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  1. Stay current on the

    You think that the Bill of Rights is God-given? You heard it here, folks. James Madison is God.
  2. Stay current on the

    Let's lift the federal lawsuit immunity that the gun manufacturers enjoy. Let them pay like tobacco did. We'd probably see a commensurate drop in gun violence that we did to smoking.
  3. Article on Redirects

    Use a less-scummy ad service? I don't have much pity for your specific situation. You're monetizing content that we create. Now if your plans for original content that you have been talking about get off the ground, I'll think differently and be more likely to support you with a subscription, but I will never not use adblockers as long as they work.
  4. Article on Redirects

    Adblockers. Problem solved.
  5. Final Nod to the Josh Allen Hype Train

    Web traffic is the same everywhere.
  6. BYU & MWC

    Enjoy independence, then. If you were P5 material, you'd already be in.
  7. Is Texas Tech a better job than UNLV?

    I think there is a higher ceiling (and higher floor) at TT, so that means it's a better job. I've been wrong about a lot of stuff before, so flame away.
  8. My P5 Expansion Slant

    NIce comback! Seriously though, I hesitated to post that, as I thought it too vague. I was trying to let the poster I replied to know that different places mean different things to different people. But it is nice to know that Lambs will always dis Laramie. Right? Metro State Denver is obviously next in line for the Big 12.
  9. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    But...and this is key, I think...they bring less in some regards. Less drama, less special scheduling needs, less potential backlash against regressive religious doctrines, less freaky fans (), etc.
  10. The not too early 2018 football prediction thread

    So BSU goes 13-0, winning the championship game, and DOESN'T get a bowl game? WTH?
  11. The not too early 2018 football prediction thread

    CSU goes Oh-fer against CU, AFA, and UW yet again.
  12. Josh Allen Declares for Draft

    Since you obviously know so much more than all the pro NFL scouts and media talking heads, you should probably be making money on this.
  13. Josh Allen Declares for Draft

    No it wasn't, but it has been assumed for a number of weeks.