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  1. Lie, deny, blame game and play the victim when vetted. Those are traits that Roy Cohn taught him.
  2. It makes me wonder how much of this shit is being driven by Russian disinformation on social media. This pitting of one side against another is starting to become violent. It looks like the same playbook they used in 2016 when they encouraged two opposing groups to confront each other on a street corner. It wasn't widely publicized so the numbers were low. However they have the numbers from these BLM protests so now they can really divide people . Just a thought.
  3. If he envisions SHS as a fox, then he needs to get out of No. Korea more often.
  4. Supposedly he's going to Kenosha on Tuesday, so that's good. Him going there shouldn't be politicized by either party. This shit has to end. It wasn't Trump's fault that it started by those rogue cops. Going to the cities earlier when things were getting out of hand is no different from going to where natural disasters occur. His earlier presence would have shown his concern, instead of playing the blame game. Now he's taking the heat for it being on his watch so he's pretty much pressured into going. That's how I see it.
  5. To hell with the Dems. Why didn't he personally go there to "calm" things down? That's what leaders do. That's what the stupid lame media is suggesting what Biden should do. He is not the president.
  6. If Faux News considers itself a news organization then they bone spurs too.
  7. The media has to start emphasizing that these riots are happening on Trump's watch. He's staying on the sideline Instead of dealing with it while blaming the Dems. Just like his blaming the Coronavirus on China. After more than three and a half years his base loves him, but more voters are sick of him.
  8. I have a feeling that his NET worth isn't anywhere close to $1 billion. If he doesn't get re-elected we'll probably see him filing for bankruptcy for what, his 7th time? lol
  9. Why did Trump take that cognition test?
  10. So you think voters will disregard how they felt about him after 3.5+ years and change their minds after what they saw in 4 evenings? He got away with his bluster and lying in 2016, but now people of color and those educated suburban women don't trust him. Well, he did add to his base, QAnon LOL.
  11. Overall I think the reason is the ME countries got what they wanted from neophyte Kushner. I forgot the guy's name, but some ex-intel guy said Kushner was being played according to his sources. BTW, which ME country bailed out Kushner's $2 billion boondoggle in NYC that was on the verge of being foreclosed? The Middles East issue has been ongoing for decades for confidential reasons we don't know about, and probably never will. I just hope, however or whatever Kushner did doesn't blow up in our faces down the road.
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