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  1. The kid from Wazzu came off the bench and went phukkin nuts.. RIP to him. Freakin Cozart choked away the win.
  2. Has any school had more QB injuries than BYU? Every single year..
  3. Is BYU really down to the 3rd string guy?
  4. Yup throw him on the scrap heap. Started out well but he’s just too far out there.
  5. Who’s peepee do one of you guys gotta suck for Boise to get a player of the week..
  6. Yeah seems like college baseball is completely separate from the majors/minors.. Not like the other major sports.
  7. Beto is canceled in my opinion.. The brighter the light the wackier he got.
  8. SPOILER ALERT What did he do with Todd? I missed a little bit and my wife skipped ahead.
  9. It’s been a lot of years since I made it past paragraph one of twelve on a Convert ramble.. No one says less with more than he does.
  10. The never trumpers here sure do defend every ridiculous thing he does..
  11. Has this trade issue with China benefitted the US in anyway.. I don’t really understand how it all works like you guys, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak favorably on it. Even Trumpsters
  12. Maybe I’m insensitive to the plight of the Kurds, but I want the US out of all that shit. Our presence does absolutely nothing positive for the region. That being said, why does every phukking move in the Middle East Trump makes benefit our real enemies? He’s too god damn stupid to collude with Putin, but he is stupid enough to be steered in the wrong direction by him. It’s mind boggling that his supporters don’t question his blunders. Anything he does, no matter how phukking stupid, is justified.
  13. What a shitty night that was.. Reno is so ungrateful for the tens of millions Idahoans pour into the local economy. It’s not a coincidence Nevada’s basketball program experienced a boom when Boise was on the football schedule, and showered the city with our riches.