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  1. Say origin. Or Yosemite. Count to 11 probably.
  2. My favorite was Obama sending codes out with his blinks at the DNC that sent orders to awaken the black panther sleeper cells.
  3. Its scary how many absolutely stupid mfers there are in this country. So after Hillary orders the CIA to send a missile at JFK’s plane and he and his wife miraculously survive(no mention of his wife’s sister, I guess she is added to Hillary’s body count), instead of going public about this attempted assassination they decide to stay in the shadows and dedicate their lives to Trump. In order to fight against child trafficking. Trump was just doing surveillance on the kids when he snuck into teens dressing rooms, and when his own teen modeling agency closed its door amid a child traf
  4. Not really worthy of its own thread but ok. I don’t think you’ll find anyone that doesn’t think she’s an ass hat.
  5. If I’m reading right they have 4 Americans, 1 of them a permanent resident. Do we have any of their scientists or did we just kill them I can’t remember. Guess I could look it up.
  6. How many Americans are over there? I’m assuming that CIA guy who taken 10-15 years ago has died by now.
  7. Reagan was one of the most anti gun politicians in American history, he’s a republican god. Talk about doing something minor to lower America’s Guatemalan like murder rates and people act like Obama was going door to door taking everyone’s guns.
  8. Only a moron of epic proportions would flaunt peace accords between countries that have never been at war or remotely close to it. It’s no different than signing a peace accord with Malaysia and Ireland.
  9. Dems are committing voter fraud! Election is rigged! Unless I win of course. Oh yeah don’t forget to vote twice! Never in a million years did I think so many Americans would approve of shit like this.
  10. Is this one of those “see this guy did it too so what Trump did isn’t a big deal” arguments..
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