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  1. Hypersensitive, are we? I made no mention of you nor Nevada; I was talking about CSU. You're a real weird duck.
  2. JESUS CHRIST the announcers are relieved it's a TD.
  3. He just said, "Beautiful!" in awe at a BYU catch, lol.
  4. Are you talking 'bout the stadium as a whole?
  5. Who the +++++ are these BYU announcers on the Deuce? Lol.
  6. Lighten up, Francis. The joke is here for good. Edit: and BSU is still a CC.
  7. The joke around here isn't making fun of truckers, it's making fun of Boise State for offering degrees/certificates in truck driving. Very different thing, man.
  8. Being Gen X, and watching L.A. Law growing up, I'm gonna dispute the lack of high powered attorneys there.
  9. They should hire the Weber State guy, honestly. That guy's +++++ing hungry.
  10. They're just college kids, and thought it was cool. Try to be flattered.
  11. And not as trophies by diving at them.
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