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  1. Sure, you're just like mysfit. You should read halfman's response to her.
  2. 99% of America fits into your first category and yet that group elected Trump POTUS. Why?
  3. The candidates won't lead the Dem message but they'll certainly be asked about it. They'll need to be very careful in how they respond.
  4. Trading Navy (OCC) for CSU (conference game) doesn't put AFA in a better spot. Giving up Wyo, UNM, BSU, SDSU & Fresno for East Carolina, SMU, Temple, Tulsa and Tulane sucks to high heaven for them. Cheyenne has a ton of AFA fans here because the Warren AFB. They have absolutely no interest in giving up long-time rivals for that slate of AAC conf games. And that that doesn't even consider the other sports having to move to a conference like the WAC. There is at best a 5% of them going AAC for football. They weren't interested before.
  5. Growing up I had an aunt and uncle that lived in San Mateo. Both worked for United Airlines. Growing up, I got to spend 2-4 weeks every summer with them. What more could a kid as for, right? I spent a lot of time in the valley growing up. Man how it's changed.
  6. The Fab Four The D Rep from Texas promised today to bring impeachment charges to a vote on the house floor.
  7. San Francisco has legislation banning one of these.
  8. AFA doesn't have to join the AAC to play Navy, that's already a given. It's the other benefits or costs of the switch. I don't see how their football scheduling improves. One can argue pretty strongly that it doesn't, particularly having to give up some long-standing rivalries. Their OOCs play lessor competition, perhaps going to a conference that's fairly unstable. I'd put a wager on them staying if anyone's interested.
  9. The wordplays of Ignas Sargiunas seem countless. I can't wait.
  10. They still have their prostitution ring going on?
  11. There are great places to visit and great places to live. SF and the bay area are great places to visit. Certainly not my choice to live.