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  1. Memphis has done that...LONG day for me. made me wanna vom...
  2. they've (ASU) come a LONG way in football the last decade. the last 8 seasons Arky State has gone 66-36 under coaches like Gus Malzahn, Hugh Freeze, Bryan Harsin, and Blake Anderson. I wish they would say 'screw it' and hire Rick Pitino to get their hoops program rockin'
  3. Arky State recently demoed their old sky-box setup they built a nice new one and added 1800 chair-back seats
  4. the BE left behind something like 92 million in NCAA credits and exit fees payable over 6 years...that money is why we (AAC) were able to take a high exposure/low pay ESPN deal...it's kinda nice starting a new conference with 92 million in the bank off the bat. Access Bowls now are like BCS bowls then...CUSA never broke through to get a BCS bid and they still haven't got an Access Bowl bid.
  5. I'd say it's more like CUSA circa the late 90s... (that CUSA pulled 2-5 NCAA bids per season) then - now Louisville - UConn Cincy - Cincy Memphis - Memphis Houston - Houston Marquette - WSU DePaul - Tulsa St Louis - SMU South Florida - South Florida Tulane - Tulane UAB - UCF (upgrade baby!) ECU - ECU Army - Navy thing is the AAC has way better exposure (see our current ESPN/CBS deals), way better marketing, way better leadership (Aresco vs Banowsky/MacLeod), along with way better results (UConn's titles in mens and womens hoops...Access bowls from UCF and Houston) and money (leftover from the BE)
  6. Nova and Georgetown have FCS football teams...I wish we had offered them a deal when they play 1 or 2 yearly 'buy' games against UConn,Temple, Navy, ECU, etc for 500k+ to help offset their costs. (when in doubt, buy the vote!) UConn, Cincy, Nova, Marquette, Georgetown, St John's, Providence, Houston, Memphis, Temple, UCF, Tulsa, etc...it would have been a great hoops conference. then when you consider what UCF, Houston, Cincy, Memphis, Navy, Temple, etc have done in football...yeah, It would have been fun (and very profitable, esp when you combine Nova and UConn tourney credits from their NCAA title runs)
  7. and I still feel we are worth more together than separate.
  8. the St Johns fans were some of the main folks on the BE board telling us how much greener the pastures would be for them if they broke away....
  9. It sounds like USM reached out to Tim Floyd, Rob Barnes, and Billy Kennedy to gauge interest so I give them props for attempting a 'splash hire' even if it didn't work out. Coach Ladner is a USM guy who's paid his coaching dues. His SELA squads went 55-44 the past 3 seasons, featuring an NIT tournament. Before coaching at SELA he took Jones County JC to a record of 45-13 in two seasons as Head Coach. I could see him finishing his career at USM. Head coaching record[edit] College[edit] Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason Southeastern Louisiana Lions (Southland) (2014–present) 2015–16 Southeastern Louisiana 12–21 9–9 6th 2016–17 Southeastern Louisiana 16–16 9–9 7th 2017–18 Southeastern Louisiana 22–12 15–3 T–1st NIT First Round 2018–19 Southeastern Louisiana 17–16 12–6 T–3rd 2019-20 Southern Miss
  10. they should have joined the MWC IMHO... Gonzaga, UNLV, SDSU, New Mexico, Nevada, Boise St, Fresno St, USU, etc that would offer far better competition than the WCC
  11. Few is what, 55? They won't have to worry about that for a decade...
  12. there will always be some overlap but they are very different fan bases. Tiger crowds tend to be older, more suburban, whiter alums with a student section thrown in for fun. Grizz crowds tend to be more young and trendy. By that I mean they want you to see what labels and logos they're wearing...it's a social event almost. Tigers and Grizz get along great. I mean, as long as Memphis averages 10,000 per game for the season the Grizz give the Tigers free rent.
  13. delicious..... https://247sports.com/college/memphis/Season/2019-Basketball/Commits/ and we're still looking to sign 2 more.