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  1. As important as Mathis was to the team, it’s hard to imagine why Noodles benched him like he did. Imo, Noodles was hoping Mathis would transfer, but he stuck it out, and karma took care of both of them!
  2. Believe it or not, he was! Neal was the guy in the huddle that did a lot of the talking to the guys, Alford would have a few words as well, but his temper would be tampered down by Neal. Our current coach (Weir), has a huge temper problem imo, and he reminds me a lot of Alford, but unlike Alford, Weir has no one to throttle him back when he goes off... I hate seeing him grabbing players and screaming at them during a game, very disturbing to watch. i agree though with most of the Lobo posters on here. Together, they would compliment each other, and recruiting would be good... though I don’t know if Alford would got to much with high risk transfers, but he’ll go for graduate transfers and jucos that can play his style of pressure defense. But if Alford ever left, or got the axe, move on with a whole new coaching staff!
  3. Alford’s upcoming Nevada teams will be a force to be sure, especially if he brings back Noodles to be his assistant coach! (sorry, couldn’t pass that one up!). He’ll bring in top recruits and the drop off will be negligible. Can’t wait to see how UNM fans react to him when he returns to the Pit! I for one will be happy to see him!
  4. You can’t talk to a black man like that! Van Tate would punch you the mouff!
  5. If Van Tate is reporting it, it’s got to be right! “A reliable source in Reno has told KRQE Sports that Steve Alford as the Wolfpack head coach is a done deal.”
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.krqe.com/amp/sports/local-sports/harriman-is-leaving-new-mexico-basketball-for-cal/1912494512
  7. He’s back!? Just curious but, has anyone called the number listed by his name? I may do it just for s**ts and giggles! But would be cool if say, a Nevada fan called it, in search of a new coach, and wondering if they should drop Alford from their search list! Edit: UNM associate head coach Chris Harriman, has been let go by coach Weir so.... just saying...
  8. Agreed, but I think that TT plays more aggressively and more physically than Virginia, and the wrong ref team may not like that.
  9. That’s the rub for this next game. If TT gets refs that allow for. Physical game like they had against MSU, then they’re good. If not, the whistle could work against them.
  10. I know they’re from the area here, and it’s expected that we cheer for the team in our area, but I’m pulling for Virginia. TT fans will be unbearable if they win it all.
  11. While I was in SD this past weekend, they were showing the UNM@TAMU blowout, 55-14. Nothing like watching a rerun of your team getting blown away in another MWC city!
  12. Neither... he’s a good man st heart, but I just think we need a change. A young up and coming coach that can connect with his players on a more personal level... and a guyvthat can connect with the community as well. Davie has rarely interacted with the general public his whole time here, and its hurt him and his program. He’s never accepted or wanted to perform in that aspect of his job.
  13. Win or lose, I think Davie is having his last year here.