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  1. I've grown to really like the AAC as Memphis football is experiencing heights we never thought possible in CUSA. 10-12 win seasons? Liberty and Cotton Bowls? Beating teams like Ole Miss, UCLA, and BYU? yeah...I like the AAC.
  2. having WSU has helped cushion the blow from UConn leaving
  3. I just wish the MWC had managed to get Gonzaga...that would have been a game changer for y'all IMHO
  4. I would suggest learning who is actually in the conference...UAB? West: Air Force, Navy, SMU, Tulsa, Houston, Tulane (those would be the teams you see the most) East: Cincy, Memphis, Temple, UCF, USF, ECU the appeal is in the bigger money, ESPN exposure, better start times, things like that.
  5. that makes zero sense...Kevin Ollie dropped their brand with Level I violations including “failure to monitor” that lead to his firing and show cause order.
  6. everyone talks about the Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper, and ServiceMaster that are headquartered here along with the amazing work done at St Jude that ceate jobs...but few realize that Beale St was a run down dump...Graceland was falling apart...and Sun was about to be condemned until it was turned into a massive local tourism industry that create even more jobs. One of the really smart things Memphis has done is capitalize on it's heritage.
  7. oh, and Skyline tastes like dog food...for real...true story.
  8. Memphis has amazing BBQ along with Beale St, Graceland, the Grizz, St Jude, the Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studios, Stax Records, the list goes on...folks love to talk crap about Detroit but when I visited in 2005 for the Motor City Bowl I had a lot of fun. Don't judge a city based on hearsay...go see for yourself and you might be surprised.
  9. lmfao...MTSU should fire their coach.
  10. yay...I don't have to hear about the Tit's anymore this season!
  11. whole lotta spin in that statement. UConn's actions have devastated themselves by allowing Kevin Ollie to wreck the hoops program and making zero effort to truly invest in football.
  12. when asked the MWC commish should have just said 'we'll reevaluate our deal with Boise in 4-5 years when renegotiation conversations begin' there was zero need to shoot a bb into BSU's ass right now.