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  1. SharkTanked

    UNLV at SDSU

    If anything we might lose worse now. Give a shitty team a little confidence and they end up playing shittier.
  2. SharkTanked

    Loyola Marymount at UNLV

    There was absolutely no good takeaway from that one. Menzies at least needs to get this team competitive.
  3. SharkTanked

    1-bid league

    Seriously though can we at least get halfway through the OOC before we declare the death of the conference?
  4. SharkTanked

    1-bid league

    Eat a bag of dicks.
  5. SharkTanked

    UNLV Coaches Quandary

    Menzies will survive. Sanchez will be gone either this year or next.
  6. SharkTanked

    Loyola Marymount at UNLV

    Gonna be a tough year for hoops. Rumor has it our curling team isn't doing so hot either.
  7. SharkTanked

    UNLV at SDSU

    And nobody cares.
  8. SharkTanked

    UNLV at SDSU

    Weird night in Vegas sports. Helluva win for football. Good game SDSU.
  9. SharkTanked

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    With a grizzly bear.
  10. SharkTanked

    Biggest day in Aztec sports history

    Congrats Aztecs! I know this has been a long time coming for you.
  11. SharkTanked

    UNLV Basketball

    I think it will be fun to watch this core progress. I'm not expecting much this year, but hopefully Menzies has enough time to see what this group can do in a few years.
  12. SharkTanked

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Based on what they have to do and what they sign up to sacrifice, I have no problem with those who choose to put them on a pedestal. I don't think anyone is requiring people to put them on a pedestal or fetishize them though. I never served, but I have admiration for those who have.
  13. SharkTanked

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    She just knows how to properly reserve her energy for the truly important things. It's called "experienced."