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  1. LoboMan59

    USGA Champions!

    Congrats to CSU. UNM golf has really fallen off the map. Use to be good and always battling UNLV iirc. UNM sports over all has dropped a couple of levels it seems.
  2. LoboMan59

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    SO... anything Muss says positive about any other MWC school or coach is just smoke and a lie b/c he’s just using coach speak; and believes he’s superior to the rest of us... got it... #BYUmuch?
  3. LoboMan59

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    Did you watch the presser? I don’t recall him mentioning SDSU... he did say that currently in the MW, there’s Nevada, then everyone else... and that hopefully his team and others would be able to step up and challenge (I’m paraphrasing but that the gist of what he said), that sounds disrespectful to you? “Methinks” that you just WANT Nevada fans to feel like your team is disrespected?
  4. LoboMan59

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    Coach just flat out said he's modeling off of what Nevada has/is doing, giving them major props. Looking forward to seeing what his team will do as well this year.
  5. Any of you guys have an update of what your programs are up to/doing for the upcoming season? Here's Coach Weir's first update on his Lobos for the upcoming basketball season. Good info here for Lobos fan board members to find out whats up...
  6. Agreed OrediggerPoke. Nothing screams big time/ratings boon for UNM/ WYO basketball, than marquee matchups with Pepperdine and Pacific! #notinterested
  7. LoboMan59


    Sounds to me like more of a “the rest of the MWC teams need to step it up” as opposed to BSU getting s good deal for the MW... don’t see how the other teams flopping and losing to sunbelt teams is any of their fault... can you explain how it would be their fault? Other than the excuse that the other MWC team were to busy bitching and moaning about the BSU deal to think about beating a sunbelt team!?
  8. LoboMan59

    All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines

    Not many coaches words or advice can hold sway over a women's, umm... persuasions. Her “charms” make for a formidable foe!
  9. LoboMan59


    Your team is in here because of them so... pick your poison if you wish, but "BSU being here" is a good thing for the MWC. Some folks here think its been a one way street, but the truth is we've used each other. Some teams in the MWC (including my Lobos), would not even have a sniff of national exposure if it weren't for BSU being in the MWC.
  10. LoboMan59


    Gonzaga played the MWC for fools, and turned the WCC into their very own whore concubines… And are now laughing all the way to the bank! That is all.
  11. LoboMan59

    NBA Playoffs Thread

    Since I don’t have directv, I don’t even know what’s going on in the NBA/NHL playoffs... are the Seattle SuperSonics, and the the Winnipeg Bluebombers still in the hunt?
  12. https://twitter.com/UNMLoboFB/status/990403758529146880?s=20
  13. LoboMan59

    Nevada/ASU, NM/St Marys Hall of Fame Classic 12/7

    I’m thinki a trip to the LA area is in order!
  14. LoboMan59

    When will Josh Allen be drafted?

    Quite the accolade for JA... he’s in great MWC company... In 2000 (the first draft since the league’s inception in 1999-2000), @UNMLoboFB’s @BUrlacher54 and BYU’s Rob Morris were picked in the first round of the #NFLDraft .