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  1. that was my reply to the OP without reading the responses...but as they say, great minds and such I disagree on UAB as I really think they have a lot going for them. They balanced the books and were still able to maintain a budget of over 30 million all while building a new practice facility, getting a new football stadium, and winning a lot of games. Andy Kennedy is a perfect fit for their basketball program as well.
  2. in all honesty I think this virus presents an opportunity for ADs/Presidents to cut some sports and balance the budget without the public outcry that normally comes with doing that...I would think these cuts (like Cincy cutting soccer) are things that have been in the works for awhile.
  3. some folks love Southaven/Olive Branch but it's not for me. You've got lots of shopping, the Tunica Casinos 30 mins away, sports with the G-League, and solid city services but you're still paying city AND county taxes there. I'd much rather be in unincorporated Cordova just north of Shelby Farms...you have easy access to the park, walking trails, fishing, horseback riding, etc along with the convenience of living essentially in the city but not having to pay city taxes. something like say this: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/7051-S-Estacada-Way-Cordova-TN-38018/111718239_zpid/
  4. when BSU signs a home-home with Temple/Cincy we'll do a home-home with Wyoming/ Utah State we can compare notes
  5. coming from Memphis it's probably a good bit safer so it would still be an upgrade lol. It's the southern most Canadian city so the climate would be more 'American' I'd think. They have casino jobs along with being the HQ for almost every major US automakers 'Canadian Division' plus a huge VistaPrint factory. I would also think the Ambassador Bridge plus the tunnel would provide easy access to the US. but I've never been there...I'll have to visit sometime, get a Canada stamp on my passport
  6. If I did the Detroit area I think it would be cool to live on the Canada side in Windsor. That way I could cross the bridge or take the tunnel to Detroit to catch a Lions/Tigers game if I wanted to. Windor skyline vs Detroit
  7. I'm sure Thanksgiving games @Wyoming or @Utah State are just a joy[/rollseyes]
  8. I really wish gonzaga had moved to the MWC as that would really strengthen MWC hoops having teams like UNLV, Gonzaga, SDSU, New Mexico, Nevada, Boise State, Colorado State, etc adding WSU now seems like a sage move by Aresco.
  9. I agree and that's kinda the point. Cincy, Temple, Houston, UCF, USF, etc are far more like Memphis than UConn...the Huskies never fit in culturally. They tried, we tried, ESPN tried...it just didn't work out. moreover, they're paying their dues so as I've been saying I hope it does work out for them.
  10. I wish them well as the 17 million they're leaving the remaining members will greatly 'soften the blow' that comes with production costs. I also thank them for the 2014 NCAA championship credits that helped grow a young AAC. Good luck UConn and I believe playing 2 AAC hoops teams home-home is part of the exit agreement so I'm hoping it's Cincy/Memphis.
  11. paying 20.5 million just to break even or come out slightly ahead, esp when you are already 70 million in the hole...doesn't seem to make sense to me. but I wish em well.
  12. 1) UConn's 17 million greatly reduces up front production costs 2) I would be fine with the contract being back loaded as that would mean towards the end we would be making over 7 million per team/per year
  13. Memphis would not be willing to relegate it's football program to independence (no access bowl) just to put olympic sports in a good conference. I mean, we would have lost out on the Cotton Bowl and the monies from Houston and UCF's runs. It's clear UConn values it's men's/women's basketball programs far more than it's football program...that's in conflict with the rest of the AAC as schools like Memphis, Cincy, Houston, UCF, etc do not think that way.
  14. sans Boise's deal...I'm glad we're not stuck with a MWC level deal as 6.94 Million with ESPN exposure is > a 4 million dollar deal with CBSSN/Fox level exposure. if AF, Army, and BYU aren't interested just say thanks anyway and stay at 11 until forced to make a decision.
  15. It's like Vandy without the SEC or Wake without the ACC...they lose their luster and start to fade. they need to up enrollment a by at least a few hundred plus have a donor win the powerball, find a giant moon rock, something like that.