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  1. 1998 called, and wants the use of "cyber" back.
  2. They don't need ESPN, they've got an HD truck and ten quintillion mobile subscribers in Latin America who get BYUTV. Remember, independence for them wasn't about money for them when they made the decision, it was about spreading the faith, or at least that's what they said then.
  3. +++++ he's had that job forever.
  4. Go look at historicalattendance figures when BYU played at Wyoming. You won't find support for this statement.
  5. So, like literally every other school everywhere?
  6. Wyoming created the MWC. That aside, do you really think Wyo's fanbase is limited to inside the geographic borders of the State of Wyoming?
  7. Who do they think they're going to get? College fans crack me up (Wyo fans most definitely included).
  8. That actually be would be cool. I mean, wins are wins, and they were eligible. I like how they finished, but the first two thirds of the season sucked.
  9. Reggie Theus. Not sure if that joke has already been made in this thread.
  10. Sinking like a stone. I suck at this.
  11. Thanks for sparing me from saying, "this was their bowl game."
  12. Saudis treat Bahrain like Utahns treat Wyoming.
  13. Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook is for us old ass 45-year-olds (I have a 21-year-old daughter).