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  1. I don't see UCLA ever abandoning the Pac, specifically because of sticking with Cal. The Az schools won't leave because the Pac-12 has academic notoriety, which their presidents are aware of. So I doubt that sports would ever dictate their decision to leave. That leaves USC. They would have to be an independent since they don't have anyone who would pair up with them to leave for another conference.
  2. So they want to go PC, eh? Then let's go with the Washington 4Skins. I guess the only ones who could complain are those who left them on the operating table. LOL
  3. Hmmm, that reminds me. Just out of curiosity did our Native Americans speak the same language before the white man came?
  4. Like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.
  5. If they exceed the coverage then that's when supplemental insurance gets tricky.
  6. Let's also not forget, the Supreme Court is going to be making a decision on the ACA any day now. If they conclude it's unconstitutional as it it now then the GOP is going to be f**ked, big time. The seniors, regardless of party, need it the most and this administration has no health plan to replace it.
  7. I drove there years ago. No trees, it looks barren. Just blue water from the Truckee. The Native American tribe runs a hatchery there. There's also some kind of native sucker that they're trying to restore in the lake. They also have trout in that hatchery. I saw a bunch of 2-3 pounders that jumped out of the troughs on their return. The white pelicans that hang around there must really get their fill. The sports fishermen stand on these poles with foot rests, near where the trout return. I've heard it's dangerous to wade in that lake because there are deep dropoffs close to shore.
  8. Am I reading this right? It's about scholarships, not tuition for every student at the religious schools.
  9. Never forget his well publicized Central Park 5 case. He wanted them to get the death penalty before knowing the facts. Stupid is as stupid does.
  10. Gee, I guess the other G-7 countries didn't realize that before they kicked them out. LOL
  11. Have you forgotten why Russia was kicked out of the G-7?
  12. Can be more dangerous than Russia. Putin isn't crazy like Trump's lover boy.
  13. No. Korea has it too, but without the gas station.
  14. Russia is nothing but a gas station camouflaging as a country. They had to pull out of Afghanistan because they were going broke. I wonder how many Russian tanks were destroyed by the javelin missiles we sold to Ukraine. They probably lacked the rubles to replace them. BTW, it sure has been quiet over there lately hasn't it?
  15. aztech


    You mean robbing Peter to pay Paul? Don't forget Arizona has a say too. It's getting to where there's only so much water to go around. Another problem is the San Joaquin Valley in CA, like Vegas it was somewhat of a desert as well. Agriculture uses a hell of a lot more water than residential housing and they always fight for water rights. Thanks to farmers the water tables have dropped in the aquifers.