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  1. Projected order of finish via Vegas odds at the time of starting this draft: @WYO1016 - 74 wins @Slapdad - 72 wins @Rebel doc - 71.5 wins @godogsgo - 69 wins @bornsilverandblue - 67.5 wins @East Coast Aztec - 66 wins @halfmanhalfbronco - 65.5 wins @B_Lootz - 65 wins @Jeffkills - 64.5 wins @Boise fan - 64 wins @bsu_alum9 - 59.5 wins @jdgaucho - 54 wins @MetropolitanCowboy - 41 wins
  2. Easter Meat Chicken @Boise fan and @halfmanhalfbronco let's get this over with
  3. Going to save me a lot. No way the wife and I are going to travel to see family for the holidays. Cancelling all of the races we were going to run. Vacations cancelled. Saving a ton of money on football season. The list goes on and on. On the down side, our grocery bill is quite a bit higher. We eat pretty clean, but we're eating a LOT more since we're working out more.
  4. If we finish this draft we'll at least have finished some part of this disaster of a year...
  5. With the 100th pick of the closest thing we'll get to football this year, WYO1016 selects: Ball State @godogsgo is up @jdgaucho on deck Pretty sure there are a dozen or so unclaimed picks out there that can go at any time, too
  6. Temple @Boise fan is up @halfmanhalfbronco on deck for two
  7. Translation: "I use the data that echos what I want to hear, not the more centrist data with a better track record of factual reporting"
  8. Duckworth is one hell of a resiliant person. Her list of achievements is remarkable. Hard to believe anyone could find anything to attack. Lt. Colonel Iraq Veteran Helicopter shot down, resulting in her being a double amputee Elected to the House for 2 terms, then to the Senate First Senator to give birth while in office First Thai American woman elected to Congress One of her family members has served during every conflict since the Revolutionary War That's some serious street cred I was reading an article about Rice pointing out that she would be a pick most would shy away from most years. However, without town halls this year her strong intellect will outshine her relative lack of experience dealing with the public in general. This is definitely going to be an interesting pick.
  9. @godogsgo is up @jdgaucho on deck
  10. Liberty @halfmanhalfbronco up for 2 @Boise fan on deck
  11. This. Sure, it would be nice to see Fox News and MSNBC providing equal time to opposing view points, but social media is inherintely unpoliceable. Bringing the fairness doctrine back would do nothing.
  12. Louisville @godogsgo is up @jdgaucho is on deck @Rebel doc in the hole