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  1. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    As is the usual story line about the Lobos, they struggle to stop or defend any good strong fast guards... CUs wa no different. He blew by the lobos inside again and again.
  2. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Disappointing to see them lose like this. Just can’t seem to close a close game out. And the guy they needed taking the shot at the end (Mathis), fouls out t the end. coach should have had someone else foul.
  3. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    And there’s the collapse... right on time!
  4. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Just got back to camp. Surprised but happy to see the Lobos up at the half! Heard they were up by 17, but I’ll take it.
  5. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    If the Buffs have good 3pt shooters, they’ll have a field day against us... UNM does NOT play good perimeter defense!
  6. LoboMan59

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Depends on what UNM team shows up @Jalapeno. If the team that won at Bradley shows up, I like out chances. If the team that’s played the last two games shows up, it’ll be a cakewalk for you guys! On that note, what kind of team should we expect to see tonight in the Pit... what’s the skinnie on the Buffs?
  7. On ESPN2 tonight... Bill Walton will be doing color commentating for the game. Says it’s his first time to the Pit. Looking forward to seeing his one, and hearing what he’s got to say... for a change! LOL. “Tuesday's game will be available to watch on ESPN2 with Roxy Bernstein and Bill Walton on the call” https://golobos.com/news/2018/12/9/mens-basketball-lobos-host-colorado-on-espn2-tuesday-night.aspx I actually like Roxy’s call, she’s pretty dang good... but please baby Jesus, don’t get Los Lobos get blown out again! That’ll drive fans away big time!
  8. LoboMan59

    ESPN+ anybody use it?

    Doesn’t hurt to try it out during the free trial, just remember to cancel BEFORE it’s up! And do it late in the week sonyouncan catch the weekend free. Yoy have to give them all the information up front, which I hate to do, but shouldn’t hurt to much!
  9. LoboMan59

    Lobos vs SMC

    You’re being too nice... it’s pathetic! Basketball was suppose to be the ray of sunshine coming out of a dismal football season... this is just a continuation of the same ol’ ***t!
  10. LoboMan59

    Lobos vs SMC

    Down 78-45 with 5 minutes left!
  11. LoboMan59

    Lobos vs SMC

  12. LoboMan59

    USU... did Wells leave you anything?

    Davie... help is on the way!
  13. LoboMan59

    You Thought San Jose Football Was Bad

    I don’t really think that’s an issue as most programs import their athletes from around the country. I would imagine that lots of college student bodies, and student athletes, rarely mirror each other % wise ethnically.
  14. LoboMan59

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    I agree with what Lobo Amor said on his reply to your shot at me... but I’ll add that it has nothing to do with past seasons accomplishments, tournament records or appearances... zero. Both programs have had their ups and downs, but when it came to head to head matchups, UNM most always won. So anytime they came beat us, and especially for several games in a row, it’s a big deal for them! When the “Rio Grande Rivelry” was created to give a trophy to which ever school won that years over all head to head matchups, UNM won them all, and it wasn’t even close. I think last year was the first year they won it, and their fans flaunted it like they’ll flaunt this year’s sweep. ive already read statements by some of their fans, saying they should be in the MWC instead of us... that’s the rub, they want what we have. Heck there are MWC fans that feel the same way, LOL!
  15. LoboMan59

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    Yes, he is dug in on this... he keeps talking about his kids needing to “buy in” to his system. But I think the kids are like... I’m busting my ass, and running til I puke for you, so you can sit me on the bench because I didn’t dive for a loose ball, or deflect a pass, or caused a turnover... He’s got talent on this team, but imo, the kids don’t feel that that’s what matters, or is appreciated in his system. IMO, they’re thinking that no matter how good they play, they ain’t be starting anyway...