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  1. Do you have any hearing aid batteries? Maybe some diabetic socks?
  2. Can’t believe we’re at a point where I’d post something like this, but if anyone here needs toilet paper let me know. Been a good 10-14 days since I’ve seen a store carry any. Don’t have a ton but enough to wipe yer asses for a week or so. If any of you has young kids and needs wipes I can give you some as well. Or really anything you guys need let me know, and don’t feel too proud to ask. I have 4 kids and am used to keeping things stocked up, I’ve got enough to share.
  3. I think we all did the same thing.. I’d heard the word pandemic my entire life but never witnessed one, assumed it would die out like every other fad virus. But here I am contemplating using my socks without mates to wipe my ass as my toilet paper supply dwindles.
  4. Ah so the warm weather teams have the advantage.. Nobody wants to play in the snow I guess. Good thing Idaho decided we don’t have winters anymore. Edit- never mind I guess I need to use my good eye. I think Reno and Boise have similar weather, they might get a little more snow.
  5. Who’s the baseball bully of the league? I would assume the Aztecs? Or Fresno?
  6. I’m surprised Boise is 7-4.. I’m assuming their wins all came against turds? I know nothing about college baseball so this is all new to me.
  7. Doesn’t it cost more to execute people than it does to house them for life? Because of the mandatory appeals and what not.. Anyways, this case was a serious injustice. There was no planned murder, how can he be accountable for another man’s actions in that instance. Perhaps even more ridiculous is serving a misdemeanor warrant. They don’t even do that in Idaho.
  8. I hear this every year since we joined the MWC.
  9. We have two 5 star players coming next year? Hmm guess I haven’t been paying attention to basketball recruiting.
  10. The stock market is just an estimate of how much wealth can be extracted from workers.. And what, 20 percent of Americans own stock? But the orange idiot always tries to take credit for the upswings, and is quick to blame someone else for the downfalls. Something a poor leader does.
  11. So I know it’s hard to compare teams here, but what is Boise St in for.. Are we gonna go like 1-19 conference play or more like a 7-13. I don’t even know how many conference games they play I’m just throwing out numbers.
  12. I hope the best for Cleveland, and I’m certainly not an expert on offensive linemen, but I don’t see him as a first round pick.. But I also didn’t think Matt Paradis was NFL worthy and he’s had a fine career.
  13. Lol. When it’s good it’s because of Trump, when it’s bad he has no control.