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  1. Remember, Trump said he could shoot someone in the street and his base would still back him. In all my life, I've never witnessed a US president being such an asshole. Not even Nixon.
  2. Let's wait to see what else comes up. From what I've heard Friday's memo was just the tip of the iceberg so I'm pretty sure there's going to be more compelling news coming out. I think Mueller's purpose was not only to gain the public's trust, but to dispute Trump's constant denials.
  3. Trump gas Tax

    Then buy a hybrid or an all electric car.
  4. Trump Fatigue

    I think he's more narcissistic than strategic.
  5. Stay current on the

    In this country, the revenue from such weapons is more important than lives lost. Also imagine, there are actual gun enthusiasts who spout if everyone was armed then these shooting sprees wouldn't happen. That's the anachronistic Wild West thinking we're up against. Geezus Christ!!
  6. El Donald -&- "Due Process"

    Russian BOTs. lol
  7. This was bound to happen when the schools allowed the media to control the games instead of catering to the season ticket holders. Late evenings and week days are too inconvenient to attend for many of them. The TV money is guaranteed so why should the schools care? For example, they get paid the same whenever bad weather affects attendance.
  8. SDSU '18

    Why is there always flaws with our QBs? Too short, inaccurate, weak arm or inability to read progressions. Whoever scouts our QB recruits needs to be replaced, or maybe the new QB coach will know how to develop one.
  9. Ya know, when it comes to the military I think Trump is more of a reincarnation of George Patton. A self absorbed egotist who couldn't handle protocol.
  10. Did you work for semiconductor companies? I did and the hours depended on what your job responsibilities were. The high pay was a compromise, however. My commute was between 2-3 hours a day. One day I almost fell asleep at the wheel on the freeway and that's when I decided enough is enough. Retired.
  11. What are the chances that Trump Isn't banging

    The rumor is Nikki Haley.
  12. Agree, in hi-tech that's just the way it is. You also don't get a pass for making mistakes, no excuses for hours worked. That's the reason the salaries in Silicon Valley are so high. On average, probably the highest in CA. The work environment is extremely competitive. Lots of burnouts.
  13. Are you one of those who believes his tweets? This is the guy who the NYT has documented a running total of over 2,000 lies last year. Every time he tweets or talks, I have to wait for the fact checks to weigh it. As he would say, so sad.