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  1. The unemployed rednecks? Shyt man!
  2. It depends what they find, or what they think they find, and blast 24/7 on their media.
  3. I think the Dems will beat on the investigation drum all the way up to the election, with no plans to impeach. In essence, they're trying Trump for impeachment with impeaching him. I'm not sure that will work, but we'll see.
  4. Russia wanted to disrupt our democracy. Your post suggests they succeeded to some degree.
  5. To investigators? Link please
  6. Impeachment exists for a reason. We water that down, we've lost. Many years ago I did a lot of work for an Indian tribe. They had the ability to redo their leadership elections too easily. As a result, they had new tribal leadership it seemed like every calendar quarter. As a result very little, if anything, ever got done. It was the most dysfunctional leadership structure I have ever observed.
  7. The American middle is tired of the 24/7/365 investigations. An independent investigation lead by professionals that really didn't care for Trump found nothing to recommend charges on. Nothing these next 1.5 yrs is going to change the minds of the Trump supporters or Trump haters. Nothing. The winner in 2020 wins the middle. History has told us that partisan politics doesn't matter as much as the economy. The DOW and S&P hit an all-time high today, unemployment remains low with black and female unemployment at an all-time low. The economy will pull the middle to Trump and the Dems investigations will push the middle to Trump. The Dems need to quit pushing on the middle.
  8. Trump and one of his officials spoke of the possible separation of another official. Heartless
  9. Out of curiosity, what doesn't seem like a logical choice? Perhaps we can begin to take some choices off the table
  10. We elect all of them. The boogie man is us.
  11. Has the IRS brought or referred charges? Keep chumming. You might bring one in.
  12. We might be at the point in history where impeachment becomes a more regular event.
  13. It's an exclusive gathering place for snobs like Swoll! Think of it as a skybox in the endzone. I saw it for the first time this past fall. Kinda a cool place really. I like it.
  14. Sounds like Harris has signed up for this too!
  15. pokebball


    There are basically two sections of Mueller's report. The first section, which isn't getting as much attention has the most redactions and in my opinion is from where the additional investigations will come. I think this is the most valuable part of Mueller's report. Let us not forget that Barr has reviewed all of this with Mueller.
  16. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/04/22/bernie_sanders_convicts_should_be_allowed_to_vote_from_prison_even_the_boston_marathon_bomber.html
  17. Even if impeachment isn't legal, our legal system provides a widely accepted set of criteria that most of us feel are fair, and quite frankly a part of our foundational standards of holding each other accountable and responsible for out actions. If an impeachment occurs and it conflicts with these legal standards, many of us will not accept the impeachment as a valid event. This is what the Dems risk.
  18. He doesn't need to clear his name. He's innocent until you prove him guilty. Get to work! "A real trial"...you funny Akkula
  19. So are we talking impeachment is political or legal? You are all over the place on this.
  20. Well, I would hope and expect both of us to read both.
  21. Again, why no indictments on these matters on others besides Trump?