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  1. I live in the universe where PFF awarded DPOY to Muma https://www.pff.com/news/college-football-2021-all-mountain-west-team-offensive-defensive-player-of-the-year-trey-mcbride-colorado-state-rams-chad-muma-wyoming-cowboys
  2. I'm not saying that Thomas isn't a stud. Definitely is. Muma had 129 total tackles (4th in the NCAA), 80 solo stops (2nd), 2 pick 6's (tie-2nd), and 3 INT (tie-30). Dude was everywhere.
  3. No offense to Cam Thomas, but Muma getting passed over for DPOY is a direct result of Wyoming having such a shitty conference season this year.
  4. Agreed. I can take ugly wins, though.
  5. Wyoming football to Wyoming fans once conference play started:
  6. All we heard all offseason was that this was the year for Wyoming. Kicking the conference champsionship door down. Re-engineered offense. Deepest team ever. Good thing our OOC schedule was 10-ply or this would be a 3-9 team rather than a 6-6 team.
  7. I'll take Wyoming and the over. I'd probably lay some on the Gauchos, too.
  8. The final 2 games will decide 3rd place between @Billings and @Jeffkills, but the winner has been decided. Congratulations @Slapdad on running away with this from day 1. Special congrats to @Bob for a historically bad season.
  9. Breweries: Free beer if you get vaccinated here. Austrian whore house:
  10. Man, the first half of my draft was absolute trash. That second half was fire, though!
  11. PB grad here. NEVER call Pine Bluffs part of Nebraska.
  12. The prayer ON THE BROADCAST before the game by the chubby cheerleader was cringeworthy
  13. Why anyone listens to Dennis Dodd's opinion anymore is beyond me. Dude is a moron.
  14. It's rock solid. The only thing I would change if I did it again would be to put a strip along the top to mount the rail slides to. I did my bracing a bit different on the front and the back to give it more structual support. On one side I had the top, middle, and bottom boards the full width. On the other I shortened the middle board and had the outside boards uninterrupted between the top and bottom. Here are pics of both sides before I got the polycrilic on it. I made the core out of the 14 individual boards above and joined them together with the boards on the outside layers.
  15. Uuuuuuuuuuuugh. I hate when people do that. I took some medium grit and an orbital sander to the pickets I had. Knocked off the top layer of weathering, but left the patina in the grooves. Here's a progress pic before I put it all together and stained it for reference.
  16. Barn doors are SUPER easy. Old fence panels are pretty easy to come by, and they clean up nicely with some sanding and 10-ish coast of polycrilic. Takes 3 layers to make it stable enough to hang, but the design is easy enough. Wood glue and some brad nails and you're done! Making vanities out of dressers is pretty straighforward. My favorite thing to do to the drawers is to clean out the middle entirely and hinge the drawer faces to tip out. Keeps the look, but gives you pretty standard under-sink storage. Easy enough to do the plumbing when you've taken all of the hardware out.
  17. Not that one. Someone did the retrofitting and gave up on the project. I picked it up for less than the faucet was worth. I have retrofitted them myself in the past, though.
  18. She also decided that said bathroom needed a sliding barn door. Discovered that we had an odd sized opening that called for a custom door. Once I found out how much those were I grabbed some old cedar fence panels from someone putting in a new fence and built my own.
  19. I'm a cheap ass who would rather do it myself than pay someone. Made the mistake of letting my wife know that I'm pretty solid and plumbing and electrical, and can do alright for an amateur carpenter. Once she found out she decided that our entire basement could use a remodel, including tearing out a wall in the bathroom to move plumbing and electrical. All in all it turned out great!
  20. Wyoming in all phases of the game Utah State offense
  21. You're damn right you bring it! Last thing you want is leftovers covered in just enough aluminum foil on the crappy paper plates your aunt bought at Wal-Mart for $1.50 per 100. The gravy will soak through that isht onto the back seat 5 minutes into your drive home.
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