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  1. in the short term I would reach out to NMSU for a game and replace North Alabama with a closer FCS squad.
  2. that's a very good point, I had not considered that.
  3. I see no reason Memphis shouldn't be able to play Ark State and UT-Martin. ASU is an hour from Memphis...Martin is 2ish hours from Memphis. Both teams could easily bus in/bus out avoiding any of the risk that comes with staying in a hotel overnight.
  4. yes and yes lol I will add Lausanne's new football team won the private school level state championship only 4 years after being created. https://www.wmcactionnews5.com/story/33850411/lausanne-wins-its-first-football-state-championship/
  5. I played Freshman and JV football at Houston High in Germantown TN. First day of varsity practice I got laid out, knocked unconscious, and I decided to go team trainer so I could still hang with my friends at practice but also not end up with brain damage lol K-8 I went to Lausanne Collegiate School which didn't sponsor football (they do now) so I played hoops, soccer, and tennis.
  6. I never understood Idaho being FCS but not NDSU the Fargo area has like 20% of the States population and the FargoDome is way nicer than Kibby.
  7. he's a typical 'I'll say whatever is popular with my base' type... I really like Doug Jones...prosecuted the KKK and Monsanto as United States Attorney, pro-choice, LGBT friendly (his son is gay), voted to Impeach Trump, opposes the repeal of the ACA.
  8. I don't have a problem with Tubs running for Senate...he's a better man than Roy Moore.
  9. I really like Doug Jones and with Sessions out this is his shot to win as an incumbent...I hope he can pull it off.
  10. damn right...and be it via truck, air, rail, or barge...a crap ton of America's stuff comes straight through Memphis.
  11. I may be cool...but not THAT cool lol I work at a Sam's Club Pharmacy. I appreciate all the PPE they provide us but after 10 hours in this get-up I'm beat!
  12. yes! I forgot about them...they opened 3 location in the past 24 months...folks seem to like them.
  13. I wish they would come to Memphis as Kroger, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market rule the Memphis market along with Save-a-Lot in the 'meh' part of town Germantown got a Trader Joe's and I love it!
  14. I like the Pilot gas stations. You can fuel up, enjoy subway/cinnabon, get a strong cup of coffee, and even take a shower lol cause...you know, everyone wants to get 20 bucks of premium and a shower.
  15. Penny relies on having overwhelming talent and that's fine (hell, it's Cal's strategy) but last season was FUBAR because of the NCAA and COVID so I'm still not sure. I do like that he got his former teammate, Tony Madlock as Assoc HC since he's been an Asst Coach at UTEP, Auburn, and Ole Miss before coming home to Memphis. Tony knows the X's and O's of college basketball so that part I'm not too worried about. I'm interested to see how Penny does recruiting without Mike Miller around. Rumors are we're about to land Moussa Cisse to fill out our 2020 recruiting. https://247sports.com/Player/Moussa-Cisse-46056433/