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  1. Trespassing was one, I missed what the other was for. News said he was combative with police whatever that means. Edit- two trespassing charges and a resisting arrest. Had to be carted out again.
  2. Read the first two paragraphs and I was lost already.. Stuff like this is fascinating but my brain just can’t compute it. I was reading about time dilation earlier and it’s still bizarre to me how 60 seconds here isn’t 60 seconds everywhere.
  3. I still don’t understand Trumpers that see Biden as demented and Trump mentally stable genius.. Biden stutters and fumbles his words sure, but Trump has his fair share of speech issues too.
  4. Kinda off topic but it’s so strange how we’re so dependent on China yet they’re also our #1 enemy. Well maybe enemy isn’t the right word, but whatever you’d call the struggle for global domination between the 2.
  5. I almost didn’t want to sell our house because of how annoying some of the realtors had been wanting us to sell. Didn’t want to give them the satisfaction lol. It’s a cutthroat job right now I bet so I understand why they do it. Yeah I panicked and thought I’d be more secure with cash in the bank over property. Wife told to wait and I didn’t and now I’m reminded weekly. I still don’t understand how the housing market boomed when so many were out of work and what not. But I probably should have educated myself first.
  6. I bought my first house in Oregon Trail for 98k in 2002. Lender didn’t even verify my income, guess I can see why the market crashed a few years later.
  7. I assume the fires last year has an affect(or is it effect i never phukking know) on lumber prices.. We put a new deck on the house we just moved into and it cost a lot more than I assumed it would. I really feel for young people just starting up.. Housing costs are just ridiculous. Hard to believe I had a minimum wage job once and an apartment of my own 100 yards from Bronco Stadium.
  8. Yeah I sold off our two rental properties when Covid hit, then a few months later I sold our BTC. Long story short my wife now has more say in our financial decisions.
  9. We just bought a house in River Run, moved over from Harris Ranch. Got 10 percent over asking in 48 hours on the HR house, but did the same buying our new house.
  10. I refinanced my moms house since rates are so low and I couldn’t believe the appraisal.. Over by Timberline, paid 183k in 2009 for it, appraised for 445k. That is not a 445k house. Just a regular house built in 1979. Good part of town but still.
  11. I can’t believe we don’t have a tweet from Biden praising himself for this..
  12. Oh man utenation has made it to this side.. This should be fun.
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