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  1. Fresno State is back and that is a good thing for the conference. Not to mention it makes our little rivalry with them a lot more interesting.
  2. Hawaii goes independent in football and SJSU goes to the Big Sky. Those two moves alone would make the conference better. Then the conference sits patiently until solid options come along for expansion. You know, when the Big 12 finally implodes and schools like Iowa State and Kansas are looking for a landing spot.
  3. Can't argue with that. The first game should either be an easy win or a game against a big time opponent where a loss wouldn't be all too damaging. I don't know, maybe when it was scheduled Troy was in the category of being an easy win.
  4. I say he lives up to the hype and destroys Iowa. 1 pick, but it's the receiver's fault.
  5. Considering Troy is supposed to be good, that wouldn't be a shocker on the level of losing to an FCS team.
  6. Mainly because they don't seem to have a problem getting good programs to visit their place. So scheduling, which can be a headache for independents, really wouldn't be for Hawaii. Basically, a lot of programs like to take their teams to the islands. With this in mind, they could easily schedule 7 home games a year, essentially limiting their own travel expenses. And they could schedule most of their away games at PAC12 programs, or other desirable destinations.
  7. Hawaii is one of the few schools that could pull of being independent. Seems like it would be a smart move, then you have more control over your schedule and likely wouldn't need to subsidize. As a football only member I doubt you have much leverage with the MWC.
  8. Didn't FormerFrog once suggest the MWC form an alliance with CUSA? It seems obvious his/her goal is the demise of the MWC.
  9. The MWC has some pretty good football coaches and Davie is certainly one of them.
  10. Yes add Gonzaga and BYU as non-football members! Make it so!
  11. If Thompson can lure Gonzaga to the MWC then all will be forgiven. Otherwise he has failed the conference.
  12. Yea, Thompson seems content to sit back and ride out his career without much regard to the future of the conference.