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  1. Trump must be talking about this when he mentions voter fraud. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/30/746800630/north-carolina-gop-operative-faces-new-felony-charges-that-allege-ballot-fraud
  2. Lol so Stunner and NorCal join Convert in the “I don’t like Trump but I support his policies and defend his honor” group.
  3. Anyone still on the Trump train will justify anything he does and parrot any lie he tells. Or they’ll lie and say they don’t like Trump but defend his honor all over the internet
  4. Both are socially unaware idiots. Remember when Trump said you aren’t really Jewish if you don’t vote for him?
  5. The last 2 days he’s made a complete jackass out of himself.. How someone can listen to the shit he says and think this guy is the right man to lead just blows my mind. Take the politics out of it, he’s a just a terrible human being.
  6. The reaction of people being inconvenienced for the first time in their lives is hilarious and sad at the same time. I’m not convinced the mask does a whole lot but if it makes the person I walk by feel a little bit safer then why make an issue out of it. It takes zero effort to wear the mask. Same people who cry about their rights being violated aren’t bothered by things like FISA and the Patriot Act, which actually do violate their rights.
  7. God he’s so phukking stupid he doesn’t understand how freedom of speech works.
  8. Trump will gladly watch America burn if loses the election.
  9. The attack on science the last few years is so bizarre to me. 97 percent of scientists have dedicated their lives to lying to you about global warming, coronavirus, 5g, etc.. Or the 3 percent may have been paid by those who stand to lose profit if action is taken to correct these problems.
  10. Trump said 2 million would have died without his quarantine plan. So is he lying or what..
  11. Lol Bob you believe in almost every far out there conspiracy there is.. You should remove fact from your vocabulary and replace it with alternate truth.
  12. He made it sound if he didn’t recuse himself Trump would be anger tweeting from somewhere other than the White House.
  13. Judging from their spelling, they’ll be caught by the end of the day.