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  1. UNLV at SDSU

    The Aztecs took a shot clock violation on the last possession instead of trying to score. That is not "running up the score". The Aztecs walk-on was not available for this game. He did go as deep as the bench is, late. Do you really want the players to stop playing?
  2. UNLV at SDSU

    Aztecs win was far more than "couldn't miss". The 38 point win would still be massive if both teams shot their season average on 3 point tries. Instead of winning by 38 the Aztecs would have won by 29. The Aztecs won in every category - not just a lights out shooting night.
  3. UNLV at SDSU

    Rebels killed the Aztecs inside in the first game. The Aztecs changed how they doubled inside. First game the second big came from the basket. UNLV's bigs passed out of that toward the basket very well. This game the Aztecs doubled from outside. The UNLV bigs didn't pass well out of that and didn't finish well either.
  4. UNLV at SDSU

    Have the Rebels ever beat the Aztecs in the tournament?
  5. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    And don't forget that TCU brought tens of people there.
  6. Air Force vs New Mexico at Clune Arena

    Still fondly remember the 2011 semi-finals SDSU(7), UNM, BYU(8), UNLV. That place was sold out with tickets going for $200+ outside.
  7. Top MWC signees

    Zidane ThomasTo sign with the Aztecs. 5'10" 205 RB - CENTENNIAL (Arizona) https://twitter.com/CoachComes/status/960285016990261248/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Faztecmesa.proboards.com%2Fthread%2F56943%2Fzidane-thomas-rb-commit-arizona https://247sports.com/player/zidane-thomas-46040532 A very nice .8625 on 724.
  8. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    The knelling thing and the Chargers moving has me going to the zoo today. I'll post some pictures here later.
  9. In the second half the Aztecs missed 14 shots and scored 17 second chance points. I doubt many teams ever score more second chance points than the number of missed shots. 71.4% offensive rebounding % 1.7 points per offensive rebound.
  10. RealRPI Predictions

    Dakari Allen.
  11. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Aztecs 65 FGA BSU 51 FGA BSU scored 3 more points via FTs, so the Aztecs had 14 extra shots to score 4 more points than BSU. Aztecs scored 70 points on those 65 shot attempts (53.8 eFG%). That would normally be plenty but BSU scored 70 via their 51 FGA. That is an outstanding 68.6 eFG%
  12. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    Jalen McDaniel missing the free throw to tie greatly changed the ending to this game. It would have been fun having BSU on a short clock having to score to win.
  13. SDSU @ Boise State - Game thread

    They missed a call on the previous possession and made the right call on BSU's final possession. Freshman mistake. Good game. Aztecs offense looked a lot better against a very good BSU defense than I thought they would. Aztecs were able to get second chance points against the best defensive rebounding team in the MWC. That was a big plus. Fun game. I
  14. MWC MBB Rebounding

    After playing SJSU I began to wonder how well MWC teams defend against fast breaks on opponents defensive rebounds. Teams can get good offensive rebound numbers at the expense of giving up fast breaks (SJSU) or limit fast breaks by not sending many players to the offensive glass (Wyoming). Team RBFB% eFG% AFA 28.1% 68.7 Wyo 28.2% 51.5 USU 30.5% 42.1 SDSU 31.2% 40.2 CSU 32.9% 52.2 BSU 34.0% 47.7 UNLV 34.5% 46.4 FSU 35.4% 53.6 Nev 35.5% 38.0 UNM 38.5% 53.7 SJSU 44.4% 63.1 RBFB% = Percentage of opponents defensive rebounds that result in a shot within 10 seconds. eFG% = effective FG% on those shots. SJSU does indeed pay for their 3rd in the conference offensive rebounding percentage. AFA allows the least shots within 10 seconds, but the ones they do allow convert at a high percentage. SDSU is 2nd in Offense Rebounds and still allow few fast breaks and those that are shot result in a low eFG%. Nevada only allows an amazing 38.0% eFG% on rebound fast breaks. UNLV is first in offense rebounding but an almost equal number of rebounds are shot at the other end within 10 seconds at a decent eFG%. They may benefit with dropping quicker or more. UNM is 10th in offensive rebounding but also one of the worst in preventing fast breaks.
  15. SDSU/BSU KENPOM twins

    Kenpom rankings (updated) Overall #51 SDSU #52 BSU Offense #102 SDSU #119 BSU Defense #22 SDSU #15 BSU Very similar teams and very closely ranked. Should be an interesting game tomorrow on ESPN2. The line is BSU -4.0. I thought it would be a wider spread.