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  1. I'm in if there are still openings.
  2. Are you putting you name/company/shit show into the new naming rights? If not? STFU > So tire of peeps not putting anything up but saying anything they want.
  3. You and bluerules should hook up in Taiwan. LMAO. He would love it. He's a maroon.
  4. Means nothing. Florida State was dog shit and will be dog shit. Plus you suck. LOL. And please become a Wyoming fan.
  5. LMAO BLAH. LA LA LMAO. So, with this being a BYU thread, I believe they will be in a conference of some sort. Ideal would be BYU joining both Arizona schools and USC for the B12. There are in the mix but doubtful because B12 would prefer Colorado, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, and Washington over them...so it is doubtful. Next spots to fill are in the P12 but BYU will have a hard time getting Cal and company to agree to an invite. I think the MWC will be the landing spot.
  6. Seriously? This is neat? No one around and the jumped 2 feet and swiveled. LOL
  7. Haven’t read any of the replies cuz one, you’re an idiot, and two, you’re a moron. That is all. Please discuss amongst yourselves.
  8. LOL. You most certainly don't have to have "break away" speed to play college football. PRO? Definitely helps. Downhill style and good O-line will get you through college.
  9. Are you +++++ing stupid Top 25? Do you have any clue WTF the difference between BSU and SUDS is? They have won nothing? BSU has won 3 BCS/BIG bowl games. Get a +++++ing clue. Please don't bring up anything that isn't relevant. That is all. LMAO
  10. you are probably the biggest douchebag around. If I remember correctly you played or went to BSU in the 70's. maybe with the Klotz brothers?
  11. So, a 20-22 year old was the only person that figured this out? I'm thinking some coaches did but there is no incentive to tell the players. They were just hoping none of the players did.