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  1. Also funny because it is often the same idiots who spout the need to promote an "informed electorate" as justification for election reform. What they really want is an even less informed electorate to control.
  2. Yeah and that goes to really explain a lot about the movement too. It is just wholly anti-education. The proponents use "indoctrination" as their justification to limit education, but limiting education does far more to present indoctrination.
  3. When unions ruled? I think it was more "Make America 1850 Again."
  4. We are discovering new species of morons on a daily basis. The disenlightenment?
  5. Well, since he referenced only teaching the 3 r's, I would assume he does not want classes like government, history, philosophy, social studies, music, art, theater, physical education, science, etc. The whole "only teach the 3 R's" movement has a deeper and more insidious goal, IMO.
  6. I saw this one coming. Someone was gonna call this as a conspiracy with the librulz. Was only a matter of time..
  7. Looks like they are now finally defining what they meant by "Make America Great Again." Now we know what it was about the librulz that made them so scared... the Gayz. We clearly have precedent and legal authority for states to secede. Does the Federal Government have the authority to kick a state out? We can bring on DC or PR as a 50th and kick TX to the curb. They always wanted to be their own nation anyway.
  8. Uh-oh shits gettin real with talk of states seceding and insurrection. These so-called "conservative" whiney pussies are the worst examples of Americans we have ever seen. They see what they think is a spider and want to light their house on fire. Their grandparents/great-grandparents are rolling over in their graves watching these selfish imbeciles. But please, let's keep proclaiming the downfall of America cause some people's feel-feels are hurt during a pandemic.
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