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  1. That alone would not contain us. This is a superior solution.
  2. Hire Stacey Augmon then. This is a risk you run with all coaches, not just former player coaches. And probably 90% of coaches are former players anyway (even Tark!). I guarantee you any coach we will hire will leave for a better job at some point. The two possible outcomes is he performs good enough to land a better job or he gets fired. That's the reality.
  3. Was bound to happen. Hopefully we don't lose as many as we did last time. I would think Hardy, Blair and Trey will be back. Kinda surprised Hamilton hasn't walked yet.
  4. We should just go with player coaches. The AD can recruit them.
  5. I'm not worried about the wait. I'd like to see if other coaches get canned. How happy is Texas with Shaka Smart?
  6. And the next coach can be in a similar situation if he can convince Marv's guys to stay. If he wants them to. If not, just pilfer the transfer market. You don't need guys with 3-4 years of experience anymore. Sure it helps, but good coaching is the most important thing. We haven't had that since Kruger left.
  7. Any coach worth keeping can post winning results year 1 in this conference, and by year 2 should be hunting for a bid. Once we start winning again, the people will start showing again. Doesn't have to be a big name for that. Some people think this is rocket science that takes multiple years, while most of the fans are looking at how quick UNR, USU and Fresno improved and thinking "why not us?" Besides, everyone knew MM was like the 4th or 5th choice based on the clusterphuk of last search. He was fighting an uphill before he even got here.
  8. That's what I find so funny about this. By all accounts, we have an AD doing things right as opposed to the complete clusterphuk that was the last search, and people are still going crazy trying to fire up a non-existent rumor mill. I'm just letting the process play out. I will assume we get an upgrade. Doesn't need to be a big name for me, just someone who knows how to win.
  9. Fair enough. I honestly haven't paid that much attention to her. She is probably more influential than I give her credit for.