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  1. She also decided that said bathroom needed a sliding barn door. Discovered that we had an odd sized opening that called for a custom door. Once I found out how much those were I grabbed some old cedar fence panels from someone putting in a new fence and built my own.
  2. I'm a cheap ass who would rather do it myself than pay someone. Made the mistake of letting my wife know that I'm pretty solid and plumbing and electrical, and can do alright for an amateur carpenter. Once she found out she decided that our entire basement could use a remodel, including tearing out a wall in the bathroom to move plumbing and electrical. All in all it turned out great!
  3. Wyoming in all phases of the game Utah State offense
  4. You're damn right you bring it! Last thing you want is leftovers covered in just enough aluminum foil on the crappy paper plates your aunt bought at Wal-Mart for $1.50 per 100. The gravy will soak through that isht onto the back seat 5 minutes into your drive home.
  5. Wyoming offense couldn't score on a high school JV team. They'll turn the ball over at least twice, not get any turnovers themselves, and have 5+ 3 and outs. Line is Utah State -7. Bet the farm on Utah State to cover.
  6. There's another giant one south of Pine Bluffs. 800 towers in that one, if I remember correclty.
  7. Yep. Lots of open space plus a metric +++++ton of wind equals prime real estate for wind farms.
  8. There are people running against Cheney, but I wouldn't say she's facing challengers. Harriet Hageman lost the Republican primary for Governor 3 years ago by over 12%. Anthony Bouchard is a pedophile, and won't drop out because he's sad that he didn't get a meeting with Trump. Darin Smith and Chuck Gray are Trump bootlickers that already dropped out because he told them to. I couldn't even tell you who the other candidates are, but they don't want to drop out and will split the vote. I don't like Liz Cheney's policies at all. She votes party line 93% of the time, and the Wyoming GOP is effing crazy if they think that she's a RINO. That being said I respect that she has a backbone and isn't part of the MAGA cult. She'll get re-electecd in a landslide because all of the people in Wyoming that aren't part of the GQP will vote for her.
  9. Penalties to Wyoming offense and defense
  10. Lots of movement this week on the Philly Eagles pick 10
  11. Wyoming running over the sheep
  12. Ledger and its not even close. Leto tried too hard, Romero was too campy, Nicholson was good, and Hamill does a great job as far as voice acting goes. I actually don't think that Phoenix gets enough credit for how he played it. Still doesn't hold a candle to Ledger, though.
  13. Hopefully Ford realizes soon that this is the SIZE of truck that most people want.
  14. If you want AWD or extended range you're SOL. Either option pushes the base model over $50k.
  15. Nothing screams "western" like Lake Charles, LA and San Antonio
  16. The rest of FBS football to CUSA
  17. Absolutely! Tell me you're not at all interested in watching Hawaii play in Laramie on November 27 this year. Cold doesn't begin to describe what the islanders will be feeling.
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