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  1. IanforHeisman

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    Yeah I feel like a win is expected and it’s destiny. It is the best we’ve looked in years early on, but we’ve had a massive kick in the nuts every season.
  2. IanforHeisman

    UCF fans thread about Boise and the rankings

    Boise fans are the least homer fans in college football. Maybe the world.
  3. IanforHeisman

    Reno Player Goes Scorched Earth on Twitter

    The coaches son sounds like a fun guy to party with. I can just imagine Norvell saying “hey look at #88’s dick when you test him. It’s huge.”
  4. IanforHeisman

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    Apsey is garbage. From Coyle to Apsey is like Kellen to Southwick.
  5. IanforHeisman

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    I didn’t read all the garbage but I don’t like the deal. We’ve whipped them all over the field, we don’t need em. They don’t need us either. If we get a 1-1 from Florida St, and I don’t care if the landscape was different then, Oregon isn’t getting a 2-1. The game is not important enough for this.
  6. IanforHeisman

    Broncos and Ducks schedule a 2 for 1 (football)

    Just like old times.. Fresno fans climbing up our leg begging for attention. And probably a pee pee suck.
  7. IanforHeisman

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    You too babe. You were one of my firsts. I use to lay in agony for 2 days when Boise would lose. Now I’m over it as soon as it ends. Now a conference title means more to me than the bowl win over Oregon. If we make a big bowl great if not who cares.
  8. IanforHeisman

    Rypien - Best FB Player In MWC?

    Didn’t realize the season started in a few weeks.. Guess I’m getting old but football just doesn’t do it for me like it used to. I used to know every player on every team and now I see Boise players and scratch my head. The basketball team does more for me and I’ve never liked the sport. I’m just a bah humbug mfer I guess. 4 kids, job, life, and the P5 beat me down.
  9. IanforHeisman

    I imagine..

    this board has been phukking savage the last few months.
  10. IanforHeisman

    2018/2019 will be a banner year for the MWC

    We’ll have like 4 7-5 teams and go 1-6 in bowl games. We’ll ride one pony in basketball season who will lose in the conference tourney and end up fighting for the 68th spot. Summer 2019 will come around and we’ll gather here to talk about how the upcoming season will rescue us from the dregs.
  11. IanforHeisman

    This deserves main board treatment. Bachmeier commits to Boise.

    Yeah, it’s been like 10 years since Boise has had a guy commit and then drop in ranking. Im not going to get my hopes up after the last few seasons but him having big offers already really helps.
  12. IanforHeisman

    UNLV recruiting

    Garret White’s mom is my nanny. His brother is former Bronco Hunter White.
  13. IanforHeisman


    6'3" 220. But it's not the good 220 it was 10 years ago. I have too many kids to workout anymore.
  14. IanforHeisman

    More evidence that the flagships carry this conference...

    I have a hard time believing that is accurate. Idaho St is 165-293 since 1970. I can't find their all time record. Edit- 449-463.