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  1. Not trolling you, but where are you getting your information from? There’s been one death of a college football player already, and this article sounds a little scary to me... ”A noted University of Illinois computer science professor has some troubling data to consider regarding widespread infection and even death. Dr. Sheldon Jacobson told CBS Sports he expects a 30%-50% infection rate of the approximately 13,000 players competing in FBS this season. Based on his research, he also projects 3-7 deaths among those players due to COVID-19“. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsspo
  2. the Dakotas are the biggest hotspots in the country right now... ”Over 1,000 students at the states’ four largest universities (the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University and University of South Dakota) left campus to quarantine after being exposed to the virus, according to data released by the schools. The Sturgis rally also spread infections across the region, with health officials in 12 states reporting over 300 cases among people who attended the event.” https://time.com/5888513/north-south-dakotas-covid19/
  3. UNM reports a 3.6 million dollar budget deficit, but we're moving forward with playing. Trump will bail us out.
  4. Get a pontoon boat. Just you and you homies. Your the captain, making your own party rules!
  5. I don't get his beef with the AFA? This is about winning the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy. Regardless if all three teams come into that 2 GAME SERIES undefeated, or winless, it’s about just those two games! Winning the CiC trophy = two wins to glory, and bragging rights for the year for the winner of said trophy, over the other two. One will care what each teams season record is or was, it’ll be either 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2... that’s it, as far as the trophy is concerned.
  6. Get use to it racist troll. We ARE in the conference... and you'll NEVER change that troll. If colorado is smart, they'll shut down your school and give CSU's welfare checks to school that deserve it. like UC Boulder, Colorado's only D1 school. You're a racist troll.
  7. Better worry about your own racist program. Best to shut your program down... oh wait, your racist program IS SHUTDOWN and under investigation. Sounds like your AD did your program a solid!
  8. Denver’s horrendous play calling cost them this game. Why the hell, on their last possession, did they throw into the end zone on third down, when they should’ve thrown in the middle for 10 yards or so, to try to get a first down and get into field goal range? I don’t understand the playcalling in that scenario. Do that on first or second down, yeah maybe ok, but I’m third down with a rookie quarterback?
  9. Oh oh... me thinks the Tennessee Titans field goal kicker, just kicked himself out of a job! One blocked, and two wiffs. Leaving 9 points on the field, in a tight game with Denver, may just cost him his big time.
  10. How many games will Army and Navy have under their belts, by the time that the AFA gets to play even one game? Sorry to say, Falcons, but imo, your gonna get walloped by Army/Navy!
  11. She “recommended” not playing, but also said she didn't have say so if The MWC decided to play. But its her original 14 quarantine that was a show stopper, but shes since softened that to allow some travelers here, if they come from non hot spot states. UNM can play if we decide to go, we’d just have to have more road games than at home. Allowing enough time between a road and home game to allow for quarantine if needed. Covid numbers are steadily trending down here.
  12. Who was the cancellation from, Memphis or Houston?
  13. I actually like Mike Golic Jr. commenting on college games, He's a good color man/commentator.
  14. Oh snap... sorry, I'm thinking it's Louisiana with the 14... DUH. So Louisiana must pour it on in the 4th Q? I've got 2 minutes left in the 3rd Q here in Albuquerque. Cajuns just scored now, so it's 17-14 Cajuns... back on earth now... thanks mugg!
  15. But... how does Louisiana get to 14, when they currently have 10 points on the board? one TD, one FG... that's 10... how did they get to the 14 pts you say they have? Am I in an alternate universe?
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