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  1. Are you going to run a post with the current standings leader board?  I have seen some low scores posted but would be nice to know what the standings are.  I will try and help you with a running standings list if you like.  Let me know and I will do what ever I can to help.  I love your pickem thread.  

  2. Hoser

    UNM at NMSU

    If there are any UNM fans that think this will be an easy win, you are out of touch IMO. This will be a back and forth game IMO unless Sheriron Jones plays up to his pre-season hype. Lobos are much tougher with Tavota Tuioti at QB. I think the Lobos win this by a TD. It will boil down to turnovers and running game.
  3. Hoser

    PV A&M At UNLV -Edited w/ Notes

    I have a feeling PV A&M is going to put up a good fight. I picked the Rebs by a TD.
  4. Docking the person's name/handle at the left was a great move.  

    1. mugtang
    2. Hoser


      someone asked you to dock the names on the left side of the spread sheet and it was done.  Maybe your helper did it without telling you.  Either way, good move.

    3. mugtang


      Oh. Yeah I was able to figure out how to freeze the panes in google sheets. 

  5. Can changes be made on the pickems?  Procedure?

    1. mugtang


      Yes. Just resubmit your picks.  I take the most recent submission as your submission for the week.  

    2. Hoser


      That's what I thought but was not sure.  Thanks

  6. Thanks for running the pickem thread again.  You do a great job and always reply to messages.  Keep up the good work.  as a side note Lobos BB will split with Nevada this year, mark it down.

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    2. Hoser


      I think the upcoming BB season will be one of the best in a while.  SDSU will be tough again and UNLV has some horses as well. Top 4 teams Nevada, UNM, SDSU and UNLV in that order as preseason favorites IMO.

    3. mugtang


      Agreed.  It’s too bad Gonzaga decided not to come on board.  We could have had one of the best b-ball conference in the country this year. 

    4. Hoser


      Totally agree

  7. Hoser

    Game Thread: Hawaii @ Colorado State

    Hawaii looks impressive. McDonald is a true dual threat QB and UH looks like a contender right now. I thought CSU was better than they are showing, but it is early. As I write this UH just scores another TD and goes up 30 to 7!
  8. Hoser

    San Diego State games in Tijuana

    I have been there several times. Why don't you fill me in on what is so great about TJ. I do remember the Lobster burrito's in Rosarito though, those were outstanding.
  9. Hoser

    Pre-Week 1 Rank-EM

    Not sure I believe that Fresno will finish on top. I think Boise has the horses and the tradition to win the MWC. I wished I could say the Lobos will surprise some people this year, but I really have no idea how they will do. I do know that the Lobos will be competitive and may surprise a favored team or two this year. Davie needs to have a good year so maybe he pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets the Lobos to a bowl. Never count Rocky and the Aztecs out of the title picture. Why UNM let Rocky get away is beyond me.
  10. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/24449316/dallas-cowboys-offensive-lineman-travis-frederick-diagnosed-guillain-barre-syndrome I know I little about this because I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre myself 20 years ago. This is serious but he should recover in a year or so. Bad stuff for sure.
  11. Hoser

    San Diego State games in Tijuana

    What is the attraction or benefit to a MWC game in Tijuana? Not sure I see anything that would make that a good thing.
  12. Hoser

    Hot seat/Mountain West coach rankings

    He needs to find a way to get people in the stands. Lobos fans are apathetic when it comes to FB unless they are winning. It's fairly simple IMO, win and get some butts in the seats. He has a tall hill to climb but if the new OC from Arizona gets the O on track it may give him another year.
  13. Byu should snag NMSU home and home ASAP. It's a natural for the Cougars. Almost a guaranteed win and short travel distance against a D-1 school. They would be crazy not to do it.
  14. Hoser

    New Mexico St

    There are many thousands that would disagree with this statement. The proximity to the Border has nothing to do with the quality of "Mexican" food. As a matter of fact IMO Southwestern style Mexican is unique, hard to match and has much more flavor than true Mexican food. I would take Southwestern style Mexican food any day.
  15. The ACC is more of a threat to the MWC than the P5 IMO. Both ACC and MWC are fighting for basically the TV $ scraps that the P5's leave behind. If the ACC and some MWC teams make a move it will be interesting and devastating at the same time.