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  1. He always starts threads with something that belongs in a previous one. Like this one.
  2. Trumps personal lawyer and head of cyber security openly spends his time with Russian agents. That’s extremely concerning.
  3. Stunner is where Convert claimed to be 3 years ago. They hate Trump but defend his honor and actions in every thread.
  4. Yeah she’s 24. Apparently he’s trying to hold her hand repeatedly and follows her to the bedroom without being asked. Haven’t seen it, so it could be Project Veritas type editing.
  5. Their corruption is well documented but as long as they fight the evil libs their criminal acts are justified.
  6. Having a secret Chinese bank account seems like a counterintelligence threat to me.. or is it really not a big deal.
  7. Who lays down like that, then tucks their shirt butthole deep in front of a 15 year old girl.. But until I see the whole thing I’m gonna begrudgingly give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment.
  8. Where was Hunter Biden the day the laptops were dropped off.. He’s a public figure, I’m sure it would be simple to check media reports/social media and find out where he was.
  9. Lol they’ve had the lap top for a year now.. Coincidentally at the exact time Rudy was digging in the Ukraine with his Russian agent buddies.
  10. Buddy in the history of man no one has told more lies than Donald Trump.. and his cult members are totally fine with it. So you’ve lost the ability to throw out that line with any credibility. All Rudy has to do is release the meta data to prove the emails are legit. And he won’t. Because he’s lying and just been outed as a pedophile.
  11. So will Rudy be canceled or will Trumpsters pretend it didn’t happen..
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