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  1. Is there any way we get Washington instead of Waxzu?
  2. The next coach will go 8-4 next year, 11-2 the next, and 3-9 once the previous coaches players have left
  3. When is the last time we got a kid with USC and UCLA offers?
  4. Cold snowy has never benefitted Boise against warm weather teams.. LA Tech used to come give us a scare, both Fresno and SDSU have beat us in the snow.
  5. Boise might end up 12-1, but this team isn’t too good to play in the Vegas Bowl against a mid tier PAC school. Even though the record doesn’t show it, I think 3 of the 4 Rypien led teams were better than this one. That might be an unpopular opinion but that’s how I see it.
  6. BroncoCountry is the perfect case study on how to ruin a successful message board. It’s the same 8 people talking to each other with the occasional random drop in.
  7. Tedford is DeRuyter.. Kickass with previous coaches recruits, back to the basement with his own players.
  8. Man I haven’t seen LoFartZz forever. Still triggered after all these years I see.
  9. He’d been on the active roster right?
  10. Lol. I didn’t see his pic, was it from dropping him in coverage?
  11. Kids love shiny things. Kids love Vegas. Now they play in a 2 billion dollar stadium. The right coach and a 10 win season will get the sleeping giant rolling.
  12. Been out of the loop, wasn’t positive. UNLV should be a primo job now. What more could you ask for.