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  1. Tough 2pt loss on the road tonight. Good season.
  2. So it's not a challenge by the HC or team? That really truly sucks in my opinion. Basically then, every PI on the field will be reviewed along with every non-called PI. That's gonna cost me another 2 beers at most games.
  3. Very quick spin through the article and didn't see this answered. No additional challenge flags I hope?
  4. Is The Good Wife filmed in Chicago?
  5. Wasn't Geragos Kapernicks attorney?
  6. Ahh, I thought he was in a "legal" place. Wasn't all of the hoopla around trafficking? Oh well, doesn't matter. One rich white guy and one poor black guy, and they're both getting off? God bless America
  7. Why? Look, I'm a believer but not an evangelical. I don't believe God "chose" Trump. But as a believer, I'm sure as hell not going to limit God's design and plan!
  8. I think you're joking, but what crime did Kraft commit? He hasn't even been charged of a crime, has he?