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  1. Oh please Francis, of course I know people have different opinions and a myriad of topics. There are always two sides to every story. Maybe the kid or his parents didn't like coach B, or Albuquerque, or the kid wants to see what its like living outside... or maybe the kid didn't fit into what coach B. was looking for. Just maybe, the coaching staff 'whiffed' on a kid that they didn't feel was a D1 prospect/ Happens all the time in recruiting, many a coach/staff has whiffed on not taking players that turned out to be fantastic players down the road... in any sport! Not every kid is going to be
  2. You'll have to buy them a house in the FoCo area at least!
  3. So, is coach Birmingham lying then... He has ALWAYS said, he wants as many NM kids on his roster as possible. I have never heard of coach B. "sending kids to JC"... can you show a link for that statement? ""The veteran coach never misses a chance to say how much he enjoys bringing in-state players into his program. Playing here means a little more to New Mexico kids,” he said. “They don’t always get noticed by other programs and they play with a chip on their shoulder. I like that. If they can help us, I want ’em.” And he came to UNM from NMJC, so yeah, he was recruiting NM kids to play for h
  4. podcast on YouTube. A good listen though for the MWC sports starved...
  5. The Dream Style deal is no more. The Pit is just 'The Pit', and Lobo Stadium is still 'University Stadium'.
  6. UNM's stadium gets a new rug (artificiall turf), this year. Upgraded lighting and sound system, and still has one of the biggest scoreboards in the conference. Other upgrades being done as well to the locker rooms, and a new strength training facility is currently under construction, and tailgating will return to what it was like in past years this year. Lobo Stadium is old, but at least UNM isn't neglecting it. But still, UNM needs a 'Sugar Daddy' so we can get a new stadium for the future invite to the Big12.
  7. 2nd amendment was written in 1791. The first operational machine gun was invented in 1884. Are you referring to the "Puckel Gun? One still had to hand load the gun powder and musket balls into it, and fired multiple balls in one shot... but was NOT a machine gun, or even being a handheld weapon... But it was invented by the Brits. Colonialists outside of a "well regulated Militia" would not have had access to one of these very easily... But thanks for making me do some research out the machine gun. There's a really cool website called 'Forgotten Weapons' Lots of informative youtube vide
  8. Weapons have changed since the days of the founding fathers... this video clip illustrates that point perfectly. The founding father had NO CONCEPT of todays weapons.. https://fb.watch/5ZazpSg3pF/
  9. Manchin being Manchin… https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1269777?__twitter_impression=true
  10. I keep waiting for the Dems to grow some balls, and get down and dirty with the repubs... but they won't. They'll continue to get kicked in the balls, and wonder why they can't get their agenda moving forward. It's hard when you have the trump party refusing to work with them, but when you have people inside your own party that won't work with them, it's near impossible. Biden should pull a trump on Manchin, and threaten to cut federal funding from his state until he gets in line. Dems need to walk in lock step, just like the repubs do.
  11. Lobos fans still need about two more years of success by Danny and Rocky, before we can start chirpin again. ITMT, we'll just sit back and read.
  12. Is there going to be a MWC baseball tourney, and if so, where is it, and are all teams eligible? Baseball has really fallen off the radar here at UNM. What was supposed to be a promising season, turned into a nightmare season, and then with coach Birmingham retiring, I think the program is reeling a bit now.
  13. Agreed... I'm not upset. That's why I got YoutubeTV, for watching UNM/MWC games on FS1/2. And I'm not sure if Rocky (or Danny G.), has an eyebrow raised or not. Hopefully if UNM can make some noise and they're doing better (record wise), than people expected, the networks would scramble to get a good matchup on their schedule... if they can do that anyway. https://golobos.com/news/2021/05/27/lobos-tabbed-for-four-on-fox-networks-one-on-sec-network/
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