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  1. @shizzle787… HOW DARE YOU! I HOPE you cleared it with @Cowboy before starting a realignment thread? You’re in BIGLY trouble if you didn’t!😡
  2. Good question. I’ve always loved french vanilla ice cream with my apple pie only, but really starting to like with pecan pie as well!
  3. Im wondering which aac troll owns this sock? Constantly pimping the aac, when they jave zero leverage tolure away a MWC school. G5 1-5 = MWC, Sunbelt, MAC, aac, CUSA.
  4. I voted for UNM being the TOTW. I didn’t expect us to win, but i did think we’d at least score a little and cover the point spread! We looked like a bad fcs team out there at times.
  5. Great 'Nostradamus' call! And Pepto Bismol IS in high demand, but hard to find, all across Bruin Country!
  6. Good win Rams. You really dominated on the road.
  7. The past should not be an indication of the present/future (Air Force has been hinting at being in a conference with NAVY for years...Hell, SDSU and Boise State left the West to play in a conference with Eastern exposure before.) Lots of changes/new visions have happened from then to now. Until I see article’s CONFIRMING any of our teams having made contact with the glorious aac, then threads like this will be nothing more than here-say as far as I’m concerned.
  8. On Planet Point Spread Is 31+?
  9. Good job Aztecs! Always a good thing to see zona and its fans get trounced in their own house.
  10. Lobos start the season 2-0, and are on a four game winning streak… Imagine that!
  11. Rivalry game for sure… 21-20 Lobos.
  12. Lobos don’t have the kicking game like they’ve have in the past. Missed FG, Lobos still lead 14-3.
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