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  1. I am a layperson so I am sure I am not making sense to someone who knows the law. I guess we will see how the MWC responds.
  2. I still don't understand why if there is no approved agreement, and hence, no damages to BSU. If there is no agreement, and the original deal is by default in place, how is BSU damaged? I'm probably not fully understanding the situation.
  3. Can the MWC execute an agreement without BSU's approval? My understanding is no. I assume there is not agreement.
  4. Craig Thompson does not have the authority to make an agreement. Only the BOR does. How can anything Thompson say regarding approval of an agreement be fraudulent? Maybe he provided them different info at one point, but maybe it changed by meeting time. Surely they were all provided the same info at the meeting. Just seems pretty tough to lay anything at Hair given the governance of the MWC.
  5. Not when the person making the statement does not have authority to approve anything.
  6. If you did not approve the contract, there is nothing to sue over. The original deal is still in effect. The case gets tossed, you have no standing.
  7. I think it was inevitable on matter what Hair said.
  8. I am thinking either one or two conferences would rise up to take its place. I see it as BSU getting booted, contract gets nullified, bad blood and finger pointing on the Board, everyone is pissed at the new deal because it sucks sans-Boise, some schools think it would be better to partner on a smaller scale (maybe an east/west split) to minimize travel and maximize the contract individually. I don't really think it is likely, but I think it is more likely without Boise in the MWC.
  9. None of that would have anything to do with the court case. Thompson does not have any say over the approval of the rights deal.
  10. I think the term sheet marked the eventual exit. I am guessing there was hope for a different outcome, but really this was the odds on favorite. I think there was hope it would morph into a pay for performance type scenario, but it does not seem that is the path.
  11. My understanding is the new rights deal has not been approved. How does BSU have standing?
  12. I think that is where we are at. Boise has interpreted their agreement to be a proportional cut rather than lump sum. The MWC disagrees and also feels it is time to put an expiration date on the deal. I am guessing that Boise has other offers which is why they are pushing hard. If they are voted out, maybe no exit fee? The MWC chickens are coming home to roost from the horrible deal. The conference members are done with differential treatment. Likely they realize preferential treatment, financially, will result in the eventual undoing of the conference. One way or another, this is the end of BSU as a member of the MWC. The larger question will be whether it is the undoing of the MWC itself. I think that is a possibility.
  13. It's so much better than the angry weasel though!
  14. Dang we should've kept Sanchez. I don't think he had signs.