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  1. He tans his ballsack remember.. he’s a man’s man.
  2. Republicans will gladly allow Trump/DeSantis to shit in their mouths if it means a Democrat will smell it as they walk by..
  3. I suppose when you’re as famous as he is you don’t need any game when you slide into dms.. He said I may need to see the booty and I bet he saw the booty. I think the last time I slid into a girls dm was on MySpace.. probably quoted a Limp Bizkit lyric.
  4. Yeah if this stuff is 10 years old it’s a non story. Although he was probably dating his wife 10 years ago.
  5. I’m a little rusty but I’d hope to do better than “Holy phukk phukk I may need to see your booty”
  6. The dms he sent sound like a 15 year old boy who’s never been laid lol.. I don’t give two shits about him or his personal life, the bigger news is @TCU Robertis back on the MWC board after a decade long absence.
  7. We need another Harry Potter movie review.. shit was epic.
  8. Am I on drugs or did the legend @TCU Robert just start a thread..
  9. How did this guy advance so far in the military without people realizing how stupid he is..
  10. Kids carrying Halloween baskets have no money, so they’re of no value to a dealer.
  11. Man same here.. I have no problem really eating healthy-ish and limiting portions during the day. But right before bed i get weak and give in, eating 5x the serving size of whatever. Once winter hits and I can’t be active outside will be the biggest test for me, that’s when I hibernate with food. I’ve been doing the intermittent fasting for 3 months or so.. the 24 hours is hard but if I eat a big meal around 2pm I can make it til same time the next day.
  12. Don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, very rarely drink anymore. Did have a soda addiction, which sounds weird to say, but I’ve kicked that habit. Drank hard and did blow on the regular in my 20’s but once I had kids I grew out of it. Need to find a hobby that keeps my interest for more than 5 minutes.. I forget how nice it is to get lost in whatever you’re doing and for a short time you can forget all your problems. Even 30 minutes of relief can make a big differenc.
  13. The high end of the scale for me is 177lbs.. the low end 144. For 6’3” that seems absolutely ridiculous, with the low end beyond anorexic. At 200lbs I don’t have a six pack and no one is confusing me for a body builder, but my stomach is flat which hasn’t happened in some years nowZ
  14. Only people AA cares about are unborn babies.
  15. Being in sales is what started my sleep issues.. I’d have to take phone calls in the middle of the night sometimes, and just the anticipation of getting a late night call made it to where I didn’t sleep some nights. I’ve been working out again since May and have lost 30 pounds. Last time I went to the doctor I had a BMI test which said I was obese.. kinda caught me by surprise, I was 6’3” 230lbs. Sure I was starting to get a little round in the middle but didn’t think I was obese. Even down to 200 I’m overweight technically, but I have noticed a small improvement in my ability to stay asleep. I did get prescribed Lunesta for sleep but it leaves this terrible metallic taste in my mouth and I just can’t stand it.
  16. Does Biden declaring it over really do anything.. people made their mind up COVID long ago, no one was waiting for Joe’s declaration. And I doubt what he said today will sway a single voter.
  17. I’ll vote for Little.. I don’t agree with him on everything but I think he’s a good person.
  18. Only the scum of the earth think this was an ok thing to do..
  19. I sleep probably 5 nights a week, sometimes 4. I can only sleep if completely drained and my body says no more. Probably not considered a panic attack, but it’s definitely anxiety related. With a wife and 5 kids the weight on my shoulders can get a little heavy sometimes. But I think the lack of sleep affects my memory and other little things, which adds to the list of things to worry about.
  20. Yeah it’s weird how the most anti immigration people also identify as Christian.. But I don’t think they realize Jesus wasn’t white or a Republican.
  21. I’ve always imagined how bad things would have to be to walk to say Nicaragua with my kids.. knowing how dangerous the trek would be and knowing Nicaragua will detain and deport me if I’m caught. I really can’t imagine it could get that bad, but it does for those people coming here. Build a longer table not a taller fence, or whatever the saying is.
  22. Ever since COVID teachers have been under attack for some strange reason.. people see them as child care and that’s about it.
  23. That’s really the disconnect here.. Maga republicans view immigrants as less than human, and deserving of their struggle.
  24. I love yard work, it’s kinda therapeutic.
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