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  1. LoboMan59

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    I voted for my Lobos D. Our terribly soft defense couldn’t stop CSU when they needed to. Hint to FSU... short to mid range passing game across the middle, then go deep! We’ll lose by 30 for sure!
  2. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    18-17 Lobos! Come on defense, gold that lead now!
  3. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Depends on who won the toss. Not sure who won it. But the Lobos will almost always opp to receive in the second half.
  4. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Typical terrible start for Lobo football... damn frustrating!
  5. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    @Swoll Cracker called it when this play started. He said CSU scores when they have to go on 90+ yard drives... and there ya go!
  6. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Damn it Davie! Should have gone for he points!
  7. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    You silver tongue devil you!
  8. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Here’s that famous Lobo terrible start! Esssh!
  9. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Thanks @mugtang! Did I hear right... Los Lobos are favored on this game?
  10. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    @mugtang, hey bud, can you change the name of this thread by adding "game thread", please? May as well use this instead of someone starting a new thread. Thanks, and Go Lobos!
  11. LoboMan59

    AFA/SDSU Official Game Thread

    They were playing not to lose. Hoping their D could do the job, but that last pass catch down to the 5 with 5 seconds left was a killer!
  12. LoboMan59

    Game Thread - UNM vs CSU...

    Great timing again this year for a road trip to FoCo, for the UNM/CSU tilt. Trip to Denver for the weekend allows for a Saturday trip up to see my beloved Lobos, hoping we can break the CSU curse. Rammies just seem to have our number for some reason, but hoping we break that this trip up! If any Rams fans on here want to do a meet and greet, let me know. I’ll be going stag up to FC, and it would be a pleasure to meet some of you. Had a great visit last time there with @Swoll Cracker, and he even had a ticket for me... great guy! Speaking of tickets, I should be able to walk up the ticket window and grab one in the visitors section, right rams fans? Hope to meet some you guys Saturday... #GoLobos!
  13. LoboMan59

    Rank Em

    1. UNM EVERYONE ELSE! What????
  14. LoboMan59

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Take a quick look and any contracts signed for that "fertita money"... make sure there isn't a 'takesy-backsies, if you guys decide to can Sanchez! Good luck the rest of the season Rebels, Lobo fans know how it feels to lose like this all to well!