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  1. Stay current on the

    And as for the 2A, lets take it back to what technology the Founders had in mind when granting the right to bear arms. Black powder muzzle loaders only. You have to be a part of the real milita (the reserves/national guard or regular armed forces) to be able to own anything else. And you will be subject to annual mental health screening, perhaps even on going social media evaluation, to keep that right.
  2. How BLM won me over.

    It is crucial to have an open mind today. Now more than ever. It is the people who are willing to really listen to other's opinions, and learn from other's experiences, who will heal the rifts in America. I pray there are a ton more like @halfmanhalfbronco out there. Nobody has a monopoly on the truth. Anybody who thinks they do are not to be trusted. We will never know everything. And it's going pretty good in here @Jack Bauer
  3. Stay current on the

    I cant even begin to ponder what point Rebelbacker is trying to make there. But my response would be simply that cops are responsible for upholding the law. If they kill someone in the line of duty, I would hope their actions are in line with that purpose. There is no point to a mass shooting of innocents. And I don't understand how anyone can draw a line, in any way, between the two.
  4. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I really don't see USU being relevant in hoops in the conference unless they luck into a Muss type hire. Duryea is trash. It is highly unlikely they will find a coach that will achieve in the MWC what Stew did in the WAC, and that will always be the measuring stick. USU can be relevant in football. Just don't see it in hoops.
  5. UNLV at SDSU

    I'd be shocked if either of our fanbases show in any significant amount. With UNR and Boise on top, this tourney is gonna be a tomb. The only way out fanbases show is if our teams are in the top 3. If UNLV makes the finals, there will be a bunch of fans buying game day, but do you really think Aztecs will show in any significant amount? Seems your home atmosphere is down like ours is. Doesnt seem likely many will make travel plans.
  6. Since we don't have a thread for general discussion of the games, here we go... What events are you looking forward to? What are your favorites? Is it about the events or the patriotic medal count? Right now I'm watching curling and it makes me think even I could be a 40 yr old Olympian. But that's the beauty of the games. You've got insane athletes and then you have certain events with little to no athletic talent, but some other skill honed to an extreme level.
  7. UNLV at SDSU

    What an embarrassing beat down. All credit to SDSU. They played a hell of a game. No way UNLV beats them even if they played perfect.
  8. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    If the Big Sky was better, why did you ride our coattails into the Big West? Yeah, you guys can be the flagship, if that makes you feel better, but you follow us along like the lost poor puppies that you are. We get into better conferences and inevitably find a way to let you in. You're welcome. Until we get sick of you and then we leave again. Seems to take a couple seasons.
  9. college basketball FBI probe ...

    My guess is Rice was dirty as hell. Enough to make Lloyd Daniels and Lamar Odom blush.
  10. college basketball FBI probe ...

    Honestly don't care if UNLV gets nailed as long as all others get equal treatment. Burn the rats out of the game. If we are included in that, burn us out too. We've been thru worse.
  11. Air Force at UNLV

    Low end of the bubble. If Menzies scheduled correctly we might've had a chance. Menzies scheduled scared.
  12. college basketball FBI probe ...

    That's pretty much my premise here. At least Congress, in theory, is answerable to the voters. Who is the NCAA answerable to?
  13. ESPN host calls on Notre Dame to drop racist mascot

    God this thread is dumb. And it gets dumber with each post. Including this one.
  14. Rember the days of UNLV, SDSU, and UNM?

    PCAA and Big West. Before UNR could get there. And the WAC was a cup of coffee. Their loss. They could've had a national champion team.
  15. college basketball FBI probe ...

    So you trust the NCAA more?
  16. college basketball FBI probe ...

    I don't really know how the NCAA will proceed with this info. I am hoping that what comes out of this mess is increased/renewed calls for congressional oversight of the NCAA.
  17. Air Force at UNLV

    Dude is
  18. Stay current on the

    And I will admit that I am also too emotionally invested in the issue. Yesterday brought Oct. 1st back to me full force. Decisions like this should be based on reason and fact. I'm not really capable of either on this subject, so I'm bowing out. Intractability and Inflexibility are the enemies of progress and change. And that's where we are. It's a literal life and death issue.
  19. Trump Fatigue

    This is true, but it seems that part of living in the "information age" is that the world is more nuanced now and mass manipulation is both easier and harder (easier on a small scale, harder on a large scale). With the flood of information from multiple sides, it is harder to establish black and white views. This is compounded by the lack of an authoritative source to strongly sway popular opinion since the distrust of the government, and authority in general, post WWII. Or maybe the issue is just that conventional Nation vs. Nation wars are not really done since we dropped the bomb on Japan. In the absence of firm structure to the identity of an enemy, it is hard to frame an "us vs them" view.
  20. Stay current on the

    Maybe we should leave them off the hook? Seems pretty much every mass shooting was performed by angry white males. Until it isn't I guess. But that is the kind of stuff that really needs some deep study. Why do certain racial groups react to stressors in different ways. Why does one want to go to maximum body count? I'm sure it probably is being studied and I just am ignorant of it.
  21. Stay current on the

    Lots of people seem to be too emotionally invested to debate the issue at all. This seems like a clear admission of that. We all have beliefs that we will personally die for. I am conflicted when people who may not share those beliefs are dying for them.
  22. Stay current on the

  23. Cowgirl Basketball leads MountainWest

    Is Josh Allen on the team?
  24. Bittersweet victory tonight, emphasis on bitter

    That really sucks. Hate to see good players get injured.