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  1. "I've never trusted UCLA and I never will. I can never forgive them for taking Memphis' 1973 Championship"
  2. the AAC will be told 'you'll get two and LIKE it!'
  3. Let's see: @Mizzou, Michigan, Arkansas, @VCU, @Texas AM, Clemson, Virginia, and @Vandy.
  4. I'm pleased to be wrong on that! lol ISU fans are not a happy bunch. https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/liberty-bowl-postgame-thread.283126/
  5. it was so COLD today but we had a blast watching Memphis win the Liberty Bowl! Memphis' side: Iowa State side:
  6. I'm afraid Memphis' game against ISU isn't going to go well for us even at home...hope I'm wrong
  7. I hope this drags on for a while simply because conference realignment is how we're justifying and fundraising the Liberty Bowl renovations and that needs to be finished no matter if we're playing Army, Navy, Rice, etc in the AAC or Wake, BC, Cuse, etc. in the ACC. here's to chaos!
  8. it needs to be done either way but that's the hope.
  9. after the city council vote (8y,2n,1nv) the Univ of Memphis now owns the Liberty Bowl Stadium along with 120 million from the State and 50 million from FredEx Smith's family to renovate it. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Articles/2023/12/20/memphis-liberty-stadium-renovations-city-council-transfer-ownership.aspx it'll be nice not renting anymore.
  10. we're hoping all hell breaks lose in the ACC at this point...
  11. if the AAC wanted to expand Liberty + Georgia State would be cool IMHO.
  12. USF had a home game with Alabama so the Tide fans packed the Ray Jay skewing their numbers. Memphis got kicked in the nads when Mizzou told us they were backing out of their home game against us this season so we could either take the 300k payday to cancel or agree to move it to St Louis as a neutral site with Mizzou paying for our travel. Memphis would have featured home games with Missouri, Boise State, Tulane, and SMU. That Mizzou game would have brought out 50k to the Liberty Bowl. c'est la vie
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