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  1. one issue for SDSU is that it's the end of Funerary...had this loss come in January you've got time to go on a win streak to make up ground in the polls...now SDSU only has 2 games and the MWC tourney to gain ground. It'll be interesting to see how far they fall in the polls.
  2. well done UNLV! that was a fun game to watch...
  3. I could totally see John Beilein going to Minny...
  4. I bet schools start getting strict when it comes to granting releases.
  5. I remember when Memphis football was going 1-11 under Larry Porter and we had to deal with that kind of crap...just smile and nod
  6. the past 90 days shows the kind of drama that comes with an unbalanced revenue distribution. I'm totally happy with Memphis getting 6.94 million from ESPN. 66% of AAC football games will appear on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ABC while 34% of AAC basketball games will appear on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ABC or CBSSN those are the games folks want to watch. I'm fine with giving games like ECU vs Tulsa football, USF vs Tulane basketball, AAC baseball, or AAC women's basketball, etc to ESPN+ so they can grow inventory and viewership. with that said, Memphis came from CUSA where we made 1.1 million per year from our weak TV deal, no team ever made a BCS or Access Bowl, Memphis hoops would disappear from TV once we got into conference play...we never dreamed we would play for Liberty or Cotton Bowls while getting ~7 million to play on ESPN/ABC I'm sure a team like Cincy who got accustomed to that Big East money would see it different.
  7. I simply mentioned CSU as a potential all-sports addition while if we went the AF route (with their approval of course) it would be a football only deal...so yes, one or the other.
  8. no, I said being consistent in presenting a solution that fits the available facts seems logical to me. I also said teams like CSU and AF (football only)...we only need one, I simply gave two potential options.
  9. DWash was the reason we got there so we couldn't be mad at the kid for failing, plus we knew that Cal had an AMAZING class coming in that was going to do something special. It featured two future NBA players in Chris Douglas-Roberts and Shawne Williams. DWash came back, he gelled well with the talented Freshman, and the Tigers made the Elite Eight. That's why this moment doesn't bother me...kid got redemption
  10. I miss CUSA v1.0 Memphis, Louisville, Cincy, Houston, UAB, Marquette, DePaul, St Louis, Charlotte (back when Bobby Lutz had them rolling), etc I really enjoyed being with those schools. In fact should we somehow get a football only member such as Air Force, I'd love to see the AAC add St Louis as an olympic sports member....but I digress
  11. not that it matters but I live in a small suburb of Memphis called Bartlett...I like it fine so far. I'm across from Freeman Park so that's nice. I moved out this way because the Sam's Pharmacy I work at is in Bartlett.
  12. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2020/01/17/memphis-violent-crime-rate-drops-13-1-2-years/4498839002/
  13. I REALLY hope that comes to pass...they have medical marijuana and a higher MW than Tennessee.
  14. I said I didn't know...what do you want me to say?
  15. I know Memphis pays 97,750 per game to rent the Liberty Bowl. Part of that fee is the right to sell 1,100 parking spots to help re-coup some of the rent. There is also a 1 dollar 'stadium preservation fee' on all non season ticket seats sold. The Liberty Bowl also keeps alcohol and concession sales. Our current lease runs until 2022.
  16. I agree. It's probably for the best. Only thing that peeves me is that local tax money paid for a hunk of that stadium so you would think a local public university should get a lower rate...
  17. their fans are spoiled by NFL amenities. so far I've heard 'but it's old...' 'but it's all bleacher seats...' 'but they don't serve beer or mixed drinks...' 'but they don't have massive video boards'
  18. it sounds like they 'just' extended the old deal which was still pretty bad. Temple pays 1 million per year in rent plus the Eagles keep 90% of concessions and 100% of parking...so yeah, no lube.
  19. Temple and the Eagles extended their agreement 5 more years...
  20. that's what I said when I found out we were going to Houston...I was wrong. We also took a shuttle over to the Museum of Fine Arts (maybe a 10-11 minute ride) and then walked to the Natural Science Museum. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g56003-d144355-Reviews-Museum_of_Fine_Arts_Houston-Houston_Texas.html https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g56003-d105911-Reviews-The_Houston_Museum_of_Natural_Science-Houston_Texas.html
  21. hey, you're making 1.8 million dollars more than everyone else in your conf...it could be worse, you could be them.