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  1. The smaller market teams could pool their T3 with Root Sports, specifically the MTN teams. SDSU could negotiate our own T3 with the local station and we would benefit from them plugging our games during the week. If I'm not mistaken having T3 games will allow us to negotiate our own starting times as well. Night games have been a big deterrent for family attendance.
  2. After reading DR-F's bio, I think she's one of those affirmative action types. Are there any Latino BB coaches out there?
  3. I don't recall when or where I read this, but several weeks ago Steve Bannon was quoted as saying, "His (Trump's) base is overly optimistic and unsophisticated." I'm sure many of us thought this as well, but didn't want to stir controversy because of that "elite" thing. JMO
  4. So you don't think Trump needs to be fact checked, you moron?
  5. Like the GOP representatives who decided to retire or not run for re-election when they realized what was coming in the mid-terms, I sense the same may happen with the senators. The GOP has a shitload of senators up for re-election in 2020, which they didn't have in the last mid-term election.
  6. Plus the fact he outsources most of what properties he owns. That way he washes his hands of responsibility when someone files lawsuits against him. Since the Wall Street banks no longer lend him money he only sells his brand. He sued and lost to a critic who said he isn't even a billionaire so he turned around and claimed his brand is worth $10 billion. As more and more fact checks come out, I think the majority now realize he's a fraud.
  7. Did he say that? All the more reason that I question that figure.
  8. The Broncos are convinced he can walk on water. Especially now since the lakes are frozen over, but that's just a minor detail to his fans.
  9. My bad. Obviously I did not know that. Still a big jump for a highly visible team like the Cowboys. If he does well he'll be in line for a HC job, there or elsewhere. If he does bad he could salvage his coaching career with a more obscure team.
  10. IMO it's too big of a jump for Moore. He should be the QB coach first to get his feet wet. If he shits out as the OC, then he'll probably end up being another team's QB coach anyway. Then he can try to move back up to OC somewhere. The main thing is he'll now have his name in the NFL coaching fraternity, which is a big plus.
  11. For starters how about putting the Koran in the Texas public school system? LOL
  12. aztech

    For all the golfers out there ...

    Just saying, back in the "old days" you always had names that were easy to pronounce or remember. Golf is still very popular in the international community . However it's losing popularity in the USA. There are more courses closing than opening these days.
  13. aztech

    Con Man

    It's because he gives them simple answers for complex problems. That's what con men do.
  14. aztech

    SDSU going to the spread

    Our linemen as just as big, but slow footed.
  15. aztech

    SDSU going to the spread

    It's going to take the S&C trainer to prepare the linemen for a faster pace of play and the line coach to improve blocking techniques that the spread requires. They have to be in sync to make it work for the QB, whoever it is.