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  1. So they want to keep confederate statues but not teach kids in school about their role in slavery because they don’t want white people viewed negatively.. Got it.
  2. From my biased viewpoint, it seems like elected Republicans like to give their voters bogeyman to fear(Mexicans, gun taking Democrats, etc..) while they pass legislation that helps the ruling elite.
  3. I’ve never checked out the river down there, I’m getting a little bored of the trails I can walk to I’ll have to check it out. Between my house and the river is this little stream labeled as a trout nursery. It I’ve never seen anything in it though.
  4. One of my favorite threads, I like seeing shit you guys find interesting.
  5. I’d give a testicle to see an elk around the greenbelt. I’ve seen some in Stanley from a far distance but I’ve never seen one relatively close. I’d like to learn more about the birds, lots of big birds of prey but I don’t have a clue what they’re called. Saw some really small birds dive bombing a big hawk/eagle/falcon, it didn’t seem bothered at all but fun to watch. Also saw 8-10 big birds circling like vultures the other day, I’d like to know what all these things are. The swans(well now one lonely swan) down by Barber Park/Riverside, I’d like to know if they’re wild or not. They
  6. I’ve been on a wildlife kick lately.. Moved to a new house on the river and there’s so much I didn’t notice before.
  7. A quick google search show the majority of the very limited cases of voter fraud are almost all Republicans. Weird.
  8. I’m sure there’s plenty of penis on Convert land.
  9. Anything car related, electronic related, recreational related, etc..
  10. Name anything and there is a shortage of it.
  11. That’s not too common here. We usually get one week a summer over 100 but never this high, and not this early.
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