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  1. SharkTanked

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    That's what I see as well. I also think he is doing the team no favors in preparing them for conference play. I appreciate those fans like @qwelish who can see positives in the team play from last season. Admittedly, I have been so angry at the state of the program for the last 3 seasons, that I have been unable to see these things, so I hope you are right. I would like nothing better to see Marv succeed. He seems like a genuinely good guy, who creates a family atmosphere in the program, will keep things clean and can still recruit well. I just don't see the player development, like at all, and the defense has been horrendous for two straight seasons. That leads me to believe that he will not get it done and he knows it based on his scheduling. He is scheduling scared instead of trying to reach for success. But I also acknowledge it makes no sense to fire him right now. It would do even more harm to the program. I do think he can lay some good foundations, but he won't be the one to bring us post-season success. He's just not a skilled enough coach to my eyes.
  2. SharkTanked

    Wyoming Cowboys Racists?

  3. SharkTanked

    Wyoming Cowboys Racists?

    As it is inevitable Wyoming will be forced further down this road at some point... whatever you do, DO NOT HIRE THE COMPANY THAT REDESIGNED UNLV'S MASCOTT!!
  4. SharkTanked

    Catch and Release....

    Sounds like Trump is asking a judge to "legislate from the bench."
  5. SharkTanked

    Trump is a threat to whittle away at the Second Amendment.

    Ah, sorry was confused at the quote in the OP. As to him whittling away at the 2A...
  6. Eh I don't know. I don't see it as the downfall of western civilization. I do agree that conflict will keep increasing, but I think it is a more temporary adjustment period. Either way, all the more reason to GTFO of Europe and let them deal with their own problems. His stance towards Europe is probably the only thing I like about Trump.
  7. SharkTanked

    Trump is a threat to whittle away at the Second Amendment.

    He also said his daughter is a hot piece of ass. He says stupid stuff. His supporters know this. Sure he can start a trade war, defund ObamaCare, move the embassy to Jerusalem, give Putin a BJ, build a wall, but there is no logistical way he can disarm the American citizenry. It just can't happen.
  8. World wars? The first one was 100 years ago and the second was almost 80. Might be time to close that chapter. Germany has a really strong economy. While the bases leaving would have an effect, I doubt it would be huge.
  9. SharkTanked

    Trump is a threat to whittle away at the Second Amendment.

    I doubt it. Trump knows his base. I mean the guy does some stupid shit but he is not going to piss off the people who support him the most. I don't think even he is that dumb.
  10. SharkTanked

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    There are quite a few Japanese auto plants here in the US. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Japanese auto mfgrs employ more US labor than US auto mfgrs. I would guess it is at least pretty close.
  11. SharkTanked

    Recycling on its death bed

    I agree with not dumping in the ocean, but the plastics have to be dumped somewhere and they take forever to break down. The problem with the waste isn't limited to ocean dumping. The problem is the volume of waste being created. Maybe there is some such thing as a biodegradable plastic that's being developed?
  12. SharkTanked

    Any Veterinarians on this Board ?

    Good lookin pup!
  13. SharkTanked

    Recycling on its death bed

    Sounds like rather than there being no market at all, this is just a market shift. It is also one of the many industries that will experience this as China pulls out of the cheap labor biz. Other countries will step in, but there will be some losses until it corrects. Eventually, though, some longer term solution will need to be done about the plastics problem. If we cannot recycle, how long before the waste completely overwhelms us?
  14. SharkTanked

    Any Veterinarians on this Board ?

    Definitely. My vet said it really comes down to when the vet feels the puppy can handle the anesthesia. And at 5.5 months, the puppy is probably ready for some vaccinations anyway (some of which require followup boosters shortly after). I took mine in at around 4 months for some shots and asked the vet when we should schedule the spay.