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  1. My son is an example of that. He and 2 of his buddies are sharing a 3 bedroom house.
  2. The ENDZONE and SUD's both have a lot of outdoor seating.
  3. Hmmmm. Just talked with the travel guy who talked to UCF athletic department and they know nothing about game being moved.
  4. I hope they don't change the game day. Dad and brother are going on the Tru Blu ESPN Cruise for the game. 4 Day Bahama's cruise and then the game.
  5. Apologies if hit a nerve. Say hi to Kim, Kellen, Preston next time you run into any of them. As well as your “relative” coach. 👍
  6. Good gawd half n half. You're one of the best of the best Bronco posters. Please don’t preface actual sports information with “maybe, kinda, sorta bullshiT. EVERY SINGLE TEAM has had to deal with this. Again, you are one of the great Bronco posters. We should kick the crap out of the “Callarada”State jack wagons. Leave that crap to gostateimadumbasssumbitchfromalaskatruckdriver.
  7. 😆 🤣 😂. None of your boys (insiders) being hired so gonna 😢 😿 😭. Lmao. "More On"!!
  8. You care dude ❤. Keep pushing grannies down the stairs. All is well in the universe.
  9. Once again "certain" Fresno dumbasses have no idea how processes work. Testing is done after "EVERY" game. If certain percentage of "the team" is positive, all activities are suspended. It's called "PROTOCOL". If I'm determined to be a bigger dumbass than you I will have Boise with an "a" offer up an apology to you. 😝🤪
  10. Seriously? Draftkings? You're better than this "tater". Thinking you are trolling.
  11. Why would you post.in OT forum? Or did I miss something? Pretty sure baseball is a "sport ".
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