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  1. Fair enough on the vet front. I know a whole lot in my Dept., so maybe ours is an outlier. I also think ours tends to be better than avg. so that could support ECA's point. I'd like to explore another related idea... True or False, police are more scrutinized today than at any point in American history? Might make a good poll topic.
  2. Ah I'm pretty shocked it isn't higher than that. Thanks.
  3. While true, cops target vets for recruitment. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that the original design came from a vet. I would have to look at the stats, but I would bet since 911, the majority of police are vets. Maybe a slim majority?
  4. I don't think this is the case in all communities. I do think the "good systems" are far more exception than rule. I also think even the systems that are "good" have unacceptable flaws. So yeah, maybe "good" is the wrong descriptor. Maybe "aware" is better. You do find cops that do not follow policies that they know are wrong and you do find unions representing those cops when called on it because the union knew it was wrong. Unfortunately this is sometimes how bad policy gets called out and changed. Good departments are less chain of command as gospel and more open to listening to multiple sides of an issue. But yes those departments are rare. And they are not perfect. Will try to find some examples this weekend if I have time. Bottom line I do not necessarily agree that the flaws of the system make it impossible for good people to be good cops. But they do make it very difficult and rare.
  5. Yeah I just see this EO(?) as treating the symptoms, not the disease.
  6. It's a good idea, I just don't know how this ends up getting implemented. I mean I don't think it ends up changing what people are paying out, it just changes the packaging. Bizarre fees just get rolled into the bottom-line price instead. It will make things less deceptive, I guess, which is a good thing. Also re Ticketmaster, this country has been total shit about trust busting since the Reagan Revolution. The underlying problem with a lot of this stuff is monopolies, or near monopolies, not weird fees. Or at least I see two very separate and distinct issues here.
  7. "As the good book says, when you point a finger at someone, there are 4 fingers pointing back at you" -Rev Tevya People were wrong on both sides. People were right on both sides. Off-setting penalties, replay pandemic.
  8. Wonder if they can smell it all the way up there?
  9. Why bother with actual truth when you can exist in your own "truth?" Mankind would benefit from a real, deep, factual analysis of the pandemic response. No doubt many mistakes were made along the way that, if corrected, could improve mortality when the next one hits. But people like Bob (and many on the left too) don't really want that kind of analysis. They only want their beliefs confirmed. They don't want truth.
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