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  1. I'm sure if UABs TV deal went from paying them 500k per year to 6.94 million per year then the AL-BOR may suddenly be willing to boost their athletic budget 2-3 million. (with most all of it directed to football and basketball)
  2. UAB basketball features an Elite Eight, three Sweet 16's, seven Round of 32 appearances to go along with 15 total NCAA showings in their brief history (UAB hoops was established in 1979 I believe)...plus, they have a few NIT Final Fours to boot. UAB has also established itself on the Alabama 'Board of Trustees' to ensure UAB athletics are safe.
  3. Karl Benson has done a better job with the Sun Belt than Craig Thompson has done with the MWC...JMHO
  4. my question is this...where is the MWC Commish? Why isn't he out there talking up the MWCs P5 wins on every ESPN or CBSSN show he can get on? I give Aresco credit for getting out there and talking up the AAC every chance he gets.
  5. wow...you must be on those new 'legal' medications they have out west...
  6. not much as it's only 4 road football games a year...all their other sports would be in the geographically reasonable Summit League
  7. if the MWC was about to get a deal that pays 3-4 million per team/per year it would have leaked by this point IMHO.
  8. 4.8 million as a football only in the AAC vs making 1.1 million for all sports in the MWC...that seems like a pretty easy choice. only issue I see is actually deciding to pull the trigger and deciding where to park their other sports.
  9. if there is any chance of gaining one of the academies you have to go 'all in' on that option as there is very little of value in CUSA, Sun Belt, or the MAC to add. about the only attractive candidate I see there is UAB. new stadium under construction: nice football support facilities: tradition rich hoops program: plus they have a large market, good academics, and are smack dab in the middle of the AAC footprint...
  10. yes, if the waiver is denied we'll have to move more quickly than anticipated...we already knew that and yes, I've read the rule and know it's purpose...I don't see what I'm supposed to gain from this post.
  11. Air Force @ Tulsa Tulane @ Air Force Air Force @ SMU Navy @ Air Force Air Force @ Houston Cincy @ Air Force Air Force @ Memphis South Florida @ Air Force this would be a typical conference schedule for Air Force...I think they would like that. (I know we would)
  12. after his first couple seasons I had hope he would be a solid coach...now it looks like he's a mediocre coach who did OK with Blankenship's kids.
  13. you forget UConn's 17 million dollar exit fee...that sure covers a crap ton of production costs.
  14. I think 4.89 million (AAC football only share starting next season) vs 1.1 million (current MWC payout for AF) buys a whole lotta f***s on the part of Air Force.
  15. we will do what our ESPN overlords tell us to do. If we add AF it'll be because ESPN said 'Air Force, meet the AAC...AAC, meet Air Force. Y'all be friends.'