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  1. They started the season 3-4 losing to 3 unranked teams and Nevada. They finished the season 15-1, only losing to #7 Texas.
  2. He used the over used quote about doing the same thing, two possessions after the Aztecs switched to zone and picked up the defense full court.
  3. But they weren't ranked when you beat them. They got better as the year. progressed.
  4. In 2013 the Aztecs played #20 Creighton in the second round of the Wooden Classic. The Aztecs fell behind 19-7 and went on a 44-16 run to turn the game around. In 2018 the Aztecs plated xxxx Xavier..... in the second round of the Maui................ The Aztecs fell behind 32-13 and went on a 45-17 run to turn the game around.Very similar feel to the games.
  5. You beat an unranked Kansas team. They Aztecs beat #16 Kansas. A couple of years earlier we beat #11 Gonzaga at their place. Those are two of the most difficult places to play, along with the Pit if you are not the Aztecs that is
  6. As a conservative I want the city to sell the land at fair market value. That is what SDSU West accomplishes. Sweetheart deals for a 99 year lease are not a conservative ideal.
  7. Aztecs have beat BSU and AFA. Do any MWC teams have better wins in conference?
  8. Junior and senior scholarships 10 Nevada (7 seniors) 9 CSU 9 BSU 8 FSU 7 SJSU 7 UNM 5 UNLV 5 Wyoming 5 USU 3 SDSU N/A AFA
  9. 8 of SDSU's 11 scholarship players are underclassman. 5 freshman, 3 sophomores, 1 junior, 2 seniors. Considering that, is it reasonable to expect 2nd place?
  10. What a joke, they live at 4500 feet. 2500 foot difference is not that great.
  11. Low information voters exist. Thinking everyone knows about the issues is naive. Giving those "low information voters" extra information in the question, taints the poll. This is a very well known principle in polling.
  12. The night before the 1998 Las Vegas Bowl it snowed.
  13. The poll gives information to the respondents that the average voter won't have on election day. This makes the poll mostly useless.
  14. Will there be a warm-up before the next game? Today's maximum of 29 degrees at Fort Collins, Colorado shatters the old record for cold by ten degrees. The previous coldest October 14 maximum was 39 degrees in 1899. In 1908, it was 81 degrees in Fort Collins on this date.
  15. Aztecs luck out and play Fresno State late in the season. They will have their starting QB, RB, and FB back in the starting lineup by then.
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