be played in the Pit this week for first time in more than a year (for college games), and a Mountain West championship is on the line. No fans, but @UNMLoboWBB
  2. Los Lobos complete the sweep of Air Force, winning today 11-4. UNM now 4-3, 3-0.
  3. No way UNM can afford Marshall, he won't come cheap. AD Nunez said he has secured "private donor funding" to buy out Weir's remaining contract, but we still owe lil sis to the south 275K for grabbing Weir from them, and we may still be paying for Neal as well, as I'm still unclear about that situation since Alford picked him up. UNM will end up with what's being referred to as a "reset coach". Miles (not a bad choice IMO), Marshall (can't afford him), Frank Martin (slightly better over all record than Weir, but did take his team to a F4), are just some of the names being floated in Lobola
  4. UNM takes the night cap game to sweep the AFA, winning the 11-7 and just now under the lights, by a final score of 5-2.
  5. Lobos win game #1, 11-7. With high winds blowing out to straight away center field, it can make for a high scoring game! Game #2 of this doubleheader starting shortly. Game is on the MW Network. https://themw.com/watch/?id=6218445217001
  6. Great to see Lobo baseball playing at home, and fans in the stands! Lobos lead the AFA 11-5 after 7.
  7. Eddie Nunez Presser on the Coaching Change going on RIGHT NOW, here... https://www.1017theteam.com/
  8. Alot of folks over on the LL, think that UNM AD Eddie Nunez, already has a coach in mind, Martin from South Carolina, And or Greg Marshal, a "bird in the hand" type person. I for one, hope not! I hope he has an open mind and conducts a full blown coaching search. There could be several up and coming coaches and other previous head coaches out there, that would be a good get for the Lobos. UNM's last two coaching hires (Neal and Weir), were "bird in hand" hires as well, and look what happened! If word gets out that Nunez already has someone in mind, that might deter some very good coaches
  9. Looking like it was a known happening within UNM admin and the AD and coach Weir, just waiting to find a time to make the announcement... late this afternoon/evening?
  10. Paul Weir resigning... https://www.abqjournal.com https://golobos.com
  11. Just wondering why everyone in the league was all over UNM, calling the team scared and wussies, when coach Weir postponed the SDSU series, but not so much, if any, against Wyoming, for basically the same thing? Asking for a friend.
  12. That all may change by the end of the month or early March. We've got to start somewhere, and this is a START. Maybe this weekends series with the AFA at the SAS, will further prove to the state, that they can safely extend down to the high school level. The science is real, but like anything else, it comes down to how its applied. Outdoors is safer than indoors, but I believe we can also host safely indoors as well, but for right now, it's still a covid numbers game to state government.
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