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  1. Wyoming to Face Boise State at 8:15 p.m. on ESPN LARAMIE, Wyo. (Oct. 28, 2019) –ESPN Networks announced on Monday that the Wyoming at Boise State football game on Saturday, Nov. 9 will be televised on ESPN. Kickoff will be at 8:15 p.m., M.T., from Albertsons Stadium in Boise, Idaho. It is the first contest on ESPN for Wyoming since the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in 2017. The game will also be broadcast on the 26 affiliate radio stations of the Cowboy Sports Network beginning with the pregame show one hour prior to kickoff.
  2. Chambers threw for over 60% against New Mexico, but only about 17 passes. Wyoming seems to play to the level of whomever they are playing, so I suspect they'll win by two TDs at the most.
  3. I'm sure a lot of you already knew this, but I just realized that Nevada's QB Malik Henry was featured on the docu-series "Last Chance U". That gives the game some more interest outside of the usual MWC record considerations. I'm curious what Wolf Pack fans think of Henry as their QB.
  4. This^^^^^^ The money will come from the advertisers that want to leverage a College player's popularity. So, the athlete will have to figure on what school gives me the most exposure and thus the most value to advertisers. Schools like Wyoming will probably get the same level of athletes they are getting now because they aren't the ones who'll have a lot of marketing value on the national stage. The athlete will add the value of national exposure to his/here calculation of where is the best school to go to.
  5. Every state in the MWC needs to pass this law NOW! We can't be left behind. If athletes can make marketing deals in California, then every MWC school's athletes should have the same right. Time to contact your respective state legislators!!
  6. They should change the name of the stadium to "Boot Leather"
  7. Didn't change the outcome of the game. We'll have to see what the official record says when it's all said and done.
  8. We're Spartan's bitch? Oh boy. BTW, Lambs still suck.
  9. Wyoming: The Good - Tyler Vander Waal getting in the groove. The Bad - Games against P5 schools The Ugly - Barely beating Wofford.
  10. I was going to say nice water color of the stadium. It means it's going to happen, for sure.
  11. I'll just throw this out. Wyoming has beaten Tennessee. Will the Coogs?
  12. Virginia Tech's program is improving rapidly. They've invested in some really nice facilities and their coach is a winner. Should be a good game. As my son is a Hokie, this should be interesting after dinner.
  13. Here's what Johnny Cash has to say about that...