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  1. IanforHeisman

    2018/2019 will be a banner year for the MWC

    We’ll have like 4 7-5 teams and go 1-6 in bowl games. We’ll ride one pony in basketball season who will lose in the conference tourney and end up fighting for the 68th spot. Summer 2019 will come around and we’ll gather here to talk about how the upcoming season will rescue us from the dregs.
  2. IanforHeisman

    This deserves main board treatment. Bachmeier commits to Boise.

    Yeah, it’s been like 10 years since Boise has had a guy commit and then drop in ranking. Im not going to get my hopes up after the last few seasons but him having big offers already really helps.
  3. IanforHeisman

    Someone call the National Guard

    There is a massacre in Fort Collins tonight.
  4. IanforHeisman

    Top 10 MW Recruits

    Recruiting trophy’s, preseason championships, we are way too phukking good for this place.
  5. IanforHeisman

    BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Aggies almost beat us at home.. So it wouldn’t be a sh
  6. IanforHeisman

    UNLV at Nevada

    The Nevada @Boise game is gonna be huge
  7. IanforHeisman

    Boise State adds 4th 4**** to the class

    247 shows Alabama and Auburn offers, among other P5’s..
  8. IanforHeisman

    Leon at it again. Trying to sell out UNLV

    I remember WAC fans telling us how stupid we were for firing Graham after winning the WAC two years prior.
  9. IanforHeisman

    Leon at it again. Trying to sell out UNLV

    Wow.. He’s been here 8 years already? I remember him coming into a bare cupboard left by Greg Graham and having like 6-7 scholarships to give when he got here and he ended up with some star players. The Graham years were up 1 year down the next. Just enough to taste a conference title but never enough to unseat Nevada or USU.
  10. IanforHeisman

    Titus Young piece by LA Times

    Titus was in his way to becoming a Pro Bowl level type WR.. His last year before his issues looked like a jumping point into stardom. Then his talk about him being better than Calvin Johnson started raising eyebrows and things got much worse from there. It’s just so sad to see someone with so much talent and potential lose it all. I thought Austin Pettis was going to have a long NFL career too but for whatever reason he didn’t pan out.
  11. IanforHeisman

    SDSU @ UNM (game thread)

    I’m really surprised. Last I checked Aztecs were up 73-68 and I went on with my nights.
  12. IanforHeisman

    Boise State @ Nevada

    Boise was thumped by Nevada in both games last year.. Until they win one I won’t bet on them.
  13. IanforHeisman

    What we learned from this week of MW basketball...

    The only reason I wouldn’t put Nevada that far ahead is because they’ve struggled against San Jose and Air Force.. But watch them beat us by 20 tomorrow.
  14. IanforHeisman

    RealRPI Predictions

    SMU beat #7 Wichita St on the road
  15. IanforHeisman

    SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Aztecs have some really good freshmen.. But Dutcher is no Steve Fisher. Coaches in waiting are never as good as the OG.