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  1. Doesn't red state Utah have 100% mail-in ballots? The nerve of those Georgia hypocrites. LOL
  2. If the homeless issue doesn't get solved and is allowed to grow, think about the society in Soylent Green.
  3. Well, are there homeless in Disneyland? LOL. They're a burden in every major metropolitan city. What can be done for those with health and mental issues, even if they're taken off the streets? They may no longer be seen, but they'll just create another rat infestation within the walls. Meanwhile our taxes pay for their care. Can't they be connected back to their families in some way? They may just deny they have families so on and on it goes. As for the others I really wonder how many are actually trying to get out of that lifestyle. When I read about Joe Blow being
  4. Aren't their appointments vetted by Congress? If I recall, not all of McConnell's appointments passed muster.
  5. To the NV and UNLV followers, I've always wondered. Have any of you seen your coaches in the casinos?
  6. If they pay an unproven guy like this $2 mill a year then they're more crazy than I thought.
  7. Don't forget that cognitive test.
  8. I think the dry spell since 2011 will be a problem for you. Creighton has been there recently. Nevertheless, I'm cheering for you guys.
  9. Without fans there was no home court advantage. It was all about talent.
  10. Yeah you're right. We were able to play you twice. LOL
  11. Man, these Evangelicals like Liberty and ORU from their preacher money sure know how to muscle into traditional institutions.
  12. Today showed how truly weak the MWC is in basketball.
  13. No doubt racism will always be there, it's always been insidious. What will subside is the obnoxious behavior.
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