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  1. RiverCityBronco

    Athlon's early top 25

    USC only #21? That has to be completely unacceptable to that fanbase. Helton's seat will be getting pretty warm if they don't finish above that.
  2. We aren't the worst, but we do our fair share of dumping garbage in the ocean: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-polluting-ocean-trash-alarming-rate/ And we may not be able to stop other countries from polluting the ocean, but we can certainly do better and lead by example.
  3. RiverCityBronco

    Petty, vindictive and authoritarian.

    I normally don’t agree with Trump, but Amazon and others need to start paying their fair share. There needs to be an even playing field with the brick and mortar businesses. That’s not to say I agree with how he’s going about getting them there.
  4. RiverCityBronco

    2017 MWC NFL Salary by school

    Rypien could have a shot at this. We’ll see how he handles his senior year. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but it would be cool if he had Moore as his first QB coach.
  5. I've heard of this, and it is very cool. What a brilliant kid. This, of course, is only part of the solution. The other part being that we stop dumping our garbage into the ocean.
  6. RiverCityBronco

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    It is just a microcosm of why this important discussion dies out every time something like this happens.
  7. RiverCityBronco

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    I have thoughts on the issue that could be dissected and debated ad nauseam. But our country has a lot of intelligent, diverse, and reasonable people who can at least begin to approach the issue and find a holistic set of solutions that will address this very complex problem. Doing nothing is not a solution, and in my opinion not acceptable.
  8. RiverCityBronco

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    I really don’t agree that there is very little that can be done about it. Of course how would we know? As a society we seem unwilling to try anything (besides thoughts & prayers). We simply shrug our shoulders and move on.
  9. RiverCityBronco

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Remember when Columbine was a big deal? I'm just glad my kids graduated and made it out of school alive.
  10. RiverCityBronco

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    In any case, this has become an epidemic in our country. And due to politics and ideology we seem paralyzed to actually do anything about it.
  11. RiverCityBronco

    T minus 100 days...........

    College basketball is the only other sport I pay any attention to besides football. Summer is the dead season for me when it comes to sports.
  12. The next time you purchase a case of 12-ounce water bottles consider this: By 2050, plastic in the ocean will likely outweigh all the fish in ocean. Scientists of the World Economic Forum last year estimated there are 5.25 trillion particles weighing 270,000 tons currently floating in the oceans. Some 8 million tons leak into the ocean every year. That's the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping a full load of plastics into the sea every minute. It's little wonder that several "garbage patches" of plastic particulate trash — one supposedly even bigger than Mexico — are floating in the Pacific. https://www.sfgate.com/green/article/There-s-so-much-plastic-in-the-ocean-you-re-12720909.php
  13. RiverCityBronco

    it looks like there are 2 more women with Trump NDAs

    I was in Europe when the Clinton episode blew up. Most Euros I talked to wanted to know what the big deal was, happens all the time Europe. But I suppose the bigger deal here is whether campaign funds were used. I have many issues with Trump, but this is the least of it.
  14. If you care about fishing or boating Colorado’s rivers, this ongoing legal case should have relevance for you. Roger Hill is a 76-year-old Coloradan who likes to fish while standing on the bed of a stream. One of his favorite spots is a stretch of the Arkansas River below Salida. A local landowner claims that Hill is trespassing when he stands on the streambed adjacent to the landowner’s property. He has responded by repeatedly throwing rocks at Hill while he is fishing and leaving threatening notes on his car. The landowner even shot at one of Hill’s fishing buddies, though he was thrown in jail for that little stunt. https://www.hcn.org/articles/opinion-colorado-says-fishing-next-to-private-land-is-trespassing?utm_source=wcn1&utm_medium=email
  15. The Koch brothers are going rogue. For years the political network funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch funded politicians on the right, laying the foundation for the libertarian causes the two support. Their support has gone almost exclusively to Republican candidates, with rare exception. But in the era of Trump, what it means to be on the "right" is changing, and the Koch network's tactics are changing to reflect new realities. https://www.npr.org/2018/05/17/611798012/breaking-with-trumps-gop-koch-brothers-praise-democrats-on-immigration