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  1. Broncos4life

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    Wow, I have seen bad officials. I’ve seen games lopsided. I’ve never seen a game where the fix is almost certainly in.
  2. Broncos4life

    Memphis vs Central Florida

    Guys in black keeping in this. I mean guys in black and white stripes. Wow it sure looks like the conference is doing everything they can to get CFU to the pay day.
  3. It was dead even. 9-9 I would say both divisions look as equal as ever. The records bear out the the mountain is better on top, west better in the middle, and both have clear bottom teams. Winner of the championship game gets the edge for more reasons then the slight lead in record. If BSU wins they would have beat the top team in the west 2 times. USU beat Hawaii who was tied for second very handily and am cautious saying this but I think most people believe you want to be better at the top then in the middle.
  4. Broncos4life


    How many people have to say CFU loses and they are in or deserve to be. It’s like saying they got stopped at the 1 but it should be a touchdown.
  5. Broncos4life

    Boise State alone in 1st place

    At this point BSU is way better then I thought possible. It's almost like the rest of the season is bonus. Win in the pit and BSU could be looking good for top 2 seed. Just no SDSU in first round.
  6. Broncos4life

    Air Force @ Boise State

    If he left this year the cupboard would be full.
  7. Broncos4life

    Air Force @ Boise State

    Rice snubs own school and leaves for rival? Not saying it will not happen, but would be a middle finger to WSU. I wont ever say he is not leaving. How he isn't getting more looks is unreal to me. Hope he follows Gonzaga model and stays.
  8. Broncos4life

    Fire Noodle

    Can this get to 40+ pages