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  1. Wyo at CSU

    Does the MWC or ATT offer replays of games aired on ATT? I had to listen on the radio and wouldn't mind watching it this weekend.
  2. Wyo at CSU

    We sure love overtime. 6 overtime games, and 3 to double overtime. ...and we've won them all.
  3. Wyo at CSU

    We sure shoot a lot of 3 pointers for a poor 3 point shooting team.
  4. Wyo at CSU

    I agree with that part ....
  5. Wyo at CSU

    Wyoming likes to give most teams a nice double digit lead and see if we can come back. Or if we get a large lead we like to let the other team come back.
  6. Wyo at CSU

    Halftime ... Wyoming 32 CSU 30
  7. Wyo at CSU

    We've been late to a lot of games this year.
  8. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    Yep - I actually just swapped modems today. After I changed all my employees in the office called and got upgraded too.
  9. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    I just checked here in Laramie I can actually get a 100Mbps connection now for the same price as the 60 Mbps connection I had with Charter. Must have recently added it here in Laramie. Glad I saw you mention it on this thread.
  10. OK DirecTV, You’re Outta Here!

    I dropped regular DirecTV at the beginning of the month, and have the DirecTV Now streaming package instead for $35 I watch the Stadium stuff on Roku for MWC games just fine. So far I don't miss it at all.
  11. Article on Redirects

    I just assume you're also using our web browsers to mine for crypto-currency each time we visit the site...
  12. First Gun - Question

    I have the S&W M&P Shield 9 for my regular carry, and I really like it. I also have the M&P .22 which is a lot of fun to shoot. I've never owned or even shot a Glock - lots of people like them.
  13. Any Gary Larson fans here?

    A number of years back when a local book store was closing I picked up two hardbound volumes of the complete far side 1980-1994. One of my favorites!
  14. 21 Trillion Dollars Unaccounted

    I'll sell them discounted hammers for $5,000.00 each. Toilet sears will run $7,500.00 or 2 for $10,000.00 There needs to be a complete audit of all federal government. Including auditing the federal reserve.
  15. Bitcoin

    Does anyone use an Offline wallet? Ant preferences or experience with them? I am looking at buying a Ledger Nano S to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, etherum, and ripple (if I buy some ripple)