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  1. Not sure who edited my post... but i put down 58, because that how bad the ass whipping looked and felt!
  2. Like anyone from UNM needs your respect. GTFOH.
  3. 99-78, what an ass whipping, again!
  4. Wow, those last two plays, Lobos just let them go... way to give up.
  5. Rebels starting to pull away like they should be Lobos have run out of gas.
  6. For some reason, Weir thinks JaQuan is the best thing ever! But he’s more a liability than an asset right now, he really sucks and I’m tired of his constant pouting!
  7. One year... they were good one year... but great research!
  8. Um, UNM hasn't been a 3 pt shooting team since like... they never have been. If we hit 6-7 a game, we’re on fire! Lobos get a majority of their pts inside. The only decent 3 pt guy we have now is Vante, and at times Maluwach, but he’s missed 3 wide open shots.
  9. Totally serious. Every lot near the Pit cost 10 bucks to park. Only free parking is in surrounding neighborhoods. So totally surprised the huge parking lot in front of the Mack, is free. Wouldn't matter if UNM was 0-20... UNM would be like... $10 please.
  10. Not at all. Im from the wide open southwest. Have always driven everywhere, Never been a fan of public transportation, even rented a car in san fran, and chicago... but thanks for the “not useful” comment!
  11. Vegas fans... any free parking near the T&M? Not really an Uber kind if guy, but if theres limited parking there, maybe i should?
  12. That’s what’s weird about this year’s “Doctor Weir” (he’s even announced as Dr. Weir in the Pit).... last year, he was quite emotional! A yeller and a screamer; i remember seeing a pic of Vance Jackson, holding Weir back as he was screaming at a ref! This year, he’s calmer, more docile. He's gone into “preppy, cool professor “ mode. Id love to see him come out in a regular suit and tie, And show some fire again.
  13. Weir went from worrying about how he was going to distribute minutes, to keep his starters happy, and his bench engaged... to worrying about WHO to give the minutes to on his bench now. Like Weir said in his post game interview; now is the time for the guys on his bench, to prove to him wrong, and that he should have got them off the bench sooner. And he’s right. He’s going to need guys to step up now, lets see who does.
  14. Agree with @Swoll Cracker. No Vance Jackson fir the next couple games at least. Keys to an easy win for Vegas... 1. Pressure JaQuan Lyle all game long. He's very sloppy and lazy when handling the ball. Easily gets frustrated, and pouts when calls don’t go his way... openly. He’ll yap at the refs about it! 2. Crash the boards... hard! Corey Manigault is the only experienced big man we got left. He’s going to have to play soft D, to Stay in the game. We have Two 6’7” kids in Kuac, and Arroyo, but both have had limited (garbage time) experience. Kuac played hard at CSU, but committed 4 fouls in his time on the court, so he’ll be a foul machine. 3. PUSH THE BALL HARD! We don’t have the horses to run with the Rebels. 4. Hit your 3s! UNM does not play perimeter defense at all. Expect Weir to have the guys play a half court, zone defense. He knows his bench is extremely thin, so he’ll give up the 3pt line, hoping you guys won’t go all CSU on us! lol. 5. I'm in town for the game. So if there’s a Rebel fan on here that going to the game and would like to meet up... maybe buy me a beer, to drown my sorrows in? oh yeah... Go Lobos!