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  1. The fentanyl argument was really shredded today, too. Tobin said you go into a coma if you OD on that. However, he said in no uncertain terms that Floyd did NOT go into a coma...
  2. Yeah. Nelson was choking in his cross, both figuratively and literally. Trying to get Tobin to stipulate that the circumstances could change by the millisecond was sort of a “Captain Obvious” statement - you know, about life in general. I mean, I can’t recall specifics, but Tobin shut him down on more than one occasion...
  3. Assuming too much? Hardly. Tobin made a lot of scientific assertions, all of which appeared to be well-established. I think the prosecution was wise to not bury the jury in minutia in that regard, but if push comes to shove, I have no doubt that his widely-held positions can be further established, if necessary. I mean, the defense sort of shit the bed in its cross examination of him. Just watch/listen to it. They made no headway against his testimony whatsoever... IMO, that doesn’t bode well for their own “experts” down the road because, again, Tobin came across as both honest and ve
  4. They were indeed shot to hell. For those commenting here and that didn’t actually listen today, IMO, you really missed out on some of the most compelling testimony you could ever expect to hear. I mean, I learned a lot today on the subject of breathing and didn’t even “want to” you know? it was nevertheless pretty enlightening... Although the circumstances surrounding the need for said testimony is the absolute shits of the world (what Floyd had to endure was sheer torture, plain and simple), I find it hard to believe there will be enough to refute all that was said by Tobin today.
  5. I don’t think that will override Chauvins personal responsibility in the Floyd circumstance. He can be the most trained cop in the world, but if his actions are deemed to have caused Floyd’s death - even without intent to kill - he’s toast. When it comes to the other (defense) experts, all I can say is that they had better be extraordinary (for Chauvin’s sake). The prosecution got out of the gate in tremendously important aspects of the medical/cause of death questions today. A 10 out of 10, many trial experts are saying. Yes, it only takes one to have doubts, but I’m telling you both the
  6. Training videos don’t matter. Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck 3 minutes after a preeminent expert said that he died (stopped breathing). Tobin said the drugs were irrelevant and didn’t change his breathing patterns, among other things. Also, that a healthy person would’ve died under the same circumstances. Honestly, I can’t fathom all of that will play well with any jury member...
  7. I’ve listened to quite a bit of the testimony so far. The pulmonary doctor’s testimony today (Tobin) was flat out devastating to the defense. That dude reeeeaaalllyyy knew his shet, but perhaps most importantly, spoke in layman’s terms that the jury could readily understand. Reduced it to lungs and breathing in a simplistic, yet still highly technical way. The use of (simple) graphics was exceptionally well done, too. He even called Floyd’s death (last breath) within a few seconds IOC the timeline (the last extension of his leg). This occurred more than three (3!) minutes before Chauvin eve
  8. It’s a fun word for the whole family, but no...
  9. Only the mindlessly daft care about who’s behind Q. Any reasonable person would dismiss all the B.S. straight away...
  10. Few is a legend. They just need "that much better" better athletes. The coaching is there...
  11. Okay, you MWC bums - quit trying to sign up for the Spartan web-site for the latest. Youse guys crashed the shet, what with your gushing over the Miles hire and all...
  12. You're right @jdgaucho. The real Spartans wouldn't have 10 points vs. Baylor. Maybe 2...
  13. I se SJSU surreptitiously showed up in Gonzaga unis...
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