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  1. Ok then...Here let me post a comprehensive list of G5 teams in the CFP
  2. The Access Bowl is part of the CFP as that’s where the payout comes from. The G5 rep in the CFP plays in the Access Bowl. These are simple facts. as for BYU breaking into the CFP… I’ll believe it when I see it
  3. the OP said "to represent the non-P5's in the CFP" the team representing the non-P5's in the CFP plays in the Access Bowl as I understand it.
  4. no, because you have to be a conference champion and what conference does BYU play in? BYU cannot play in the Access Bowl.
  5. being 11-10 against the AAC isn't something I'd brag about.
  6. no, it's not that we have a 'great' PR staff...it's that you're stuck with Craig Thompson. Aresco is a smart carnival barker with good ESPN connections
  7. I agree which is why I really like Cincy this season. Their coach is still there after back-to-back 11 win seasons and they have a legit D. as for the last part, thx :-)
  8. the MD's and PhD's at Tulane put together a smart/safe plan to restart and we did. That's why we keep the smart kids around... I know you don't like the AAC but I'd love to see the committee squirm due to an 11-0 Cincy being ranked in the top 4.
  9. I dunno, Cincy is coming off two 11 win seasons and has started 4-0 with 2 top-25 W's. They have benefited from the B1G, SEC, and PAC starting late and I'm fine with that.
  10. Oklahoma should not be in the top-25 considering they started 1-2
  11. they played #22 Army OOC and #16 SMU in AAC play...plus they still have teams like Memphis, UCF, and Houston to play, along with the AAC title game. 1-0 Boise doesn't get to talk s**t to 4-0 Cincy...but welcome to the party anyway, even if you're a little late.
  12. I'd love to see an 11-0 Cincy break into the CFP.
  13. I'll make it about as far as Horseshoe Lake. My next big purchase will be a 30 foot RV/truck to haul it....if I get tired of a place I'll just hook her up to the truck and move on down the line. Get Dish tv/web and all I need is a power/water hook up.
  14. because we group minorities into the same parts of town with crap jobs, so they can only afford crap houses, so they pay very little in tax for those crap homes which leads to crap schools that make sure the cycle starts over again with their kids. this leads to doing things like selling drugs to make extra money, which leads to getting arrested and violence. so you're correct...being in Memphis makes me notice that very obvious cycle of poverty. thing is if you can run REAL fast, catch/throw a football, dunk a basketball, etc you MIGHT get a chance to go to college for free. Go
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