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  1. Two heavy weights in the ring. Of course both are gonna take blows. China's leadership is betting the Chinese citizens are more resilient then US citizens will be. They're probably right.
  2. Just had one this past year and they started putting the patient completely under. Prep now requires a flippen EKG
  3. I had a neighbor that was reclusive. It was a couple but I think the Mr. carried the flag. They didn't interact at all with anyone on our street. One day my doorbell rang and it was this neighbor. He told me that my son was riding his bike up and down his drive way and left tire marks with hard breaks all over his driveway. I told him that my son would be right over and clean up the marks. I sent my son down (about three houses down, across the street) with a bucket of hot soapy water and a wire brush. My son spent an hour cleaning up the marks and then walked back and forth between houses with clean water in the bucket to rinse the soapy water. After a couple of trips the neighbor came out of the house and with his hose helped my son rinse the driveway. That afternoon the doorbell rang again and the neighbor was there and wanted to see my son. He handed my son a bag of books and toys and thanked him for being responsible and cleaning his driveway. He and my son became pretty good friends until they moved a couple years later. We have an annual neighborhood BBQ every summer, which they hadn't come to before that summer. They came that year and for the next two years before they moved. Give these new neighbors some time. I bet they adjust.
  4. In this case, the wife is whaling constantly on her husband, beating the shyt out of him 24/7/365. Does this help?
  5. I might be wrong but I have to think their responses are feeding the right extremists more than anything else is.
  6. Of course I'm talking about your response.
  7. The left doesn't feed 'em, do they?
  8. Retro, this isn't you man. Stay the highroad. I'd expect this from others on the board, but not you.
  9. Depression is a most significant mental illness that impacts millions of Americans.
  10. Mysfits and Oranges (and a few other's) argument against mental illness being a factor is to argue that anger =/= mental illness, which isn't what anyone is saying. Anger is anger and mental illness is mental illness. Combining mental health issues, such as depression, with anger is perhaps the most dangerous combination leading to unhealthy behaviors such as suicide, mass shootings, etc.
  11. Scoots, you have really soured on your team. Please bring back the old Scooter!
  12. You do need to be more consistent
  13. Consistency is very important.
  14. Glad I could help you comprehend. Nice pivot
  15. It's not difficult my friend. The suggestion was for you to listen to them
  16. LOL You should try more than cut and pasting. This didn't in the least disprove what I stated. Not one iota. You really should read this.
  17. The combination of both is far more likely to result in a body count, contrary to your belief.
  18. I'm sorry. Hatred and mental instability is a problem.
  19. I think Hillary was very smart and very strategic in the way she pushed the birther controversy. She and her campaign pushed it indirectly to the media.
  20. But it's the media adding all of these adjectives? They are hardly the right.