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  1. Problem is it doesn't shoot on Sundays.
  2. Raisin Cain's is better. Sans Christian Extremist guilt too. Honestly Chick-fil-A has to be the most overrated food I've ever eaten. Its the very definition of "meh."
  3. Kids wake up at night? Bah. Ignore them and they go back to sleep.
  4. Could do with some citation, but I'll let it slide in the interest of MWCBoarding. I don't think the national pride of Italians in sport can be underestimated. I mean it might be their number one source of national pride. The Olympics may have been created by the Greeks (as a means to diddle liddle laddies?) but to the Romans, sport was life and death and that tradition remains among the Italians. And yes they are cycling freaks. And football freaks. And tennis freaks. Even seen a couple of NHL Italian plugs and they played dirty as hell. Bottom line, when life gets bad in Italy, or the g
  5. Props to your Dad. Now he's MWCBoarding...
  6. Yeah, it is getting into rarified MWCBoarding air. It's a prime vintage for sure. Dinosaur cloning and Mongol hoards on a Rush Limbaugh Dead thread puts it into elite consideration.
  7. I wonder how many Italians are involved. I worry that they have no one at the steering wheel, but... makes it more communist, no? They are all going nowhere and looking for a leader.
  8. I will be getting my second does of Moderna this weekend (got delayed a week due to the weather and supply chain impacts). Because I am one of the shady government employees abusing the system under the latest expose unearthed by the crack journo squad at the Urinal... https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/politics-and-government/vaccines-hard-to-come-by-not-for-southern-nevada-government-workers-2279965/ I mean... continuity of government actually is a thing... With as understaffed as most local government here are, a few key employees tapping out, even for a few days, could literally
  9. I think I saw that T-Shirt at a gun show.
  10. This seems more like communist cycling. Giving you another shot at this @thelawlorfaithful
  11. Atta boy halfman! This thread needs to fix racism next. Make it happen @youngredbullfan I will settle for transgendered bathrooms though. ETA: I see we dipped into cloning dinosaurs and Mongol hoards. Some bonus points there.
  12. Just checking in on the thread... are we still on Feminism?
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