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  1. AztecBill

    San Diego State

    5 Freshmen 3 Sophomores 1 Junior 2 Seniors Can the Aztecs compete with that class mix?
  2. AztecBill

    Aztecs 2018 MWC Baseball Champs

    Aztecs 3-0 in the tournament - Nevada 0-2. Added to the regular season, that gives the Aztecs the better overall mwc record. Aztecs will go to THE tournament. Can't agree with which is more important.
  3. AztecBill

    MBB: Conference schedule with 12 teams.

    Maybe seed via computer rankings. Or seed via average winning percentage against each division. (W% v upper + W% v lower)/2
  4. AztecBill

    FB: SDSU with 3rd straight 2,000 yard rusher?

    You got a lot of confidence playing the Aztecs when injuries reduced the effectiveness of our offensive line for a few games. I really hope all of our freshmen on the offensive line from last year will, as sophomores, be able to pass protect better. They really sucked last season. That is why we had problems passing not the quarterback and not the wide receivers.
  5. AztecBill

    FB: SDSU with 3rd straight 2,000 yard rusher?

    If by "decent talent" you mean "draftable", then I agree.
  6. The MWC needs to get creative to compete with the big (ger) boys. One way to do that is with the schedule. I propose the schedule below with 12 basketball teams. Have 2 divisions but instead of having static divisions, divide teams into an upper and lower division. Play 16 games with each team playing a home and home with teams in their division and 1 game against each team in the other division, for 16 games. This method of scheduling would provide the top 6 teams with a massive improvement in their SOS, during conference games. The method of dividing the teams can be determined. I would suggest asking each team if they would like to (deserve to) play in the upper division. Any number other than 6 from that process can be adjusted by the media poll or last season's standings. This method of scheduling also gives the conference 30 games between the top 6 team. That's much more than using "normal" scheduling. It is much more appealing for TV contracts.
  7. www.si.com/college-football/2018/03/28/juwan-washington-san-diego-state-running-backs
  8. AztecBill

    WCC vs MWC Arenas

    I love Viejas Arena. I am a big fan of single level steep arenas. It allows 12K+ while still having the small arena feel. Viejas takes advantage of San Diego weather by having all the restrooms/concessions outside of the arena. That helps keep things intimate. Now we just have to figure out how to beat Fresno State there. Last 2 seasons 0-2 at home against FSU even though we were 2-1 in other venues.
  9. AztecBill


    The teams Nevada played weren't paying attention. The Aztecs showed how to beat Nevada. Simple, get a 30 point half time lead.
  10. AztecBill

    San Diego State vs Houston Game Thread

    Kel had a great look at that last shot what an ending that would have been! Hutchison had a much better game against the Aztecs in Boise this year. The Aztecs lost that one by three. Hutchison also had a better game than grey in the NIT against Washington. Non-McDaniels FT 12-23.Ouch! Houston is one of the best rebounding teams and Aztecs out rebounded them. Off reb % Aztecs 25.6% Houston 17.5%
  11. AztecBill

    Texas vs Nevada

    SDSU'S 2 point shooting was better than their 3 point shooting in the first half. 3 point shooting: 21 points on 15 attempts. 2 point shooting: 24 points on 16 attempts. Aztecs also had 8 offensive rebounds versus 2 defensive rebounds (non-FT) by Nevada. Leading to 14 more points. When an opponent gets 80% of the rebounds when they miss, it is hard to end possessions. Again, 3 point shooting accounted for only a small part of the half time lead.
  12. AztecBill

    Texas vs Nevada

    And yet a couple of weeks earlier we beat UNLV 94-56. In the second half against UNLV, the Aztecs 3 point shooting was 7-15. That is exactly the same as the first half against Nevada.
  13. AztecBill

    Who's betting whom

    Aztecs have a 4 game winning streak in round 1 games in the NCAA tournament games. Is that the history you talk about? Aztecs have a 22 game winning streak in the first game of any tournament. Is that the history you talk about?
  14. AztecBill

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    All teams should get 25% of what they earn.
  15. AztecBill

    It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    That would be great.