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  1. When i saw him at the BSU/UNM mbb game. He looked relaxed and happy, and confident. He was shaking hands with Folks in the stands just in front of me. I wanted to ask him a question or two, but he headed to the court before i could.
  2. The A.D. said there was a list of 40 to 50 candidates. That list has been paired down to 10, and he is heading the road this coming week to conduct interviews. And people can forget about Danny Gonzalez… We can’t afford to him, let alone him and the asst. coaches he’d bring in. I’m thinking will end up with a coach out of conference USA ,or the Sun Belt, or even the Mac. Some young, up-and-coming coach that will take a 400 K paycheck.
  3. Cincinnati threw the game… Damn you Bearcats!
  4. Hope it gets better for you guys, Wyoming is my other favorite team in the MWC.
  5. 9-2 overall, 2-0 in conference, ill take it!
  6. Lobos win the rebounding fame 47-29, but turnover machine again with 19... ugly!
  7. Full game stats here... https://golobos.com/sidearmstats/mbball/team-stats;period=F
  8. Lobos winning the board battle, 45-29.
  9. They're like the pretty girl, with no brians!
  10. Lobos are playing bad bit still up so ill take it
  11. Your link is taking me no where @sebasour. Just gives me a blank screen.
  12. Lady Lobos and Cowboys, duking it out in the Duke City... 33-31 cowgirls in the 2nd.