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  1. Wyoming in the first half Wyoming in the 3rd quarter BYU to Wyoming in the fourth quarter
  2. This is excellent. That QB competition is going to be awesome with Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Hurts, Rogers, and Brady.
  3. Can't believe that CSU saw Boise crap themselves and thought they should one-up them, but here we are.
  4. Yours truly has dethroned @Slapdad for the lead. Biggest riser: @masterfrog Biggest fall: @bsu_alum9 @Coog kev continues to bring up the rear, despite NewGuy12 not picking for the last 5 rounds.
  5. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Technically started at 8:00am Central Time, but my work laptop stays locked on Mountain Time.
  6. There's a pretty easy answer for this. All the gravy seals and the like are lining up to polish his mushroom. All the people crazy/stupid enough to try anything are deifying him.
  7. I mean, Boise State was bad, but did you WATCH the Boise State game?! There's no way that Boise State is worse than Boise State.
  8. This thread is gold. Everyone: byu can play a bag of skin flutes byu fans: Why does everyone hate us? Everyone: A history of general douchebaggery, including "the project" byu fans: *trip over themselves to rationalize why those things weren't THAT douchey"
  9. Just came here to say, what in the actual +++++?!?!
  10. The hate for the borg is genuine and fiery. I have nothing nice to say about them, and the fact that I'm not declaring my true feelings in the adult language that would be required to properly relay them is a monumental feat of self control. May the fleas of 1000 camels infest the beds of all the fans, players, alumni, and anyone even remotely connected to that program.
  11. Posted the standings in the middle of a meeting at a conference. You're welcome.
  12. They are not, and haven't been since around mid March
  13. WYO1016


    The frame ads are the worst, and they happen on every new page. Hate to do it, but I'm turning on my ad blocker.
  14. For the life of me I can't find a copy of the original video anywhere
  15. My mom was a school administrator for decades. Can confirm that teachers know students better than parents when the parents are disinterested (which is, sadly, more often than you'd think).
  16. They changed the rules of when you could enter the portal this year, or at least they were talking about it. 45 days following the championship selection, and 15 days after spring ball ends.
  17. ...and the title of your future autobiography (which you'll self publish on Amazon)
  18. I could see an argument for Nevada, but the turd is pretty clearly Utah State this week.
  19. My folks put one in the room they built off the side of their shed in Nebraska. It works VERY good. They went with hot water piped through pex and run through a tankless water heater as their system. It takes a while to adjust the temperature, but once you get it dialed in that room will be very comfortable all the time.
  20. Wyoming beating an FCS team like we should (looking at you, aggies and UNR)
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