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  1. A very low Covid risk here in Albuquerque. Easy access for hockey teams like the Stars, Avalanche, Coyotes, Knights, Kings, and Sharks!. Could have held games at the Santa Anna Star Center, or Tingley Coliseum. But nooooo... The NHL didn't take my proposal seriously... BASTARDS!
  2. LL reporter post says that UNM did 88, with 1 positive case, but didn’t say if it was a player or staff. grats to CSU with as many cases that are in your state.
  3. And now there’s this... permanent lung damage? Herd Immunity game changer if true! https://www.fox5dc.com/news/covid-19-damages-lungs-of-asymptomatic-and-most-severe-patients-alike-scientists-believe
  4. Speaking of minimums, what are the minimum teams a school can sponsor to be a MWC member? Seems the MWC, would have to give a pass to member schools that need to drop programs due to finances. UNM had previously cut 5 programs, so we already know the pain of losing programs.
  5. "It will save the university $3 million." So, this being your almost first season... that much.
  6. If this has been posted before, my apologies, and admins, merge if needed, but this is very interesting, and quite possible, what's going on... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/boomer-esiason-are-sec-teams-clemson-seeking-covid-19-herd-immunity-before-cfb-season/ar-BB167EsY
  7. CSU... got to be the rammies! We got to get that damn, snake bit, ram monkey. off our backs... been too long!
  8. We’re going on, business as usual. We’ll be able to spread out 15k in our near 40k stadium, fairly easily. Just pity the folks made to sit on the east side of the stadium, the sun can be brutal for afternoon games. i hope we can schedule mostly evening games, but thats wishful thinking.
  9. That will be quite the feat, considering my wife died years ago. But hey, maybe a couple of my ex girlfriends would like to see.
  10. "The SilverBacks"... Pays homage to the silver mining in the state. Also a mascot would a really muscular gorilla!