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  1. They have a hell of a front office staff. McKinnie came out of nowhere, yet was a starter last night. I would bet Patrick McCaw is kicking himself in the ass for leaving that organization. He hasn't even come off the bench in the playoffs for Toronto.
  2. ...says the fan from a school that doesn't field a baseball team for a basis of comparison. LOL
  3. I'd say only Houston. They have a mother lode in Fertitta. Don't forget that Cincinnati, UConn and USF were receiving BCS monies for 5 years and that well expired in 2018. I think it'll gradually impact their major sports.
  4. Then consolidate with your other small market compatriots and make a media deal using strength in numbers. Otherwise you're indirectly penalizing the large market members who can strike their own individual deal.
  5. I don't really care what Hair says or does. Just give every member their 3rd tier rights!
  6. When we get our football stadium built we should be at the top of our conference.
  7. I went on a tour to Italy a couple of years ago and one of the guys I met was a retired commercial pilot. He was originally from Louisiana and graduated from the AFA. I forgot his last name, but his first name was King. He said his flight control handle was Sky King, which was a TV series in the 50's. Do you go back that far?
  8. I dunno, does Bruce Jenner's daughter call him, Mom?
  9. Then I guess Kareem Abdul Jabber as a pilot in Airplane was not an anomaly? LOL
  10. Don't the academies have a height limit? In AFA's case there's only so much room in a cockpit.
  11. Since the NCAA gets its money from college sports revenues guess who makes the most revenue? Yep, the P5 programs. They're nothing but the fox guarding the hen house. This is why I've always felt the NCAA should have to report to some higher up organization that would be a watchdog over them.
  12. The Warriors also have a bad history with Foster so that should even things out. However, the last thing I want to see is Harden shooting 30+ FTs. He whines about being fouled on every 3 point shot that's contested, whether he makes them or not. Whining is Harden's and Chris Paul's game. Take away their high number of FTs then the Rockets become just an ordinary team.
  13. Personally, I've always liked Amy Klobuchar. She's smart, tough and reasonably moderate. She doesn't agree with the radical left so unfortunately she'll probably get attacked in the debates. She somewhat reminds me a lot of John Kasich who is the one Republican that I like.
  14. Very unfortunate. Most surfers know you shouldn't try to swim out of a riptide, just let it carry you out then swim sideways. Even world class swimmers can't swim against a riptide.