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  1. UNM admin should probably be in meetings all this week... need to figure out a ‘plan C’ if Nevada cancels football practices (large gatherings). Maybe we go to texas like the basketball teams have?
  2. Funny you should say that... I was thinking of adding that we could have had ZERO cases here in ABQ, if the governor would consider the bubble that UNM lives in. And yes... going through what the football and now basketball teams have to do to even practice, let alone play... I've gotten a little thin-skinned, lol. I support the governor in trying to stem the spread of covid, but think she way off base with college sports.
  3. P5 material for sure... get the word out to the MSM, STAT!
  4. Yoda says: Yes them, tell, at LES, but only... or piss off!
  5. UNM has had ZERO covid cases since moving to Vegas.
  6. Air Force running game, against UNM's defense...
  7. Sorry guys, just getting home and now able to tune in. I see a close game, but I gotta ask... why is SDSU not passing the ball? I heard the announcers say that the Aztecs have had 5 straight, 3 and outs on offense... what’s up with that, your QB go down?
  8. And thinking bout it... I probably jinxed the team, with the title of this thread, because they played like a high school football team... and a bad one at that!
  9. Coach Gonzales trying to figure out how his team went from taking Nevada (best team in the league he says), to the end and felt we should have won... to be totally throttled by a team that hasn't played a game in over 3 weeks. Defense gives up 21pts in the 1st half, only 7 in the 2nd, and forced three TO's but the offense couldn't do a damn thing last night. And the kicking game totally sucked. Even Locksleys teams never did that bad in that department. I hope we get TT back for next weeks game. But taking nothing away from the AFA. They are well coached, well disciplined, and tough
  10. I'm done. GG Falcons, you just owned us tonight.
  11. 2nd quarter and the defense is already gassed... poor tackling... Gonna be a long night for Los Lobos.
  12. Way too easy for air force. For a team that hasn't played in a while, they are firing on all cylinders right now. Lobo offense has to put some sustained drives together and to score. If our defense is exposed to this running attack for too long, its gonna get ugly quick!
  13. http://player.listenlive.co/22401 For Lobos fans or anyone else, that want to listen in if you can’t watch.
  14. I don't know much about the AFA, but I'm hoping we don't have to worry to much about a pass happy QB. I also think that if Rocky has the right athletes, he will know how to attack the triple option. I think the Falcons run a hybrid triple option that incorporates the RPO option in the option. Lobos will have to be wary of lots of screens as well?
  15. "It’s Air Force. UNM isn’t in Albuquerque, it’s in Las Vegas. Air Force runs the triple option, and UNM’s defense is three games old. Air Force hasn’t played in two weeks due to COVID issues and there is no clue who is actually playing. The game with Air Force will kick on Friday night at 7:30 pm on FS1 with Alex Faust and Petros Papadakis on the call and Robert Portnoy and Preston Dennard handling the radio side of things on the Lobo Radio Network." https://golobos.com/news/2020/11/16/short-week-as-unm-preps-for-air-force/
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