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  1. In all honesty, Liz Cheney. The left loves her because she has a moral compass. The right will love her policies.
  2. I don't know why we're freaking out about the Chinese navy. Sure, they've got a lot of ships. Those ships are loaded with old tech and are built like most Chinese products: chintzy. We've got the only true blue-water navy in the world. China's ships are built to patrol their region. Much like Russia, they're going to try to flex then get slapped down. Notwithstanding the loss of life that will enevitably happen, China invading Taiwan will be a fun "fvck around and find out" moment for our Navy.
  3. Here is the projected order of finish, according to Vegas odds: SJSUMFA2013 71 Slapdad 70 WYO1016 70 azgreg 68.5 masterfrog 67 halfmanhalfbronco 66.5 AztecAlien 65 Billings 64 mugtang 63.5 Coog kev 62 bsu_alum9 59.5 happycamper 58.5 NewGuy12 47
  4. I have taken the liberty of finalizing the draft. UL-Monroe has been left out. All others have been assigned to @NewGuy12, who has a very real shot to usurp @Bob for worst record ever this season.
  5. I'll get the final chart posted Monday. CFD is here, so I'm on the park all day everyday.
  6. Tejas State @happycamper is up @AztecAlien on deck
  7. Newguy12 still has his last two picks to make, along with these two. Looks like he's checked out. Let's let @mugtang make his picks and get this wrapped up.
  8. @NewGuy12 up and in the hole @mugtang on deck for 2
  9. Just putting together the depth chart is fun! Anderson/Reynolds/Roberson DuSell/Foster Maldonado/Wenzel/Kyman Agbonkpolo/Oden/Thompson Ike/Barnhart/Powell RS: Talich Reynolds being able to sit behind a true point and learn from him is going to be huge. It's going to be nice to have point guards bringing the ball up this year. Most of Maldonado's turnovers came when he was the primary ball handler. Our SF position is crazy deep. Barnhart is probably more of a 4, but he's 7 feet tall, so I put him at the 5. Agbonkpolo and Powell are going to bring some much-needed true post depth.
  10. @Slapdad is up @halfmanhalfbronco on deck
  11. @SJSUMFA2013 is up @bsu_alum9 on deck @Coog kev in the hole
  12. @azgreg finally got his isht together. @Billings is on the clock.
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