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  1. Tough call because there weren't any big surprises. Gonna say Boise. This is a game they would've won in the past and their rep requires them to win. They are supposed to take the OOC scalps. They do get paid extra after all.
  2. No mention of Tim Tebow or Johnny Manziel? At least he has the token Todd Marinovich.
  3. Harper so far might be our best AD ever. It's a very low bar.
  4. I don't think anyone saw a coach of the caliber of Odom coming when Arroyo was let go. If they did, of course they'd be fine with kicking him to the curb. I mean we are only a couple coaches removed from a high school coach.
  5. The Robinson years definitely had more talent. Especially on Defense. But this is the most talent since then.
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