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  1. And one less body bag game for a certain team in Nuevo Mexico!
  2. Hard to believe St. Mary’s was ranked when they whipped UNM pretty convincingly just a couple weeks ago, to now being just 3-5?
  3. That's ruff. Best of luck to him and his family, and hoping he gets healthy again soon!
  4. Personally, I still think that the MWC will bail out the twins with this agreement, and then somewhere before the 25/26 season, we will see how twins have been working to destroy the MWC for their own benefit. They are working secretly together to gut the MWC, imo, and us bottom dwelling schools (UNM).
  5. From the MWC... "Next season, all 12 MW teams will play seven traditional Conference football games in addition to one contest against either Washington State or Oregon State for a total of eight games (four home and four away). The games against OSU and WSU will not count toward the conference standings, and neither Pac-12 school is eligible for the MW championship game. The Mountain West is currently working on the football schedule and will release matchups soon." https://themw.com/news/2023/12/01/mountain-west-announces-football-scheduling-agreement-with-oregon-state-and-washington-state/ Abq paper... https://www.abqjournal.com/sports/oregon-state-washington-state-mountain-west-agree-to-football-scheduling-arrangement/article_c010b16d-98f7-56c9-bbd9-87c0ecae88b8.html
  6. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna borrow your list and post it on another site. Great info here, much appreciated!
  7. I don’t think he’ll take it either. With Kill being his best bud, I don’t know that Patterson would want to build any animosity, having to recruit and then compete against him. Besides, UNM won’t pony up any more money for a decent head coach to even consider. IMO, UNM will hire an up and coming and young, FCS coach.
  8. UNM fans when concerned family members and friends call to check on them...
  9. So I’m watching Colorado at Utah. Guess they’re appointed rivals in the Pac-12? And im watching it on the Pac-12 network… on YouTube?
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