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  1. I look at Reed sort of like Tucker Carlson. I'm probably the least violent person anyone here will ever meet, but I still want to plant a nice fist in his smug face...
  2. What bold statement are you referring to? I was making some general observations/opinions, nothing more. Of the long guys off the tee, BD, DJ and Rahm are the most dangerous right now. And McIlroy, but he needs to get the rest of his sh!t (game) together (IMO, he should win a LOT more than he does). Wolff could yet be in that group, too, but he's only 21, so is probably a bit premature for him to be put higher on the "expectations" pedestal, I think. Certainly a good amateur record for him is starting to translate to the pros. Rahm can be a real head case at times and for some inexplicabl
  3. One of the sites should definitely be Spartan Stadium. Visiting fans are required to bring either a shovel or a tool belt. Help erect the new SAC (East Stands) whilst visiting. For TV and stuff, don't you know...
  4. Yeah, John Daly could've been that guy in the 1990's, but he couldn't stay off of the bottle long enough to (fully) capitalize on his talent (and the then prodigious distance). As to BD, if his slow play results in penalties, then so be it. If the rules regularly penalize him, he will either adapt or (continually) get burned. There are players with far less talent than him that have been accused of slow play over the years (but not the subject of PGA Tour rules enforcement), so at this juncture I'm inclined to give a quality player like BD a bit of the benefit of the doubt (but only within
  5. He's built himself up such that his distance is beyond belief. His 325+ yard driving average (often hitting over 350) renders the rough at a hallowed U.S. Open venue like Winged Foot less consequential. Much so. Hitting it out of the rough from 130 yards compared to 200 yards is like night and day. Seriously. When he's hitting wedge from the rough and 50%-75% of the field is struggling to hit a 4, 5 or 6 iron instead, well, his advantage increases astronomically. He can control the ball far better with the shorter iron - both in terms of direction and distance. Especially in accessing s
  6. It was just that (dangerous) in San Jose only 3-4 days ago, so not exactly a huge difference. Prior to that, it had been really schitty air quality (from the fires) for weeks straight...
  7. And under most other circumstances it might come across as an accomplishment, if it weren't for the fact that too many Americans are still dying or are jobless due to Trump not effectively handling the epidemic. It's his economy, not Biden's. It's his jobless rate, not Biden's. It's his social unrest, not Biden's. He's such a +++++ing unaccountable turd. I understand if people are anti-Democratic. Fair play there. But if anyone is otherwise "pro-Trump" (just because), JFC, they're no better than him. All just corrupt, pathological lying sacks o' shit...
  8. Pretty informative article. Seems objective... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/climate-change-wildfires-snow-jet-stream-extreme-weather/
  9. Siri computing - with binoculars...
  10. Lakers now up on the Rockets, 3-1. Writing on the wall for Houston. Harden's block in Game 7 against OKC almost a distant memory now, as he needs 20 FTA's tonight to score just 21 for the game. Dismal...
  11. Not considered an upgrade unless the staunchest Trumptards are summarily neutered...
  12. Election Prediction? If Schitz For Brains doesn't lose by 10 points in November I'll be terribly disappointed. Well, I suppose then I'd salve myself with the subsequent avalanche of books narrating why SFB was the absolute WORST president in the history of the U.S. (if not the world)...
  13. Congrats to Morikawa. That tee shot at 16 will be of legend... In his 1st major appearance, former Spartan Mark Hubbard finished T-51 (+1)...
  14. There's demand for the expanded rinks (over 4k capacity for the new San Jose Barracuda rink/home), plus other events (junior hockey tourneys), etc. Covid-19's current impact notwithstanding, in a couple of years when the buildout is complete the parking access to Sharks Ice from the new SJSU parking garage will be essential. They couldn't have expanded without it.
  15. Sometimes, you just can't teach dipshittery. It's ingrained in (the feeble minds of) some folk - right from the get-go. Sometimes, it's definitely better to turn the other cheek, but I probably woulda told the guy to go fvck himself and, like others have suggested, removed my mask, causally coughed (to the side) and offered my hand in "friendship." The true believers (Trumptards) would take the hand. The tough guy blowhards? They turn till and walk (skulk) the other way...
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