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  1. In football they break your +++++ing legs, in basketball they tank everyone's ratings even when you beat them.
  2. But yet Wyoming and Wyoming media can somehow leave Laramie at least six times as often per season somehow.
  3. That's not what puffy taco means according to my browser history.
  4. Those networks paid more, and evidently your school has a thirst for cash.
  5. So we should invite Montana State then, if anything. They might not have such compunctions.
  6. To where? There aren't that many spots gonna open up in Autonomous conferences. I wouldn't be surprised for some Autonomous conference members to get the boot, to be honest.
  7. For the Dakota States and the Montana Schools, yeah, I'm sure it would be awesome. For the schools already here, not so much.
  8. No offense, but that would suck for the schools here. The MW doesn't need any more Wyomings. One is enough.
  9. Marching to the MAC to replace whoever goes to C-USA or what?
  10. He was the absolute best, and the place lost a lot.
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