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  1. USF had a home game with Alabama so the Tide fans packed the Ray Jay skewing their numbers. Memphis got kicked in the nads when Mizzou told us they were backing out of their home game against us this season so we could either take the 300k payday to cancel or agree to move it to St Louis as a neutral site with Mizzou paying for our travel. Memphis would have featured home games with Missouri, Boise State, Tulane, and SMU. That Mizzou game would have brought out 50k to the Liberty Bowl. c'est la vie
  2. it's SO much better now that Lesion, err, Legion Field was abandoned for Protective Stadium which is connected to Uptown (bars, food, gift shops) along with the Westin/Sheraton. (and their 1100 on site rooms)
  3. hopefully we keep the series going and you get to see it after the 220 million dollar renovation. hell, lets do a hoops series...y'all need to visit FedExForum and we need to visit ExtraMile.
  4. years ago I came by for a visit and never left. I like it here...good folks. I don't troll for the AAC, hell I want CUSA 1.0 back...at least Memphis, UL, Cincy, and Houston were all together.
  5. assuming everything pans out and the SEC can't fill the Liberty Bowl along with Tulane winning the AAC: Tulane - Access Bowl SMU - Fenway UTSA - Military Memphis - Liberty USF - Cure Rice - Frisco that would be perfect IMHO.
  6. if the 'Pac' wanted to simply merge with the MWC would they lose all that money or would it just belong to the new MWC?
  7. someone needs to hire Ryan Silverfield away from us...9 wins and he beat Boise...come and get him!
  8. Memphis lost to Nova in the Atlantis finals. I took a nap after the football game (football Tigers finish 9-3!) and when I turned the hoops game on we're down 22-53. over the next few mins we cut their lead to 56-69. still lost but I was really impressed how the team didn't quit and made a game of it. we still have Virginia, Texas AM, Clemson, Ole Miss, Vandy, and VCU to play so we have plenty of chances to impress.
  9. he did... Memphis reporter asks if the Memphis v Arkansas rivalry will return 'I don't make the schedules' Then who does the ball boy? I know both Penny and Cal did all of the scheduling here.
  10. turkey, beer, family and Memphis beating Arkansas/Muss in Atlantis makes for a great holiday for me and the team :-)
  11. we still need it though...the Liberty Bowl is over 50 and something major needs to be done to keep it viable into the 2030s and beyond. that's true no matter if we're in the AAC playing Tulane, USF, Army, Navy, etc or playing in a P5 conference.
  12. we called out Nashville for spending like 1.5 billion on the Tit's new stadium and said 'uh, what about our 50 year old stadium and our Pro team?' so they gave us 350 million to renovate the Liberty Bowl and upgrade FedExForum to extend the Grizz lease like 20 years (Grizz wouldn't agree without a lot of promised upgrades)
  13. Fred Smith (FedEx) donates 50 million to the UofM to cover the funding gap in the Liberty Bowl's 220 million dollar renovation and Mayor Strickland (UofM grad) intends to transfer ownership of the Liberty Bowl (plus the land it sits on) to the Univ of Memphis before his term ends Dec 31st. That way the Liberty Bowl will finally be our stadium to run however we like. https://www.memphistn.gov/city-of-memphis-proposes-120-million-of-state-grant-fundsand-transfer-ownership-of-simmons-bank-liberty-stadium/
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