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  1. Caleb Martin out indefinitely

    I understand. I agree. Whenever the numbers say BSU should be in they have made it.
  2. Caleb Martin out indefinitely

    I don't get this board. Nearly every expert has BSU in and Nevada in fairly comfortably. The experts for the most part are amazingly accurate now a days. Until the injury I would have said there is a 75% chance MWC gets 2 teams in, and had a 10% chance to get 3. Now I believe it is 50% chance of 2 and a 5% chance for 3. Ideal scenario. BSU goes undefeated and doesn't win the tournament. (most likely BSU losses 1 or 2 games) Nevada goes no worse then 2 more losses in regular season. Final of the tournament is Nevada and someone other then BSU and that Nevada loses. That would possibly get 3 teams in. Although not a certainty for 3 teams in the tournament even under that scenario.
  3. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    Wait, so if a team shoots poorly, they have a higher percentage of losing, and it is even more true when you play better teams? Wow, your opinions are brilliant. Nobody on this board would have figured that out for themselves ever. It ranks right up there with, “the reason we lost is they scored more points.” Amazing!
  4. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    This comes from a guy that gave an opinion with the clarification “I didn’t really look at it closely.” Your opinion is completely void of reality, and it is not only ignorant but also wrong. You have lost the right to say someone else is the dumbest poster on the thread, because you are clearly competing for that title. Congrats on trying to back your opinions with the only strategy of being the loudest person in the room and providing zero factual basis for them. (If you had looked closely you would realize Sengfelder got almost all his points on offensive rebound put backs and two three pointers. He might have been fed down low a couple times. But you are too busy making a fool of yourself with your poorly thought out opinions to actually have articulate well thought out opinions.)
  5. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    Hard to argue that. 55% of the blocks with 32% of the playing time when compared with McCoy. Currently you guys average about 4 blocks per game. If you were closer to Virginia in blocks (7) you guys would be extremely tough. The talent is there.
  6. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    Don't tell best in the west, but the top 5 teams in 3 pointers attempted all have winning records in conference. No coincidence though. None at all. Fresno while not taking as many is the #1 3 point shooting team. Just saying. Game has changed.
  7. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    I agree. In my opinion it is the reason why UNLV has problems on the defensive end. They can't get into a 3 point shooting contest, and in order to make it a 2 point shooting game down low they put high pressure on the arc, leaving the lane wide open. If they had better rim protection it would work, but unfortunately your centers aren't great shot blockers. If they were it would work better and UNLV would be near the top of the conference. They would then have a huge advantage because they do have the best down low game in the league. Fresno does the same thing. It is very obvious when you actually do game by game break downs of those two teams.
  8. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    The only thing that is valid is you have not clue what you are talking about and if you only took 5 minutes to actually look to see what you are talking about, rather then what you want to see and admitted flat out guesses, then you would actually make statements of accuracy. I'm not going to do your research for you. There two reason Sengfelder scored that many points, with a high shooting percentage. It had nothing to do with BSU isolating him. It would have taken you 1 minute to figure out why. It would also enlighten you a bit as to why BSU isn't just a one trick 3 point shooting pony. It's a stat BSU leads in, and has a high probability in predicting wins. Your welcome. Keep posting. It becomes more obvious that yo pull things out of your $#%^*$@. PS You know you are losing when you picked the arbitrary 5 three's made number based on living by the three which refers more to quantity and now you go to percentage like somehow it is a good argument change. Wow... Stupid is what stupid does.
  9. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    Bestinwest you have nothing? Care to elaborate that BSU is now 4-2 when making 5 three's or less? Care to explain how in both losses BSU actually lead in the two losses late? Still think BSU is a live by the three die by the three? Crickets....
  10. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    It’s hard to see how UNM won’t be contending for a title next year. They remind me of VCU in their glory days missing the talent at the moment. Talent will be there next year.
  11. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Great game UNM. You were the better team for 38 minutes. BSU stole one there.
  12. BestInWest care to elaborate?

    From 3 BSU 4-12 UNM 11-23 who do you think won?
  13. UNLV at Boise State

    That was a funny response. Well done sir.
  14. UNLV at Boise State

    Your point is idiotic. First, it is obvious that in today's CBB if you don't make three's you will lose more then you win. While not perfect, the current top 3 teams in 3pt field goals made, are also the top 3 in the conference. 5th best shooting team is in 4th. So keep arguing basketball like it's 1974. It's even more idiotic, because you just sighted something you think you see, but didn't compare it to a larger group of teams. Total MWC team win percentage this year when making 5 or less three pointers - 30-31 (49% the vast majority of those wins came against sub .500 teams OOC, and if you made less then 5 against a quality there were only a handful of wins BSU over UNLV being one of them) Average 2.72 wins and 2.81 losses (there are 4 teams that haven't won a single game without hitting more then 5 threes, two of which are currently in the top 4.) BSU's win percentage making 5 or less 3's - 3-2 (60%) So BSU is barely short of the average on the number of games they have had making 5 or less 3 pointers. They win more total games then average and lost less total games then average compared to all the teams in the mountain west. Your point is a dumb one. And incorrect. Congrats on your team averaging a whole 10% better win percentage in games that you make less then 5 three pointers. It's obviously working well for you guys considering your standings in the conference compared to BSU's. The only reason you are making this point is because your team is 2nd to last in made 3's per game. Let me tell you where that gets you. The bottom 3 teams in made 3's are dead last, 3rd to last, and 4th to last. So while you are making your point, just remember how stupid of a point it is. The fact is if you don't shoot and make 3's you will die by the 3! PERIOD!
  15. UNLV at Boise State

    Follow the conversation. You are proving you are about 2 pages late to a completely different topic. Would you like to change your post now, or leave it up for people to be highly entertained?