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  1. I still haven’t got a clear answer to my question about Davie and his OC/DC play calling, which is... do they call what they want to call, or does Davie block or change their calls? Really hate it when a team makes a few good plays, they go up to the line, get set, then the qb fakes slapping his hands together, then everyone relaxes, to look at the sidelines... wtf is that all about? There is no flow to the game that way!
  2. If it were up to Lobo fans, we’d have fired him two seasons ago... not up to us, and I guess a near empty stadium, doesn’t carry any weight with those who do decide!
  3. The school can if it wanted to... but the new president wants the athletic dept to fed for itself. UNM, like just about every institution, has a large endowment, but they don’t want to use school money to bail out sports programs... that’s why UNM cut programs last year, including a very successful men’s soccer program. i suspect that there are plenty of people on the academia side, that would rather see football fold, than bailed out.
  4. Davie’s contract at UNM runs through the 2021 season, and as was mentioned before, UNM doesn’t have the money (in the athletic budget), to buy him out. So I would be highly surprised if he got fired, this year, or even next. Where’s our sugar daddy when we need him!?
  5. A couple years of the AFA chop blocking your team, will break you of that enthusiasm real quick!⛑
  6. Say it with us, Brother Warbow... demand he let you go... cast it out of you brother, cast it out... can I get a amen!?
  7. We chipped in a little bit too, we can’t afford to let Hawaii, or any other conference team, take out OUR Broncos! We’re depending on OUR cut of BSU’s money bowl game, to help buy us a new coach... and with the 100pts, BSU will lay on us when we play them, that should be enough to push the AD over the edge, and fire Davie! NOBODY messes with OUR meal ticket... NOBODY! 😡 Oh yeah, go Broncos, go Lobos!
  8. But if his base is 442K, and we fire him, then we’d owe him the the remainder of this years pay, plus 884K, to vamoose. He wouldn’t be able to do anything to get any incentive pay... que no? So, still, a million dollar buyout to leave right now... S**t!
  9. According to an article today by the local fish wrap “Davie, 65, whose contract runs through the 2021 season, said he wanted to turn around his program and return the Lobos to bowl games as in 2015 and ’16.”... yikes, two more seasons with this guy? Please no... if there is a football God... please no!
  10. The sad part about all this is, as a diehard UNM fan, I've learned to expect, and accept, losses like this. I use to take losses hard! Now, I think, what ever fans are left, they're just as broken as the program is.
  11. They'll hang 60+ on us for sure anyway. At some point, Davie will figure out that somewhere during the game, BSU substituted their entire team with Boise High School, so he'll decide to pull his starters too!
  12. A sugar daddy/family, to adopt us and buy us a winning coach, who can at least find a QB that can chew gum and connect a pass from time to time! I can’t believe it, in all his years here, he’s not been able to recruit ONE decent QB to build an offense around. But then again, he hasn’t been able to settle on an offense yet either so... and defense is what he hangs his hat on when talking about his past... that’s a hardy belly laugh right there! if anyone wants to argue coaching versus talent, bringing up Davie, will win that argument for you! In his case, it’s definitely coaching!
  13. You could not be more wrong! He had it going good for a little bit, but he’s lost everything now. Rocky long had It going here as well, but a very stupid AD here drove him off. It can be done again, but the right hire has to be made. It can happen again here... but it’s gonna take time and money.
  14. He must be fired NOW! I’ll contribute to a go fund me site even. He has got to go!
  15. Just saw the final, and I’m not surprised one bit! Bob Davie has got to go, NOW! Claims to be a defensive coach... his defense wouldn’t stop me, and I’m 50lbs overweight! UNM will be no worse off firing him right now, than waiting to fire him at the end of the season... near complete fan support should just about be dead now.