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  1. Another unprecedented point is that Garrett will get suspended longer than anyone in NFL history for in-game conduct. The longest suspension ever granted by the NFL for an on-field incident up to this point was 5 games for Albert Haynesworth for this:
  2. My heart about stopped on that flea flicker
  3. This game has been a bar fight. OT is an appropriate ending.
  4. Logan. F ucking. Wilson!
  5. Jesus. Everyone on the planet saw that play coming.
  6. This is a freaking great game
  7. Time to put this game away
  8. Man, I'm starting to feel bad for Cord. Dude is getting his ass kicked tonight.
  9. Boise better button it up next drive. Pokes are smelling turnover blood in the water.
  10. Woah. Donkeys trying really hard to give the ball to Wyoming.
  11. That should definitely be overturned
  12. That was the most blatant PI I've ever seen