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  1. ^ this is a good year to play @Ole Miss as they're beatable...hope you guys can pull out the W
  2. I wish my team could bumble and stumble it's way into a major conference like Rutgers...
  3. if UMass if finally ready to go all-in this time I'd like to see them and Liberty join the MAC. UMass, Buffalo, Liberty, Ohio, Kent State, Akron, and Toledo would make for a strong MAC East IMHO. NIU, WMU, CMU, EMU, Ball State, BGSU, and Miami (OH) would be the MAC West. I'm sure ESPN would toss them a few extra crumbs for the additions.
  4. I think I'm the only person who likes the idea of a 6 team playoff. That way the #1 and #2 get something for finishing that high and having an amazing season...you get a bye (and it cuts down on total number of games played). take the 6 highest ranked teams in the CFP poll...no auto-bids
  5. they make as much if not more sense than Maryland and Rutgers... If I had to guess, we'll see 4-5 years of peace and quiet (which is fine by me)
  6. Okay, Okay...Kansas + Iowa State to the B1G along with Texas + Oklahoma to the Pac 12 BYU, Cincy, Houston, UConn, Memphis, and UCF to the Big XII I'd take that.
  7. my hope is nothing happens as I like the AAC as it is... if something does happen I hope it involves the B1G taking 2 teams from the Big XII (say Kansas and OK State) and the PAC 12 taking 2 teams from the Big XII (say Texas and Oklahoma) that way the Big XII will still feature big name programs like WVU, TCU, KSU, Iowa State, Baylor, etc but they would need 4-6 teams to get back to either 10/12 that way there's room for BYU, Cincy, Houston, Memphis, UConn, and maybe even UCF to come join the party. AAC can then back fill from CUSA/Independents
  8. I'm hoping for 4-5 years of peace and quiet...
  9. since Louisville is now in the 'rich kids club' and Memphis loves to hate them...I sure wouldn't mind seeing the NCAA bringing down their hammer of Thor on Louisville...from Pitino to Jurich...Patrino to Sypher-Gate Louisville has made it very easy to make the case for 'lack of institutional control' over the years.
  10. We don't pretend to be. From 1972-2002 Memphis football was an afterthought...we've come along way since 2002, though. Tommy West took Memphis to 5 bowls in 6 years with kids like DeAngelo Williams and Stephen Gostkowski. Justin Fuente and Mike Norvell raised the bar even higher taking Memphis to 5 straight bowl games.
  11. BYU has a solid hoops history. I mean, in just the last decade BYU has 5 NCAA tourneys and 4 NITs, featuring a Sweet 16 and a Round of 32 appearance. I say schedule UNLV and BYU in hoops...
  12. yeah, probably home-home is best...we don't travel well past Little Rock, Nashville, or B'Ham.
  13. Penny wants to beef up the hoops schedule too...we could do a hoops series with BYU like we did with the Zags...home-home but do it in the middle of the conference schedule so you're truly 'battle tested' come March.