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  1. Hoser

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Lobos are going to lose this game and they have to look in the mirror and decide that they need to change something on the defensive side. They have good offense but are dismal on D.
  2. Hoser

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Lobos do not play defense. Nevada should break scoring records against this D.
  3. Mutang, 

    Thanks for doing the weekly guess the score.  I followed it all year and it is great.  You did another fine job.  Just letting you know that I think a lot of posters really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  4. New Mexico has a couple of internal problems the biggest one being Manigault, Lobo big man and most versatile scorer inside. The other is some gimmick that Weir is doing where he starts the 5 players that have the most takaways in practice. Against Bradley he started a walkon and the Lobos quickly fell behind 11-0 to start the game. The same thing happened against State, he started most of the bench players and again the Lobos fell behind 11-0 to start the game. Lobos fans are scratching their heads over that move. Lobos have some talent but just are not in sync right now. We will see who he starts against St. Marys on Friday. Manigault may be working his way to a suspension.
  5. Hoser

    MW vs MVC

    That was a huge win for the Lobos. Bradley favored by 8 in Vegas. If the Lobos keep improving they will be a top 3 team.
  6. Hoser

    Wyoming vs New Mexico Game Thread...

    I am not sure how ready the Lobos will be to win this game. They did not look very motivated against Boise. Defense looked listless again and I am not optimistic that they will do much better against the Pokes. I still think this game will be close unless like I mentioned that team has mailed it in and are just trying to finish the season. I think the Pokes pull this out by 7 or less.
  7. Hoser

    MWC Early Lines...week 13

    A chance for Wyo to save their season with one more win, but I think it will be a good game, unless Davie is quitting on UNM.
  8. Hoser

    Guess who’s tweeting again

    Does anyone think expansion and reshuffling will ever end. Conference affiliations are like marriages, many of those partnerships dissolve and then there is the messy divorce. I think the core of the MWC needs to try and stay together and keep a pulse until the smoke clears. Maybe pick up a school or two along the way.
  9. Hoser

    32 best all-time college QB’s

    3 Borg QB's on the list? Steve Young and McMahon definitely two of the best but the list is only one mans opinion.
  10. Hoser

    UNLV at SDSU

    You could count the number of people that thought UNLV would beat SDS on one finger. Hellofawin Rebels.
  11. Hoser

    Where my Lobos at? CSUN vs. UNM

    Same thing I said, the Lobos have more height this year but are settling for a ton of 3's. Hope Pinchuk can get better inside.
  12. Hoser

    New Mexico @ Utah State

    Sorry but I'm not going to keep watching this horror show. I gotta go.
  13. Hoser

    New Mexico @ Utah State

    Thing that really bothers me, a Lobo runner gets touched and he drops like a deer being shot, and USU runners shedding would be tacklers at will.
  14. Hoser

    New Mexico @ Utah State

    USU may win this game by 60 if it keeps going like this.
  15. Hoser

    New Mexico @ Utah State

    USU intercepts and returns it 100 yds for a TD. Lobos are snake bitten