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  1. Well he could offset it with a porn 'stache though. LOL
  2. Ya know? That just might work if Kaep wants to get into coaching.
  3. When a 4* recruit is frustrated because he isn't a starter at those schools guess what he'll do. So what I'm saying is those schools will be weakened. Over time top talent will be spread out to many other P5 schools. Then many of those lower level P5 schools will see their players transferring down to the G5 level. Kind of like a sliding scale.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Do transfers count against the 25 recruiting limit, or the 85 player limit? Either way I think it will ultimately affect the ratio between recruits and transfers. If a coach feels he can get a decent player from another school who has some experience versus a 2* rated HS recruit, guess which one he'll try to get.
  5. So do I, but when they get on the field it'll be a different matter.
  6. Yes, why I didn't see it that way I don't know. Thanks.
  7. Strange disparities of how many times you played AFA & Hawaii as opposed to how few games we played SJSU.
  8. USU played more of those teams than SDSU did because of their WAC days. Not really a valid comparison.
  9. Even if we win we'll be stuck in one of the MWC shit bowls. Bank on it. There's no love lost between Hair and us.
  10. That would really piss me off!! Get away from this pattern. We kicked their asses in the Hawaii Bowl a few years ago and they haven't beaten any worthy opponents this year. I want us matched with a P-5 team, at the least.
  11. No it doesn't. I'm usually against having alternate QBs, but in this case it's for the better. Be thankful that Johnson didn't close out the game. We probably would have lost.
  12. No, they'll give it to Cincy even if Houston beats them. Houston and SDSU will be shit out of luck. They won't put two G5 teams in major bowls. That's how those bastards roll.
  13. Well there's hope. I think Doug Flutie is all of 5'7" LOL
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