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  1. an interesting post I saw on that 'other' board lol
  2. kinda like making the 16 seeds fight it out in the NCAA tourney before playing a 1 seed...at least one of em will get a NCAA Tourney 'W' before being sacrificed to the 1 seed
  3. oh, I agree...I like this proposal WAY more than a 4 team playoff.
  4. not of you actually intend to win the title. if the goal is simply to prove 'hey, we belong!' then sure. wearing out your squad before taking on Bama/Clemson isn't very smart IMHO. I'd prefer 8 teams. P5+1G5+2 At-Large.
  5. they only want a 12 team playoff to make sure any G5 team will have to do a play-in game before playing a top-4 team...
  6. why yea, it's nice to have a proactive Commish over someone like Craig.
  7. Boise's application was denied so now they never really wanted it and are better off where they are...it's kinda like when you lose out on a big recruit.
  8. I believe Memphis and Boise just signed a series plus the Boise UCF series.
  9. something like Tulsa, WSU, SMU, and Houston will make themselves available OOC for Boise to play every year as they're the closest teams...Id be fine with that.
  10. Temple @ BSU ECU @ SDSU UCF @ SDSU USF @BSU this doesn't make financial sense for men's/women's basketball. only way we add a Western member is football-only
  11. due to COVID the 2 year waiver was extended I believe one year so the AAC has 2 more years to either make a decision or get the rule changed
  12. they could put games at the local high school and they would still be blessed to live and play in paradise...
  13. yep, folks said the Grizz would kill Tiger hoops. Cal said not only will it not kill Tiger hoops, we're going to move into their arena and use it to boost recruiting. Grizz players and scouts at Tigers game sitting next to big recruits became a regular sight at FedExForum. our fan base lives out in the burbs and has multiple kids they want to entertain with games...Grizz fans live in the city, are more urban, and tend to be couples, business men/women, wealthy individuals, and company tickets. they seem to thrive together.
  14. Memphis loved Reggie White and the Showboats!
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