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  1. pokebball

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    We're predicted to win 7 in most preseason rags; most over-unders I've seen are at 6.5. We've got two decent OOCs in Missouri and Wash St and play Fresno on the road. I think the 6-7 wins are assuming our offense will continue the struggle we had last year with perhaps a tick up in OL and WR but the downtick in a RSF QB taking over.
  2. pokebball

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    It's not one or the other, right? Boise had a successful coach pre Peterson that got poached by CU. Bohl's predecessor was fired. Bohl walked into a much different situation than Petersen did. And Petersen isn't at Boise today. Boise has built a great program and deserves all the accolades they are getting. Seriously, I didn't know BYU was playing them this fall!
  3. pokebball

    One of us made Forbes

    don't overreact dude
  4. pokebball

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    Boise is playing BYU this fall? Didn't know that.
  5. pokebball

    One of us made Forbes

    If a P5 invite comes, the bet paid off. Otherwise I agree with you. The bond costs will be a financial burden on the University for many, many years to come.
  6. pokebball

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    Middle Tennessee @Wyovanian you're up
  7. pokebball

    One of us made Forbes

    UW gets a good chunk of funding from the Wyo legislature. Our politicians return a very big share of our mineral and severance tax revenues towards education. Wyoming has built a significant number of new schools across the state in the past decade or two. Our Constitution requires the state to "adequately fund" education. Wyo passed legislation perhaps a decade ago that funded what we call Hathaway Scholarships, basically giving each and every high school student tuition scholarships to attend UW or one of our community colleges throughout the state. A lot of the "subsidy" you reference are these Hathaway scholarships. Additionally, the legislature regularly sets aside matching funds towards capital construction projects for our post HS educational facilities. A number of improvements at UW have happened because donors have stepped forward, triggering matching funds from the state. The State of Wyoming is very dependent on the extraction industries and therefore experiences the booms and busts that go with that. We're pretty conservative fiscally. We save for the busts, we don't bond/borrow for much of anything and when we've got the booms we pay for most all capital construction with cash.
  8. pokebball

    One of us made Forbes

    We'd have sellouts every game, even when there's a blizzard and all roads outta Laramie are closed...right?
  9. pokebball

    One of us made Forbes

  10. pokebball

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    Andrew Wingard and Carl Granderson Named to the Chuck Bednarik Award Watch ListLaramie, Wyo. (July 16, 2018) -- On Monday, the Maxwell Football Club announced its 2018 Chuck Bednarik Award Watch List and University of Wyoming seniors Andrew Wingard and Carl Granderson were both named to the list.The Bednarik Award is presented annually to the College Defensive Player of the Year. Wyoming has never had two defensive players named to the Bednarik Award Watch List in the same season before. Wingard and Granderson were both First Team All-Mountain West Conference selections as juniors in 2017. Wingard was also a First Team All-MW selection as a sophomore in 2016.A year ago, strong safety Wingard tied for No. 1 in the Mountain West and ranked 15th nationally in interceptions, intercepting five passes on the season. He also ranked No. 7 in the conference and No. 37 in the nation in total tackles (averaging 8.8 tackles per game), and led all MW defensive backs in that category.Granderson also enjoyed an outstanding senior season at defensive end, ranking No. 2 in the league and No. 16 in the nation in sacks (0.73 per game and a total of 9.5 sacks on the season). He ranked No. 2 in the Mountain West in tackles for loss (1.23 per game and 16.0 total). Granderson led all MW defensive linemen in tackles in 2017, averaging 5.9 per game.The two seniors helped lead Wyoming’s defense to the No. 1 ranking in the nation in forcing turnovers in 2017, with a total of 38 takeaways. The Cowboy defense also ranked No. 1 in the conference and No. 9 in the nation in scoring defense, allowing only 17.5 points per game to opponents.
  11. Realization and education. 1. Realize every country does this, including us, and do everything we can to reduce the impact. 2. Education. Perhaps consider remedial education for Facebook users!
  12. All along I had you pegged as a woman
  13. The Dems won't be after the Trump base voters but the middle swing votes. As @Thomas stated, I don't know that a female Dem that can control her emotions exists, but if one exists I think she'd clean up vs Trumps lack of character.
  14. I understand your point and didn't think it was you personally. I just don't think I agree with your opinion that a male would have a better chance because of middle America. In fact, I think a female that responds to Trump professionally, that could control her emotions and not play his stupid games, would do quite well.