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  1. $3.35 an hour, plus tips. What qualifies as a living wage in Wyoming.
  2. Lord know the greedy +++++s won't volunteer.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/04/17/dont-drop-non-revenue-college-sports-hard-times-cut-football-coaches-salaries/
  4. Head to the MWCBoard, grab a pint, and wait for this to all blow over.
  5. I'm for it. Less sports, more arts and science labs.
  6. I like people who brag about having short attention spans.
  7. Ah, yes, the tried-and-true legal strategy known as take-backsies.
  8. So the MWC should sue the Mouse; about time someone did.
  9. So then there is no new media contract. Why is BSU suing?
  10. I mean, didn't more of us than just me predict that they would of course demand more and more? It's so obvious. They don't want to be partners. They want a different relationship, with yes men.
  11. Chauffeuring? Good move; baby steps.