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  1. My wife and I have a game of picking who certain people affiliate with.. I’d bet we’re at 85 percent plus accuracy.
  2. How many times can they be caught making fraudulent edited videos before people quit listening to them..
  3. Biden will be so busy repairing Trumps damage I doubt he accomplishes half of what you think he will. I think some people underestimate the damage done.
  4. I wonder what it’s like walking around this stupid..
  5. Trump is personally responsible for the woman’s death. If he wanted to run again in 4 years he’s ruined his shot today.
  6. Nah.. Once average Joe Trumplican finds out her real name is Nimrata Randhawa she’ll lose a good chunk of voters.
  7. Convert and Bob sure have been quiet lately.. I’m positive those 2 believe the election was stolen.
  8. I’m surprised the pro life Trump crowd doesn’t care that he pardoned child killers.. I thought that’s where he’d finally crossed the line with some of his supporters but I guess not.
  9. Well if he’s looking for keyboard warriors im your man.. I survived the war of 2009 where @utenationkicked my teeth in but I’m still alive and kicking. Final Four troll derby appearance as well.
  10. Scary to think that Flynn held the position he did.
  11. I would be concerned with Moore putting together a staff and dealing with recruiting.. But I do think he’ has an insanely brilliant football mind and I’m not sure you could turn him down if he wanted the job. My choice is obvious, but I’d take a gamble on Kellen. I’m sure he’d attract some top QB recruits.
  12. I think Choate ends up with the job. Not my first pick but former Bronco’s are going ape shit promoting the guy. Boise St has lost its spark. The team just feels off every season. Good enough to win most games but it’s like the emotion is gone. Maybe I’m just personally projecting I don’t know. New blood is necessary though.
  13. do you think the military top brass would go along? I guess I’m not really sure it works.
  14. Mexican rapists are storming the border! Antifa everywhere! Imaginary people are going door to door taking your guns! Its a good thing the GOP doesn’t fear monger right..
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