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  1. UofMTigers

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    yep, our FedExForum contract requirement of 18 home games was fine when we were in CUSA with 14 conference games...then they went to 16...and now it's 18 games in the AAC. that means we know we will have 9 home games and 9 away game in AAC play...so Memphis has to schedule 9 of the remaining 12-13 (depends on if we play an ooc tourney) games at home. I love our FEF contract but it makes scheduling a pain.
  2. UofMTigers

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    NMSU vs Nevada would be a good game and would solidify both teams OOC schedule IMHO.
  3. UofMTigers

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    just for comparison we still have 3-4 spots open but the current OOC schedule looks like this: Advocare Invitational (Villanova, Memphis, Oklahoma, Florida State, Charleston, etc) Tennessee @LSU Tennessee Tech South Dakota State (they've been to 3 straight NCAA tourneys, and an NIT in 2015) UAB Yale
  4. I'd like to see the NIT go to 64 teams.
  5. UofMTigers

    Utah Gets AAF Team

    I'm hoping he can be a decent back-up somewhere...you can make a career out of that. my dream job would be Brett Favre's back-up.
  6. UofMTigers

    Utah Gets AAF Team

    the Memphis team needs to grab up Riley Ferguson as starting QB and hire DeAngelo Williams as RB coach...
  7. UofMTigers

    Anybody live in SEC country?

    it's like anywhere else...just less teeth, massive portion sizes, and gallons upon gallons of sweet tea.
  8. UofMTigers

    Navy signs own deal with CBSSN for 10 years.

    you guys hate CT and seem to like John Marinatto...hire him as commish. It would be a slight upgrade.
  9. UofMTigers

    Navy signs own deal with CBSSN for 10 years.

    at last count CBS SN was in roughly 65 million homes. ESPNU for example is in 74 million homes.
  10. UofMTigers

    Navy signs own deal with CBSSN for 10 years.

    you're harping on something from 5 years, and a conference commish ago. John Marinatto's grand plan to get Boise and SDSU to join is what cost him his job. The AAC has managed to work out a balance between WSU and Navy football to make the AAC a strong 12 team conference in football and basketball. I give Aresco a lot of credit for making it work.
  11. UofMTigers

    Navy signs own deal with CBSSN for 10 years.

    ESPN gets Navy AAC road games while CBSSN gets Navy AAC home games. That works for me. AAC is trying to keep both Navy and WSU happy in their unique roles.
  12. and Penny signs Malcolm Dandridge for 2019... https://247sports.com/Player/Malcolm-Dandridge-94690
  13. It also just happens to work out that the AAC tourney is in Memphis this season. Penny inherits the 3 best players from last seasons squad who happen to all be Seniors in: Martin (18.9 ppg), Davenport (13.3 ppg), and Brewton (9.1 ppg) to go along with all the talented new kids I mentioned above. in theory they have a good blend of experience and talent that could take them past last seasons 21 win mark.
  14. I've always felt a kinship with UNLV as we're both urban basketball schools that sucked at football. We got our act together in football but it happened at the detriment of our hoops program. That's why we gave Norvell a big raise to 2.6 million. We want to fix basketball while keeping football rolling. let Tony Madlock take care of the day-to-day running of a college program as he has 20 years experience coaching college hoops (and was Ole Miss' interim HC last season). let Sam Mitchell coach Xs and Os (2007 NBA COY) along with recruiting connections. Mike Miller can recruit and is probably great at working with players individually. Penny can run practice, recruit, and do some floor coaching during games along with being the face of the program. like with Calipari, as long as you recruit high talent kids, you can pretty much roll out the ball and win against lesser competition most of the time.