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  1. For what it's worth, I seriously doubt that Boise and Utah St. will stop playing BYU. Also, I am not sure that the MWC can impose a boycott by its members to stop playing any school.
  2. If the Lobos don't get into foul trouble I think they will have a chance to pull this one out.
  3. Craig Neal Coaching career over?

    I don't think we needed Weir's success to show that Neal was a terrible HC. His teams got worse as the years went on and his terrible player/coach relations were going to result in 6 players bolting from his program if he had stayed one more year. His ego and awful relationship with the press in general, made him a very unpopular coach who in his last year saw attendance erode to the point that there may have been around 2000 people watching his team for a once proud fan base. He was a legend in his own mind.
  4. #3 New Mexico #6 Wyoming

    Lobos did not fold down the stretch. I never felt like the game was in hand till the pokes turned it over with 28 seconds left. Another exciting MWC tourney game.
  5. #3 New Mexico #6 Wyoming

    Refs seem to be letting them play. The last time these two teams played the refs decided to be the biggest part of the game. Pokes just that quick are back in the game. This is setting up to be a good game.
  6. #3 New Mexico #6 Wyoming

    The Lobos seemed to have learned how to play in Weir's system. No question they are playing faster and in better control. If they don't run out of gas they will have a good chance to pull out the win. Wyo will get back in this game.
  7. I guess Terry believes that Fresno NEVER commits a foul. He even argues the clear cut fouls against his team. Looks like it will be SDS against Nevada. I am thinking that SDS wins that one because they look like they are playing extremely well right now.
  8. Make it Happen Memphis

    If CSU could pull that off I agree with you. I think CSU would have to open their pocketbooks to get him. He would definitely make the coaching better in the MWC.
  9. FSU at UNM

    Some clutch shooting by both teams. That Big for Fresno is a load inside (#34). I like him and he was doing a little friendly chatting with the UNM students. That 3 with 17 seconds left by the Fresno guard to tie the game was at least 5 ft beyond the arc. Great game and a shame that there had to be a single winner. Nice job by the Dogs in a packed house.
  10. FSU at UNM

    I think both Nevada and Boise would rather play Fresno because of all the running they would do playing UNM. Keeping fresh legs at tourney time is a big deal. UNM-Fresno should be a good one tonight with the Lobos a 1 1/2 pt favorite. I think the bldg. will be packed and the players will be stoked on both sides. Lobos win by 3
  11. UNM @ CSU game thread

    I think Muss will win that title this season even though Weir is in contention for it, Nevada is clearly the best team in the league and to them usually go the spoils.
  12. UNM @ CSU game thread

    Lobos win 108-87. CSU played much better in the second half as they ran through the Lobos with little to no pressure near the basket.
  13. UNM @ CSU game thread

    Lobos pull out to a 30 pt lead but CSU making a comeback, 53-26 now
  14. UNM @ CSU game thread

    Jackson is fed a leather sandwich but Lobos are forcing turnovers.
  15. UNM @ CSU game thread

    here we go with the nit picky touch fouls