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  1. So then there is no new media contract. Why is BSU suing?
  2. I mean, didn't more of us than just me predict that they would of course demand more and more? It's so obvious. They don't want to be partners. They want a different relationship, with yes men.
  3. I have never heard a single, solitary person talk about any of those things.
  4. Newsflash: there are no big name schools to leach off of here, man. We're doing our best. Buck up, buttercup.
  5. Virtual reality truckstop simulator.
  6. In all sincerity, what other options does UH have? Lobby your school to try other options. I think they've looked at everything, and this is your best option, right now. Maybe try to get involved instead of inveighing against some other random dudes?
  7. There's another whole season in the decade, are you excluding it?
  8. Sorry I'm late, been going through my closets to make that mad cash on Posh Mark.
  9. Who is this guy? This shit is great. Ranks up there with magic dirt, two ponds, and the Summer of Steele.
  10. Death knell https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_knell