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  1. His was the first election I actually remember following. It was probably a requirement. I think I was in middle school at the time. One of the strongest third-party candidates ever. RIP
  2. It's in poor taste for sure.
  3. NBA Summer Games in the TMC...
  4. Not sure destruction of property is on the same level as physical violence towards another person. Tarring and Feathering comes closer.
  5. Was at home upstairs for the second one last night. Definitely felt it again, but not sure if I would've if I was downstairs. Thank god for earthquake codes! Very minor, just a little creaking in the walls and the dogs went nuts, but that was it. Looks like Dr. Lucy Jones was right. We can probably expect some more.
  6. Really the whole thing was a book of memes. It was the original Instagram.
  7. Aftershocks in Vegas. My office door started swinging a few inches lol. That's what I get for working on the 4th I guess.
  8. Was an awesome magazine. Will be seen as a classic example of Americana by future generations. Sad day, but it's time was probably due. RIP.
  9. Thought this was going to be about MAD Magazine being discontinued.
  10. Neither really hold either in check. You bring up that the people don't hold the gov't in check, which I would agree with (especially considering the system fights it with gerrymandering), I would offer up the army of lobbyists, influencers and campaign contributions that have a huge impact on government "oversight." We are the closest to a coporatocracy in this country right now than I can remember in my lifetime. It's veering toward "Gilded Age" governance. It will end up correcting itself before it gets there though.
  11. I ended up more left economically than I thought I would've. This may account for that score. I have almost as much distrust of large corporations as I do of the government. Consolidation of power having a corrupting influence and all... It always seemed funny to me that some people will show absolute disdain for the government (whom they at least have some role in electing) but will worship large corporations as the bastions of social good. Basically they are both different sides of the same coin. Both deserve our close attention. But that doesn't make be a Bernie Bro lol! I do think the questions on this survey are dated. Would be nice to get an up to date version.
  12. Never been a shoe guy at all. I go for straight up comfort and don't much care how they look. Unfortunately, the only comfortable shoe for me right now seem to be my hiking boots. Can't wear those to the office though.