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  1. Utah State and BYU if still available. Again, sorry about being late. Overseas travel is a bitch at the moment.
  2. I'm so sorry everyone. I'm in Taiwan for the next few months. I'll catch up today and see if I can actually do it correctly.
  3. Marshall Thundering Herd. If they play conference only it's a winner winner chicken dinner. @PokeTransplant is up. @CV147 is on deck
  4. Washington Huskies. Damn, work puter not letting me post pics. @sean327 is up.
  5. Boomer Sooner. Some reason it didn't post image.
  6. https://idahonews.com/sports/boise-state/boise-state-eliminates-baseball-and-swimming-programs
  7. Him and Joe Biden should team up for Presidency. Biden's got 3 degrees and was at the Top of his graduating class.
  8. They cancelled the Big Sky tourney about 2-3 hours before tip-off of games today.