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  1. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Aztecs have some really good freshmen.. But Dutcher is no Steve Fisher. Coaches in waiting are never as good as the OG.
  2. Utah State @ Boise State

    Boise was down late against USU and SDSU and kept their emotions in check to get key buckets in the final minute. Some of our past teams gave up when they lost momentum so it’s a good sign for the rest of the season. 16-3 is their best start in 20 years.
  3. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    You should do stand up.
  4. Utah State @ Boise State

    First time Boise has been out rebounded in league play.
  5. Utah State @ Boise State

    I’ll take it.. Wasn’t pretty but got the win. Nevada has had a couple like this too. Huge win Saturday and Nevada looming this Saturday. USU isn’t trash either they have some players.
  6. RealRPI Predictions

    It’s big for Boise because they whipped our ass both games last year.. Would be big mental boost to get a win over them.
  7. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    From the outside you’d think he has it all.. A projected starting QB who looked better than the PAC 12 all time leading passer. Possible NFL Future.
  8. Wazzu QB commits suicide

    Tyler Hilsinki. He was the one who replaced the starting QB in our game and whipped us after doing nothing for 3 quarters. Very sad.
  9. January 14 MWC Rankings - Ram tough & U turns

    Boise’s claim to fame that year was a road win at #11 Creighton when they had Doug McDermott. Boise was really young that year too, but the next season Drmic got hurt and was never the same player. Marks was a monster too.
  10. RealRPI Predictions

    Hutchison won’t shoot 70 percent again, but Boise will get more than 0 points from the bench.
  11. RealRPI Predictions

    Actually, not being dependent on one player is the reason Boise is playing so well this year. It just happened to be one game where he took over.
  12. James Webb signs with Nets

    First Boise player since Coby Karl in the NBA I think.
  13. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    ESPN has Boise St with a 77 percent chance of making the tourney.
  14. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    You could see the difference in athletes on the court.. Boise doesn’t have the guys that can attack the rim like SDSU. But thankfully we had Rice and a legendary performance.
  15. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Aztecs always seem to draw the biggest crowds for basketball games in Boise.. It’s pretty clear the fans see the Aztecs as the team we need to beat to be anything.