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  1. I agree...lets give Cincy or Memphis the bid!
  2. all I know is the quality of athlete under Norvell is WAY higher than it was under Fuente. Fuente specialized in the 'diamond in the rough' kinda kids...Norvell goes out and gets four-star QBs from Arizona State and four-star defensive players. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/168580/brady-white https://247sports.com/player/obinna-eze-85538/ we've never had someone recruit like that before.
  3. Norvell has done some outstanding recruiting and brought in a damn good classes for 2017 and 2019 (2018 was kinda meh) https://247sports.com/college/memphis/Season/2019-Football/Commits/ https://247sports.com/college/memphis/Season/2017-Football/Commits/ I'm looking for Brady White and Patrick Taylor to have a killer season.
  4. last I looked we're picked to win by 6
  5. Memphis vs Ole Miss to open the season...I'm ready
  6. they beat Baylor and Auburn in NY6 Bowls plus gave LSU all they wanted. That's impressive IMHO.
  7. make no mistake, I'm just trying to find the good in the bad...losing UConn isn't a good thing but we (the AAC) aren't going to sit around and cry...we'll cash the checks and move on. I'm also glad to see Memphis will keep playing UConn for awhile in hoops...it's a good series.
  8. plus it looks like the Memphis vs UConn hoops series will continue...
  9. they've already paid 2.5 million and we're keeping their 2019 media distribution in escrow until their next installment is paid...moreover, we won't see any increase in production costs until 2020 when the deal actually kicks in.
  10. 17 million pays for a lot of cameras and video trucks...
  11. but but but...I was told by those here that there's no way they pay that full fee
  12. yep, there are some decent options for NMSU including the Frisco Bowl which is essentially 'at large' should they manage to get to 6+ wins.