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  1. Related question: How prepared is the MWC to issue invitation to PAC schools, meaning on the drop of a hat? If CU leaves tomorrow, will OSU and WSU be leaving the next day -- before the PAC can begin to load up on MWC schools?
  2. You're a mean man. But I do appreciate that you are enjoying yourself.
  3. They're hiding under the coach. Where they belong. Actually, except for Utenation, I'd feel badly for them.
  4. Maybe. There's a scenario for every for every school or combination of schools.
  5. Understood. Implosion is not your friend either.
  6. Actually, if CU leaves the PAC, doesn't that pretty much guarantee that SDSU gets their spot? Might cost you an arm and a leg, but you'd be in.
  7. Maybe. On the one hand, I don't expect that an odd number of schools will be leaving. So if CU is leaving -- and we've heard that song before -- then there is likely someone else going too. On the other hand, I would have expected Fresno to leak, if we were the second school -- and I've heard nothing. And on the third hand, I would have expected any second school to have leaked by now -- and again, I've heard nothing. Therefore, I think it is safe to conclude that Fresno State either is, or is not, going to be invited to join the Big 12, along with Colorado -- if Colorado is invited which they may or may not be. I trust that clarifies things for you.
  8. If I can't come her to make up s.hit, where can I go? Um, never mind. No need to tell me where to go.
  9. What do you mean? They're exactly alike. ~ Neither has a member in the Pacific Time Zone. ~ Both have TV contracts. ~ Both work with ESPN and Fox. ~ And they are both going to outlive the PAC. They're like twins.
  10. I meant that as a compliment. I was a kicker / punter -- not at the college level -- and his skills are freakish. As for the other matter, I'll defer to the courts.
  11. I had a problem with the initial report that UConn was going to the Big 12. Schools are announced in pairs and there was never a second school leaked that would join with them -- making the report that they were joining somewhat doubtful. And as for the report that they were voted down, nobody gets voted down -- if the vote is down, then the application isn't submitted. So this whole thing seems kind of fishy to me.
  12. Oh I disagree with that. People make a living betting against a biased line. Back in the day, I made a lot of money (well, not a lot, but a lot to me at the time) picking the PCAA MBB team every time it played a PAC team. Before the conference season started, the betting line was always overly skewed in favor of the PAC school by a public that just assumed that they were the much better team. I think that there was a bias in favor of Boise last season as well. Fresno's defense got great late in the year -- allowing only 9 points per game over the last four games -- one of which was Boise and one of which was Washington State. I'm not sure I'd call all those turnovers "unforced". Come to think of it, SDSU had five turnovers against Fresno as well. Our defense will win us some games this season. Enough? Who knows?
  13. And for all I care, you can go +++++ yourself. Some things are more important than a stupid +++++ing message board. This isn't about Steve. This is about not expressing outrage at intentional acts of cruelty.
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