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  1. I was just in Portland last week for work. there were some protest and a shooting or something a few blocks from my Hotel. I didn't run into any issues myself.
  2. nirv117

    Investing In Valuable Vintage Vehicles

    I really like the look of the late 60's muscle cars and looked into buying one, but Modern cars have so many nice features and drive so much better that I opted to just buy a new car instead - not to mention how much some older cars go for. I've been very pleased with my decision.
  3. nirv117

    MP3 player

    My car is a giant MP3 player. I have an ipod that I just pulled out of my old car - not sure when I'll use it again (It still works). since I have all my music on my phone. (Google play, and a 128Gb SD Card) sure beats the days of carrying a discman that would skip all the time.
  4. nirv117

    You aren't gonna like these guys at all

    What was he convicted of?
  5. nirv117

    The Knife Thread

    That butterfly is a cheap TJ special probably from 15 to 20 years ago. I don't remember where I got the long yellow knife from - probably 25 or more years ago for fishing. Third is a Gerber - pretty lightweight, serrated. Next is a smith and Wesson that is usually kept with my camping gear as a spare. Then the three CRKT (my favorite to carry as I mentioned) one straight and one serrated, then a smaller straight blade because they were cheap. The buck knife at the end I used to carry on my keychain, but the tip broke off 10 years ago or so, and I guess I'm a hoarder as I haven't thrown it away. I have a few leatherman - the wave was from a place I worked in college. They had some made with our company logo to give out to customers - I got a leftover one.
  6. nirv117

    The Knife Thread

    This is an obsidian knife I picked up for no real reason - Uses an antler as the handle.
  7. nirv117

    I propose a new name for this

  8. nirv117

    The Knife Thread

    This is the small pocket knife I carry every day. I really like that the pocket clip goes all the way to the edge - so when I carry it the knife sits all the way in the pocket. I hate knives that have the clip an inch or two lower so the knife stick out - drives me crazy.
  9. You can have more than one commercial depending on who you are targeting at the time ... The world needs more integrity The world needs more honesty The world needs more Cowgirls The world needs more Cowboys The world needs more Vaqueros etc.
  10. nirv117

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    I prefer the Wyonation board for UW football talk. http://www.wyonation.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3
  11. I used to use DirectvNow - Currently I've been using Hulu With the Live TV - I like it, but don't watch live very much in the summer when its not sports season.
  12. nirv117

    incel, braincel, redpill, blackpill

    I think this site supports spoiler tags in square brackets . I'll test it ... Yep use [ ] and the word spoiler then close it
  13. nirv117

    Hiring is tough

    I just hired a GIS Technician this last week. We had quite a few applications, but not all were strong candidates. We did have enough to make a hire who we think will work out well. We are doing Public Works GIS mapping.
  14. nirv117

    Art Bell dead at 72

    I listened to Art Bell every night as I went to bed for Years. I still put on coast to coast am most nights as I go to sleep.
  15. nirv117

    Where do you get your news?

    Everyone morning while I am getting ready I listen to reports from BBC News, Daily Tech News Show, and NPR. When I read news electronically I use Flipboard on my tablet or phone which aggregates from multiple sources. I also look at the google news feed on my phone sometimes, and lastly local newspaper paper website and local radio station website.