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  1. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Even in the blowout at Boise you could tell every player knew their role and that they had something almost no team has nowadays. A offensive strategy besides one on one and pick and rolls. Look at their shot selection in the second half. It is crazy. It’s basically a ton of dots at the rim with a few outside shots.
  2. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    They started 10-1 with a win at Florida. They were good early. I’m going to let you in on a point that isn’t a secret. In order to get through a season with 5 losses, you have to be good all year. Anyone trying to argue 1 or 2 bad games is making a foolish argument. That happens to even the best teams. For example the worst team in the ACC beat two top teams back to back. It’s not because they were all of a sudden good. In basketball lucky bounces happen for or against every team at some point during the year. That’s all.
  3. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    You’re right. Explaining reality and money to some people is a waste of time.
  4. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Oh you mean the team that beat Florida at Florida in December. Yes they were much worse back then.
  5. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Musselman is not the only coach that doesn’t foul there. There has to be a stat coaches have that says don’t foul, but it makes no sense to me. Especially with that much pressure on a 1 and 1. I just don’t get it.
  6. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    Great season Nevada. Can’t believe you didn’t foul. 1 and 1 with trip to elite eight versus possibility of no chance and no time.
  7. Broncos4life

    Loyola (Chi) vs Nevada

    What is a bet a stupid person makes? If I actually knew with certainty that you would pay I would take the bet, then after the spread comes out bet SDSU to cover and hope to get 20 times my money risked. If SDSU covered and BSU wins, $200 and losing at most $10 in every other situation. I'm basing this on the extremely high probability BSU will be favored at home in this game, and most likely by more then a touchdown. Basically what I am saying if you are willing to make that bet, there is a high probability you will not pay.
  8. Broncos4life

    Alright Boise fans, give us a scouting report.

    Things I remember. They are small. Not overly athletic. You could tell their shots were not falling and they were off. At the same time their offense moves the ball very well. They find open players and never stop moving. They let us shoot the three and focused on the inside and we lit them up. It looked like the SMU game except we were SMU in this situation. If Nevada is hitting their threes they should win. Nevada should have an advantage at every position.
  9. Broncos4life

    Dam BSU beat Loyola (Chi) a sweet 16 team by 34!

    Loyola might have got better, but they started on fire including a win at Florida. Their system combined with players obviously promoted post season success. Leon has been very unfortunate, and hit wrong team at wrong times. At the same time he doesn’t have that final gear late in the season where you put a ton of pressure on teams with defense and offense. Think it’s becoming more obvious that he is like a Pat Hill. A very good coach that can’t make the final step to become great.
  10. Broncos4life

    Zona is lucky...

    South bracket 16 vs 9 5 vs 13 3 vs 11 2 vs 7 (Nevada) Nevada you are looking at a dream bracket. Too bad you weren’t a 9 this year.
  11. Broncos4life

    Zona is lucky...

    UMBC just never stopped in the second half. Up 13, 4 minutes, early shot clock, how about a 27 footer.
  12. Broncos4life

    NIT Selection Show

    Don’t count on it. The teams most attacked seem to come out swinging the most.
  13. Broncos4life

    TBS went and made it worse

    So how do they determine quad 1 versus quad 2 wins? To put it into perspective if USC and some other fringe teams could have moved up, the draw would have looked far different. Still means a lot.
  14. Broncos4life

    TBS went and made it worse

    It’s hard to get wins against tournament teams when your conference got 3 in vs 8 or 9.
  15. Broncos4life

    Congrats SDSU on winning the MWC Tournament

    As a Bronco fan I would say “better late then early.” Girls team knows what’s up.