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  1. I am saying legitimate news sources cover the stupid things she says. You don't think they should?
  2. The only time I hear about what Limbaugh says are from people like you, "who never listen to him".
  3. pokebball

    The government shouldn't kill its citizens

    The principal weapon of authoritarians isn't guns. It's taking the guns away from everyone else.
  4. pokebball

    Fake Hate Crime

    In other words, perhaps words that fit my narrative better than your words above, is that Trump has so many things to be justifiably critical of, why do so many have to manufacture and misrepresent so much about and around Trump? The moderates and independents see right through their exaggerations and drama.
  5. No, it's different in some ways and comparable in others. I'm simply pointing out the similarities. Are you saying there are no similarities at all?
  6. Very comparable to what MSNBC and CNN are doing to Trump and the Dem base. You see it differently?
  7. pokebball

    Mueller Report Out Next Week?

    In the first sentence
  8. Nah, she was elected by the left. Fox is simply using the entertainment value she's teeing up, just like what MSNBC and CNN are doing with Trump.
  9. She's a freshman congresswoman that a lot of the left have hard ons over. Nobody has a hard on over Trump!
  10. pokebball

    California may have to pay back a couple billion.

    He's kinda making the illegals pay for the wall then?
  11. Why do you think that? Wyo was already left out before the switcharoo for Boise.