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  1. If you can read shit like that, and still think he’s fit to be president you must be a special kind of stupid.
  2. I remember having these same conversations with Fresno fans on the WAC board in 2005.
  3. Liked his size. I’d think if he was doing well he’d stick it out. But who knows.
  4. Yeah.. Mines superior to yours.
  5. He’ll transfer to Nevada in a few years and Convert will pull up his high school all American articles from 5 years ago.
  6. Yordan Alvarez is just unbelievable. Broke Ted Williams record for most rbi in first 45 games. 3 homeruns tonight. If the Dodgers weren’t so dang good they’d be devastated giving him up for San Jose St gymnastics tickets.
  7. Too many hot bitches in Wyoming. Couldn’t handle it.
  8. I remember getting Tjong-A-Tjoe over Oregon being a huge deal.
  9. I wanna say that would be a huge get.. But it’s now becoming the norm.
  10. Huge move.. Hate giving up Seth Beer, I think he was the best piece of the deal. But frontline pitchers never come cheap. Well unless it’s Verlander we got him for a bag of chips.