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  1. I feel this. My great-great grandparents were an arranged marriage between the children of the largest slave importer and largest slave auctioner in the US. Not something I'm at all proud of.
  2. Agreed. The guy is a moron, but that has nothing to do with him being a Republican. (Although there is a lot of crossover between those two qualifiers in a Venn diagram).
  3. Pssssh. @Brew_Poke is a pro.
  4. For anyone considering making the trek to the Springs to watch a game; do it. Beautiful stadium. Good game day atmosphere. One of my favorite away game venues in the conference.
  5. DJ'd a wedding a few weekends ago and this was requested. Also happens to be playing over the radio in a co-worker's office. Catchy, but definitely an earworm.
  6. Bringing religion into politics Blatant dishonesty (I know that all politicians are liars, but flat-out denying that you said something and then continuing to say it comes to mind) Not owning mistakes Conspiracy theories
  7. Got 2 episodes left. REALLY good show. Netflix did a solid job with the English dub, too.
  8. We're starting to settle in. Only change this week was @Jeffkills and @SLCPoke swapping places.
  9. PMP means you've got enough real world experience as a project manager to get the designation. MBA just means you're good at school and are ok with student debt. I'll hire based on professional certifications over degrees any day.
  10. The debate about the best helmet in the conference has been over since the day the MWC was formed. You all can argue over 2nd place all you like, though.
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