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  1. Bold Prediction!

    Another Bold Prediction: Josh Rosen will not be picked in the top ten picks. His attitude and durability concerns will send him tumbling. Allen or Darnold will be picked first, the other will go second, and Mayfield will be picked before Rosen.
  2. Just received a survey asking a lot of questions about how I prefer to view Mountain West games, what type of streaming services and devices I use, and if I would be willing to pay a yearly premium for a streaming-only option from the conference. Anyone else getting this survey?
  3. Werewolf Noir

    I'm down after the tourney
  4. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    Thanks for the heads up! I called this weekend and got that upgraded!
  5. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    $480 + $339 for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon = $819
  6. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    I cut the cord years ago when I moved in with my then-girlfriend now-wife. Here's the setup: Antenna mounted where the satellite dish used to be on the roof and signal run through the cable outlets throughout the house (Channels I get in Cheyenne, WY: CBS, NBC, CW, PBS, ABC, FOX) 60 Mbps internet service through Charter (no throttling, no cap) - $60/month Netflix - $13/month (4k streaming) Hulu - $7/month Amazon Prime - $99/year (wife had it for 2 day shipping already, so video was just an added perk) My folks still pay for their TV, so I just use their sign in for ESPN, Fox, and other OTT supplemental services Hardware: Amazon Fire TV Stick - $40; Amazon Fire TV - $70; TCL 40" Roku TV - $270; 1byone Omni-directional antenna - $59; Roku player - Gift; Chromecast - $35 ----- Yearly cost of DirecTV - $1440 Yearly cost of cord cutting (minus internet, because I'd have that whether or not I paid for TV) - $339 Yearly cost of cord cutting if I were to pay for Sling Blue+Orange ($40/month) - $819 One time hardware costs for cord-cutting (for my entire house) - $474 (NOTE: I acquired these devices over time. This is just what the total would be if you were to buy them all at once) ----- Without streaming "cable" packages like YouTube TV, Hulu TV, DirecTV NOW, Sling, etc... cord cutting is INCREDIBLY cost effective. The best piece of advice I can give is find places you can stream your favorite shows (I used to use DVR a lot, but Hulu does the same thing but with a few days of delay for episode availability), use the antenna for live sports, and find other ways to catch your "must watch" games (i.e. using a friend or family member's login info, going to a sports bar, etc...) rather than signing up for what is essentially cable delivered through a web app. It is FAR more cost effective to give up live TV than shell out for these streaming packages. The biggest key for me was not to get hung up on shows I may occasionally watch, like Sports Center. Instead, find entertainment on your OTA TV stations. When you're just looking for something to pass the time there are PLENTY of pretty entertaining options on broadcast TV
  7. Contact info for your school’s SID

    Wyoming Journalism: http://www.uwyo.edu/cojo/ Don't have a communication or SID role in our athletic department, but my best guess would be to contact Tim Harkins
  8. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    CBS is riding the P5 8=====D as hard as they can. They never show any love to any player that doesn't play at a P5 school. Jerry Palm is a clown.
  9. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Still on top
  10. The State of MW hoops programs

    Wyoming has to beat South Carolina on the road to even be in the at large conversation. Even then we'll need to win 80% of our conference games.
  11. The only way for Boise not to be the Mountain division champ is for them to lose out and Wyoming to win out. Boise has Air Force and Fresno left on the schedule. I'm not seeing them losing both, but it could happen. Wyoming has Fresno and San Jose left. I'm pretty confident about the joser game, but Fresno is going to be tough. Fresno has a lot riding on both games. They can drop one, but not both. If they lose out and SDSU wins out the 'tecs get the west division. TL;DR There are two teams that need to win one game to clinch their divisions. If they lose both there is a team in each division that could take it. Will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday for both teams!
  12. Pick 10 Results Thread

    #1 overall? I like it
  13. Time to pay the piper.

    I was going to get super creative, but as you could tell from how long it took me I've been too damn busy to get something good put together. Enjoy your new avatar!
  14. New Mexico @ Wyo

    Well that was a fun game. I have never witnessed a beating like that. Yes, the second half was unremarkable, but the first half was the most dominant performance I've ever seen.
  15. Let's add BYU and drop Wyoming

    He's making a push, but it's the same old schtick. Warbow is not deserving of anything higher than an 8 seed in the derby.