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  1. Really interesting stuff. Kind of fascinating to dive into the back story like they did. Shit seemed to go sideways when his dad died, and he just kept falling further and further down the rabbit hole after that.
  2. It's all about power. That's been the main basis for religion for hundreds of years. Crusades? Power trip and expanding the empire. Roman Empire? Did a lot of stuff in the name of Christianity that wasn't very Christian. Borgias? Raped, tortured, and bribed their way to the Papacy. Mega-churches are just another example of it. The whole thing is despicable. Anyone that has read the Bible can see that what these organizations are doing in the name of Christianity is the antithesis of what the religion stands for. It's disgusting.
  3. (Just to make it twitter official)
  4. They used to say the same thing about Wyoming. Once you get the right coach in the door they find the talent in-state. Shoot, we had an All-American LB from Casper on the team this year. The sheep thought he should be a kicker.
  5. You all may recognize the name of one of our signess; Wyatt Eleker. He's the brother of the Chargers RB Austin Ekeler.
  6. We had at least one LB sign on 24/7 lists Braden Siders and Oluwaseyi Omotosho as LBs, too
  7. Seems like a win for all involved for now. While I'm not super happy to see CBS Sports still in the mix, I do like the per-school pay bump. FS1 is pretty widely available. I presume it would also mean a marquee game could be slotted onto Fox's broadcast networks, which would be huge!
  8. Classic case of "know how much you're worth". You get an offer from another school, take it to your AD, say you really want to stay, get a raise and extension, and keep on trucking.
  9. Off the top of my head Joby Wright is the only one I can think of
  10. I can easily imagine the mayor of Cheyenne doing something like this. She likes to get hammered and drunk text people she doesn't like here in Cheyenne. I could totally see her trying to pull rank while she was loaded on a beach somewhere.
  11. Is Bobo the clown still going to be head coach? If so, there's not a chance they'll have more than one game over 20k. Wyoming will bring at least 10k for the Border War, so they'll get their numbers padded.
  12. Love seeing Wyoming at nearly 80% capacity for the season. Don't know why the Nevada game was so sparsely attended. It was a beautiful day!
  13. Would this be an issue if the kids walked in on them doing the horizontal mambo? Seriously folks, don't enter rooms unannounced. You'll see things you shouldn't/wish you never had.
  14. Takes a real fan to stick around in the tough times. The sheep don't have many of those. You have my respect, even though the rest of your fans and your team have given up on this season.