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  1. It's the attitude here that is most concerning. Whether or not they truly "proactively arrested" people, the fact they feel they have a clear mandate to do so is scary as +++++. I mean I don't think it is something that should be easily dismissed. Or even chalked up to incompetence. Its patently anti-American.
  2. A proactive arrest might be the scariest thing I have heard from the government, ever. I mean that has to be the clearest definition of facism I have heard. If anything this proves there is a whole lot of the Federal Government that immediately needs to be abolished. DHS is first up and ICE is on deck. This whole episode immediately changed my vote to Libertarian. As far as I can tell, both major parties want to shred the Bill of Rights. You win @BSUTOP25
  3. Despite the catchy numbers, I don't think the play displays Hamilton as some hero. In fact he is a wildly flawed character throughout. Most of the catchy tunes are about his flaws. So although the signs displayed may not be specifically accurate, the fact that he was sinned/expressly flawed is the central theme of the work. I mean if you came out of that production thinking Hamilton was displayed as some hero, I don't know what you saw. So specifically historically accurate, no. But thematically accurate as an overlooked flawed human who had a fairly significant role in defining the
  4. Shocking. Most morally bankrupt President since the Glided Age. I get if you like him because he advances your positions. I even somewhat understand the whole @sshole owning the Libs thing. But at some point you gotta come to terms with the fact that the only focus in his life is himself. At least other Prez who sucked had a bedrock of public service. This guy is pure slime who only cares about those who care about him. And that might be a stretch.
  5. I feel like it is top 10 probably. Always seems like a barn door after the horse ran away situation. That doesn't mean we should make it worse but seems fait acompli by now. I'm more of a stop pollution guy than a climate change guy.
  6. You just put that Bengals song in my head. You rat bastard. Say my name... sun shines through the rain...
  7. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/now-is-the-perfect-time-to-hold-police-accountable Good editorial. @BSUTOP25 from the head of the Libertarian party in NV.
  8. Could be a frat party pyramid scheme?
  9. View myself in the Indy but not, but more likely fall into the Dem one no matter how I try to fight it. I have been known to drop a "Cheeto" now and again. Too hard to fight that.
  10. I hereby rescind any dedication towards civility. There are still too many people using their rectum as a cranial-folical decoration (asshat for the Trumpsters). I am right. All of you are wrong. Especially @#1Stunner. The good news is I post twice a month now. So I will say for the current bimonthly, eff all of you! And to further add, my personal goal is to keep contributing to the humor thread when I can, as we all need a laugh. Or at least a cloistered snicker.
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