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  1. WYO @ UNM will be for the SEC MTN division title... mark it!
  2. Signed, Steve Alford 😝
  3. You got that right @NevadaFan. If Weir has any kind of success here this coming season, and say he has an even better season in 2019... he’ll be gone as well. I think that G5 schools that have any kind of longer term coaching success, will eventually lose those coaches, especially if they are young up and comers. You may be onto something, going after successful older coaches who are looking for that one last coaching spot to call it good at.
  4. Hey, I’m not a Muss follower, so I don’t care to know much about him, or where he’s from, or what his basketball career was with what ever team... but you know what I meant. It may not be SD, but don’t fool yourself, it’ll be someone with way more money than Nevada can offer to keep him there.
  5. LoboMan59

    ESPN+...what Disney Mgt hasn't told investors.

    ESPN+ doesn’t include the mothership, or even espn2 or U. correct? I’ve been tempted to buy a subscription, but I’m not seeing those channels offered in the lineup. I have no interested in getting the golf/tennis/soccer/ping pong channels! And all they say is they’ll offer “college football”, but what college football? Until i see ESPN/2/3/U, sec, big10, or att sports channel (at least 1 or 2 ch’s anyway), I’m not buying in. I’ll stream what I can or watch what presented on the big4 tv channels, or gontomsports bars in the mean time.
  6. LoboMan59

    The Mike Locksley Alabama Bio

    And don’t forget... we also have the loneliest 3 digit scoreboard in the MW, if not the nation!
  7. @battle.borne I agree with your statement about a rising tide and all, but in regards to Muss staying... if his alma mater or huge P5 school, or an NBA team were to offer him, 3-5 mil a year or more... you think he’d still stay, even if he knew that Gonzaga said they’ll join the MW (hypothetically), in say 3-5 years?
  8. LoboMan59

    BIG Moment

    Hey stunner, what is the capacity of the LES? Any recent upgrades? Still one of my fondest memories was watching UNM vs BYU there. The place was packed, and had lots of coug fans saying how much they liked playing against Los Lobos. Tons of beauties walking around too, unbelievable eye candy! 😇
  9. Dr. Phil to the MWC...
  10. Not. Gonna. Happen. That ship has sailed. The MWC can’t sit around waiting for them... especially in your scenario where Nevada is F4 team. Why would Nevada want to share top billing with another team? That’s why Gonzaga stayed in their conference, being top dog has its privileges. Besides, if the Wolfpack did become a F4 team, Muss will be high on several P5/NBA team’s coaching list... Muss won’t turn down millions of dollars just to stay in Nevada. If the MWC can get its big three back up to snuff (SDSU, UNLV, and UNM), and the lower part of the leagues gets much stronger as well, we won’t need the zags. They will get to the dance in a one bid wcc, that’s why they stayed there. The MWC can return to being a consistent 3/4 bid league just fine without them.
  11. LoboMan59

    CSU in Boise...

  12. LoboMan59

    Yo Jalapeño, you got some 'splainin' to do...

    Agreed! The best college in New Mexico is New Mexico Tech... by far.
  13. LoboMan59

    What are you hoping to hear out of fall camp for your team?

    I’m hoping to hear that the Lobos have found, and are going to stick with, ONE quarterback this year. We need to find a consistance leader at that position, and quit jacking around with a 2-3 QB rotation! Injury or just flat out not getting it done, would be the only reason to swap a QB out. I hope we finally have a guy that’ll be that one QB that has all the tools needed to run our offense.
  14. Couldn’t select any of your options stunner. Especially your first choice... suggesting that Montana fans would be offended, but Wyoming fans would be thrilled? And IMO, all MWC schools should not be scheduling FCS schools. Hate that UNM has incarnate word (don’t even care to look up what they are), but yeah... I would have preferred you had given the choice of MWC schools shouldn’t schedule FCS schools at all. Plenty of other G5 and lower P5 schools out there that can fill a schedule out. And since P5’s will soon elect not to schedule G5’s anymore. when that happens, maybe then, we can rethink the FCS scheduling argument.
  15. LoboMan59

    2018 MWC Predicted Order of Finish

    You forgot to add “and beast”! Can’t wait for the football season to start... baseball just isn’t cutting it for me, lol.