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  1. Musselman was mic'd in the locker room during that game and used the word Super Bowl. You shouldn't put extra pressure on your players like that. His obsession with San Diego State is why they've only won two games out of the last six against the Aztecs even though they had Superior teams. He needs to relax.
  2. Huge difference. One is government and the other a private entity. NCAA basketball players are not workers. If they want to be workers they need to go to a different place to play basketball. If you become a volunteer you should not complain about your salary. The NCAA makes a shitload of money in the NCAA tournament because people are rooting for their colleges. If the same players we're Cobbled together by an industry the money would not be there to even survive let alone pay huge salaries. The players should realize that representing their school in the NCAA is a privilege, an honor.
  3. Nevada plays really tough when they're well behind. I think when they get way behind it takes pressure off of them. I think Musselman creates undue pressure that causes them not to play as well in the first half, at least. I know Dutcher in the game against Nevada in San Diego told his players to go out and have a good time.
  4. Also, who you foul makes a difference Mitchell, McDaniels, and Watson are good and Schakel is great.
  5. The difference between a 6 seed and a 5 seed is huge. 6 seeds get an 11 seed in the first round. 11 seeds are at-large teams or teams like San Diego State that win their tournament. Teams that were tough late. In 2012 the Aztecs were a 6 seed and got North Carolina State as an 11 seed. North Carolina state had just won their conference tournament and we're playing great basketball at the end of the season, even though their resume was insufficient for an at-large bid they were playing like a top 10 team.
  6. 2009 the Aztecs lost in the final to ranked Utah and ended the season with a #18 RPI and had to settle for a #1 seed in the NIT.
  7. Free throws for the season 71.5% Aztecs 71.2% Wolfpack
  8. Nevada will lose at Utah State, the Aztecs will win every game before their final game at Nevada. That would make the final game a battle for the number one seed. Oops, I posted what I was hoping instead of what I thought would happen.
  9. As I stated previously this signing is more for 2020 and Beyond. Baseball American scouting report on Fernando tatis jr. States he will probably be an All-Star, Gold Glove winner and a likely candidate for MVP at some point in his career. That is not the scouting report of the number 15 to 19 player at his position. I don't know of ANY shortstop that the Padres would trade for Tatis straight up.
  10. I agree! I don't think there's any rankings of major league players by position that include minor league players. Above poster was just trying to save his ass on a stupid post.
  11. A few years ago, the last season that teams could spend unrestricted amounts of money on foreign free agents, the Padres spent a ton in that market. They were fined and given a 2 year signing penalty, but the results are being felt throughout their minor league system. They have also traded many players for minor league players always getting players who would be ready for the 2020 season. They have a ton of talent just below major league readiness. They played a ton of rookies last season and will promote many more this season. They will probably also make trades to fit players into that window since many foreign players are still quite young. The Padres will be a serious contenders by 2020 if not this season. One scout stated that if you remove the Padres top 5 minor league prospects they would still be a top 5 minor league system. Padres minors are rated #1 by everyone. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/padres-join-excellent-company-as-no-1-farm-system/
  12. He was born July 6 1992...you do the math.
  13. Machado is 26 years old...big difference.
  14. Sorry, but you don't know what you are talking about. Tatis is rated the #2 prospect in baseball. Not the #15-19 prospect at his position. The Padres have 9 minor league players ranked in the top 100 by Baseball America. Last season 2 rookie starting pitchers came up and pitched quite well for most of the season. The Padres have a pitcher who is the Texas league pitcher of the year and had a sub 2 ERA in the PCL in the 5 games he pitched there. The Padres have one of the top catching prospects in baseball. The Padres have a ton of young talent on the roster and minors. 3B was a missing position. Machdo was a great addition. Hopefuly Hosmer will have a bounceback season but this move is mostly for 2020-2022. Those are the target seasons when the Padres will have a bunch of talent in their prime.