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  1. They should change the name of the stadium to "Boot Leather"
  2. Didn't change the outcome of the game. We'll have to see what the official record says when it's all said and done.
  3. We're Spartan's bitch? Oh boy. BTW, Lambs still suck.
  4. Wyoming: The Good - Tyler Vander Waal getting in the groove. The Bad - Games against P5 schools The Ugly - Barely beating Wofford.
  5. I was going to say nice water color of the stadium. It means it's going to happen, for sure.
  6. I'll just throw this out. Wyoming has beaten Tennessee. Will the Coogs?
  7. Virginia Tech's program is improving rapidly. They've invested in some really nice facilities and their coach is a winner. Should be a good game. As my son is a Hokie, this should be interesting after dinner.
  8. Here's what Johnny Cash has to say about that...
  9. Kick out the school that their fans suggest someone should be kicked out.
  10. Great. AFTER we play the Warriors.
  11. Did they put a tracking device on this one?
  12. The Warriors can get their win AFTER this weekend.