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  2. Waco precinct reporting high turnout for bears. Still about half the precincts still to report.
  3. Double Gold said this below in BOLD: I merely showed he only went to one natty, not several and not 4 years in row against NDSU. Baldwin took EWU to several FCS natties. It was a four-year, IIRC, rematch between them NDSU at the start of the decade. He was going to replace Polian, but Cal offered a bigger payday to be their OC. It is apparent he wants to be a HC. He must have thought that being the OC at Cal would launch him to Oregon St, Washington or Washington.
  4. What? No doubt a great coach but he lost 1st round in 2009 and won a natty in 2010 and never returned to FCS championship game. 3 semis (12, 13, 16) and a quarterfinal in 2014.
  5. It's not rocket scientology. If he suits up Wyoming thinks he could play. Doh.
  6. Ahhhh, hell tp. It's all good. Didn't mean that personally. Sorry dude.
  7. Lol. You seriously responded with that? FBI? Background check? Griff would be disappointed you had to say that.
  8. Old Dominion @madmartigan is up. @BSUTOP25 on deck @Rebel doc is in the hole.
  9. Coastal Carolina. @trl87 You're up for the next 2.
  10. Looks like Wake Forrest is still available. @madmartigan is up and @BSUTOP25 is on deck.