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  1. One day at Lucky Peak, the reservoir here in Boise, I saw literally 30 rattlesnakes all coming from the hills towards the water. Mostly really young ones but a few adults. Been up there 100+ times since then and 100+ times before and never seen a single one. Never seen a brown recluse here either, although someone told me they don’t actually live here. I don’t think Idaho really has more than 2-3 venomous creatures, as far as I know at least.
  2. I walked right into that one didn’t I.
  3. I was in the garage right before I changed my clothes. Maybe it wasn’t in my shorts and I somehow brought it inside.
  4. I’ve only seen one before in my 20+ years in Boise and that was in my garage.. They’re really beautiful creatures actually, never seen that perfect of a black color on anything else. I always assumed they were really dangerous and can kill your so I freaked out a little, but now I know their bite is relatively mild for a venomous spider.
  5. Dude the only place I seem to be able to grow hair is my ass. I’m 41 and can’t grow a full beard. No hair on chest. My ass takes it all.
  6. Cropped my ass out, this was maybe 6 hours after bite. Area has turned black but no pain.
  7. I’ve had a fever ever since, but mild and doesn’t bother me. Rashes on one side of my body only. No pain really other than the bite, just annoying itches. I live on the river so we get creatures I didn’t even know lived here. My shorts are in a basket on the floor of my closet, probably just the easiest place for it to find shelter. Unless it was already on my ass before I put my shorts on, I guess I’m not 100 percent sure it was in my shorts. Either way I sat on the poor lady. Sorry no pics, it was smooshed pretty good. But the hourglass was still recognizable.
  8. No one who voted for Trump gets to say they voted on logic.
  9. Yeah I have some antibiotics and Benadryl cream.. it’s really not that bad, looks worse than it is really as far as pain goes. The weirdest thing is that the next day my tailbone was so sore it felt like I’d fallen down on concrete. But the actual bite site didn’t really hurt at all. And yeah after I had went to the doctor I was reading online and it said it didn’t require medical attention unless symptoms were severe. Which mine are not.
  10. Anyone still on the Trump train is not getting off no matter what the evidence.. there isn’t anything he can do that they won’t justify. If anything it makes their resolve stronger.
  11. There was a black widow hiding in my shorts that I didn’t see and put them on, then sat down on. Felt like a bee sting about an inch from my butthole, which I assure you wakes you up better than a cup of coffee. Ripped my shorts off to see a smushed black widow. I won’t show you the actual bite area as no one wants to see my butthole, but you could see two little puncture marks. There’s about 1/2 inch area that’s turned black but doc said it should heal fine. Rashes are mildly painful but extremely itchy. One butt cheek is entirely red and raised about an inch, feels like a leather pad. This is day 3.
  12. Don’t waste your time, anyone still on the Trump train will never get off not matter the crime. Because that’s how a cult operates.
  13. A sitting US senator wants to repeal the espionage act to save one of its own.. 10 years ago this would be front page news, now it will be forgotten about by tomorrow.
  14. Trump is done. He’s still powerful but not enough to win the presidency.
  15. How is our democracy expected to survive when in times of controversy or crisis you have hundreds, if not thousands, of politicians willing to publicly and repeatedly lie about basic demonstrable facts.. and carry on lying when confronted with the facts. The next election is going to be an absolute shit show I guarantee it.
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