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  1. aztech

    SDSU at Cal

    The simple fact is Dutcher inherited Fisher's seniors. Let's see how this season pans out, shall we?
  2. aztech

    SDSU vs USD

    From what I've seen Dutcher is soft and the team plays accordingly. I think he was an assistant too long and has difficulty changing his character, having to become a hard ass. I've seen this in the working world when long time asst mgrs get promoted to mgrs.
  3. If that goddamn Hair gave us our 3rd tier rights we'd be able to negotiate a good TV deal on our own because of our market. That money would allow us to hire a better coaching staff and the results would prove it.
  4. aztech

    Utah State about to hire Gary Andersen

    What works in a G5 scenario doesn't work in a P5 scenario. Generally G5 schools are forced to have patience because they lack the dough to can a coach under contract. OTOH P5 coaches are really under a microscope and the pressure is magnified (no pun intended). They have to win now, not tomorrow or it's bye-bye. So I'm pretty sure GA will pay off for USU in the long run.
  5. aztech

    The Ayatollahs on EvilMesa are at it again

    I don't mean to politicize it, but member school message boards are like the House of Reps. Conference boards are like the Senate, more broad based.
  6. aztech

    SDSU vs Ohio in Frisco Bowl

    That too is what I'm afraid of.
  7. aztech

    Aztecs pick up quality W @ Illinois St

    And the spread was what? LOL
  8. aztech

    Cincinnati at UNLV

    What's the spread?
  9. aztech

    Rick Pitino Interview

    Pitino does seem to frequent Las Vegas a tad more than the other unemployed coaches. I'd bet those 'Vegas showgirls attracts him more than UNLV ever will.
  10. aztech

    Kliff Kingsbury

    That was in January.
  11. aztech

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Mike Leach wants it back and will probably get it.
  12. aztech

    Utah State set to dominate the MWC

    No, they're done with G5 coaches.
  13. aztech

    SDSU @ UNM

    You forgot to mention Stoney Case. He was your best QB.
  14. aztech

    SDSU @ UNM

    I'm curious. Was Dennis Franchione able to bring in good players or was it all his coaching? I suspect he never unpacked his suitcase after he left UNM.
  15. aztech

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    You of all teams should be elated. Otherwise what OOC team would want to play in a remote place at that elevation if they didn't have to?