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  1. More problems for UNC?

    but would sure as hell cash that paycheck.
  2. The entire Scout/24/7 network is offline

    Actually that's a fabrication bullshit. It was never ever the busiest board. More made up bullshit from Solar dude.
  3. Mike Bobo

    We will keep an open seat for you. Lol.😂
  4. OMG, BYU rumored to be invited to SEC

    fukker. Lol.😂
  5. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Once again you're an idiot. Good comeback. And BTW, Ian is my hero.
  6. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    All po uctuation and spelling is not good or Vandalized. Whoop whoop.
  7. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    I skipped to the end. BLUE RULES IS FUKKING TOOL. Half man, or half a man is a dumbass. King spud knows nuttin. All Vegas fans are morons. Mug is GOD. Boise with an A is a deelybopper sumbitch. Top stupid +++++ should stay overseas as stay the +++++ Ottawa everywhere else. Vandal Pride is , vandal HalF pride. WTRASH rules (for all you vandorks) lol. Boise with an A knows nuttin. Did I mention Blue tool is a moron? If not, he is. Mug rules everything on the internet. Oregon sucks. Bronns rock is drunk but having fun in Vegas. Great job by UNLV. AWESOME times. That is all. L the fricking LOL. Go Broncos And the MWC.
  8. Portland @ Boise

    Why are we taking about next year when this year just started. If so, I apologize. This year just started.
  9. Portland @ Boise

    We are taking next year before this year has really not even started. Wow. If you say so.
  10. Portland @ Boise

    Seriously? Hobbs has a decent game with 9 points, no turnovers, 2 assists, on an "off game" and you're calling him out? I got nuttin else cuz you're clueless.
  11. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    You pine for Liberty Bowl. Lol, you dumb sumbitch. Should pine for something bigger.
  12. Apse just announced the Broncos play Ducks in Vegas.
  13. Nick Saban just said

    But you can play FCS teams Nick? Hmmm, hypocrisy at its finest.
  14. Boise St up to #23 in CFP poll

    WOW. Look at those out of conference records for those teams. Brutal. All three in the hundreds.