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  1. sounds like the same ole, same ole...AAC wants to expand west with football only memberships for Boise, SDSU, and either BYU or AF should the former say 'no thanks' Boise and SDSU want full membership, BYU isn't interested, and so we're back at square 1 with AF looking like the kid from the meme
  2. yes, he's a smart nerd who worked at ESPN/CBS before the AAC hired him and he looks the part. yes, a smart carnival barker is what G5 conferences need to be heard.
  3. got my first Moderna shot today :-)
  4. oh, I'm all good on my third dose then.....and thx
  5. that'll be a fun phone call to work "yes sir, got my THIRD shot today! of course now I have a really bad headache and funny tummy...but Im on my way!"
  6. same. It's a booster like the shingles vaccine.
  7. I'm now legally allowed to immunize including COVID-19, Flu, Tdap, etc. I'm scheduled to get my first shot Wed.
  8. BSU and the MWC are where UConn and the AAC were...it's just a toxic relationship at this point.
  9. ^ this is so very true. that said, I don't want Boise in the AAC...they don't fit in.
  10. reminds me of Memphis hiring Penny...just be patient with him.
  11. with Navy football only they're a perfect balance IMHO
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