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  1. What happened at Utah? Depth chart issues?
  2. Thank you Dodgers for the Josh Fields trade.
  3. Yordan Álvarez is a monster, he’s got such a beautiful swing. Astros have been without their 3 best players for awhile now, and they’ve put up a better record with rookies.
  4. The last few years the Astros have been trading for guys still under club control so Stroman is their kinda guy. He’d cost some top prospects for sure. Yordan Álvarez got the call up today and hit a bomb in his first game. The DH has been a black a hole for us so hopefully he can fix that.
  5. I don’t see any way the Astros part with either.. They gave up much less for Verlander. I do think Kyle Tucker isn’t untouchable anymore, but I just don’t see the Astros being players for Mad Bum. They do need another SP though.
  6. Carlos Correa got the rare unhappy ending for his massage, a broken rib. Astros 3 best offensive players all on DL. Doesn’t matter, 8-2 last 10
  7. The story was weak but it was great seeing the characters as they’ve aged.. Forgot how great the acting was too, the way they spoke was brilliant. Al Swearengen is the one of the greatest tv characters of all time.
  8. I don’t post as often as I used to so I’m not as familiar with ph as you guys, but is possible he’s a master troll? 🤔🤔🤔 Stunner doesn’t get the credit for the master troll he was.. He outed himself eventually, but he played the long game well.
  9. That’s gotta be #1. Santa pics #2 because the dude left for months after being an active poster, and changed his name when he came back.
  10. With Nevada being ranked so high all season and their sweet 16 run the previous season, being hopeful of a Final Four wasn’t ridiculous. They just happened to end the season on a cool streak. But its no coincidence Nevada rose in basketball after Boise football was back on the schedule. The 5+ million in revenue the city brings in when Boise comes to visit was well spent it seems.
  11. Remember those NFL Films shows with Steve Sabol? I’ll always remember watching those as a kid with Bart Starr, Deacon Jones, Chuck Bednarik, Art (last name slips my mind, funny old man)..
  12. Yeah I don’t mind it personally.. I just ignore what I’m not interested in. I just have a hard time believing anything Aresco says. We’ll see what the contract looks like.
  13. His won was a great high school baseball player at Boise High, went on to play at Oregon St.