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  1. What’s it gonna take so we don’t hear about this shit again.. Is there anything that can happen where Trumpers will be like well you know what maybe there wasn’t fraud on a scale to change the election. Or is that not possible.
  2. Traffic is actually pretty good all things considered. Flows easy during rush hour downtown. Rush hour traffic headed towards Eagle and Meridian is the worst we have but that’s their problem I don’t leave SE Boise really.
  3. Off topic, but as a California transplant contributing to the problem, it’s crazy to witness how crowded Idaho summer spots are now. We had a tradition of going to Redfish for Labor Day every year. 15 years ago hardly anyone came and it was quiet and nice. Last year we had to park 2 miles from the lodge and walk in. Beach over flowing, thousands of people. Seemed like thousands anyways. But yeah this year we tried out Tamarack for the first time which sucks ass by the way.
  4. Lol I used to always put Dog the Bounty Hunter quotes in your sig.
  5. When average Joe Republican finds out her name isn’t Nikki Haley and it’s actually Nimrata Randhawa, there goes her shot.
  6. This shits really gonna end up killing a million Americans..
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/09/21/trump-campaign-knew-dominion-fraud-claims-were-false-memo-reportedly-shows-but-giuliani-still-pushed-them/amp/
  8. Easy, Nate Ilaoa. Dude was like 5’9” 270lbs and ran hard as hell. They had that 300lb fullback with him too that got drafted.
  9. It was hit or miss sometimes, lots of Mexicans in Nampa/Caldwell and one of em always had a cousin from down south lol.
  10. I pulled an all nighter with a bunch of blow and had court at 10am for a minor in possession of alcohol ticket.. walked home from a house by Crickets to mine behind BK on Broadway. Mom called and said the towers were gone, I had missed the first few hours of it. I thought she was exaggerating because I didn’t think it was possible for them to be gone. Went to court, back when it was out by the mall, but of course it was canceled for the day. Same exact scenario a few years later when the space shuttle blew up, minus the court appearance. Coke binges were bad luck there for awhile.
  11. If mfers like Charlie Sheen don’t require a conservatorship, then it’s hard to understand why Britney does. Even if she blew every cent she had on prostitutes and blow, shouldn’t she have the freedom to do so?
  12. TGIF was the shit.. The Urkel show, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World in one night.
  13. I only remember the Native American dude who was always dropping knowledge and a hot chick that had a boys name.
  14. And that Camp Anawana show that had the intro song with the fart line..
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