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  1. @smltwnrckr is up @TheSanDiegan is on deck
  2. This was a tough find, but I managed to dig up "Mr. Hoosier Pride". Spreadsheet will be updated accordingly.
  3. @cgzpack is up @Billings on the clock
  4. Both still available. Which one do you want?
  5. @Billings took Houston in Round 5. You've got Georgia Tech and South Carolina. Still one more to go.
  6. Miami updated per @TheSanDiegan's request. Also, I realize that Oklahoma State has an alternate logo, but +++++ those theiving bastards. They get their shitty lettermark.
  7. Eastern Michigan I'll get the grid posted as soon as Google stops being shitty. @Jeffkills will now waste 24 hours, after which it will be @cgzpack's pick.
  8. As usual, Jeff is MIA. Air Force @SLCPoke x 2 @Jeffkills whenever Do I even need to bother to tag @Bob?
  9. This thing is becoming a masterpiece
  10. I'll post them weekly to keep track of standings. Request away!
  11. I'm going through the list as we speak and taking out as many logos with lettering as I can. Some are impossible (Oklahoma, Cincinnati, aTm), but there are going to be some killer secondary logos in that chart.
  12. Here's where we currently stand: @Desert Wolf is up @Bob is on deck. He can also make his round 5 and round 6 picks whenever @Jeffkills can make his round 7 pick whenever @Billings can make his round 7 pick whenever
  13. @Jeffkills up for two @cgzpack on deck
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