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  1. Anyways I liked Pete and Warren tonight but America isn’t voting for a gay man or a woman, hope im wrong.
  2. It seems weird to me that people can be swayed by political ads.. They all seem super cringey(like Trumps super bowl commercial) and Bernie’s begging for donations commercial. Maybe they subliminally effect me I don’t know.
  3. I think there’s more evidence of Trump sexually assaulting women than there is of Assange.. I never really know what to think of people like Assange and the guy/girl Obama pardoned.. On one hand they’re breaking the law, on the other hand they’re exposing some heinous shit that needs to be exposed.
  4. It’s no different than walking down the street with your clothes stuffed with a few hundred thousand.. No one listens to a rapper because of how much jewelry they have, and it’s certainly not worth dying over. Another up and coming famous rapper, XXXtentacion, was killed in a robbery recently. Rap has turned more to music about robbing and killing as opposed to money/cars/hoes.. The Chicago drill movement from 6-7 years heavily influenced every major rapper.
  5. He was just starting to get famous. Lots of rapper deaths lately.
  6. Bloomberg is garbage. I like what Warren is saying tonight but America just isn’t ready for a woman president yet. I just don’t think people can respect a woman as the highest authority figure yet.
  7. I’m not entirely convinced this is true. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised, but I believe the story about John Kelly not telling the president. The part that bothers is that if it is true, his supporters will justify it. I never thought we’d have half of America openly supporting a president who does things like this.
  8. Wearing a million dollars around your neck is a good way to invite problems. Never understood that.
  9. On one hand I’m a Boise fan and I selfishly want Boise to get every penny it can, considering we’re trying to slay giants. On the other hand, the other 11 schools have a right to be bitter about this. I wish I could go back to the 6 hours where Boise St was in a conference with Utah, BYU, and TCU. What a time to be alive.
  10. I was surprised how much blood was in Earnhardt’s car.. Couldn’t have been a pretty scene.
  11. The easiest way to tell when Trump is lying is when he barely knows the person.
  12. Republicans will accept total corruption but not health care for people that need it.. Understood.