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  1. Old Dominion @madmartigan is up. @BSUTOP25 on deck @Rebel doc is in the hole.
  2. Coastal Carolina. @trl87 You're up for the next 2.
  3. Looks like Wake Forrest is still available. @madmartigan is up and @BSUTOP25 is on deck.
  4. Northern Illinois. @trl87 is up for the next 2 picks
  5. @NorCalCoug I took UAB in the 3rd round.
  6. Looks like @PackNation is up and @NorCalCoug is on deck.
  7. Buffalo Bulls. @madmartigan is up. @trl87 can pick 2.at.any time.
  8. I'll take Florida International. @trl87 is up for 2 picks.
  9. @SJSUMFA2013 Aren't we in the 4th round? If so, we should be going up and since you are just above Sean327. the Wapitipoke has the last pick in the 4th and 1st pick in the 5th and then back to you. My apologies if I'm wrong.
  10. Looks like @SJSUMFA2013 is up now.
  11. @trl87 I believe Wapitipoke34 took Va Tech already.
  12. Houston Cougars. @madmartigan is on the clock. @BSUTOP25 on deck.
  13. Bama Birmingham. @trl87 has the next 2 picks.
  14. Pick your squids Doc. The 2nd Battalion 187th Infantry Rakkasans got the Cadets of Army. Just joshing ya. We all brothers.