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  1. Good for you, wish you well.
  2. Wouldn't this also encourage people to have more kids?
  3. What a coincidence. He passed just before Trump has to leave the WH.
  4. True, I forgot about that. Still I'm thinking the language sounds more like one of her classmates around her age.
  5. Suggest to her to take a quick glance of her classmates while in class, regardless of gender. See who stares and quickly turns away. Probably more likely it's a juvenile prank or jealously.
  6. .....but convinces his followers that he's not.
  7. It sure has been refreshing by how quiet it's been. Trump can no longer use social media to air his bullying and gripes. Had he been suspended years ago, last week wouldn't have happened.
  8. I think the Feds are going to be roaming the grounds in advance to take away guns openly carried or concealed by those screwballs. Without weapons they'll be no match for the National Guards.
  9. When Trump was tossing those paper towels somebody should have yelled in Spanish, "Don't catch it., let it drop."
  10. Well hopefully she grows out of her situation, nonetheless.
  11. Does your cousin work outside of her home? If not then try to persuade her to get a job with many employees. Socializing with others in a workplace might open her eyes. I think control freaks are like stalkers so her fellow workers may see it and convince her to dump him.
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