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  1. Pretty sure these guys are involved somehow...
  2. I looked out the window and damned if the Earth DOES look flat... wtf?
  3. Let's get mad at the people who got mad for being mad. Everything is politicized today.
  4. Saw scores from last night... came here to post that... you beat me to it...
  5. I've been to some nice spots in Mexico. I know people who have homes there and have no issues.
  6. This would be a good first step, but it won't make a difference until America legalizes.
  7. You guys would have a home run hire in Sandoval.
  8. I'm definitely more excited with Otz after having read about his philosophies and seeing what he wants to do in action. I understand we were playing a 0 talent scrubby squad in the exhibition, but what better way to showcase what you are trying to do than against a team who can't stop you from doing it? What I did not expect and saw: a commitment to full court pressure defense and clear defensive schemes, and a better fast break than I have seen in a very, very, very long time. Today I read that Otz has several philosophies related to fast offensive pace that make a lot of sense. He has some interesting schemes I can't wait to see (dual PG's for the break sounds fun). He is a guy who will not be deterred from doing what he thinks is the right thing for the program. This is a welcome change from wishy-washy Menzies. I don't think we will set the world on fire this season, but I do think we will turn heads in a good way. I think "The Great and Powerful Otz"(tm) will start winning and start bringing the fans back. That or the Otz Koolaid is exceptionally delicious. Time will tell. But I am definitely more optimistic than I was after we hired him. He is saying all the right things. Now let's see if he can actually do them (or make a really good attempt at it).
  9. We will agree to disagree then. I was impressed with their performance and you were not.
  10. Very sad. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who really cared about his players.